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Bend police seek man apparently injured in reported accidental shooting in Safeway restroom

Bend Police Dept.

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – Bend police are looking for a man who reportedly said he’d dropped a gun in the restroom of Bend’s Westside Safeway grocery store and it went off – apparently twice – then left Monday night.  Blood was found in the restroom and the mirror was shattered, they said, and area residents were alerted about the man.

Police responded around 10:15 p.m. Monday to the Safeway at 320 SW Century Drive on the reported shooting, police Communications Manager Sheila Miller said Tuesday.

A witness told officers the man said he had dropped a firearm in the restroom, and it had discharged. The witness reported hearing two gunshots, Miller said.

Blood was found in the restroom, she said, along with the shattered mirror. A round and shell casing were recovered at the scene.

The man, who left the grocery store, is described as about 5-foot-10 and 170 to 180 pounds. He has not been identified.

Bend police used the Deschutes County emergency alert system to advise nearby residents to watch out for a possibly armed, injured person in the area of the Westside Safeway.

Miller said the investigation is continuing.

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  1. Not sure about revolvers but modern handguns have a firing pin lock which prevents the pin hitting the primer when the trigger is not pulled. So dropping a handgun will not fire by itself especially not twice, LOL.
    I hope they find him and charge him with reckless endangerment, if not licensed charge him with that too.

      1. Not all revolvers have this drop safe feature that’s why if you don’t have it you leave the cylinder empty that is inline with the barrel.

        1. Modern revolvers are fine to leave all the cylinders loaded.

          If it’s a 1873 Colt Peacemaker, then sure hammer on an empty chamber makes sense. 😁

    1. There are still many handguns that don’t have that feature. Many of the M1911’s and there clones don’t have it and if a round is in the chamber and it falls on the hammer . . . it will go off.

  2. Bad Move. He most likely carries with one in the chamber with no holster or a very soft holster, while in the bathroom he probably pulled his trigger discharging round one. Then while being the stupid person he is he discharged round two while fumbling with his gun after the first shot. As an everyday CHL holder I would say he needs to have his CHL permit taken away and take some gun safety courses. The way to prevent this is investing in a well made holster. Glocks and other semi auto handguns have no safety. With a round always in the chamber and no safety this can be problematic when the trigger is not protected by a well made hard sided holster protecting unintended trigger pull.

    1. ” Glocks and other semi auto handguns have no safety.”

      Seriously? Glocks DO have a safety mechanism, as do other Semi Auto handguns.
      The difference is that they don’t have an externally mounted safety lever similar
      to 1911 style handguns. Unless a Glock has been incorrectly modified, it isn’t going
      to fire just by being dropped. The trigger has to be pulled to overcome the safety mechanism.
      I have carried Glocks for years and I do carry with a round in the chamber, but I do
      use quality holsters and I keep my finger off of the trigger until I’m ready to fire it.
      I have also carried 1911’s for years as well, and I carry them locked and loaded.
      They are perfectly safe. The problem is that some people shouldn’t be carrying handguns.

    2. Are you going to be held responsible if we take his CHL and he just happens to be the good guy with a gun without his gun and a school shooting occurs? Can we really afford to have someone unarmed while they wait for a leftist government worker to approve them?

      1. I don’t know if you folks are talking to me but I own 3 Glocks. I am NRA certified and had extensive professional training in the classroom and on the range. I carry a Glock 43X everyday. If you want to call the trigger mechanism a “Safety” then go ahead but its not a safety. You pull the trigger and it goes boom and there is no other safety on the weapon. The 1911 frame is a far better weapon for newer hand gun owners as it has a THUMB safety along with a palm safety at the rear of the grip so the gun grip must be squeezed and the thumb safety off to fire. Take a look at Sig Sauer 1911 Ultra Compact 3.3. By the way I never said this dimwit dropped his gun…he probably pulled the trigger… twice.

  3. Not sure how a gun can accidentally discharge twice unless there’s some shenanigans going on. Maybe it fired the second time when it hit the floor. Or perhaps a 👻 appeared from the 🪞 tickled the guy and it fired a second time.🤕

  4. LOL I have seen thousands of drop tests, both rifle and pistol in all three carry conditions. Never seen a pistol bump fire upon dropping. They WILL go off that one slim chance of a time, but twice? Nope

  5. I doubt he was carrying an old peacemaker therefore my guess is he is lying. Guns don’t go off when you drop them. And the dude who said 1911’s will go off when you drop them has no idea what he is talking about.

  6. I’m confused. The article says one round was found and one shell casing. However the onlooker says they heard two shots. One of the reports are false. Was there only one shot fired?

  7. Most likely a product of the left pushing for new gun laws, now we have every idiot out there who would otherwise never thought of purchasing a firearm, running out to get one while they can, as they think if they don’t, then they may not be able to purchase one in the future. Best way to sell something, is to tell someone they cant have it. For those who know, think “Del Boca Vista”.

  8. Clearly most people on this forum should not own guns, nor be armchair forensic analysts. Yes many revolvers do not have a transfer bar safety, and could fire if dropped with hammer down on a live round. Yes original 1911 design, i.e. pre “series 70” will do the same, if the hammer is fully lowered on a live round and not in the “safe” notch. Glocks have 3 safeties, they are all passive. That means they are disengaged by pulling the trigger, unlike the 1911 which has an active safe which needs mechanically disengaged prior to pulling the trigger. No second shell case found shouldn’t be confusing, and lends to the dropped gun theory. Few guns, if carried in a safe manner, will discharge if dropped, there are poorly made ones and malfunctioning ones that may. If it was fired once, in some manner other than a drop, then dropped and fired again; it was certainly not a revolver, and a semiautomatic discharged from a ground impact could easily not be supported well enough to fully cycle. This would result in the shell case being jammed in the action or remaining in chamber. ANYONE with a modicum of firearm knowledge could know this. As ignorant as some of these comments are I wouldn’t be surprised if one of em WAS the individual. I’m all for gun rights, but get educated people!

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