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Rising prices at the pump affect customer buying habits, attendant interactions at Bend gas stations

Customers boost gas refills to head off higher prices tomorrow; 'They know it's not our fault'

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) --Surging gas prices have been a headache for many, and they don't seem to be getting any better.

"You know, we’re getting the same customer twice, instead of once, because they don’t want it to run all the way down their tank," 76 Gas manager Alan Plunkett said in Bend Monday.

With the rise in gas prices, pump attendants find themselves much busier, often putting in $5 to $10 worth of gas, rather than a fill-up -- and for those who usually paid to fill up their tanks before, many aren’t any more.

"They’re running it down quarter to half-tank, to where when they fill up, it’s just the top half of it, to where they’re beating the fuel prices before they go up tomorrow," Plunkett said.

The gas attendants have also noticed a change in customer interactions, and to little surprise, it’s mostly an expression of frustration.

"They do project that -- and they know it’s not our fault," Plunkett said. "We’re doing the best we can."

"They’re more conserved," 76 Gas attendant John Dallas said. "They’re quieter. They’re not as open and just happy about just being here.”

With higher gas prices also comes the concern of theft.

“All sorts of things that they’re doing, you know, trying to drive away with cash or whatever," Plunkett said. "But with the policies and procedures that we've got here, the guys are keeping it to a minimum."

Plunkett said they also have good relationships with many regulars, which helps a lot.

But to ease the impacts on both the gas attendants and the customers, he hopes prices go down again --and soon.

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Bola Gbadebo

Bola Gbadebo is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Bola here.



      1. Prolifelatterdaysaint might as well be a bot. A very primitive one at that. if ktvz_headline = gas; print (‘Biden needs to resume the keystone pipeline construction and drill for oil’). Obviously I’m not a coder, but that’s basically how prolifelatterdaysaint bot works.

      2. You were just arguing supply side economics- so how does putting more product into the market “not help” lower prices ??? Some of you are just hopeless when it comes to framing your arguments- you clearly have no idea what the KXL project is all about- yer here just to spout nonsense !

    1. Ugh! The pipeline was to be another way to move the same oil that is already being moved by tankers. When you fill up your rig its NOT going into Biden’s pocket, it’s oil company’s maximizing profits while not drilling for more. You really thought that oil company’s wouldn’t jack prices to make up the difference when we closed down? People love capitalism until it costs them then they blame the government.

      1. Dumbest argument out there. If the rise was purely from maximizing profits then why didn’t they do the same under Trump? No one with your same argument can answer that. Are farmers maximizing profits when egg prices are up 14%? How about the milk prices, or how about postal prices or anything else you buy. You think the admin printing a whole ton of money and a 40 year high inflation number just happen to be a coincidence? Cmon you cannot be that dumb.

        1. Dumb is someone who blames a president or political party for much of everything without having a clue on how capitalism and economics work. Big oil can charge what they want as long as idiots will blame something or someone else.

          1. or is dumb someone who doesn’t realize that prices began rising when our current president started writing executive orders? Between them and the “free money” here we are….

            1. They actually began rising as soon as he was elected. That’s what happens when you elect a man who promises to destroy an entire industry. Investment and production slow down, demand stays high and prices go up.

          2. Blaming a political party or dumb policy. I could care less about the individual in the seat as long as they write smart policy. It is policy that got us to the point we are at. It just happens to be the Biden admin that wrote it.

          3. Or dumb when some dill hole gets on the internet to argue a position with no facts- no data- nothing but a CNN talking point from Anderson Doofer ! Why don’t you explain just why you believe the US President has no control over global or domestic oil prices- Joey Biden might want to hear this- he’s spending a lot of time traveling the globe trying to do just that- affect energy prices… but you know better !

        2. Gee, the world didn’t shut down after Dump was elected. The economy was rolling when he took office and Biden was given a $#!% sandwich when he took office but of course it’s all his fault. Dump was such a awesome president that he was voted out? Facts hurt kids!

        3. @Redmond – So what you’re saying is: “If the rise was purely from maximizing profits then why didn’t they do the same under Trump?” So because it happened during Bidens term, we can blame him? Then I guess there’s a whole lot of things we can thank Trump for, right? Everything that happened during his regime, we can blame on him… right? The hypocrisy from the Trumplicans is putrid.

