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St. Charles adds three COVID-19 treatments, in limited supply

St. Charles now has three new outpatient treatments for COVID-19, two oral antivirals and a monoclonal antibody infusion, though supplies so far are limited, so they are only going to high-risk patients.

KTVZ News Team



  1. Two years into the skam and now Charles wants to roll out more experimental drugs- I call them experimental because the whole mild virus thing from China is all new ! Biden should have provided Ivermectin home kits like more successful nations have done- his ‘Merika still leads the planet for all the wrong reasons… we should have been smarter and braver- like India !

    1. Right on cue, we hear from the segment that’s prevented victory over this pandemic……..I propose that Oregon pay $10,000 to any of these folks if they’ll move to CovIdaho

      1. You do realize that rubbing alcohol is not meant to drink- and that there is no THC in that hemp belt you been tryin’ to smoke ! Ivermectin is much the same- there are two kinds. Somehow- I don’t expect you to get it… so… enjoy your belt !

    2. If you think India is keeping tabs on the actual numbers of cases and deaths you are clueless to reality. This is not a mild virus for some and it’s going to kill about 15 million humans at the end. You also do not care about ethnicities that have a greater likelihood of severe illness which justifies that you should of been put to work in the cotton fields for MLK day.

      1. And if you think Oregon is keeping tabs on its actual numbers- you may want to revisit the scandal of the summer- when over 500 deaths in this first world state went unrecorded !

      2. BTW- India- Deaths/1 million population- 348 ! Joey Biden’s failing ‘Merika- with all them fancy vaccines and multiple boosties- 2638 !!!

        1. To be expected. India is not obese. Covid mortality is directly influenced by western diet and lifestyle. It is well established that covid comorbidities leading to death largely result from obesity. Victory for the vegans.

      1. This journalistic malpractice! Read the quote from the article! There are 2 different types of ivermectin, one for humans and another for animals, yet this is what is published? Such BS! Why would you use the type made for humans on animals and vice versa?

        “Ivermectin is mostly used in large animals and is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for treating human conditions, including head lice and stomach worms. But across the country, demand for the drug has surged in recent months — leading to a spike in hospitalizations for human exposures to ivermectin.”

      1. I guess they award lots of Nobel prizes to useless drugs?

        Hmm, I could swear it has been prescribed millions of times for humans. But I guess it is horse medicine?

    1. Barney actually responded to your medical research paper (with a 91% approval rating from the SIQ peer review) with a divisive opinion piece chalk full of common sense errors and liberal double speak. It’s been this way since day one- real science being drowned out by irrational hysterics… and the beat goes on !

  2. Bring back the door to door vaccines! Ending those right as people vaccinated last winter and spring would be needing their boosters was a terrible thing!

  3. I’m a little disappointed in this coverage. I simply wish more had been said. We now have thousands of known positive cases of COVID. The first week the antivirals were sent to central Oregon we only received a total of 120 courses of Paxlovid. To me, this paltry amount sent to us by the State via the Federal government was a slap in the face of everyone in central Oregon. At this US GOV website you can scroll down to the map and zoom in, and see exactly where all the COVID therapeutics have been allocated nationwide.

  4. Ivermectin is safe. IN THE PROPER DOSE. Ivermectin is showing promise against covid in several studies. More study is needed. Particularly on dosing and long term use. It builds up in your system, so it isn’t really designed for long term use, and has not been tested enough in that useage. It is also available in generic form so there isn’t the fortune to be made on it like a new therapeutic. Coincidentally, several new covid therapeutics have hit the market at prices much much much higher than ivermectin.

    The active ingredient in the animal product is the same as the human product. Humans get pills, animals usually get shots, or paste. The carrier ingredients in the shots are found in human food. Figuring out dosage for humans from the animal stuff can be difficult, as it is very concentrated. The math isn’t hard, but diluting it down can be difficult to do with the necessary precision.

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