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As mask mandates end, Oregon bucks trend with permanent rule, sparking uproar

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — As states around the country lift COVID-19 restrictions, Oregon is poised to go the opposite direction — and many residents are fuming about it.

A top health official is considering indefinitely extending rules requiring masks and social distancing in all businesses in the state.

The proposal would keep the rules in place until they are “no longer necessary to address the effects of the pandemic in the workplace.”

Michael Wood, administrator of the state’s department of Occupational Safety and Health (Oregon OSHA), said the move is necessary to address a technicality in state law that requires a “permanent” rule to keep current restrictions from expiring.

“We are not out of the woods yet,” he said.

But the idea has prompted a flood of angry responses, with everyone from parents to teachers to business owners and employees crying government overreach.

Wood’s agency received a record number of public comments, mostly critical, and nearly 60,000 residents signed a petition against the proposal.

Opponents also are upset government officials won’t say how low Oregon’s COVID-19 case numbers must go, or how many people would have to be vaccinated, to get the requirements lifted in a state that’s already had some of the nation’s strictest safety measures.

“When will masks be unnecessary? What scientific studies do these mandates rely on, particularly now that the vaccine is days away from being available to everyone?” said state Sen. Kim Thatcher, a Republican from Keizer. “Businesses have had to play ‘mask cop’ for the better part of a year now. They deserve some certainty on when they will no longer be threatened with fines.”

Wood said he is reviewing all the feedback to see if changes are needed before he makes a final decision by May 4, when the current rules lapse.

Oregon, a blue state, has been among those with the country’s most stringent COVID-19 restrictions and now stands in contrast with much of the rest of the nation as vaccines become more widely available.

Besides mask and distancing requirements, Oregon’s proposal includes more arcane workplace rules regarding air flow, ventilation, employee notification in case of an outbreak, and sanitation protocols.

It dovetails with separate actions issued by Democratic Gov. Kate Brown, using a state of emergency declaration, requiring masks in public statewide — and even outside when 6 feet (1.83 meters) of distance can’t be maintained — and providing strict, county-by-county thresholds for business closures or reductions in capacity when case numbers rise above certain levels.

More than a third of Oregon’s counties are currently limited to indoor social gatherings of six people, and the maximum occupancy for indoor dining, indoor entertainment and gyms is 25% capacity or 50 people, whichever is less. And many schools are just now reopening after a year of online learning.

The workplace rule is “driven by the pandemic, and it will be repealed,” Wood said.

“But, it might not need to go away at exactly the same time the state of emergency is lifted,” he said, referring to Brown’s executive orders.

Amid pandemic frustration and deprivation, the issue has gained a lot of attention. A petition on opposing the rule gained nearly 60,000 signatures and spread on social media, drawing even more interest to the proposal. More than 5,000 public comments were sent to the agency, smashing its previous record of 1,100.

“The majority of comments were simply hostile to the entire notion of COVID-19 restrictions,” Wood said. “The vast majority of comments were in the context of, ‘You never needed to do anything.’”

Justin Spaulding, a doctor at the Cataract & Laser Institute of Southern Oregon, is among those who raised concerns about the proposal in public comments.

“I do not understand these new guidelines for business. If we put these into effect, we will only continue to blunt the recent drop in business,” he wrote. “We have a large subset of patients that are unwilling (or) hostile with the current guidelines, and making them permanent will only make it worse.”

For Thatcher, the GOP state lawmaker, the most concerning part is “OSHA’s lack of clarity” on when the rules will be lifted.

Officials said they have every intent to repeal the rule, and that decision will be made based on a complex mix of factors, including case counts, vaccination rates, case severity and advice from the Oregon Health Authority.

“It will be a complicated assessment when we do it, and I would say it is impossibly complicated to do in advance,” Wood said.

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  1. Government overreach at it’s finest. (Liberals don’t believe government overreach exists.). Time to move to a different state where the government has at least somewhat more sense. If this ever gets implemented I hope the people protest like it’s BLM “protests”.

      1. Or they could just “mostly peacefully” protest like in Portland, you know, destroy business’s, free shopping sprees, attack law enforcement…..

      2. Polosi called for the problem at the Capitol. That was not an insurrection. Now the idiots burning stuff down every night in Portland… THAT is an insurrection.

