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    1. Exactly. Common sense. But “science”. None of this has ever been about science. This is a cold for 99 percent of the population. It’s about controlling the people. And the left wing sheep play along like pathetic little dogs being given treats.

        1. 788,000 Americans who were left to die with no attempts at early treatments. There were plenty of suggestions for early treatments but each of them were banned. Those placed on respirators were placed there until the passed. You know nothing Keyser.

          1. Yes… they magically died of something at the exact same time they also caught Covid19. All of them. At the same time. Just totally coincidentally.

            1. Read the daily death counts. “underlying conditions” and elderly. It also didn’t help with politicians forcing nursing homes to take in ill patients.

        2. Keyser Soze, how many of these deaths were elderly people locked into a building with infected people placed there by your government? Andrew Cuomo should be known as the largest mass murder in US history.

          1. Barney Lerten, are you frikn kidding me? This is exactly what I’m talking about! You let this garbage onto your site and then defend it as hearing the opinions of ‘both sides’. Ohhh, but I work for a company… that’s bullcrap. This whole comment section is bullcrap.

            1. That is his OPINION about the whole nursing home thing. We’ve allowed many such claims about elected officials over the years. Just how few comments would you have us allow? Feel free to use the contact us page to lodge a complaint. We do the best we can.

              1. Gee Barney- why would you allow this- “This whole comment section is bullcrap.”- But delete- remove- censor my OHA based data time and time again ? For once I have to agree with Keyser- “This whole comment section is bullcrap.”…. Bwahahaaaa !

            2. OH PlEASE. Post after post by you is “THAT’S RACIST” or some other attack without rebutting what you are replying to. At least you’re recovering from your TDS posts so there’s hope still.

            3. Lol! Thank you for giving us a glaring example of the Marxist/totalitarianism mindset that festers in the Democrat party today. If people don’t comply with your ideology they should be silenced. Is that what your saying keysore? You rock man.

  1. Of course there will always be these idiots, yes, even so called “health officials” that are stupid and would want this permanent, even if there is no pandemic. There will always be these crazy people like them that have no sense of reality. I will be the first to leave Oregon if they ever make mask mandates permanent for all time for businesses.

    1. I’ve already had enough of this once great state. I’ve lived here my entire life and the blue side is driving this place into the ground. I’m taking my family and my $100k+ taxable household income and moving to a red state. Oregon isn’t going to get my money any longer.

      1. We just did the same thing. Left the state we spent 50+ years in. Bend was an amazing place to live until the last 10-15 years. I know libs are happy to see conservatives leave so it’s a win-win I guess. They can now destroy what was once a great city and turn it into another Portland/Eugene with their disastrous policies. Every city in this country that is led by liberals is a total disaster with rampant homelessness, garbage, poverty, crime, graffiti, etc. Very sad.

        1. Don’t worry, you can watch me shut the door behind me while you are munching on your organic banana chips from Trader Joes and worrying about cow farts rather than actual problems with this world.

      2. Hahaha. You could take 12 of your buddies with you and as long as I stayed the state would be still getting their tax cash except I’m betting I pay less in taxes than you do on what is a considerably larger income. Thank you GOP for fighting for me!

        1. Good for you. Clearly you are full of yourself like a typical Democrat because you think the state is surviving because of your existence. There are many more than 12 people leaving this place and it will have more of an impact than the liberal marxists can envision. Enjoy your high taxes and homeless problem, because it isn’t going to get better for Oregon.

        1. The minute republicans take responsibility for their attempted violent overthrow of the federal government on Jan 6th is when we can talk about accountability. Until then, enjoy the riot porn trump provided you by sending anonymous federal troops to attack Oregonians, and I will continue to push back on your fascism.

    1. Yes indeed- let’s all keep that in mind as we continue to head off the Biden Cliff of stupidity- failed vaccines- disappointing employment numbers- 11 million jobs nobody wants- Russian troop build-ups in the Ukraine- Hyperinflation- Gasoline at $4/gallon- in Bend ! Yes-Yes… plod forward my little lemmings !

      1. How do you ever pull yourself out of bed in the morning with such a 24-7 sour, bleak view of our great country? On a weekend no less!
        Oh, because you can’t wait to share it all with ME. Don’t bother, I’ve heard it all before, over and over and over. (I’d say US, but who else reads your stuff, much less agrees with you? Oh, of course, your band of fellow sour gloom-and-doomers!)

