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As indoor mask recommendations return in NW, Central Oregonians react to possibility

(Update: Adding video, comments)

'We do our best to follow what the state requires, whether we like it or not.'

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- The year-plus mask mandate for public indoor spaces in Oregon was lifted by Gov. Kate Brown back at the end of June, when vaccinations reached 70% of adults. But now, some areas across the Northwest are returning to indoor-mask recommendations, due to a rise in Delta variant cases -- and High Desert residents and businesses are watching.

Health officials in Multnomah County, Oregon's most populous, said Monday they strongly recommend that people wear masks in all indoor public spaces, regardless of vaccine status.

County officials said in a news release that the advisory was issued in response to COVID-19 cases increasing, largely because of the highly-contagious delta variant.

Public Health Director Jessica Guernsey said action is needed to prevent an exponential rise in cases, especially in pockets with low vaccination rates.

She says masking is a step everyone can take now to protect children, others who cannot get the vaccine and to keep businesses open and move ahead with plans for the school year.

But a return to mask guidelines could put Central Oregonians like Jason Camberg, co-owner of the Point Pub and Grill in downtown Bend, in a tough spot.

"It's going to hurt businesses, if we have to start policing people again," Camberg said Monday. "I don't think it should be our responsibility to police people in that manner."

Camberg says some people are still using masks inside the restaurant, but he feels like there's been somewhat of a return to normalcy.

"We still have people that choose to wear masks, which is great that they want to," Camberg said. "But we have seen things kind of trend back to normal." 

Camberg says even if Deschutes County were to be part of a new mask mandate, he thinks many people would just refuse to listen.

"We do our best to follow what the state requires, whether we like it or not," Camberg said. "But I know a lot of businesses even before were going against it, and I think if it happens again, we're going to see a lot more of that."

And others NewsChannel 21 spoke to, like Bend residents Nina Fleck and Lili Jameson, are feeling the fatigue, if asked to wear masks again.

"I would be annoyed," Fleck said.

Fleck and Jameson are both vaccinated, so they say they don't see the point in ramping up masks again.

"I mean, I already have the protection if I'm vaccinated, so there really would be no point," Jameson said.

And Fleck thinks it's taking two steps back while trying to take a step forward.

"If you're vaccinated and you have to wear a mask indoors, that would be backtracking. because you're already protected," Fleck said. "And if you don't wear a mask and you're unvaccinated, then that's your problem."

Meanwhile, health officials in more than a half-dozen Washington counties also are recommending mask-wearing in indoor public spaces, regardless of vaccine status, because of the rise in COVID-19 cases and the highly contagious delta variant.

Public Health Seattle & King County officials said Monday that local health officers from around the Puget Sound region joined together in the recommendation after King County health officer Dr. Jeff Duchin issued such guidance on Friday.

Officials in Pierce, Snohomish, Kitsap, Clallam, Jefferson, San Juan and Grays Harbor counties are included. Skagit County Health Officer Howard Leibrand separately made that recommendation Monday, as did officials in Multnomah County, Oregon.

Washington state health officials say they support the local efforts.

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Alec Nolan

Alec Nolan is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Alec here.

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      1. Your opinion is duly noted- still doesn’t take my “prediction” off the table… So again- whatchu gonna do- when it happens- and it will happen- so mark your calendars- you heard it first from the only guy batting 1000 since this hoax started. Now… why are you still targeting my comments ? I’m seeing massive numbers of complaints about DB-neverdumper-Tio- the usual cast of liberal loudmouths and their lies over “caused by or related to… why the double standard- its a very bad look.

        1. Hoax? Really? I’m pretty sure it’s a real virus, I’m pretty sure it is actually killing people, I’m POSITIVE that this virus does not claim a political party.
          Why do you people insist on making everything political? Why do you people always blame “liberals”? Is that all you got? Really? Give me a break, you people really do live in a bubble.
          Have you not noticed that pretty much everywhere on the planet this is happening? Do you really give the governor of puny little Oregon that much power over the rest of the world to reinstate mask mandates? Did you even graduate from high school? OMG, people like you are the problem with the world, if you and all your kind could kindly just disappear from the planet we may have a glimmer of hope, but you people are toxic and useless! Nothing intelligible comes out of your statements, just pointless gibberish. Go volunteer or something, get out of your mommies basement.

