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Police: Sacramento shooting was gunfight among gang rivals


Associated Press

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Police believe at least five shooters were involved in the mass shooting in downtown Sacramento last weekend and that it was gang-related violence. The Sacramento police department says there was a gunfight between at least two groups of men. Six people were killed in the bloodshed and 12 were wounded. The injured include two brothers who have been taken into custody in connection with the massacre. No one has been charged with homicide yet. At least two people remain hospitalized with gunshot wounds. Authorities credit evidence and tips provided by the public for their break in the investigation.

Associated Press



  1. This is no surprise. What do you expect when the worst of the worst are allowed to INVADE our country. The Biden administration need to be held accountable, charged and arrested for the TREASON they are committing on We the People and our Constitution. Article IV Section 4. They are ALLOWING illegal immigrants to INVADE our country. And they are committing human trafficking laws by busing or flying them around to different parts of our country. It does NOT take a vote to stop this. They MUST be arrested. WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND IT!!!

    1. It isn’t a surprise but it was not illegal immigrants who invoked in the shooting. These were gang members with violent criminal histories- at least one was out on parole due to early release made possible by the passage of Prop 57. Californians have themselves to blame for this; they voted for propositions that are soft on crime and they voted for DAs who will not hold criminals accountable. After the passage of Three Strikes in 1994 and gang enhancement sentencing guidelines were enacted, crime in California as at all time lows. Not any more ………

    2. You are 100% correct. Illegal MS13 are most likely to blame for what happened. Guaranteed MS13 is part of it, no evidence yet but, being California you can come to the conclusion. Now alot of those voters that ruined California are living right here in Bend today. They will undoubtedly vote the se way here as there. Liberals are the most brainwashed people in the world IMO.

  2. We should not be surprised, we have seen this Californian gang culture spill over onto the streets of Portland. Many economically strapped Californians have transplanted themselves in Portland and the gun/homicide rate has risen precipitously. Portland has had gun as well as gang violence problems in the past, but nothing on the level nor the scope we now see, this is uncharted territory for this once sleepy and laid back west coast city.

    1. Yeah because Oregonians would never break the law.. it’s all them Californians who come to Oregon, ain’t it Lewlew? Do you ever read your comments before posting them?

  3. A shootout between rival gangs – no surprise there.

    Good thing Gov Newsom and the rest of his anti-gun cohorts got their free week to spew gun control rhetoric before the police got a chance to issue a report!

  4. One of the perps was a guy with an incredibly violent and long history. He recently got out of prison, when the parole board reduced his sentence to the absolute minimum. It is also a result of the recent California law designed to reduce incarceration and replace it with rehabilitation. Yeah, right.

    1. It all depends on who’s armed. Look at Mexico for example, among the highest murder rate in the entire world and not coincidentally where a lot of these gangs originated from. Mostly it’s just the police and the cartels that are armed there. And it’s usually the civilian population that are the victims.

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