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Monday’s vaccine deadline could mean end of road for longtime Mtn. View freshman football coach

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BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- After the Mountain View High School freshman football team played its game against Summit Thursday night, Coach Mark Schulz gathered his players to share some unfortunate news:

It was likely, his final game as their coach.

Schulz, a 25-year member of the Cougars coaching staff, told NewsChannel 21 on Friday he is "being forced into unpaid administrative leave due to not complying with the vaccine mandate."

Earlier this week, Bend-La Pine Schools said more than 96% of its staff members having already submitted required vaccine documentation. Monday is the deadline for Oregon school staff and health care workers to either be vaccinated against COVID-19 or be granted an exemption under Gov. Kate Brown's.

Jack Hirsh plans to speak with Schulz next week.

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Jack Hirsh

Jack Hirsh is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Jack here.



  1. If he’s been anti vax for years, ok, I don’t agree, but he has that right. If like many it is because of Trumpism? Oh well, find another job, and his god Trump doesn’t care.

    1. Why be a jerk?

      Vaxxed or unvaxxed, it really doesn’t matter. Both can catch or spread covid – in this case to young people who who most likely are not vaxxed, might not even know they have it, and if they do it shouldn’t be anything more severe than the common cold. I don’t see the point in forcing this onto people who deal with kids.

      What really bothers you is that you chose to do as you’re told like a good little boy, and he chose not to.

    2. Anger issues over a person you don’t know and a topic fed to you daily chalk full of hype and hysteria… I think the door has plenty of “swing” left for the masses who need to just let it go.

  2. Disgusting that this is happening to say the least. These decisions are not based in science as the data is clear that transmission levels are equal in both vaxed and unvaxed individuals. This is about power and allowing unelected authorities (OHA) to essentially make “law”. What happens to a society when they start discarding humans who have lent countless hours to helping and fostering better youth? When do we take frontline nurses who have been dealing with the “pandemic” for years now and tell them they are no longer needed nor wanted in their current role? I am truly sad for the people that will be fired and their only crime is not wanting to take medicine they do not want. Sick.

      1. So, Barney, who is the vaccine protecting in this case? Children? What does the data say children are likely to experience should they catch “the vid”? Are a lot of children likely to face the risk of serious illness or death? According to the data – Would Mr. Schulz still be able to pass this bug along to children if he were vaccinated? If they did catch the vid from Mr. Schulz, does the data say they are likely to end up in the hospital?

        1. The vaccine is not protecting the most vulnerable- vaccinated or not. The data from the OHA remains clear- the elderly- the infirm- and those with underlying conditions remain the most vulnerable… certainly not children… and none of that has changed since day one ! We need to know how the most vulnerable are being exposed- what is the point of contact tracing if its not to save lives ???

      2. Barney. This is the circular talk I have mentioned to you before. I have completely acknowledged the fact that most of the deaths are coming from unvaxed individuals numerous times. That has zero to do with the article you are commenting on yourself. This is about a coach being let go who has served the youth in our community for years due to the idea that he is a “danger” to them and should not be aloud to be around them. The data clearly shows that is not true. Do you acknowledge that?

          1. Because this is about control. The goal appears to get everyone vaccinated, not to end the virus. If the goal were to end the pandemic then certain drugs would be permitted. Instead we are only allowed certain drugs, not FDA approved, and doctors are punished for prescribing anything other than what makes big pharma money. Side effects of these “only allowed” to use drugs are swept under the rug. Doctors and scientists around the world are censored when they speak out. The media toes the line by running selective stories that are written based on an agenda. We even see that here in the comment section. Rather than acknowledging the success of ivermectin in certain regions around the world the moderator is quick to remind us the FDA hasn’t approved it for covid…as if somehow that proves it’s ineffective. Perfect example of how the media reports “facts” – look at how many in the audience still thinks the vaccine prevents transmission. Selective reporting. Now across the US hundreds of thousands are losing their jobs and many here think it’s a good thing…because, of course, getting the vaccine will end the pandemic. Yet, when we look around the world, at countries with higher vaccination rates, we know that the vaccine does not ease covid cases. Does the media talk about this nope – we still need to get people vaccinated. Again, what’s the goal?