          1. Don’t speak facts to the message board trolls here. They are intent on destroying everything good and decent in this state & in these united states. Death Cult45 is a cancer on the great USA.

          2. “Hoax? Really? I’m pretty sure it’s a real virus”… Sure it is- It’s been defined as “mild”- harmless to children- has a 99% survival rate among healthy individuals under 70- that’s all proven fact.

          3. “I’m pretty sure it is actually killing people”… Yes ! But just not in the numbers you think. The CDC-OHA-KTVZ agree that only 3% of all deaths are due to the Corona Bat”- the other 97% are due to underlying conditions- another Fact !

          4. To date- of the 2800 deaths (in Oregon) attributed to the Korona Virus- only 85 are because of the virus- over a 17 month period. Oregon had 287 auto deaths in 6 months this year- that’s a fact !

      2. Maybe mandate the vaccine for public employees instead of punishing vaccinated people. How bout that?
        I got two shots and two weeks, stop pretending like we don’t know who is the problem for resurgence.

      3. The governor is mentioned in the first sentence of the article:
        BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) — The year-plus mask mandate for public indoor spaces in Oregon was lifted by Gov. Kate Brown back at the end of June, when vaccinations reached 70% of adults. But now, some areas across the Northwest are returning to indoor-mask recommendations, due to a rise in Delta variant cases — and High Desert residents and businesses are watching.

        1. “There Was zero threat, they were hugging and kissing the police” “it’s just one person coming in from China, everything is going to be just fine ” “the virus is way down and will be gone soon ” “Hydroxychloroquine will be the greatest game changer in the history of medicine ” Talk about ignorance Karen!!!!ROTFLMAO!!! You and the rest of trump Borg actually believe trump!!! Cannot stop laughing!!! Thank you!!!!

    1. Either people can be pro active and do the right thing or be a continuous ballbag like Wishy and make drama out of it. I would bet you have had the shot/s and won’t admit it but love the drama like the orange ****? Dumkoffs are the ones dragging this out by being selfish.

      1. I can’t believe that bullying, intimidation, shaming, humiliating, and calling unvaccinated people murderers isn’t making them want the vaccine more.

        The WHO repeatedly claiming the Covid-19 vaccinations, and ALL their ingredients, are “safe”.

        The definition of the word “safe” is as follows:
        “FREE from danger, harm or injury”.

        By definition, one COVID-19 jab should have a 0.00% probability of harming me. Not one ingredient within that vial, should have ANY chance of harming me in any way. NONE.

        For example. I have one carrot. I eat the carrot. Unless I’m allergic or choke on it, I’ll be safe…free of harm. I know the makeup of a carrot, what it contains. I’ve eaten many. I know with 100% surety, there’s no chance the carrot will harm or kill me.

        You 100% can’t say that with the Vaccines. It’s not up for debate.

        1. Words of wisdom from the failed and spineless!!! I thought your dear leader proclaimed the vaccine to be “the greatest acheivement in the history of medicine”??? ROTFLMAO!!! What happened karen?

      2. Listen up people. The Stoner will call you all sorts of bad names if you don’t do as he demands. If that isn’t enough to convince you I don’t know what is. Get mRNA gene therapy. Do it for The Stoner.

  1. She’s toying with yer business- the Delta Virus is weak- deaths are down- no need for her EO’s- Time to remove her from office !

    1. Yes, the vaccine “is the greatest achievemnt in the history of medicine” according to you and your big fat failed and fired dear leader!!! ROTFLMAO karen!! Sooooooo much credibility!!!!

  2. Sorry about the multiple posts- but Z21 continues to target my screen name for non TOS violations- just because BL is angry… possibly suffering a covid break-down.

  3. What did businesses do when Kate said they should check for vax cards? Well, here in Redmond, they mostly ignored her. Another mandate won’t fly and Kate will be powerless to enforce it. I doubt Redmond Police will. I guess she’ll have to send in the National Guard, but I doubt they’ll enforce it either.

