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Idaho governor calls in help amid surge in COVID patients


Associated Press

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Idaho Gov. Brad Little is calling in 220 medical workers available through federal programs and mobilizing 150 Idaho National Guard soldiers to deal with a surge in unvaccinated COVID-19 patients who are overwhelming the state’s hospitals. The Republican governor said Tuesday the moves are a last-ditch effort to avoid activating for the first time statewide crisis standards of care that could force medical professionals to decide who lives and who dies. The last week has seen about 1,000 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases per day, most of them unvaccinated. Little says only four intensive care unit beds were available in the entire state on Tuesday.

Associated Press



  1. Wait, help from the Federal governmemt, for Idaho?
    What happened? now the “greater Oregon” wind mill tilters won’t know who to join up with; Greater Texas? Greater Florida? Oh yeah they ALSO need help to deal with their COVID problem which they mostly created themselves by being massive tools.

    So much for the myths of the GOP.

    1. Barney – why did you block my response to this comment? I did not violate your TOS. If I did violate your TOS than surely the comment above did as well. No?

      Many here continue to say “experts agree” with approach that all need to be vaccinated and mask up our kids. There are thousands of doctors and scientist who actually do NOT agree with the current approach, but as we see here, they are censored.

      For example have you read the study conducted by the CDC with masking kids in school. No? That’s right, no one reported on it because it stated “there was no significant difference in Covid cases.” The study was conducted last December when comparing schools with masks as optional to schools that mandated it.

    1. Wouldn’t that be terrible. Things where sooooo much worse back when the MAGA nut ran the whole country. Those were terrible days. For therapy, let’s get out some crayons and write down how much better we are today then back then…

      Oh wait….

        1. House Democrats impeached him…please remind me why that was?
          Have you read the leaked phone transcripts of Joe Biden with the President of Afghanistan? You should look into it…curious if Democrats will impeach Biden?

        1. Sure, what additional measures should Trump have taken? He shut down boarders to China and was called a xenophobe. He created operation warp speed to get vaccine available to the public in record time. Since Trump could have stopped the first wave of covid, I’m assuming you believe Biden could have stopped the delta variant?

          Dr. Fauci, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer all said there is nothing to be worried about. What steps would have Biden taken? Oh that’s right, after calling Trump xenophobic he later said he would have taken the same steps.

          Couldn’t help but notice none of have yet said how things are better under Biden. Nope, instead you continue to blame Trump.
          You voted for Joe, time to be proud, tell us how that decision has made life better for American citizens.

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