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Seattle police staffing woes prompt emergency dispatch plan

SEATTLE (AP) — Seattle’s police department is sending detectives and non-patrol staff to respond to emergency calls because of an officer shortage that union leaders fear will become worse because of COVID-19 vaccine mandates. The department on Wednesday moved to the emergency officer dispatching scenario because of the staffing crunch. KOMO reports the department has lost more than 300 officers over the past year. Hundreds could face termination if they don’t comply with an Oct. 18 deadline to be vaccinated. According to figures from the Seattle mayor’s office, 782 officers have turned in proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Ninety eight officers are seeking exemptions and 186 have not submitted paperwork.

Associated Press



    1. The same police who arrested a white guy for shooting a black guy here in Bend? You don’t want them to arrest white people for shooting unarmed blacks? How about your safety? Are you saying you are in favor of some rich elitists being allowed to pay some thugs to beat the living daylights out of you and nothing to happen to them?

      Were you just being sarcastic or not thinking it through?

      The overwhelming majority of black people want the police there to protect them. Morgan Freeman discussed this recently. Google it.

      Without law enforcement, we would have no society. It would be chaos with those with the most guns and ammo running the show. Is that what you want?

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