          1. I love hearing others’ views, of all kinds, when presented with a minimal degree of respect and civility.
            The rest can be distressing in many ways.
            And trust me, this is NOT my main “job.” It waits when there’s breaking news or … more important matters.
            And if I don’t do this task, this comment system likely will be removed, as many have urged over the years (it’s often called a “toxic waste dump” in places like the Bend subreddit), and the vast majority of media outlets have done due to the virulent toxicity and waste of resources.
            If that’s your preference.

              1. Again, I work for a company. These are big decisions not just up to me. We may well get to test a more community-moderated, Reddit-like system first, to see the impact. Any system can be abused by those who don’t want to see them succeed, so no guarantees. (And it’s ironic to use the comment system to call for deleting the comment system.)

                1. Not ironic at all. Every time I see these absolutely useless threads full of Covid disinformation, QAnon conspiracies, right wing hate, and general stupidity that your media outlet enables for who-knows-why(?!), I will advocate for it’s termination. Please gird your loins for the next time.

                2. You don’t see how many we delete. Your advocacy might be less… ‘ironic’ in a venue you are not urging the termination of.
                  There’s plenty of left-wing hate here too. If we eliminated all ‘hateful’ posts, there’d be little use to continue. Clearly you invest time here.
                  Not my call, of course. I work for a company.

              2. Won’t happen- to do so would eliminate a huge source of revenue justification… I’m not sure why B keeps making this idle threat- it’ll never happen.

          1. I never attack opinions, actually. I do once in a while publicly wonder why some regular trolls have such a 24/7 100 percent bleak attitude about our country (which was “perfect” under THEIR guy.)
            So unrealistic, and sad.

              1. Lied to, or not told what he wants to hear – that his side is all good and the other side is evil and wants to destroy the country, never tells the truth etc.
                Believing in that is the most dangerous thing of all. And yes, is a ‘bleak attitude.’ Which is why I support Braver Angels and the Bridge Alliance, among many groups trying to get beyond the destructive polarization too many thrive on.

                1. Hmmm- lemme see…. Russian Collusion- a lie. The Steele Dossier- a lie. Brett Kavanaugh raped women- a lie. Hillary in a landslide- a lie. Covington boys in Maga hats started riots- a lie. Millions of deaths solely caused by the Wuhan virus- a lie ! So there ya go B- tired of the “proven” lies.

                2. Yet you allowed some extremely vulgar- hateful- and dangerous terms to pass through here uncensored.

                3. Point to any vulgarities and I will review the comments. As for hateful… you oughta know. It’s your stock in trade. Just how many of your comments do you want trashed? All of them? The hate directed at me and my workplace speaks for itself.

                4. I tried to point out the vulgarities in my previous post- and they were auto-blocked. Are you sure you understand how your system works ?

                5. If I allowed that, it was a human error by a non-robot who tries not to ever let you hurt his feelings despite your intense desire to do so.
                  But now about to allow YOU to say it.

                6. “We at KTVZ never wrote any of that.”- But you “allowed it” to be presented on your platform- that makes you accountable.

        1. Facts are facts Barney, whether you like how the idiot democrats are running this country or not. He stated the world we are living in. If you and the rest of the blue side would pull your head out of your….I mean the sand, you may actually see how incompetent the state and federal government is.

          1. I will never, to the end of my days, have that bleak an attitude about our government, the media, etc. Call that naive or whatever if you wish. There’s still a lot of great things about this country and world. Big problems, you bet. Not going to solve them by just blaming the Evil Other Side and fighting for the Magic Lever of Control that makes everything better. A world where compromise is a dirty word is a sad one indeed.

        2. Cmon Barney – You made us all suffer thru four years of neverTrumper hate and anger without once telling the gloomy goons to put a lid on it. 99.9% of the stories that filtered through your CNN portal were all about doomsday fear mongering hate… Now you want everyone to cheer up because the economy is tanking- the virus is now deadlier than before- our US troops are back to bombing women and children (fact)- and nobody wants to work for Joey and Hunter- I rarely use this- but literally ROTFLMAO !!!

          1. No one makes you hang out here, so clearly you support everything we do. Thanks for your support! We’ve heard many times from those who actually stuff like yours SOLELY for its “entertainment value,” not because in any way, shape or form they’d ever, ever agree with you on anything.
            So thanks for the laughs! And helping us in our endeavors!
            And Merry Christmas!

              1. Funny how that works. The media is still trying to hang what some fool does on Trump’s neck when Trump had nothing to do with what said fool did. But KTVZ… They can publish every lie for years and they aren’t responsible for any of it. Did KTVZ ever apologize to Nick Sandmann for carrying the lies CNN made up about him? How about for the years of “Russian collusion” when it has been exposed for the lie that it always was? If the company you work for spreads lies for the democrat party you are not a journalist. You are a propagandist. It would be nice if they just admitted it. No shame in it, just admit what KTVZ and their owners really are.