        1. Yes the so called “PEOPLE” (LOL) Burning, looting, assaulting. These RATS and there Seditious supporters in Oregon’s Goverment, must be held LEGALLY accountable and prosecuted for supporting, enabling proven domestic terrorist. RATS ALL OF THEM

    1. Oh man, I just got done protesting, Stoplights, seatbelts, DUI laws, underage smoking laws,

      Oh well I guess we don’t want to see SARS-Cov3, covid 2022 anyone?

      “with everyone … crying government overreach.”
      I’m not crying, fuming, nor smoldering.

      I can’t wait until we have Fullbody latex suits.
      And mandatory Yoga during Quoran classes, while sipping my mandatory Kambucha through a eco-friendly compostable straw, while my e-bike charges.

        1. Here’s how uneducated some folks are- I took your off spelling (sometimes accepted) of Koran and added an “In sha Allah” (God willing) to your Kambucha… for some reason- the post was removed… but your Quoran wasn’t ! So this begs the question- where does the irrational kancel kulture draw the line ? Are we no longer allowed to say “taco- Hefeweizen- sayonara- because some people remain up tight- uneducated- simplistic in their knowledge of the world and the use of loan words ??? In their almighty attempt to be enlightened- they once again use barriers to promote knowledge… how exactly does that work ? Barney- you there ???

      1. We should be lying, denying and dying like big fat failed and fired donnie wanted everyone to do. Sooooo much losing Karen!!!! LOL!!!

    2. Sounds great Please move…Idaho, Ohio, Florida…all great places for you!


      1. I do trust the science? I don’t trust media sensationalism. This is total government overreach. They are bypassing all legislative process. OHSA is the gestapo of nazi Kate

  2. So the same stupid followers of the orange one are going to snowflake cry about wearing a mask to possibly save someone’s life? Americans are truly selfish rotten people.

      1. “And he also got the virus”… Which at the time was blamed on exposure during an outside event in the White House Rose Garden. This is a great BBC link- including diagrams of where people sat during the event- “Trump’s White House event in focus over Covid spread” Published October 2020″ … However- what we know now is that “outdoor” activities are actually the safest place to be… from the extremely left leaning WaPo just a few days ago… “A year into the pandemic, it’s even more clear that it’s safer to be outside”…… There are two points of contention- 1) The evidence suggests that Trump and the people at this event were not exposed via air borne transmission- but most likely through a contaminated item… which is odd- because everyone in attendance tested negative the day of this event… so what item was brought in from the outside- that infected this specific group of people ? This sounds more like “intent” than just circumstances. 2) Having said that, it again appears that the vast majority of infections (especially in nursing homes and hospitals) is through handling infected items… Masks alone won’t top this- people must wear gloves anytime they are out in public… Phylagen testing confirms the presence of the virus in public bathrooms- atm machines- and store countertops and shelves… this is where the virus is coming from !

    1. “possible chance of saving someone’s life increases by .000000001%”. If we lived like that we would need to off every single human on the planet. Logic is not your strong suit.

    2. Nothing to do with “Orange Man” enough is enough. Cherry picked politicized Science is not applicable. Do your own research please. Mask are proven to be nearly worthless. Most OSHA People who specialize in PPE have proven this. Let’s move on. Many well meaning people have done so.

      1. When did it become my responsibility not to defecate in your water supply? When did it become my responsibility to keep the noise from my party down if you’re sleeping at night? You’re a grade A moron, son.

        1. “When did it become my responsibility not to defecate in your water supply?”… Probably with the invention of chlorine- water filtration- and large scale water purification systems… what else you got ?

          1. How many times to I have to tell your illiterate moronic butt. You’re beneath me, son. I don’t waste my time with the likes of you. Thanks for playing.

            1. “How many times to I have to tell your”… Bwahahaaa- so damn flustered that you can’t even put a comprehensive sentence together ! I own you Neurotic- I OWN YOU !!! Now beat it- get lost- take yer sorry butt back down to your Biden basement and go sulk for awhile ! Damn dude- the “T” and the “D” aren’t even close on the keyboard ! Bwahahaaa !

      2. Why use a turn signal when you drive? After all, why should you have to care about others while driving? They should look out for themselves using your way of thinking.

