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Texas shooter sent warning signs, messages, mostly too late


Associated Press

UVALDE, Texas (AP) — State police say the suspect in the Texas shooting had no criminal record or known mental illness that could have signaled he was capable of gunning down 19 children and two adults. But there were warning signs. The shooting was presaged by scattered, often cryptic warnings that disturbed classmates and neighbors. Salvador Ramos lashed out on social media, posting of trouble with his mother and photographs of his newly acquired rifles. And there were outbursts and fights with classmates, as well as online exchanges with teenage strangers thousands of miles away, hinting at a desire to hurt and kill.

Associated Press



  1. He had made credible threats before. He was known to the authorities. He had sealed records…Seems to me that the school, counselors, family and the law fell down on the job on this one. There were many warning signs. Why can an 18 yr old buy a gun in Texas? Oregon is age 21 and that is one thing I would agree to see change. A responsible kid under 21 can be gifted a gun from a family member, but that family member becomes responsible for that fire arm…so they would have a vested interest in making sure that teenager is responsible, mentally sound, and well trained in how to use it and not use it.

    Too many kids have suffered WAY too much over the last 2 1/2 years. Violence on TV, Video games, movies, etc. Time to overhaul mental health and identify these troubled kids BEFORE they do this.

  2. Sagebrush, might brush up on laws before posting. GunLivesMatter, by many accounts he was wearing body armor, we don’t know yet, but If so then stopping him would have been much more difficult. Further, people aren’t the super heros that movies portray; have you ever tried to make a head shot on a moving person at range, perhaps only with a pistol, while yourself taking fire and he had an AR-15 platform? Where Sagebrush is right is that this is a systemic cultural problem of depravity. This has to be addressed at a morality level. No laws, prayers, condolences, or screaming about rights will change anything.

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