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Crook County School Board adopts parental rights resolution

(Update: Adding video, comments)

PRINEVILLE, Ore. (KTVZ) -- The Crook County School Board voted 4-0 Monday night to adopt a resolution supporting the parent-child relationship when it comes to education.

Last month, the board listened during a public comment period to Jack Rabenburg of Oregon Parents' Rights in Education. The group has pushed back against mask and vaccination mandates in schools.

Rabenburg presented a petition calling on the school board to proclaim November as Parents' Rights in Education Month, and hoped for the board's backing.

He said the parent-child relationship should be supported by teachers, counselors, administrators, and school board members.

Although the board did not declare November as Parent's Rights in Education Month, the adopted resolution (see below) does recognize that parents are the child's first and foremost educator, and have a moral responsibility for the education, care and training of their children.

Rabenburg was not in attendance during the vote, but he did join the meeting virtually to offer his thoughts, asking the board to take even more action to challenge the state.

"Please take a position," Rabenburg said. "Please take a stand. Parents are not domestic terrorists. We deserve to be heard. We deserve to be allowed to be involved." 

During the public comment section, a group of district moms also raised concerns regarding possible vaccine mandates for students across the state.

One parent, Mandi Puckett, says she's concerned about community members clashing over different beliefs when it comes to COVID-19.

"We now have policies that conflict and adversely affect our children, families, workers, and community members which also vary state to state," Puckett said. This has created an environment of clashing views, both in our schools and our communities, where those on the extreme side of the spectrum are empowered to shame and browbeat those who do not agree with them." 

School Board Chair Scott Cooper said he has not heard of vaccine mandates coming down the pipeline, and that Gov. Kate Brown typically follows California and Washington when it comes to mandates.

"She likes third place," Cooper said. "She's a third-place governor."

Cooper says he understand that these types of conversations are happening in the parents committee, and he appreciates their proactiveness.

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Alec Nolan

Alec Nolan is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Alec here.



  1. I love the candy coated and cutesy terms they come up with to disguise “Anti-Science”. These sorts of people shouldn’t be allowed to lead a parade, let alone a county.

  2. Just have the parents do the teaching and administrating. That will keep the socialist government schools from putting strange and dangerous ideas into their children’s minds.

  3. “Third place Governor”, thanks for the smile Mr. Cooper. We’ve not met, but if we do I’d sure like to buy you a beer. In an era of ever increasing government control the stance of the Crook county school board is a ray of hope that liberty is still relevant.

  4. From curriculum to mask mandates there’s strong resistance among some parents to accept these drastic changes without a voice. I get that. They just need to remember there are many other parents who support exploring new curriculum and/or keeping mask (and other possible) mandates in place to protect their kids. The adopted resolution by the CCSB to address this seems purposely broad by design, but a fair attempt toward appeasement. It reiterates the important role of the parent in their child’s education, while not really granting any superseding powers. I just hope all parents remember that having the loudest voice doesn’t always make you right. We elect school boards to make certain decisions, and not all of us agree with every determination. That’s the very definition of taking a stand.

    1. Yep, keep your little disease vectors at home and school them in whatever weird science you found on the internet or Joe Rogan podcast.

      Honest question: is that the same Joe Rogan who played a handyman/technician on the comedy “News Radio” about 25-30 years ago?

  5. Frivolous. I just read about one specific “parent” who was starting arguments at School board meetings, She neither had any children in the school district, nor lived in the State she was agitating in.

    Just looking for a media reaction. Just needed to Spread the “narrative”! Just attempting to work the “buzzwords” in.

    The Bend/ La Pine school ESD have always been considerate of parent’s wishes regarding education.
    That’s what IEP’s are for.

    1. Quit making things up. There is no Bend-Lapine ESD and IEPs are education plans for Special Ed students. What are you trying to pull here? Are you one of those anti- CRT folks?

  6. I grew up with Scott and Forest Cooper. Despite all the family issues they had growing up they both turned out to be good people. Scott tells it like it is and I love it. He is right. Its been a trend for almost two years now. What ever CA and WA do you could plan on OR following suit.

      1. Yeah buddy got that right. Because of our governor we are #46 out of 50 when it comes to covid deaths. But let’s talk about masks amd freedom. Oh the irony ……

  7. The resolution is pretty generic. I know it is coming from the anti-science crowd, but the resolution doesn’t take sides. It basically states parents are an important part of a childs education. Which is true.

    1. Too bad more of these uber concerned parents don’t show up to parent/teacher conferences or take any responsibility for their children’s education when it comes to doing homework. It’s really all about defying public safety measures and flexing their FREEDUMBS to infect others.

      1. Jumper, as in jump to conclusions, my money says those parents who take the time to be involved and attend board meetings are much more likely to police the homework their kids get than those who don’t . If you want your comments to give others pause you’ll have to do better than just shooting from the hip.

      2. How are they “defying public safety”? Did they get caught with anthrax? If the shot works and masks work why are you worried about what other people do? If you have them you are safe correct? Or are you worried about the 5-18 year olds, you know the least affected age group? Your decently a jumper.

  8. Keep your kids at home and teach them from the same books that made you an infectious disease expert and constitutional law guru. It’s that simple.

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