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Portland mayor wants money to hire retired cops as shootings continue

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PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is calling for more money to rehire officers who have recently retired to address a staffing shortage, as homicides have reached the highest level in more than 20 years.

The Oregonian/OregonLive reports Wheeler also on Friday called for a citywide expansion of a team that helps people experiencing homelessness or low-acuity behavioral health issues to reduce the number of calls police must handle.

Wheeler said to that end, he expected to ask for a significant funding increase to allow non-emergency calls to be diverted from the 911 emergency dispatch system to an alternate line, the city’s 311 program.

Wheeler said he also plans to seek money to set aside for equipping officers with body-worn cameras.

Wheeler, who serves as police commissioner, and Police Chief Chuck Lovell estimated 80 officers could return to work this year.

Bringing back retirees ensures officers can be put on street patrols or help target gun violence immediately “as well as prevent burnout amongst our current officers,” Wheeler said.

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  1. Defund the Police Ted- I thought all that liberal gobbledy-gook was supposed to make Pooortland streets safer- then antifa and BLM tried to torch your home- and teddy’s been singing a different tune ever since- Sorry- too late ! Damage done ! Toss him out- then vote GOP- or don’t… this misery will only continue till you do.

      1. Smart move by them. Make the libs spend its resources on nothing.
        MAGA knows where it counts. The voting booth. Jan 6 was just extremist that the left decided to use to compartmentalize all republicans

      2. You sound disappointed that more people didn’t show up to the trap. Being arrested for no reason and held without bail ain’t on the top of most peoples to do list.
        It was hilarious to watch the capital police stop the dude in plain clothes who was reported to have a gun. Till he showed them his fbi junior gman badge.
        If only the fbi and feds had the stones to show such a strong presence at the riots when blm antifa and the rest of the kooks vandalize loot and burn down cities. Strange world

  2. Wait a second. What happened to DEFUND THE POLICE!!??

    ACAB!! (All cops are bastards)

    That is who he aligned himself with. That is who he stood shoulder to shoulder with in criminal defiance.

    There literally is no help for the weak and confused liberal mind.

    The left has destroyed LA, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle.

    Sadly, these cancerous policies have now infected Central Oregon.

  3. First it was de-fund the police, then it was re-fund the police, now it’s increase-funding for more police.

    Didn’t they claim social workers could do a lot things the police were doing, which would allow them to reduce the size of police force?

    So, now they think retired cops will jump at the opportunity to come back under ‘worse than ever’ work conditions – well maybe at twice their previous pay rate.

  4. Bend –

    Tell your county DA to do the job he was elected to do –

    And your city council to grow up, support the police, dump their love affair with Portland linked “peacekeeper” rabble –

    And learn from what has happened in and to Portland.

    1. Surprised that the mod here hasn’t came on asking for proof that if the cops went back that they’d 🐝 dodging bullets. Ted threw the cops under the bus last spring and summer so they should let him lay in the bed he made.🤬

  5. Every city in the US is at a 20 year high for homicides. This should be no surprise given demographics and someone in particular stirring things up since 2016.

  6. Can you tell me why my post got censored Barney? I really can’t find rhyme or reason to your moderator methods? Was it my naming groups and persons responsible for the mistreatment of police, leading to thier exit? Or did my predictions of the health care collapse in Oregon scare ya?

    1. I don’t debate judgment calls and moderation decisions. It’s a waste of time and changes nothing. I follow our Terms of Service, and not all of them (imagine if all “hateful” comments were disallowed – what would be left?)

        1. Yes, we don’t enforce all of the terms of service (the “offensive” is by definition a judgment call and has been tightened in recent weeks to include offensive personal attacks – except for some politicians, like the president and governor who elimination would delete probably vastly more comments.) So we are enforcing them more strictly, but it’s still judgment calls – some easy, others not so much. I’m not a robot.
          It’s always been a judgment call by a private enterprise and the appointed moderator. There are many who urge us to get rid of the system entirely, BTW.

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