  4. Then let the cops start enforcing the things and dont force workers to enforce it. Burger flippers, clerks, and checkout ringers are not hired to fight off potentially insane and dangerous people like anti-maskers. Put legislation in place to protect businesses and workers from lawsuits regarding enforcement of policies.

    We have had 2 years going on to draft the appropriate legislation to deal with this situation yet everyone of our lawmakers still tip toes on egg shells because they are afraid of upsetting the loonies. If you wanna crack down, then crack down. If you arent gonna back it up then let people go about their lives as they see fit.

    Half-hearting doesnt help anyone.

    1. “Potentially insane”,”dangerous”,”loonies”, wow,the paranoia is strong with you padawan. But, I’m sure you would want to protect anyone who has hepatitus or HIV from having to disclose that.

  5. No entity has the right to forcibly make an individual do something to protect another individual from something “that” individual chooses not to protect themselves from. However, be prepared, Socialism, it’s coming to a store near you. Courtesy of your local, county & state Democrats. Be afraid… Be very afraid of them. They’ll steal your rights and make you think you’re doing all for the good of the people.

    1. First, socialism? I don’t see how this is a collective take over the means of production. While the far left is busy screaming fascism and the far right is just as busy screaming socialism, the word all of you are looking for is totalitarianism. The extremists on both sides are just one big lump of crazy. Second, there are pages and pages and pages of public safety laws to prove your basic premise wrong. Mandatory vehicle liability insurance? Check. Building codes? Check. Public health and hygiene laws? Check. Traffic laws? Check. All designed to force compliance from one for the protection of others.

      1. Your analogies don’t quite work or are very very tangentially related. One big difference is the things you mentioned are for very specific things, while the mandates over this virus are required if you are simply alive.

        1. You made a nebulous claim to a right which doesn’t exist. In a nation of laws, which the United States purports to be, rights are documented, defined and when limited it is often specifically for the purpose of public safety. Far too many people reflexively claim this or that “violates my rights” when such a right simply does not exist. Governments at all levels have mishandled the response to this virus. Governors have claimed unilateral authority that they may very well not have and I am sure, in time, the courts will weigh in. None of which allows me to make up my own set of rights.

        2. They don’t work well for you because they are horribly damning to that entire mindset. Just to prove what a mental midget you are, you said:

          “things you mentioned are for very specific things, while the mandates over this virus are required if you are simply alive.”

          Did you bother proof reading this sentence or is this the level of intelligence you always have? If you’re alive and driving, guess what, you have to obey traffic laws and have insurance. If you’re alive you have to obey public health and hygiene laws.

          Literally these things only can apply if you are alive, so you’re literally proving this guys point with your reply.

          I think the more amazing thing here, and I apologize for having to be so direct, is you are so incredibly stupid that you thought at the end of all the words you wrote, you somehow were proving yourself right instead of making yourself look completely wrong and like a total imbecile. This is pretty fascinating, I’ve never seen someone so admittedly dumb, that they literally proved themselves wrong with their own words but at the end said decided “yep that looks good, this proves me right!”


    2. Entire libraries worth of laws say that yes, yes we can force an individual to do something to protect others. Including the supreme court ruling that states and municipalities can legally require mandatory vaccinations. Which hopefully we start seeing used more.

  6. lol I shant ever wear a mask indoors ever again, if people dont like it, stay the heck out of my bubble haha, good ol oregon, everyone should of known the mask natzis would try to mask oregon again

    1. Enjoy getting kicked out of most establishments then. And remember not to complain. After all they are helping you stay out of their bubble.

  7. The same people who cry about us taking a knee during the anthem because “patriotism” are rooting against our teams at the Olympics, supporting January 6th terrorists, and won’t get vaxxed to help save lives/businesses of their fellow Americans.

    1. The same people who cry about people having their own choice about what goes in there body are the same people who support the “summer of love” rioting by Antifa, burning of the flag and pedophilia. You are not american.

