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C.O. police receive 100s of illegal fireworks complaints over the Fourth weekend

No illegal fireworks in neighborhood Bend Fire

(Update: video added, Bend and Redmond PD info on fireworks-related fires)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ)-- With many illegal fireworks taking flight or sending loud booms across Central Oregon neighborhoods over the past weekend, some enjoyed the show they have to offer -- but others, not so much.

Hundreds of complaints were received by the Bend Police Department and Deschutes County Sheriff's Office regarding illegal fireworks.

Bend police Lt. Juli McConkey said the agency received 156 calls for fireworks complaints from Friday to Sunday, all but 50 on the holiday itself.

Last year, during the week of June 26 through July 5, Bend police issued two citations for illegal fireworks. This year, over the same time, they issued four citations, carrying a potential fine of $750.

McConkey said even though they prioritize calls for service and have difficulty tracking down the exact source of fireworks-related calls, they do take the issue seriously.

"We would obviously continue to suggest and encourage people to only use legal fireworks they can get in Oregon," McConkey said. "Don't be going out of state and bringing those fireworks here. They're not legal, and we will respond when our calls for service come in. We'll respond and issue citations, if we can prove it's the person that's lighting them."

Over the weekend, one fire in Bend was confirmed to be from improper disposal of fireworks, as they had been placed in a garbage can against a residence, Bend Fire Battalion Chief Trish Connolly said Monday.

Two other fires may have been caused by fireworks, though it could not be confirmed. One burned a vehicle in Romaine Village early Monday morning, she said.

Sheriff's Lt. William Bailey said they received 61 complaints from Friday through Sunday, and all but 12 were on the Fourth.

The Redmond Police Department investigated 101 complaints over the weekend, but issued no citations.

With Central Oregon facing a drought, mixed with dangerous fire conditions, officials say it’s important to keep in mind the dangers of fireworks and other fire-related activities.

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  1. When you are standing up on the butte watching it all from a distance it looks kinda neat. However when they go off right next door and you do not have hearing protection on – not so much.

    1. all your fellow citizens (including the military veterans) with PTSD can just go to hell, because you have had sooooo much taken from you, you delicate flower

      – with great freedom, comes great responsibility, and the ability to at least consider how your behaviors affect others

      1. Our liberty doesn’t end where your feelings begin. If you have strong feelings concerning fireworks then it is up to you to go somewhere where there are no fireworks. Your feeling will not infringe on our liberties. If you get your feelings hurt, sorry not sorry, get over yourself

        1. The bomb-like fireworks are illegal in Oregon and are very frightening and disruptive to many people and animals. I don’t think many folks would complain about the ones that fire high into the sky with a burst of color. It’s the ones that sound like “cherry bombs” that prompt many, many complaints. Liberty has always had limits, and courtesy and considering the impacts on neighbors is … neighborly.

        2. liberty? to be a giant turd to anyone you please? – what a lovely vision of reality you have – promoting law breaking and harassing military veterans – good on you

        1. liberty? to be a giant turd to anyone you please? – what a lovely vision of reality you have – promoting law breaking and harassing military veterans – good on you

  2. I was more effective than the cops. As I was woken up, I went out in my deck in my BVDs and hollered, “You do know it’s 2 o’clock in the morning.” It stopped.

        1. I made such a call. Love the high-flying sparklers. The mini-bombs set off in the middle of neighborhoods that severely frighten many pets and people, that are illegal in Oregon… nope. I am not a wimp, unpatriotic or a “snitch.” I care about others severely affected by those ignitions.

  3. The poor LEO’S. You all know it’s the Fourth! If the illegal fireworks and noise bother you leave for the weekend. Let’s call and make complaints, so the LEO’S can stop attending a DUI, Rape or Murder because the noise is startling your animals/disrupting your sleep. This world is turning into something kind of sensitive. I bet next year all fireworks will be banned with the way we are headed!

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