        1. “Why use a turn signal when you drive” ??? Here lemme help… “The statutes for use of appropriate signals for stopping, turning, changing lanes, or suddenly decelerating a motor vehicle are set forth in ORS 811.390 – ORS811.405.” !!! So exactly what ORS are you quoting for the mandatory use of face masks ? And once you find it- send it to the KTVZ newsroom- as they do not wear masks during their live broadcasts- in clear violation of OSHA temporary rules (not laws) set by the OHA and Governor Kate Brown. Cmon big guy- dazzle me !

  3. Can someone explain why anchors on KTVZ live newscasts do not wear masks ? The OSHA regulations require both six feet social distance, masks, hand cleaners, disinfecting schedules, and a variety of other “temporary” requirements… there is no doubt KTVZ’s workplace is in clear violation of OSHA compliance rules and are placing their employees at risk.

    1. Can YOU explain why NO TV anchors in-studio at any station/network wear masks? Including our competition?
      Because proper safety health protocols are in place. Have you noticed greater distance between on-camera folks, the use of graphic ‘double’ and ‘triple boxes’?
      Keep throwing out stupid stuff like that and forcing me to reply. I can keep up with and easily top you any day of the week!
      What a fool…

      1. Now YOURE NANE CALLING?????
        KTVZ management , please fire this clown. He’s not a moderator, he’s an agenda driven agitator who scolds people for name calling just to turn around and do that very same thing. I shouldn’t be surprised though , this is what socialists do. The rules don’t apply to them . Central Oregon Daily here I come.

        1. I have a feeling that this pandemic has driven Barney up a wall. The z is kept in line by how the governor wants things to be presented. No doubt she will use shame and guilt to make us wear masks till 2023. She can’t make us wear masks inside our own homes.🤨

          1. Barney is a propagandist. He started out as a good reporter way back in the day. Been at least since the early 90s since I met him and saw him cruising around town. Now. Gannett, CNN, AP are just propaganda arms of the democrat party and pay his salary.

        2. I’ve never been a proponent of terminating or getting actively involved in the kancel kulture. I’ve stated before- the solution to what ails Mr. B- is a Ying to his Yang- a Laurel to his Hardy- a Bun for his Burger ! If Z21 offered an additional set of eyes on what is being censored- removed- kanceled… you’d have a more objective approach. As is- it begs the question… who’s policing the police ?

      2. Total BS ! You are not exempt from Brown’s temporary OSHA rules- I know- I am part of an essential business- and we are “all” required to mask up- as well as social distance… it is not one without the other. You are allowed to go maskless in your “own private room/setting”- but as soon as anyone enters- you are required to put on a mask. That means your cameramen are in the same space as your on-camera announcers. We’ve seen this same argument play out with Ted Cruz who said that because he was vaccinated- he would not comply with any additional mask requests. No wonder the Z has little sympathy for the common folk- yer buckin’ the rules knowing that as long as you promote Brown’s agenda- you’ll get special treatment- Oh my- how “privileged” you all are !

        1. You are appreciated by many, as well, Barney. I can only imagine the insensitive things you filter on fatal accidents, etc. I think KTVZ has done a great job. No anchor has been off the air with covid that I can recall.

              1. So funny your concern when you want to lock down regular citizens but fully support the terrorist groups of BLM and antifa rioting and looting.

          1. RO2312… “No anchor has been off the air with covid that I can recall.” ??? You do realize that there have been more than 4 million negative Wuhan Bat Korona tests in the state of Oregon to date ! What does that tell you about the prevalence of this virus- tie in the fact that only 2% of fatalities are solely as a result of the WBC virus- and that there is a 98% survival rate… What exactly are you “appreciating” here… lies ? Misinformation ?? Fear mongering despite hard data and scientific evidence ??? I’m just asking cause I find people like you to be completely oblivious to what hard working- nose to the grind stone or unemployed- disenfranchised Oregonians are suffering through with Brown’s illegal mandates… and that description certainly doesn’t include coddled news agencies that haven’t missed a pay check- violate OSHA rules- and feel that Kate Brown’s Ex Orders don’t apply to them ! How does that all wash out in that brain of yours ???