            1. That’s one sad world view. And we don’t just link to FDA.
              Those doctors/”experts” are usually refuted. Facts matter.
              Got a link disproving the widespread stats that show the vaccine greatly reduces (not eliminates, that’s silly) the threat of serious illness or death from/with (yeah that debate) COVID? No?
              Then it’s all just your opinions, which you are entitled to. The much-reviled mainstream media continues to try to focus on the facts despite the hurricane of hate, spin and blame. And will continue to do so, to large audiences who know far better who really has the “agenda.”

              1. You do this – did I say anywhere that the vaccine does not reduce symptoms? No I did not. I don’t have a sad world view, I’m simply pointing out what is happening.
                What I find interesting is that rather than acknowledging the fact that many states within India have reduced and in some cases completely eliminated covid you link to “experts” telling us what we’re seeing is not true. Me: Look at this soccer ball. Expert: not a soccer ball. Media: experts say not a soccer ball.

              2. Mainstream news stopped reporting facts years ago. It is now Opinion based and frankly, I’m sick and tired of the same rhetoric about the vaccine. It is an absolute fact that the vaccinated are getting sick, and they are dying. The only thing proven to be true is that it lessens the symptom. I am waiting for mainstream news to be honest and admit that fact and also the fact that most of the people who die are already compromised in one way or another. I work at a health facility and see people every day who are vaccinated and have covid. Also, I am wondering why no one is asking why the numbers skyrocketed AFTER people started vaccinating…hmmm.

                1. That you think none of our news is factual makes me wonder where you get your facts and why you visit here.
                  For millions of Americans, lessening the symptoms and keeping more people out of hospitals is worth the risk of the rare side-effects/adverse reactions.
                  Correlation is not causation.

              1. Wrong. Debating whether this coach should be fired for not being vaxed is not “challenging”. It’s as simple as it gets. These are the real stories these mandates create.

                1. You are correct- these irrational and unscientific mandates have real world consequences- there is no such thing as “oh gee- I was just speaking in broad impersonal terms”… People are losing their jobs- their careers- their livelihoods… millions are now protesting- the government both fed and state need to back down- the citizens have had enough.

                2. And this is one reason why people oppose mandates in general. They are too broad and have major consequences in people’s lives that are real. Everyone wants to comment and opine on these mandates as it they are just out there, no big deal, and should just be followed and accepted. But this story highlights exactly why when something is done with such a broad stroke and not well thought out what consequences happen. These are not “unintended” consequences. Those happen only when you really don’t know an outcome. These outcomes were already known and the governor mandated them anyway. Again, disgusting.

  3. A bunch of really good people have had a gun placed to their head (figuratively speaking, of course) forced to decide between a poorly-performing vaccine they had decided was not in their best interest and keeping their jobs. No matter how they decided I feel heart-sick that they were placed in this position. And I have real trouble fathoming the fellow Americans sitting on the sidelines applauding.

    This is sick!

    1. If it so poorly performing why are 80% of St Charles covid come from the 30% of the regions unvaccinated? From St Charles web page: “In the ICU, one of the 9 patients is fully vaccinated. Three patients in the ICU are under the age of 60 and are not fully vaccinated.”

        1. Yeah. How about thinking it through to the end from the pov of the school board who is going to get sued the second a kid gets sick and dies if he or she was regularly in the company of an unvaxxed and unnecessary, in this case employee.
          Then we would be treated to a new set of whining, from the same people who are now complaining over vaxx mandates, about how parent and lawyers are gold diggers. How much tax money should the school board risk on some coaches personal political feelings?

          1. Do they sue for influenza? Pediatric odds are about the same for Covid and influenza. Plus the vaccine doesn’t stop you from getting or spreading Covid, soooooo… We are eliminating jobs because people choose not to protect themselves now? It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, but there is an awful lot of crazy in the US right now.

              1. If true- how do we explain the 1304 deaths “related” to the virus in a mere month this year in September ? I know what the experts say- but I’m not seeing their claims appear in the daily counts.

                1. Feel free to provide a link of proof. And I allow folks to post links, not the same link a dozen times. Gets to be harassment/offensive. There are also NIH studies that dispute each other, so critics cherry-pick the ones that buttress their viewpoint. I’ve linked to ones with a contrary opinion, but you of course twist everything anyone else says or does to fit your agenda.

      1. 30% failure rates with the vaccines is helping to fuel the never ending surges- children are the least affected- How could Kate and Joe muck this up so bad ?