            1. You never once stood up to the constant bullying- false accusations (Steele Dossier)- or 99% of the negative stories that flooded “your” site by CNN against President Trump for four years- and by idly sitting by- you’ve damaged both your personal reputation and that of KTVZ- “No action- is Action”. Now live with the consequences of your non-action.

        3. Barney
          Your comments are the BEST. Just the right amount of mockery.
          I believe we would be best friends if we ever met.
          Oh, and just to be clear, my user name has nothing to do with beer…it’s the horse, I love.

    2. Come up with that all on your own did ya Keyser? Got any enlightening knock knock nuggets of wisdom to share while you’re publicly humiliating yourself?

    3. There is a large mud hole near my house on public land where an irrigation ditch terminates. It’s full of water in summer and muddy through the winter. There are two roads here. One goes through the mud hole, the other goes around. People drive up to this mud hole and do one of two things. They put it “D” and give it a try, Or they put it “R” and go around. Those who choose “D” are too stupid to see the evidence of all who have gotten stuck in the mud before them. And then I get to listen to them beat their truck for an hour trying to get free before giving up and calling for help. The moral of the story –progress is only a virtue when it’s going in the right direction. There is no freedom in a mud hole.

    4. Oregon once had a great governor by the name Tom McCall. Quote……
      “I urge them to come and come many, but I also ask them, for heaven’s sake, don’t move here to live.” Like most liberals they don’t read the whole story, just the first few words………

      1. I am proud to say I shook his hand a few weeks before he died. He was a great man. But he knew you can’t stop people from moving where they want to move. That’s why the state’s land-use planning laws arose during that era (along with the beach bill and the bottle bill.) Oregon was growing fast in the ’70s, too.

    5. You must be part of the minority (according to polling) that agrees with the current direction this administration is “driving” us. Most Americans would rather “reverse” to the previous administration. You say I’m wrong? How are things better now than under President Trump?

    6. Wait, isn’t the left responsible for all the rioting in PDX!?! Gimme a break Keysore .. Of course ol’Barn blocked my original comment which basically said the exact same thing.. The left doesn’t like getting called out or anything in the accountability dept.. especially when it comes to the PDX riots..

  2. I have never worn a mask in Bend and NEVER WILL. Brown and oha can say whatever they want. I will never comply. And not a single person I know will either.

    1. Amazing. I guess we must never frequent the same establishments. Unless you’re the guy with the black eye who wouldn’t put on his mask in line next to me at the store.

    2. We went to REI… we were looking around and a guy with no mask was shopping in the ski department. An associate told him masks were required in the store, and he responded “what if I don’t put one on”. The associate was not phased. A few moments later he asked another associate a question, and she just stared at him for a moment and turned her back. So he asked the guy who had told him to put on a mask, and he acted like no-mask-guy was invisible. I looked over a minute later, and no-mask-guy had a mask on, and he was being helped by an associate. Play stupid Covid games, win stupid Covid prizes.

      1. Hilarious you only ever link one side as a “moderator” and then get into arguments with commentators. You are like Chris Wallace trying to moderate a Biden Trump debate and just get run over constantly because you cannot do your job without bias taking over. Pretty funny really…

        1. I’ve said it before- I don’t mind if B wants to participate in the discussion- as a commentator… not as a Moderator ! There’s a huge ethical problem here when the mod uses their title and delete button to silence debates they are losing- and that happens way too often here.

          1. That’ll never be why I delete a single comment.
            Terms of service. Personal offensive attacks. Potentially dangerous misinformation this moderator and no moderator will take hours and hours to fact-check. If in doubt… yep, delete. We are being watched very closely by those who believe we have allowed too many falsehoods here.

  3. Oregon Governor Brown ended Masking on June 25, 2021
    She hoped Oregonians wouldn’t notice Executive Order (EO) Number 21-15 issued on June 25, 2021, ended masking, distancing, and capacity

        1. I’ve posted twice now the dates and data collected by the OHA that confirms that Brown’s re-instated mandates have absolutely no positive affect on reducing CV19 numbers related to daily cases- active cases- and deaths… why do you keep deleting this data ? based on what TOS violation ? This is what concerns many fair minded readers here.

  4. Next we’ll hear people praising brown on this saying it’s what’s needed to ensure our health and we’ll being and how those opposed to it shouldn’t be a part of society.

