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Anti-mask demonstrators return to school despite court order


VANCOUVER, Wash. (AP) — Protesters returned to the grounds of a Vancouver, Washington high school Friday despite a judge’s attempts to quash demonstrations there. Oregon Public Broadcasting reports at Skyview High School protesters including Joey Gibson, founder of the Vancouver-based far-right group Patriot Prayer, were among a crowd of about 40 people between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. Demonstrators blared music and largely talked among themselves or on streaming video. Some arguments broke out as drivers told protesters to find other ways to fight masking requirements. One demonstrator flashed what appeared to be a white power hand gesture at a row of cars.

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      1. Interesting. Parents will put a mask on their child so little Justin or Tiffany can knock on the door of strangers to get free candy on Halloween, but a mask that weighs under 1/3rd of an ounce and saves lives is just too much for their precious spawn. How absurd is that?

  1. These people are not “anti” anything… they are “Pro” Constitution- “Pro- freedom”- Pro Civil Liberties… Things Afghani’s don’t have on this 9/11 20 year anniversary… remember that !

  2. Demonstrating at a high school against a vaccine (that has saved and will continue to save countless lives), like the students or school had anything to do with it. Good Gawd these people are misguided morons.

  3. Good for the peaceful protesters. At least they are not burning things down and looting. I had a looter show up the night before last. He broke my flimsy door lock on the barn and ate some freshly opened 50lb bird feed. I guess that buck wanted more than what my feeders have, which they empty every night. Looters, everyone of them. :o)

      1. Oh the scientist guy. have read your posts and they have nothing to do with science, just feelings. If we followed the science with the China Virus, the pandemic would have been over when Trump got us the vaccine.

  4. “One demonstrator flashed what appeared to be a white power hand gesture at a row of cars.” This is the closing line in the story about an anti-mask protest? One person did this and the reporter is not even sure if it was a white power sign. Good grief people. You are being played.

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