      2. A good vaccine keeps you from getting the disease, and with almost no risk of bad reaction. This stuff doesn’t keep you from getting or from spreading the disease but merely reduces the severity of your symptoms. And adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines are some 20X the rate of any other vaccine we might take such as the flu vaccine. wouldn’t you rate that as rather poor performance?

          1. Do kids have really any chance at all of landing in the hospital (or worse), Barney? Remember we are talking about a coach and schoolteacher in this story. What good reason is there for people to be forced to get the shot because they work with kids?

              1. Not closed minded, I just don’t think anybody really has any business telling other people what to do unless out of absolute necessity. In fact, I got the shot in April. Then I got Covid a few months later, along with my unvaxxed wife and all three unvaxxed kids – 20, 17, and 11. My wife and I had the exact same experience, literally to the day. Really sick for 3 days and then about 1.5 weeks of slow recovery. My older kids had what amounted to a slight cold, and the only symptom my youngest had was a positive test. There is no data in existence that I know of that confirms the need to mandate the shot on behalf of children, and an editorial from the Atlantic most definitely isn’t it. There is plenty of data that says Covid is of very little risk to children, both in Oregon and on a national level (see the OHA and CDC). I’ll let you do your own homework. The chances of someone under 18 dying or having serious issues from COVID are so statistically slim that it’s ridiculous this is even a thing. Are flu shots mandated for teachers? I’m asking because I honestly don’t know the answer and statistics show that pediatric mortality rates are about the same for influenza and Covid. Based on statistics, there is no justification that I can find for this school related mandate.

                1. The chances of adverse reactions linked to these vaccines is absolutely “unknown” at this time ! I’d like to know what long-term research studies are being used to justify these comments by anyone !

                2. My kids will not be getting the vaccine if that answers your question. They have all three had covid and it was no big deal. It would not be the end of the world if they caught it again, even every couple years like any bug.

              2. Your link is not “fact” based- even the headline reeks of “opinion” as in the word “should” ! Your mind is so closed- that you now delete valid posts that provide factual data and research from the National Institute of Health- maybe we should contact them and let them know that Oregon finds their research to be untrustworthy and bogus… Links- Phone: 301-496-4000

        1. You are correct… these vaccines are not immunization shots like Biden said in his CNN Town Hall of lies. Looking at the data- “that lie” created surge number three in the US as millions of Americans got vaccinated in the spring- only to see that 30% of the vaccines failed- and the vaccinated parading around like they had immunity- creating horrific new case and record setting fatality numbers in just a few months. The data on this doesn’t lie- the OHA is a great source to see this first hand so you can make your own decision-

              1. It doesn’t ! Children are the least affected- they are the heart and soul of developing long term herd immunity in our communities- instead their natural immune systems are being weakened by years of non-exposure to basic colds and flu viruses… this is gonna end up really bad as the health of the nations children will be vulnerable to a simple winter cold that could prove lethal. I find it shocking that anyone would promote these vaccines to children !

                1. Link/Proof/Local !… “Age Group”- 9 and younger- least affected… Disease Death Data- Under 29 including children- Least Affected !Even at their peak (September) Pediatric cases have “never” overtaken the number of adult cases at any age group ! I am shocked at your lack of knowledge on this topic- simply shocked !

                2. And I’m shocked at your never answering a direct question. You say 10 things, and you only respond to one, as you dodge, shift and twist.
                  You said: ” this is gonna end up really bad as the health of the nations children will be vulnerable to a simple winter cold that could prove lethal”
                  GOT PROOF?
                  No one has said many otherwise healthy kids have been seriously ill/dying, thank goodness. Your red herrings, strawmen and other ways of not making provable claims/”expert” predictions/conclusions got old years ago.

                3. I provided a link/proof/local authority to my statement about “children are the least affected”… as for the rest of my post- I used an oldie but a goody I learned from CNN… I inserted the word “could”- making it “my opinion”… and you should know better !

    2. Earlmck.. this is what the radial leftist and administration wants… To divide this country and towns. The Clown Democrats hate freedom… Hate people…. Hate kids. Your freedoms are being taken away by this tryannical over reach. It’s at your front door… Wake up Americans 🤦🤦

        1. Not sure about the sky- but your civil liberties are now null and void. Something as simple as working for a company- wearing the clothes of your choice- and deciding what chemicals are injected into your body are all now out of your control… Yup- Yuck it up kids- its a real screamer !