  8. Joe Biden said he entered the capital when he was 21 and was arrested. Is he a terrorist?
    How about Democrat Hank Johnson who was arrested for entering the capital 4 days ago. No? What about Democrats Joyce Beatty who was arrested July 15th for entering the capital? There are many others…are they also terrorist? Or, is it only those who support President Trump?
    Double standard – those mentioned above were released immediately, Trump supporters who entered the capital AFTER guards pulled back the gates, held the doors open for them and waved them in, have been in solitary confinement since Jan. 6th. You wanna see something fun, call Pelosi and demand she release the security footage of that day. She won’t…why? Why did she deny Trump’s request for the national guard…why did Twitter delete Trump saying he asked for the national guard to assist? Are you not curious?

    1. Aren’t you curious how Speaker of the House Pelosi could overrule sending the DC National Guard when POTUS has the sole authority over them or why Trump would even listen to her? Do you believe Trump respected her that much? Really??? Don’t you wonder why McCarthy told a colleague that he begged Trump to send help and he refused? And all those others you cited as being arrested and released – did their offense ever reach a national security level of concern? Were they there to overturn the government in a complete rejection of the rule of law? Aren’t you just a little bit curious?

    2. It’s different when progressives do it. Storming the White House. Not an insurrection. Progressives political mentors of Obama blowing up the capitol building, not an insurrection.

      1. If you don’t know the difference between breaking the law and attempting to overturn the rule of law and our Constitution, I see why you can’t tell a terrorist from a protester.

  9. Doesn’t matter if you’re vaccinated or not. This new variant is infecting and killing vaccinated people daily. I know of two vaccinated adults in Bend who tested positive and unfortunately one probably isn’t gonna make it. I also have three personal vaccinated 30-40 year old friends from different cities around the state that just tested positive for the variant. This virus is not going anywhere anytime soon.

    1. Will life ever get back to normal or will we have a new normal? Im guessing the latter considering the opposition to vaccinations by the MAGA Clan.

      1. Are you suggesting that ONLY MAGA clan members are against vaccinations? Stop watching whatever you are watching. You are being lied to. Must be so many MAGA hat wearing Frenchmen refusing the vaccines. And all those Black Liberation Groups refusing the vaccines.

      1. You can believe it or not but it’s true and it will unfortunately continue to even happen to people who are vaccinated like myself. I still take precautions in large crowds by wearing a mask even though I’ve had both shots.

    1. The comment section on here never fails, truly sad that politics have gotten this far into out lives to where people want to kill each other for having a different view.

      1. Only they’re killing themselves. How many of these people were vaccinated at some point for measles, polio, smallpox, diphtheria, shingles, etc. etc, etc and now all of a sudden are scared of a vaccine for a virus? Doesn’t it make them wonder why the very people that are now questioning the vaccine and encouraging them not to get it are also the ones that were the first to be vaccinated?

  10. Lerten ! Why are you still targeting my posts and blocking my comments. There are no TOS violations- and this is not happening now to anyone else- So why the harassment ? Where in the service agreement does it state that this kind of targeting is approved ???

  11. FYI- I’m just gathering enough evidence to make a formal complaint- so keep it up- this might get shut down quicker than you think.

    1. Gonna let you in on a little secret Wishy, the world doesn’t revolve around you. Get a hobby or go play in the street. Notice how some of your like minded trolls are ignoring your rants? Get help, meds or SOMETHING.

  12. 2 weeks to flatten the curve, again. Masks don’t work. People get sick and people die everyday. Take some personal responsibility, if you are sick stay home, if you aren’t vaxxed and scared of getting sick – stay home. The rest of us are going to live life.

  13. Just put the mask on. Save a life even if it isn’t yours. Think of all the unvaccinated children. They have the right to be protected too. It is just another piece of clothing. Are you going to go out in public without pants on? No one wants to see that!

    1. While tragic only about 350 children had died “WITH” COVID. Not necessarily FROM COVID. Get some perspective. You are being lied to. This in not a 100% fatal disease.

