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Bend plans to make 36 traffic signals smarter

Bend plans upgrades to improve the timing and function of three-dozen traffic signals around the city.

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  1. Will this include 3rd street from end to end?,maybe not since I think it’s state controlled.
    I hope signals will be improved for the complaints I have reported for over 20 years.
    Main complaint is them changing to red when there is NOTHING to change for late at night.
    And signals stopping main traffic on-the-move for ONE car approaching intersection and never having to even slow or stop,yet 10 to 30 cars do (along parkway).

    Signals at / near Walmart to Reed market are the worst along with many others along 3rd street,cycling for no reason with no traffic but 99% of times stopping YOU(the only car on road at night) ,as if sensors are programmed to stop you–wasting my brakes and fuel for all the “stop and goes” in this town for decades because of “ghost traffic”.

    1. I’ve called the city on a few lights. You just get the “We designed it properly, we even hard our engineers look at it and they say it’s fine”

      Now give us $190 million dollars you hear !

      1. The replies I got for 10 years was “bad sensors” at 3rd and Murphy,light is green till you approached it from the South coming off of the parkway (before the roundabout was made),all other lights North along 3rd were normal,only changed when cross traffic was present.
        So here we are,Murphy has no light and a roundabout-guess what,the next light north of it (Badger Rd) is now doing the same as Murphy light used to,,stops you upon coming up on it for NO reason,I sense something deeper…and once again wastes my time,do they enjoy seeing people stop for no reason on icy roads or is the camera on it recording cars…

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