            1. Even if there is a 98% survival rate, how many people are you willing to let die? With approximately 327 million people in this country, that’s 6.5 million dead. You call that OK when it’s fairly simple to take precautions? It’s arrogance like yours that spreads this thing. I’ve lost one family member and a close friend to it. I don’t mind doing what I can to help bring it to an end.

              1. According to the CDC- “Deaths and Mortality data for the U.S.”… Number of deaths : 2,854,838 a year !!! Your projection is completely unscientific- much like the UofW debacle in 2020 that claimed millions would die from the Wuhan Bat virus… I’ve lost no-one- don’t anyone who’s lost someone- have worked on the front-line combating the Wuhan bat from day one- out among the sickest of the sick. These people are elderly individuals with underlying conditions… why don’t you start your whiny lectures there !

        1. So now Martha is an anti-masker ! Welcome to Trumpsville sugar bums- we knew you’d eventually turn away from Groper Biden and his flailing administration !

        1. Is there anyone out there jxblasr that you know actually wears their mask when at home if they live by themselves. Not trying to sound all high and mighty but its just me and my animals where i live and unless cops get sent to my door saying wear the mask or face jail time I dont see myself as a danger to myself. I do wear a mask when at work and whenever go anywhere

  4. Every time we relax precautions, the cases of Covid-19 surge, people get sick, and people die. Good on Oregon for realizing that the only way to return to normal is to CONTINUE to fight the spread with the tried and tru methods; it’s as simple as that. Relaxing, then mandating, then relaxing, then mandating, ad nauseum is not decisively beating back the virus, but is giving it time to mutate and is putting on hold our ability to resume our valued cultural and commercial lives.

    St. Charles has now gone from zero Covid-19 cases to 15 in the short period of time since spring break. Cases are once again spreading exponentially in our midst. We as a county are about 1/3 the way to vaccination-enabled population immunity, but we can get back to normal sooner and permanently by bearing down on all precautions as diligently as we can, until that not far off day when we have sufficient numbers of our neighbors vaccinated.,

    1. No Billy Boy- it’s not as simple as that ! For some reason we are no longer seeing the evidence that proves that the “cure has been worse than the virus” ! Why are you so uneducated on the financial impact of over a year of shutdowns- the damage done to school aged children that have lost over a year of social interaction- the historic spike in calls to mental health agencies over depression- anxiety- people have lost hope- their economic freedoms- their civil liberties- their culture and everyday way of life… Kate Brown has been accused of running a socialist dictatorship- don’t post anything more today until you answer why you believe all this is good ! Fact- New Cases do not equate mass fatalities !

      1. The financial impact has been so huge precisely because we did not act decisively from the beginning to stamp it out. It is because we were cursed with criminally negligent national leadership that politicized the issue, rather than treat it as a public health crisis. (Trump admitted to Bob Woodward that he fully understood how dangerous the virus was, but he told the rest of us it was no more serious than the flu and that it would disappear “like a miracle.”) I know you have your pet names for the virus, BGHW, but I think–in time–Covid-19 will come to be known as the Trump Virus.

        1. Complete BS Billy Boy ! Check yer time lines… Kovid Kate shut down schools way before nursing homes or long term care facilities… Why ? The financial meltdown started right afterwards- once parents were forced (by Brown’s Ex. Orders- nothing to do with President Trump) to decide whether to stay home with the kids- or go to work ! Women in particular were forced out of the labor market- then the shutdowns of whole businesses- except for marijuana dispensaries- began to take hold… mostly Mom and Pop shops while the majors like Walmart- Fred Meyer- Safeway- were allowed to remain open… all of these decisions were made by one person in Salem- and that person is not named Donald ! president Trump was the first global leader to shut down Chinese air routes- the first to insist on US involvement into getting the DNA genetic code- the first to call out the WHO for failing the world ! Just days ago- Biden’s Secretary of State agreed… “Blinken: China’s early ‘failure’ on Covid cooperation helped speed pandemic”… Gee- what do they know that you don’t ??? Your link to better educate yerself…