      1. Who knows if the next mutation won’t be worse in children or more deadly for everybody? The only thing we do know is that the more people infected, the greater chance of the virus changing its stripes over and over again.

  14. But WAIT, there’s MORE!!!! Did not Sleepy Creepy China Joe Obiden, the liberal messiah, say that getting the vaccine will protect everyone and we can go back to being a free society? Are you telling me that Obiden and science were wrong? But hey, No worries, Sleepy Creepy China Joe Obiden will fix everything, just ask Hunter and the ATF.

    1. Taking things out of context is insulting and relies on your listener being more ignorant than you. Those statements were based on 70% of the population being vaccinated. You can thank pockets of GOP supporters in counties that voted for Trump and where there are lower vaxx rates for any backsliding. If you want to blame someone, your mirror might give you a clue as to where to start.

      1. So you are going to make excuses for demented China Joe now, no wonder he was anointed the job if he can get everyone to bow down to him and forgive him. The article reads everyone, regardless of vaccination or not, could/will be back to wearing a mask. If that is the case, your anointed messiah Obiden has lied to you yet again. But, you will forgive him and bow down and grovel some more in the hopes of kissing his ring. by the way, I just love the way President Trump lives in your head rent-free and typical of your ilk to blame someone else for your messiah’s faults and shortcomings. But hey, No worries, Creepy Sleepy China Joe Obiden will fix everything, just ask Hunter and the ATF!!!

        1. Seems for all your posts where you mention them repeatedly, you have the entire Biden family renting that empty space in your cranium. As for me, I prefer Sleepy Joe to Dictator Don just like I prefer our democratic republic to an autocracy.

      2. Does recovering naturally NOT count? I’d bet over half the population, if not more, had it and didn’t even need it and was never reported.

  15. Our so-called leader is letting thousands in our country many of them sick with the virus So how does this fit into the scheme of things? This administration is so STUPID ! And you wonder why people question the agenda behind this whole farce?!!!

    1. Where are these 1000s of sick people being let in? Almost 190K were turned away at the border in one month recently, and the VP was sent with the message telling them not to come, they won’t be allowed in. What part of that agenda do you question?

      1. Estimates are in the 150k range for illegal aliens being LET IN. And in most cases actively assisted by ICE. All untested for any number of diseases.

  16. Nina Fleck you must be a complete idiot. “ If you’re vaccinated and you have to wear a mask indoors, that would be backtracking. because you’re already protected,” Fleck said. “And if you don’t wear a mask and you’re unvaccinated, then that’s your problem.”

    So all the kids that aren’t vaccinated and it is their fault? Guess you aren’t educated enough to know whether you are vaccinated or not, you still spread Covid. That’ why you wear a mask. Before you embarrass yourself further, try to educate yourself on the facts before you make public and published comments.

    Your logic is akin to….guess it ok to drive drunk, it’s your fault if I hit your car and kill/injure you or your family. You had a choice to not be on the road with me or not…..

    I mean really….put on a mask and suck it up, it’s not that big of a deal.. Let’s keep the kids safe and our neighbors.

    Lord knows, we don’t need this version of covid mutating even more and become more deadly. The Delta version of Covid is pretty darn scary as it is.

    PS. Studies show the vaccine is only 39% or less effective against symptomatic Covid, but still 88% effective for you not dying or going to the hospital.


    1. Delta COVID is no more lethal then the flu. Or do you not trust the right wing crazy scientists at the UK National Health. Stop watching what you’re watching. Cases do not mean more death.

  17. Lots of conspiracy, socialism and supposed power grab nonsense from our governor yet the trolls have no follow thru? “People are saying, bla bla bla!” Better to oppose a different point of view instead of facts?

  18. Enough with government violating citizens rights while the government encourages millions of invaders to enter this country from all over the world with who knows what diseases they carry. DEMONRATS are the true enemy of this country.

  19. Than God I got he hell out of Oregon and moved to the free state of Florida. I am so sick of all the mindless sheep following this mask garbage. People there can’t think for themselves and need the government to hold their hand. It’s sickening. Wake the F up people! You’re giving up your freedom voluntarily! That’s what they want!

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