    2. If you listen closely to what Biden says you come to realize that this is all happening by design. To paraphrase what he is saying he is saying he knows we are going through a hard time but the end result will be justified after we ween the populace away from their automobiles. It is part of the leftist green dream. They want to destroy the American version of the combustion engine. When you see how this is by design then things begin to make sense. For instance why is their no real talk of increasing our production. The oil companies know there is no long term will to produce energy and are afraid to invest when they do not trust the current political will. Get used to very high prices because they are only going to go up until people stop using cars and live in some kind of European dystopia city. Chow

        1. Bull. There is no “sides”. There is bad policy making and good policy making. The result that we are seeing (highest inflation in 40 years) is from…. You tell me.

        2. That’s exactly what WILL destroy America. It already is. Thanks ’45.. the only thing you did for this country is tear it apart. America= land of the divided. No future president would be able to fix this mess… not even Donnie himself.

          1. Groups like Braver Angels and the Bridge Alliance give me hope, as they address the urgency of depolarizing and turning down the toxic hate.
            Our new Viafoura comment system might help a bit. I’m not expecting wonders, but at least there will be a community moderation aspect. Not just upvotes/downvotes either! In early stages of learning about it now, folks will be able to flag comments, for a variety of good reasons. There’s also an AI/automation aspect, but … we’ll see!

        3. “We have met the enemy and he is us.” How about ourselves taking responsibility for resisting other sources of fuel and energy than fossil fuels for decades now?

        4. Gee Barney- I didn’t think you approved of such outrageous vocabulary as “destroy America’ ! I’d say yer just as guilty of spouting hyperbole (if it meets your needs) as anyone… I personally believe that the record clearly shows- that the current administration is hell bent on attacking the American people from all angles through illegal/suspect acts against our economy- society- and constitution… the evidence is clear- and no- none of that happened under the previous administration… these are dangerous times- Americans will need to protect themselves from this rogue government- nuff said !

  1. Gee- another story about insane fuel prices and not a single mention of the guy who made it all possible- Little Lyin’ Joey Biden” ! Cmon people- you can say it- “Little Lyin’ Joey Biden did this”… and many in CO can’t wait to see what this grifter can produce over the next 6 years ! Hold on to your wallets- yer all headed to the poorhouse.

    1. You are clearly an idiot and have no idea how the system works. I suggest you read COnomo’s post. It’s quite accurate and enlightening. You may learn something.

      1. Apparently Biden doesn’t know how any of it works either. Little Lying Joey is the most pathetic lying president ever. And if you voted for him what’s that say about you?

        1. Again, you just don’t get it. The President does not control oil prices. You don’t know who I voted for, but it’s also completely irrelevant in this matter. That’s the point you don’t seem to grasp. You need to research how oil prices are set.

          1. If the President doesn’t control oil prices- then why would Biden go through the motions of begging OPEC to drill more- release millions of barrels from the strategic reserves- sit down with US Oil and Gas and try to wheel and deal an apology for killing their industry and bragging about it ??? You are insinuating that is all for “show” ??? You are the problem with this nation- you should not be voting in any further elections until you fully understand what Presidential Executive orders can do to harm an industry… such a fool !

    2. you do realize REPUBLICANS just voted NO to a bill that made it illegal for Gas.Companies to price gouge don’t you? Pretty sure you don’t because clowns like YOU only listen to what Tucker Carlson says and takes it as gospel.

      1. Joe Biden: When it comes to the gas prices, we’re going through an incredible transition that is taking place that God willing when it’s over we’ll be stronger and the world will be stronger and less reliant on fossil fuels.

        This is all by design. Sell your pick up truck, you probably voted red anyway.

      2. you knew the first action would be to try to fix prices, blame the oil companies and then probably begin the rationing of fuel. I am old enough to remember the odd or even rationing we had in the seventies. Long lines, limited amount allowed to purchase at some stations. This was before Tucker was even born.
        BTW As little as two years the world was awash in unsold crude. The price of some crude actually went negative while the benchmark dropped to 30$ per barrel. Were these same companies price gouging then or is there a broader dynamic working here.