          1. Several errors here: 1. Had Trump not rejected the accurate WHO PCR tests (instead of going with a home grown test that reported 49% false positives) we might have started off with a fine way of tracking and quarantining cases, thus lessening the spread from the very beginning.
            2. (From Snopes.) A restriction on foreigners traveling from mainland China took effect on Feb. 2, 2020, but thousands of Chinese and foreign nationals from Hong Kong and Macau entered the U.S. in the three months following. Thousands of Americans and foreigners still arrived in the U.S. on direct flights from China after the restrictions were imposed. Many travelers did not receive the same enhanced screenings for the virus as those required by Americans returning from mainland China.
            3. The virus causing Covid-19–SARS-Cov-2–does not contain DNA, but a single strand RNA component. Its genetic sequence was worked out very early–not in the U.s. It was published by a Chinese scientist on Jan. 11, 2020, and by the Pasteur Institute in France on Jan. 24, 2020. I doubt that science-incapacitated Trump ever had a working knowledge of virology and epidemiology, as he consistently confused influenza and corona viruses.
            4. Whatever the origin of SARS-Cov-2, we had the example of the Obama administration in the national response to a previous pandemic–H1N1, or the swine flu. In April 2009, with only 20 cases identified, Obama declared a public health emergency; in Oct. he declared a national emergency.

            From a report just released from the Brookings Institution:
            “U.S. COVID-19 fatalities could have stayed under 300,000, versus a death toll of 540,000 and rising, if by last May the country had adopted widespread mask, social distancing, and testing protocols while awaiting a vaccine, estimated Andrew Atkeson, economics professor at University of California, Los Angeles.

            He likened the state-by-state, patchwork response to a car’s cruise control. As the virus worsened people hunkered down, but when the situation improved restrictions were dropped and people were less careful, with the result that “the equilibrium level of daily deaths … remains in a relatively narrow band” until the vaccine arrived.”

            I maintain that good leadership at the state level (the Kate Brown administration certainly) interposed itself in the vast negligent vacuum of inaction and confusion created by the Trump administration and saved countless lives.

            We can learn a lot from her and other state-wide leaders who were able to steer us away from a fatality count that would, otherwise, have landed in the millions.

            1. You’ve posted a lot of “stuff” there pointing the fingers at the WHO- Obama- and the CDC… So what’s yer beef with President Trump- the guy who envisioned and drove the locomotive to get the world a vaccine in 10 months… only to have Pelosi- Harris (your VP) and Bubble Head Biden all criticize and mock the efforts… history don’t lie- you do !

              1. Absolutely not the case. Trump employed his America First policy to isolate America as the rest of civilization coordinated its response to this global pandemic. He signed an executive order “to ensure that American citizens have first priority to receive American vaccines.”

                Multiple Operation Warp Speed efforts emerged around the world, leading to successful vaccines developed just as quickly in Russia, China, the U.K., and even in tiny Cuba.

                Operation Warp Speed amounted to a 12 billion dollar fund with checks written to a few companies that had already begun R & D on several vaccines. The most successful vaccine to emerge from OWS was from Moderna, which was criticized for not including people of color in its testing. The equally effective Pfizer mRNA vaccine, developed in Germany, did not receive OWS funding–except for “help” with the fatally flawed American roll out effort in December.

                1. DJ Trump was the US President at the time- why would he initiate a Mexico or Canada first policy ??? Even little lyin’ Joey isn’t that dumb ! As for Trump’s Operation Warp Speed- I know of no other nation using that terminology- it was solely an American endeavor organized by Trump and his efforts… but if you want the Russian version- go ahead and let us all know how it works out. You can babble all you want- Pfizer is an American company- “Pfizer Inc. an American multinational pharmaceutical corporation. Pfizer is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, and was ranked 64th on the 2020 Fortune 500 list of the largest U.S. corporations by total revenue, at $47.644 billion as of December 31, 2020″… So I’m not sure why you are promoting the Germans- when you should be celebrating America first technology ! President Trump left Fraud Biden with a perfect roll out plan- only to have Biden and VP Harris balk at every move- explains why the US is now heading for it’s second surge of Wuhan Bat Virus in three months of Biden and Harris muck ups !

          1. Because listening to Trump really helped, didn’t it? Why don’t you be a good little Trumper and go get the vaccine he’s so proud of supposedly developing during his administration.

    2. Reread your comment. “Since Spring Break” means more people which means more cases. Why don’t you just stay in your bubble and wear a helmet and mask until Hell freezes over. Oh and buckle you seat belt twice and just keep living in fear.