  5. I am sick of what those in office is doing to Oregon and our freedom. Control us, tell us what to do, I am looking for a free state and leaving my beloved Oregon forever. This isn’t the Oregon I have lived in for so many years. Kate Brown has destroyed this state with mandates, and when Oregon makes the news on national TV that is not good. Everyone is leaving California and Washington and Oregon is next, pretty soon the West Coast will loose so many people there won’t be any people to pay tax’s so the state will go broke.

  6. Ok did anyone miss that 6 million people in Oregon are vaccinated? By gollie that has to be much more than 60 percent. Oh wait, Kate threw that metric out the door. Is anyone serious about wearing masks indefinitely?

              1. Oh ??? Is it only you that is reading the stats right ??? I disagree. I’m with Archie and the observation that there have been more doses- more natural exposures and immunity- and more young people not affected by the CV19- then there are citizens in the state.

              1. Well, we will see soon enough if Oregon’s is correct with this prediction. What will you have to say if he’s right? Oh wait, you’ll ignore it because your boss to you to.

                1. You have an odd view of how my workday goes and what my bosses “tell me to do.” (It’s to get the factual news out and hopefully beat our competition to it.)

                2. Please ignore the last sentence in my comment. I am truly trying not to be condescending and appreciative of you for allowing differing points of view. Happy holidays!

                3. However, I still wish you’d just limit yourself to being the moderator. Probably would make your job easier.

      1. Yup- and there have been 6 million doses of various degrees- another million cases of natural immunity- another million children and adolescents that are not adversely affected by the virus… that’s 8 million people who should be in the clear… So why is any of this up for debate ?

  7. oregon will regulate and mandate itself to death…..the successful people of oregon will be forced to leave the state taking their money and their abilities with them.

    all that will be left will be weed heads and entitlement folks all
    compliantly wearing their mask, drinking through paper straws and riding electric bicycles….not sure how oregon will pay their bills when “the taxable people” leave….however, oregon will never go completely away, they’ll always be good for a snl skit or a quick joke on a fox news show.

    1. As long as the media continues to collude with the “D” party- you could be right- common folk no longer have a voice- nobody watching out for them- Sad !

  8. It would be nice if businesses and law enforcement enforced the mask mandates and if local governments stopped putting on super spreader events like parades, but in good Central Oretucky you might as well wish a frog had wings.

      1. And how has the mask overall done since Brown re-booted her mandate ? Did you or anyone else see an immediate improvement in any of the key data logs coming from the OHA ? Nope- didn’t think so.

    1. How about you just stay home and let other people live their lives in a manner that scientific evidence demonstrates is safe to themselves and others?

    1. Thank you. These are very kind, and help my psyche when attacked unfairly and inaccurately. I hate hitting delete, but personally offensive attacks include on me. More latitude in my case than dumping nastily on others.

    1. Oregon’s Weekly Surveillance Report for Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses

      You are subscribed to Flu Bites – Oregon’s Weekly Influenza Surveillance Report.

      Just Posted: Flu Bites Report for Week 47, November 21 – November 27, 2021


      During Week 47, 1.3% of all emergency department visits in Oregon were due to influenza-like illness (ILI).
      Among Oregon labs reporting to the National Respiratory and Enteric Virus Surveillance System (NREVSS) and the state health department, 0.3% of specimens tested were positive for influenza.
      No influenza-related hospitalizations were reported during the week in the Portland tri-county metropolitan area.
      No influenza outbreaks were reported.

  9. when will the sheep stand up? Ever? Probably not in OR. So lets get straight. They manipulated the case count using a test never intended to be used as the covid test, manipulated the death count between 88.9%-96% and tell you that you have a 99% plus chance of not dying and all the mask studies show they don’t work, all for something you wouldn’t need masks that might work for. Got it. New variant? Spoiler alert; there will ALWAYS be a new variant. Everyone is leaving Oregon. At least the smart people.

      1. better in OR? Just like CA is getting better and WA? Things are progressively getting worse. All you have to do is wake up and open your eyes. Not sure what you’re seeing

  10. This will be a fun little experiment in behavioral economics. If they vote to make this a permanent rule, enjoy seeing compliance plummet. It already is outside of Portland and Salem. If you refuse to articulate when it is safe to put away the masks (other than “when the science tells us it is”) and then make an extremely polarizing mandate permanent, you’re just going to lose credibility and authority to most Oregonians. It would be nice – for once – to see a single Oregon-based news outlet actually press our officials on this. There is not a single state in the country that is taking this draconian and hysterical type of approach, and only a small handful that still have temporary mandates in place. But yet KTVZ continues to be a mouthpiece for the state.

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