    3. You think you’re smart but each post continuously shows your ignorance and liberal hate with ZERO real facts. “Let’s Go Wishy!”

      1. A) I know I’m smarter than you B) What ignorant point would you like to discuss- you need some real education ! C) Liberal hate ? Yup- no denying that one !

  2. How about seeing it for what it is. The oil companies control themselves with no government intervention. They pay the government to look the other way. They have more power than little ole Joe Biden who has tapped our reserves and pleaded with middle eastern countries to produce more oil to bring prices down. For people that are directly looking for someone to blame of course Biden is an easy target if you are the type to believe every Facebook post you see. Oil companies love to boast about the extra billions they are making at our expense leading us directly into a recession along with higher prices on everything else due to COVID in which you all are so quick to blame Biden as well. How about the baby formula shortages? Biden’s fault as well? How about the rediculously high housing prices caused by big real estate, investors and pure greed to the detriment of the middle class. Biden’s fault as well? It all leads back to the real evil other than a politician it’s the stock market that really controls prices. Those greedy folks in Wall Street will do what they want to get what they want no matter the cost to us. They’re all taking in the cash laughing all the way to the bank while we suffer and struggle more and more every day. When is enough enough? Where is the compassion in this world? When will people realize that money is NOT more important that humanity?

    1. Gee COnomo- our planet- the nation- our state never suffered through your long list of incompetence when DJ Trump was in office- ask yerself a better question… why was that ? You guys don’t know how great we had it- you let the media influence your weak minds and sell you on hate- divisive chatter- and blatant lies… now you got a long list of woes- and you still won’t admit who’s really to blame… folks like “YOU” ! You got conned- you failed to stand up for your constitutional rights- you got steam-rolled ! It’s on You !

      1. Change “DJ Trump” to “Obama” and you have exactly the hardcore Democrat sentiment when Trump got into office. Word for word.

        It’s yet another example of the uselessness of partisanship.

        1. So when exactly did the FBI investigate Obama for ties to Russia- Africa- or any other nation ? When did the GOP buy and pay for anything equal to the Steele dossier- then float it through the FBI for years (McCabe-Strzok-Page) Tell me more about the FISA warrants that were put out on the Obama network to illegally spy on his associates ??? Sorry BJ- I missed all that when Obama was in office.

    2. Thank you for the breath of fresh air. It’s nice to see someone who understands the system explain it in English. I fear our more dense folks will still argue, even though they have nothing to base it on. They want to blame for the sake of blame with no sense of reality. God forgive their stupidity, they know not what they do.

      1. Democrat average gas price over last 100 years: $2.63

        Republican: $2.55, only 8 cents less.

        Best prices in recent history: Bill Clinton. Better than Bush and Reagan. Nixon was the worst.

        The reality is that in a global market, the president can only do so much. If they could, we’d see more than an 8-cent difference.

        This shouldn’t be a prime driver in how you vote.

      1. It will not catch the unconscious bias of many in the MSM. Nor will it hold to account the members of the media that use this bias in an attempt to drive ratings. Sadly, these biases played a major role in allowing this Board to get out of hand and its doubtful a different platform can help there. However, there is hope for the former, as one would hope they reflect on these biases and factor it into the reporting; but as for those that are either so sloppy or do so on purpose in a rush to print and/or drive ratings, It would be nice to think they can be culled from the ranks, yet we see them be praised, rewarded, or given a symbolic slap on the hand for plagiarizing rather than verifying sources, not to mention lying about and in many cases accusing children of crimes without consequence. And as a result, media outlets that continue to blame their crashed ratings, lack of trust and being regulated to entertainment status on their readers/viewers will get bought up for pennies on the dollar and repurposed into something useful to everyone!

        1. Maybe in your business you don’t seek success, and don’t call it a bad thing. But the media is supposed to be what, a nonprofit? Or govt. run? Ratings are a sign of success, not shame or evidence of bias. Just another false ulterior motive from the Blame (and Hate) Society. I’m sure the biased talking heads of 24/7 networks have hurt trust in the media. But that’s not the media I have been involved with all my life, or watch. Do we reinvestigate police news releases? That’s really silly. If facts as we were given them are wrong, we correct them. But the motive stuff, is totally off. And your untrue worldview is thankfully a minority – may it ever remain so. You really don’t understand how media works, and what drives its success. But the false ulterior motives WILL fall flat, because they are untrue. Have a nice night.