    3. Yeah right. What about the double variant? Faucet and the government will keep this going as long as they can. They will keep manipulating the truth to suit their own agenda. You are not important to their agenda

  5. When is enough enough??? So much governmental involvement….making this masking mandate permanent at the end of a pandemic will take years of bureaucracy to unwind. Yet it goes into effect with the brush of a pen stroke. This is insane that more people aren’t up in arms about our loss of basic liberties and the vast amount of governmental control over its citizens. I’ve lived here all my life and hardly recognize it anymore….so sad.

    1. Yea about that vaccine, people are still getting the dingbat flu even after doing all the shots, wearing the mask, and standing away from other people, just like the science says will prevent any chance of getting it. Huh, science seems to be slightly wrong with roughly the same percentage of not wearing a mask, not standing away, and not having the vaccine. I wonder how that will play out? BUT HEY!!!!! NO WORRIES!!!! Creepy China Joe Obiden will fix everything!!!!!

      1. Obviously you still don’t understand how vaccines work as well as what the medical and scientific communities are saying. At this point maybe you should see if Sesame Street has done a segment on it for the kids yet. Perhaps they’ve explained it in a way you’d be able to comprehend.

      2. Nah, they’re just Trumpers getting the Covid who are liars claiming they were wearing a mask. We all know how much the right wingers love to tell the truth.

      1. But… But… I thought Trump wanted all the credit for the vaccine? Now the Trumpers don’t like, trust, or want it. How funny. Seriously, it’s really a joke.

        1. Fester- are you sure you understand the implications of the Trump vaccine ? It means that once “you” get vaccinated- it doesn’t matter what anyone else does- you are not very likely to get ill- and isn’t that what you want ? So why ridicule and harass others- mind your own business- stop whining about others- yer in the clear… but libs don’t seem to be happy about that- they want to look down on others and try to force them into taking a medical vaccine they probably don’t need- so lets stop the internet bullying- shut yer yap- worry about numero uno !

  6. For anyone wondering about the back and forth with Z21 earlier today- I’ve checked the OSHA.Gov website to confirm- there is no special provision for news or media outlets that allows their “employees” to go maskless. Nor is there any special stipulation that states that employees don’t have to wear a mask if they maintain 6 foot social distancing… OSHA States- “Masks, face covering, or face shields”… “Employers must ensure that all individuals – including employees, part-time workers and customers – at the workplace, or other establishment under the employer’s control, wear a mask, face covering, or face shield in line with the Oregon Health Authority’s statewide guidance.” ! The OHA states- “It is strongly recommended that masks, face coverings and face shields be worn at all times when around individuals outside of your household” ! I’ve asked a pretty simple question- why don’t Z21 anchors wear masks while on the job- the answers appear pretty shallow “no-one else is”- “we have risk mitigation factors in place- but I don’t know what they are”- “them rules don’t apply to us” ! I’m pretty sure KTVZ has more then 10 employees- and are under the OSHA thumb like everyone else. Finally- in our line of work we talk about safety and how it relates to public responsibility- to be a good community member, a leader, an example for people to look up to… These standards clearly do not apply to the maskless little news station under mind control of the CNN mother-ship… such a sad day for Central Oregonians everywhere !

  7. Hmmmm… Here in Texas where we have 30 million people, and 4 metropolitan areas that each have close to, or more than the population of the entire state of Oregon, opened up 100% months ago (and were called Neanderthals by the President for doing so). Our numbers have continued to drop steadily since. Same with Florida and others who have opened up. But hey, if you need someone dictating your every move to protect you from yourself, you’re in the right state 😉

      1. Yeah, I used to be at St. Charles but am now Manager of Operations at a Post Acute Medical Hospital in San Antonio. I’m going to say that the numbers are accurate. But you do you and believe whatever propaganda you’re following, or whatever you’re making up in your own head to help you sleep at night 🤷‍♂️

