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Oregon school district loses COVID funds for ditching masks


ALSEA, Ore. (AP) — The Oregon Department of Education says it will withhold federal COVID-19 relief funds from a small, rural school district in western Oregon where the school board recently voted to end state-required masking. The Oregonian/OregonLive reports Department of Education Director Colt Gill wrote to Alsea School District Superintendent Marc Thielman and board chairman Ron Koetz this week saying the federal funding “requires school districts to comply with all state laws and regulations.” The Department of Education said that by abandoning required face coverings “they should expect rapid transmission of COVID-19 that will prevent students from participating in in-person learning.” The district’s schools are closed this week because of a surge in cases.

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  1. Just the latest excuse for this district. they have been after Marc all along and especially now that he is running for governor. Just another reason not to want or depend on federal money.

  2. Someone tell when will the state actually start following the science and stop with the mask mandates and punishing eople/businesses/school districts/etc…? There are numerous studies that show cloth masks do not reduce infection rate or is very minimal. Even the CDC recently started admitting this. someone needs to put the idiotic state officials in their place and throw these studies in their face so they can see the truth about cloth masks.

  3. More Demokrat hate and divisive acts against children… every parent should vote Republican and send these Salem clowns packing ! Then give Biden another term- just for giggles !

  4. All the masks do is provide virtue bragging rights to those in power who need to show that they are doing… something and can’t get blamed for not doing anything. They might as well require everyone to ride unicycles, cuz that’s doing something, right? The calif of this mask thing is you can’t let your face show. It doesn’t matter the type of cloth, as long as no one can see your face, you’re good to go.

  5. Anyone actually been to Alsea? I grew up an hour away from this town. It was known fact that Klan members lived there and had cross burnings. Anyone who doesn’t want their kids to wear a mask, should send their kids to this fine institution.

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