          1. A minority? That’s an untruth if I’ve ever heard it with ZERO facts to vaccine it up again Barney. You think because you say it then it’s fact?nThats a little rich from you people that always think you know everything. You are not any different from anyone else. Your number one goal is clicks for your ads, not truth. Admit it.

            1. I often joke that I don’t know “anything.” I just know who knows, and we are trusted by many beyond the relatively few anonymous hateful trolls here.
              I never have claimed to be better. But I know false attacks when I read them. We can only be a success if we provide info a majority find trustworthy. But to consider success, or metrics of success a bad thing… that’s anti-free enterprise. Is profit a bad word?

            1. That’s likely part of a new system that’s coming, along with an upvote/downvote system like Reddit that I will never click but will of course watch to see if the folks with civil dialogue are “rewarded” and the nasty trolls are relegated where they usually rightfully land in most subreddits, in the negative “weeds.” No matter the political viewpoint.

          2. Exactly! And the ratings of ALL of the legacy channels but one are tanking. Please share a poll or ratings book that indicates trust in the media is improving or an increase in ratings for the MSM. BTW- I know what a false motive is. I know what an ulterior motive is. What I am unclear on is the definition of a false ulterior motive. Word Salad Barnacle, Word Salad!

              1. And what about high crimes and misdemeanors like the Russian Collusion hoax- the Steele dossier lie- all things McCabe- Strzok- and Page… will those lies be revealed in a timely manner- and apologies and corrections displayed… like we used to see a decade or so ago when news media outlets worked for their profession and not a George Soros attaboy ???

          3. Um, media used to NOT be for profit but that’s all changed. Rating are the priority along with money for big businesses. Fox is not on the top of the heap for being truthful, its telling their audience what they want to hear. It’s how the orange nightmare was elected and reflects on some here who just rinse and repeat non-truths and almost science fiction stupidity.

            1. When was media not for profit? Other than NPR and a recent wave of nonprofits, it’s always been a profit-making enterprise. But criticisms are valid, unless they go way too far in over-generalizations, as so many do.

              1. Really? Someone who’s job involves news and you didn’t know that news used to be a loss leader when we only had 3 networks (before Fox)? Ok?

                1. But they were part of a profit-making enterprise. And usually rose and fell with its overall success, not to mention being a key part of reputation and prestige. Toxic social media and its untruths about motives and goals and how we do our jobs have tarnished it all. As have things I’m sure you can bring up, leaning 24/7 cable news, etc.

            2. Your comment makes no sense. CNN tells their audience what they want to hear- but they have no audience- so where did 81 million Biden supporters come from ? FOX has had the largest viewership for decades- yet their audience wasn’t big enough to secure the 2020 election for their DJ Trump ? which is it- either the news media have influence or they don’t ! If FOX messaging does not result in votes- no influence… why are you so angry with them all the time ? Why hate on Tucker- he didn’t produce any votes ! You seem to have a bit of a conundrum here.

      2. So the down votes will be to those who speak I’ll of the left or frown on idea of left leaning stations getting monthly kickbacks from the governor. Wonder what stations in Yakima and Spokane get for 🦯 ly supporting inslee?

        1. No, the downvotes will likely probably be for people who can’t make their points from ANYWHERE on the political spectrum without being… offensive, hateful jerks.
          Falsehoods should fall flat on their own. Did we get a lot of election advertising? Yes, from both parties (and independent Betsy Johnson). Does that equate to the often-repeated, totally false lies about “kickbacks from the governor”? Not on your life.

          1. So expect couple hundred a night then a night depending on from who’s pov if it was on the political spectrum. We don’t expect verification on the kickbacks from the governor the media outlets that fall in line with their ideology.

          2. Gee Barney- what makes you think that you won’t be downvoted into the pits of hell ? I’ve seen many disgruntled posters here every weekend who will surely send your biased diatribes down the toilet… Now how funny will that be !

