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OSP IDs father swept to sea on Oregon coast; daughter dies, son missing

Coast Guard helicopter KPTV
Coast Guard helicopter searches on Oregon coast
Rough waves on Oregon coast KPTV
Rough waves on Oregon coast

(Update: OSP identifies father)

CANNON BEACH, Ore. (KTVZ) -- A Portland father and his young son and daughter were swept into the Pacific Ocean by a large wave on the Oregon coast Saturday afternoon, Oregon State Police said. The father and daughter were rescued, but the girl died and a search failed to find the boy.

Troopers said first responders were called around 12:40 p.m. to the Falcon Cove area, near Cannon beach and the Clatsop-Tillamook county line, for three people swept into the ocean.

A preliminary investigation found that a man, identified Sunday by OSP as Jeremy Stiles, 47, of Portland, was holding his 7-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son on the shore when they were all swept into the ocean by a wave.

A Manzanita police officer arrived to find Stiles struggling to get to shore and the girl farther out in the water, troopers said. The officer went in and was able to bring the girl to shore.

The father and daughter were taken by ambulance to Providence Seaside Hospital, where the girl was pronounced dead. Troopers said the father is expected to survive.

The U.S. Coast Guard sent helicopters to help search for the boy, but the search effort was suspended at sunset.

The Cannon Beach fire and police Departments and Manzanita police assisted at the scene.

Advisories were in place on the coast Saturday due to expected rough waters, combined with unusually high tides, known as "king tides."

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        1. The guy got his kids killed by putting them in a dangerous situation ON PURPOSE. He should be charged with negligence at the least and criminally negligent homicide

          1. according to a family release he was on a trail? he does not need your judgment, his suffering is great enough. Leave it to the authorities to decide if there was something more

      1. Don’t let compassion ruin your moment, DT.
        Maybe in your spare time you can deride people in the burn ward for making poor decisions.
        Your comments say a lot about your character, and none of it is good.

      2. So, following your train of thought…the children deserved what happened. You need to regroup and think seriously about showing compassion and not blame.

  1. Sympathy to all but please remember this horrible tragedy when visiting our beautiful but treacherous coast. The waves do not care how old you are or how well you swim or about anything else. If you don’t respect their power, without intended malice but by pure physics, they can visit disaster on you the second you drop your guard, especially in extraordinary circumstances like a King tide.

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