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Accidents and Crashes

Bend man arrested in Hwy. 97 DUII-drugs hit-and-run crash south of Terrebonne

Deschutes County Jail
Daniel Dale Daughs

OSP trooper catches suspect 5 miles away; other car's passenger injured

(Update: Adding mugshot, video)

TERREBONNE, Ore. (KTVZ) – A Bend man who fled an injury crash on U.S. Highway 97 south of Terrebonne Sunday afternoon was stopped by an Oregon State Police trooper five miles away and arrested on DUII-drugs, reckless driving, assault and other charges, Deschutes County sheriff’s deputies said.

Deputies and Redmond Fire medics responded around 12:25 p.m. to the reported three-vehicle crash involving a semi-truck at milepost 118, Sgt. Troy Gotchy said.

As units headed to the scene, they were told the driver who apparently caused the crash had fled the scene, still heading north, Gotchy said. Information on the silver Chevy Malibu was passed on to Oregon State Police, and a trooper spotted the car and stopped it at milepost 113, taking driver Daniel Dale Daughs, 59, into custody.

An investigation found Daughs was heading north when he crossed into the southbound lanes, Gotchy said. A Madras man driving a Chrysler Le Baron swerved to avoid the oncoming car, but hit the rear of it.

The Chrysler then continued into the northbound lanes and struck a semi-truck, becoming wedged underneath it, near the trailer’s rear tires, he said.

A woman in the Chrysler, Heather Summers, 32, also of Madras, was found lying on the ground nearby and was taken by Redmond Fire medics to St. Charles Redmond with serious but non-life-threatening injuries, Gotchy said.

No one else was injured in the crash, the sergeant said, and the semi-truck driver, from Brooklyn, N.Y., was able to drive away from the scene.

Gotchy said in an update later Sunday that an OSP drug recognition expert conducted an evaluation of Daughs and determined he was driving “under the influence of prescription drugs.”

Daughs was taken to the county jail on charges of DUII-drugs, third-degree assault, a felony charge of failure to perform the duties of a driver, reckless driving and three counts of reckless endangerment.

Three of Highway 97’s four lanes were blocked for about a half-hour, until the cars could be towed from the crash scene. ODOT also assisted.

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Barney Lerten

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      1. Its a photoshopped and falsified american flag for starters, something any grade schooler knows is wrong- not to mention its using public property to express partisan and extremist messages about current events
        Also its used by racists too, not that our comrade trump supporting sheriff would ever be worried by anything like that

        1. I really suspect that those who accuse others of racist stuff are most likely the biggest racists out there. How in the world could supporting the health and well being of our law enforcement officers be construed as having anything at all to do with racism?

  1. Please dcso, stop playing politics with taxpayer property, that discolored american flag on your patrol vehicles isnt just against US code, its an offensive symbol often used by racists- and it puts our county in legal jeopardy for hostile workplaces according to recent oregon precedent!

    1. The thin blue line is only political in you feeble mind anonomousektvz. There is absolutely nothing political about supporting those in blue. In fact, next time you need to call the cops, just call BLM. Maybe they will come burn you house down.

      1. A simple image search shows that the thin blue line symbol is identical to these racially charged all lives matter/blue lives matter “flags”… regardless of your political opinions around lives mattering, you realize as we all do, that you dont see similar graphics on our fire trucks or ambulances or snow plows or school buses- because its clearly extremist political speech not normal public truck graphics

    1. You are entitled to your opinion, though specifics would be nice. I will try to prove you and other critics with similar views wrong in every story I do every day. But in the end, you are entitled to your opinion.

  2. It is nice to know that I am not hearing the opinions of everyone. That you control what ones get through; Which in fact makes them opinions that you find suitable for your cause. That helps me alot to sort through the crap when I look at KTVZ. Thanks Barney! At least I am clear. Hope this helps others.

    1. Yes, we have moderation. But 95 or more percent of comments get through, as regulars know – yours did, right? Many who are sure they have vastly different opinions than mine have been supportive and say we treat folks fairly and we don’t base the moderation and what’s allowed on whether we “agree” with them (or find them… “suitable”?) The ONLY thing we enforce here is our Terms of Service, which are far less strict than we could, and which the lengthy statement you can read here states. (We don’t every try to define hateful, that’s a slippery slope, much less off-topic, etc.) We hear from some who think the rules should be tighter, others who think this whole thing is a waste of time or a stain on our/the community’s reputation and we should get rid of the comment system. But being journalists, we try to err on the side of freedom of speech – an even tougher and more targeted position these days, but the only one that makes any sense for us.

  3. Couldn’t there be a section where every comment could be available for us to decide for ourselves, instead of being spoon fed what you feel is safe enough for our delicate ears? You could have us agree to a terms of service agreement possibly. I would appreciate sorting it out for myself. I am an adult. I think I could take it. Anyone else agree?

    1. No. We have always had and always will have a moderated comment system, or we will have no comment system. Feel free to go to Reddit or any other location where anything goes (I enjoy that place because the moderators can set very strict rules, if they wish, and enforce them.) We are a business and must, for legal reasons if nothing else, set some, minimal Terms of Service, such as having to, sadly, “enforce” sensitivity in cases of local tragedies, for just one example. Our other terms, as regulars know: Encouraging, threatening or promoting violence, and unsubstantiated criminal allegations (except for national politicians, which would be… well, impossible to set an agreed-upon line about.) And then there is the catch-all of not allowing “offensive” content, which can be very tough judgment calls, but must be made -otherwise, there would be truly awful comments that would force a shutdown as well.
      That’s our stance. Folks can disagree, and Lord knows I get personally attacked because of the position we must take, as a company.
      (PS: Moderation of comments can be delayed by minutes, even hours when your moderator is busy writing local news or dealing with other business – or taking much-needed time away from the computer. We strive to not have too long a delay, and to review them in the order received.)

    1. I have been angry and said things that didn’t make it past the moderators as well.
      Don’t be a baby about it. Re-word it into a more family friendly statement, or rethink it and say something nicer, or just forget it and go watch netfix. It’s nothing personal if they didn’t allow your comment.

  4. Barney Lerten needs to be fired as he lets his friends post what ever & the rest of us have to follow the rules I’ve seen some pretty crud comments on KTVZ that he has allowed Barney you need to treat all equal Some of us want to see things done & enforced & when some of us try to post it you block it that’s not even fair When the City of Bend & Law enforcement don’t enforce laws it needs to be brought to the attention of the public / tax payers You folks & KBND CBS/ ABC have been asked to ask the City of Bend why they don’t enforce there own Laws/ Code’s or Oregon State Laws Barney there are things going on that is very unsafe for you as the public/us & the Disabled with illegal parking on City streets trash cans on sidewalks people parked on or across sidewalks blocking sight impaired & wheelchair bound folks The City totally ignores there own laws /State laws & ADA Laws Between you KTVZ KBND between the two of you It needs to be brought to light before someone gets seriously Hurt or Killed

    1. We strive to treat everyone equally and many have said we do just that. Your complaints about the city have been allowed here many, many times. But to threaten, encourage or promote violence, those comments are not allowed, by anyone.

    2. When people devolve into stream of conciseness no punctuation tantrums that start out about a topic and end up wailing about the color of the sky is my favorite kind of meltdown feel better oh look a squirrel! #BLM

    3. Bend69 please have someone edit your comments They are hard to read and or understand and most of the time I just ignore your comments even if they may have something intelligent to spout.

      That was hard to even type.

      Bend69, present your credentials us and to KTVZ and explain why Barney should be fired and you to replace him. I will wait.

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