  8. I love social distancing. Even pre-pandemic, people were rude and intruded upon private space. Like you’re not getting through the line any faster breathing down my neck. And masks are not even a big deal. We have to wear clothes and shoes; it’s no different. And don’t give me that “medical exemption” excuse; unless you’re literally on oxygen, it’s not difficult. At all. Period. Scientific studies have already proven that and so many people have been wearing them for many hours every day already. It’s also nice not having to see people be gross with their faces (eating, etc.). And for the first time in years, my family went a whole year without getting sick at all. Bunch of crybabies. Seriously. And don’t even get me started on all of those comparing protesting masks to BLM protests. If you’re against BLM and masks, then you’re just anti-life in general. But most of those who don’t support BLM and safety measures such as masks are also “pro-life.” *eye roll* Go figure. Hypocrites, the lot of you. Why don’t you focus your energy on worthy causes because there’s plenty right here in Oregon: homelessness (including those still unhoused after the fires), drug addiction, lack of affordable housing, food insecurity, poverty, racism, etc etc etc… An extension on masking and social distancing? Not even close to making the list.

    1. Dur duh government overreach duhhhh I do what I want it’s not even real duhhhh. I would absolutely be ashamed to be someone saying some of these things.. IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU.. this country is full of the most selfish self centered people on the planet.. ya Oregon was strict and we had 3rd lowest mortality per 100,00…. strict cause YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO SPREAD DISEASE TO OTHERS AND KILL THEM… cuz you don’t wanna be told to and don’t want to wear mask.. duhhhh.. I Find it hard to believe everyone saying these that none of you believe in Jesus? Not very Christ like is it? (There is no god btw)

      1. Sober up “Pill” ! Nobody is killing anyone ! These people are all dying of “underlying conditions” at a rate of 98% ! Your Wuhan Chinese Bat is only solely responsible for 2%… and that is according to the WHO- The CDC- and the OHA ! I have the constitutional right to live my life as I see fit- and that right is currently being violated !

      2. You NAILED IT. This country is full of religiously-jaded racist karens that care about nobody but themselves. It’s sad. I guess this is what they had in mind to “Make America Great Again”

        1. Businesses that have closed have put hundreds of thousands out of work- schools closed affects millions of students- financial hardship hurts the US and global economies… just what the hell are you talking about ???

  9. No shoes no shirt no mask no service… how is covering your face difference then covering other parts of your body… I’m not being sarcastic much… I’m truly asking why it is such a big dealn

    1. I dunno… is it working ? Are we seeing a direct correlation between wearing masks and a reduction in your ***** Virus new case numbers? Or are we still producing the same numbers now as we have months on end ? “I’m truly asking”… are we making progress- or do we need to re-evaluate and admit- that under Joe Biden- we are about to enter a second surge in less then three months !

        1. Please post a link to the graph you are lying about.. cause right now- all graphs are rocketing in the wrong direction and the headlines scream “fourth surge underway” ! Cmon fester- you can do better !

  10. Oregon has become an absolute disgrace. I no longer recognize the state I was born and raised in. The movie Idiocracy has nothing on this once beautiful place…

  11. It is not about dingbat flu, it is about control and it looks like a lot of people will fall in step and walk the sheeple trail. Kate needs a new staff flag but that style of flag has been banned. Is it time to hang the U.S.A. and or Oregon flag upside down? But hey, No worries, Creepy China Joe Obiden will fix everything!!!!(It seems after 40 years in office doing nothing, he should do something for the people who have supported his sorry a$$.)

  12. Amen dr ban its tad on the troubling side how people are blissfully giving up their liberties all because in their eyes no one is hurting their feelings via social media. Are these the same people who encourage brown to do whatever it takes telling her to have police at every business to make sure masks are being worn. Police have other more important stuff on their plates and dont see her creating a gestapo type outfit who sole purpose is to enforce the permanent mask hooey fooey.

  13. I know some of you don’t care about your neighbors or the people that keep your world going…pump your gas…make your food…stock the shelves. Some of these people can’t not get the vaccine for medical reasons. How about children under 16? A mask in a store or indoor space is not taking your freedom from you. No one likes wearing one but for now its how we can protect others. For the angry people that quote the death rate please look into the long term damage Covid can cause people who even get a mild case. Its not forever! Just for now….wear your mask and be a good neighbor!