  4. “being forced into unpaid administrative leave due to not complying with the vaccine mandate.”

    I’m calling BS. Any teacher can fill out a religious/medical exemption, get it rubber stamped and be in the classroom on Monday. Like every teacher in Oregon… he made his choice, move on. It is what it is, but it’s clearly not about a binary choice.

    1. No employee at any job should have to prove or explain their personal medical condition… Demokrats have regressed back to the slave auction days ! “Say there- open yer mouth- show Mr. Robinson yer teeth” ! Disgusting !!!

  5. People need to look at the data from the OHA- notice how the more the state was vaccinated (from the spring and early summer) the higher the new case count exploded. Please tell me again about how effective this whole strategy of defeating the CV19 through vaccinations is… the data says otherwise !

      1. You are countering my OHA reference with a link to the CDC ? Which of the two actually pertains to Oregon ? To date- the CDC has completely failed to control this “mild” virus- why should anyone believe what they say ? Instead- look at the OHA data and make yer own decisions on how you and your family should proceed.

          1. How does one “twist” statistics ? You mean like denying the VAERs data log on the grounds that the adverse reactions (2 million and counting) are only “associated” with the vaccines- no different then the underlying condition deaths being “related” to the CV19 virus in everyone’s book- what was that you were saying about “making false unproven conclusions” ?

                1. That stating- underlying condition deaths- as being “related” to the CV19 virus is no different than saying that millions of adverse reactions are “related’ to the vaccines- apples to apples.

          1. Your link to Awrady clearly shows that she’s a loon ! Regarding the vaccinated she says- “You cannot pass on covid if you do not have covid” ! Whaaaat ??? Does she not know that the vaccinated can indeed- pass on the virus ? Oh my- who fact checked this old gal- she’s an Obama science denier from Chicago who has no voice here.

      1. Both the CDC and CNN have been wrong since day one- please find a more reliable source from here on out- this nation can’t afford anymore deaths because of their wild eyed guesses ! Cmon people… the definition of insanity- to do the same thing over and over- expecting a different outcome !

  6. In Oregon… Millions of negative tests- millions of vaccination shots- hundreds of thousands with natural immunity- yet on October 12th 2021- we saw a record number of deaths. Besides finger pointing and placing blame on Oregonians… what the hell is Kalamity Kate and Bumbling Joey doing about this never ending cycle of illness and death ? India is wiping this thing off their map- deaths per 1 million- (323)… Biden’s USA- (2231) ! Data don’t lie !

      1. More failed CNN experts spouting nonsense… if they were sooooo smart- why have we gone through three bell curves (with another expected this winter) in a year ???

  7. Actually based on a prior article here on KTVZ, Bend LaPine School District reported 91.2% of their staff was vaccinated, 8.4% submitted a religious exception and .04% submitted a medical exception. That equals 100%. Does this mean the coach was denied a possible exception request since the board reported numbers on 100% of their staff? Meaning they have no staff that either didn’t get vaccinated or filed for an exception. Or is the School Boards reporting not quite right here? And if any religious exceptions were denied, the community would like to know who the group of Theologians and other religious experts are that the Bend LaPine School Board has tasked with reviewing and deciding the legitimacy of the religious exception requests. If you have found such a person or people, the entire world will want to know who the experts are that can make such decisions regarding the most debated topic in all of humanity. And further, please tell us the Bend LaPine School Board did not all of a sudden become medical experts and deny a medical exception request. Then notice in the same article Redmond School Board stated 72% of their staff are fully vaccinated and 18% RECIEVED a medical or religious exception. Another words, no denials. Thumbs up to Redmond for not creating and joining the debate team and making kids and instruction the priority. Looking forward to the Coach’s interview.

  8. All decisions have consequences, good or bad. He was aware of what the consequence to his decision would result in. Any employer, no matter how long the employee has been there, will terminate if policies and procedures are not adhered to. He made his choice knowing the outcome. Why aren’t people this upset about dress codes and other employer policies that violate personal freedoms? Why aren’t we as upset that marijuana testing in a legal state is not monitored by cheek swabs instead of testing if a chemical is present for 30 days? Lots of discrimination and unfair rules out there. Why is this the one that stirs the pot so much?

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