    1. Typical Blue-Hoo-Hoo liberal response to everything they fail at- “remove it”… I mean gee Bluesy- it couldn’t possibly be you could it ?

    2. Agreed! The folks from St. Joes’s are not only going to have the Canadian crew implement a voting system but also the ability to edit!

  3. Hot off the presses from Tokyo- Biden is now mocking American’s- ridiculing their suffering- he seems to be enjoying your pain… you be the judge- “Here’s the situation. And when it comes to the gas prices, we’re going through an incredible transition that is taking place that, God willing, when it’s over, we’ll be stronger and the world will be stronger and less reliant on fossil fuels when this is over,” Biden said,”… seeming to justify or praise those sky-high prices Americans face at the pump.”… This is not a transition- this is an energy shock to your wallets. There are no other options except yer bikes- yer horses- mopeds- and Segways… Some require electricity- which is generated through the use of fossil fuels. I told ya- he’s gonna bankrupt you all !

  4. And our president doesn’t give a d***. He says suck it up we’re in a transition. Meaning hes shoving his agenda down our throats. And who is running the country but every time he says something the White House comes out and says no this is what we’re doing who’s the White House I don’t remember The White House being on the ballot

        1. This seems thin. For starters, we have been going through a transition to electric since Trump’s time, so that’s correct. And more alternative energy would mean less reliance on gas and lower prices at the pump, so that’s also correct.

          Fox then editorialized this to say, in Fox’s words, that Biden was praising high prices.

          And right after that, Fox in contradiction quotes Biden as saying gas prices are “bad”.

          It also mentions Biden releasing oil from the strategic reserve, which is not a move one makes if trying to keep the price of gas high.

          1. You seen the eyesore windmills that visually pollute the once pristine Columbia River Gorge ??? You think that’s progressive- a smart move away from fossil fuels- making a real difference ??? Damn you dumb !

            1. I figure most of that windmill land is leased out by conservative farmers, because most of the land is owned by conservative farmers. They don’t seem to have a problem with it.

              Are they dumb for not wanting a coal plant there instead?

  5. And to think we were a net exporter of oil last year. It’s almost like the oil companies are working on a global market and don’t care about what happens on the country level.

    1. We’re still a net oil exporter. But “energy independence” is a myth if you’re using a global commodity that has a global price and oil companies will sell to the highest bidder. U.S. oil companies have no loyalty to the U.S. consumer market and will sell to who ever in the world offers them the highest price. And now they’d rather do stock buy-backs rather than investing in new production, because they believe the higher prices are temporary and they’ve been burned before when demand plummets.

  6. Where are all the eco-rists who bad mouthed Trump over his energy policy- well don’t look now- but Biden has single handedly brought back coal- India and China are ramping up like there’s no tomorrow… nice work haters !

  7. Blaming the president for gas prices being high or low, shows the extent of the failure of economic education in America. Supply side economics don’t matter to oil companies, you fool’s are fodder for profit… Trump cant save you from your own emotional tantrums over energy prices and your disconnect from economic reality.

          1. BarneygetshiswishCancel of all the undereducated people on here I am continually amazed at your lack of intellectual capacity. Enjoy your day trolling the mental midgets who give you the respect of a thoughtful reply, me nah….

  8. Inflation only works one way. We can only try to stop rising prices, we cannot lower them. JPow like all Fed chairs has a goal of price stability, not low prices. There is no demand shock to speak of and with oil and gas no supply shock to speak of. People should be ready for a permanent new normal in prices. There is no disinflationary plan in the works. We’ve all heard the “I remember when candy bars were a nickel” line from baby boomers. The money that we put into the system is there for good. People might want to rethink how they feel about these historically low wages vs prices because the prices aren’t coming back, and a dollar just ain’t what it used to be.

  9. Go Brandon! Can’t believe the ones here even try to defend this disaster when his approval rating is below the bottom of a prehistoric swamp.

  10. Just remember, you voted for this. You put in office an anti oil president. This is what happens. Please remember this in the next presidential election. Forget about right and left. Vote with your pocket book. These idiots think we can all afford electric vehicles.

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