    1. Hostile Hill girl is all wrong (again)… “A mask in a store or indoor space is not taking your freedom from you.”… Ummm- yes it is ! The world has lived through seasonal flu outbreaks year after year- You are conveniently skipping over the fact that it’s not just a store we are talking about- whole lives have been disrupted- businesses forced into closure- individual financial ruin and bankruptcy- schools closed (talk about long term damage)- outdoor events cancelled (even when we now know that outdoors is the safest place to be) ! If you wanna wear your mask- you go right ahead- but I see no reason for four million Oregonians to bow down to your personal fears ! And maybe you didn’t read that headline properly… the word used is “permanent”… which does mean forever ! Damn people- read the story before posting BS !

        1. Merriam Webster- “Permanent”- an adjective- “lasting or intended to last or remain unchanged indefinitely.” ! Maybe you should find a different word for your “intention”. Damn people- English isn’t that difficult !

    2. Agree entirely. We are fast approaching 600,00 American deaths–a death rate among the highest in the world. Covid-19 has struck specific demographic groups resulting in a 2 year decrease in life expectancy for African Americans and 3 years for Latinx Americans. (USC/Princeton study.)

      Long haul Covid-19 with its extreme drain on the nation’s capacity to provide care affects 50 to 80% of those who “recover” from severe forms of the disease.

      Throughout much of 2020 Covid-19 deaths exceeded the two former major killers of Americans–heart disease and cancer.

      Wearing a mask is not an infringement on liberty; it is a proven protection for everyone’s right to be healthy.

  14. RO2312, Hospital Hill Girl, it will never be done. This virus has been engineered to stay with us forever. Doesn’t matter how many vaccines you get it is one of the quickest mutating viruses ever known to mankind. There is no real “light at the end of the tunnel”. It will kill off millions of people there is just no way around it. Just do your best to protect yourself, quit worrying about other people’s issues. If you are that concerned, an N95 mask protects you from air in and out.

    1. “If you are that concerned, an N95 mask protects you from air in and out.”… But please note- to use an N95 properly- you need a fit test- complete a medical form- and undergo any additional lung capacity tests if necessary. This is why businesses do not recommend an N95 for the workplace- you need to be tested and properly fit to use them effectively.

  15. I support this, and especially because it upsets the Trumpers. Ha Ha Karens. Maybe if your kind would’ve been a part of the solution to begin with, we wouldn’t be here right now. Good going repukes.

      1. The masks appear quite small and doesn’t allow me to enlarge it. Plus they are numbered but does that mean #1 is the best, then the subsequent numbers in descending effectiveness?

  16. So flying on a plane with middle seats booked at full capacity next to a stranger who shares your arm rest is considered low risk and safe. But sitting at a separate table in a restaurant is too risky? If you arent upset about them targeting one industry without any science behind it, but allowing others industries to continue you are one sided. They are crippling small Oregon businesses. Half the people want to enforce rules on their neighbors and communities that are plain unfair and based on opinions and answer shopping. How about we let local businesses serve local people and anyone with a out of town address on their ID can take their food to-go. Tourism is allowed to continue, but regular life for locals cant? Oregon government is a complete failure. The homeless camps in bend are catered to and growing out of control. People moved to bend because of how we lived (past tense). But now want it to embrace a bleeding heart mentality. Would you move to another country and expect them to change for you to grace their presence? If you move somewhere dont try to change it. Appreciate it and protect it. If you dont like it than keep driving.

  17. I wish we lived in a world where the 15% of people who still believe COVID is not a serious threat, and the 15% of people who seem to think masks somehow make them a morally superior human being (and will continue to insist on wearing them forevermore because of that) would just all go away. “Following the science” means just that — not blindly adhering to your chosen political dogma. Case rates are high again here, but its mostly in subpopulations that COVID has close to a zero percent mortality rate and very low chance of hospitalizations. Meanwhile, all of the emerging real-world evidence is demonstrating that getting vaccinated essentially negates your ability to be a vector for COVID. Not a single study has come out with contrary data. SO GET VACCINATED AND HOLD YOUR GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABLE FOR BAD POLICIES. Why can’t we do both? A permanent mask mandate is stupid, a complete over reach, myopic and is just going to set Oregon even farther back while the rest of the world looks ahead a few months and sets their policies accordingly.

  18. Go back a year and read my comments when I stated, “ANYONE who thinks the government is going to give back the power they have taken is a fool.”
    Only 2 weeks to flatten the curve.

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