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  1. BIAS CRIME!!! BIAS CRIME!!! Get DA Hummel on the case and prosecute immediately. This is clear BIAS against out of town people. BIAS BIAS BIAS. Bias is illegal. Bad thoughts must be prosecuted.

      1. Your “Russian Collusion” narrative is not only proving to be an organized attempted coup against a Presidential candidate- by the Obama FBI- but it has resulted in the release of many falsely accused Americans who spent time in prison for the lies and illegal behavior enacted by scum bag un-Americans like Comey- Page- Strzok- the whole dirty dozen.

        In short- your constant references to Russia-Russia-Russia only bring up visions of Obama and Biden sitting in a prison cell !

        1. `
          \Keep saying that while your Putin rump kissing, American troop killing Traitor Trump and his gal pal Barr get sent up the river, Permanently.

      1. true. I took the dogs up past Sparks Lake and there were well over 100 cars parked on the road for the Green Lakes trailhead, it only took a few seconds to see an out of state plate, moslty CA & WA. On the dive back 100s of cars/trucks were headed out, the same thing, only a second or two to see an out of state plate. ……even after the City of Bend did ‘strongly discourage’ tourists !!

        1. Oh no! People enjoying the outdoors that doesn’t belong to either yourself or them!!! The horror. Especially since every virologist in existence believes COVID needs a dense virus load that can only be possible in enclosed, indoor spaces to spread!!! But hey…fear, fear, fear!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Its too bad the bat flu is getting worse here and not better like most other countries, no one wants to have a lame summer but its time to act like adults and stop this thing so we can safely reopen… vacations are not pre existing conditions jeeeez

      1. On one hand hes having more trouble stopping bat flu than other countries, however on the other hand- he did also campaign to close the borders 🤡

            1. Simply put, it’s not the Presidents responsibility to shut down individual states! That is the responsibility of the individual state governors. Go back to school and demand a class on American Civics.

                1. And why don’t you take your ignorance of State emergency declarations and shove it !

                  You imbeciles that still don’t understand what is happening at the state level- after 7 months now- need to crawl back under your bed with your flashlights and wait for the adults to solve your problems. There really is no excuse for such dunderness- at this stage of failed governor Brown’s disastrous handling of the state- nobody is that stupid to think anyone else has a signature on her Executive Orders- it’s “ALL” on her !

              1. If that’s true then why does your Fuhrer send Federal goon squads to states where they clearly don’t belong? Your FAKE President has declared war against Americans while kissing Putin’s rear.

            1. “How quickly you’ve forgotten Trump’s “30 days to Slow the Spread”

              No… but it appears you have ! The President’s “guidelines” came out March 31st… Take some time away from hating America and go to the OHA website and take a look at Oregon’s response during that time… You will see that ED hospital visits dipped below the 1.5% threshold on April 11th and has held steady below the red line to this day.

              You need to understand that virtually all other data out there is irrelevant at this point- medical professionals are fudging their documents- everyone is dying of underlying conditions- not from the Wuhan Bat Joe Virus… your attempts at glibness are truly embarrassing- for you- here’s the data- read it- get educated.


              1. “ You need to understand that virtually all other data out there is irrelevant at this point-‘ lol. Anything that doesn’t fit your narrative is irrelevant? What a tool.
                Tell me oh clueless one, who made wearing a mask a political statement?

  3. Any store/restaurant, such as popular bike shops, that make their money from people out of town need to start checking people’s licenses at the door and if the customer doesn’t have a permanent Bend address send them packing and tell them to stop bringing their money and COVID germs to Bend. We don’t want either, especially their money.

  4. We should do that in Prineville, to vehicles from Bend.
    People moving here from Bend should go back to Bend. Those out of county invaders from Bend are destroying our culture, infecting us with the Deschutes Flu and trying to turn us into another Redmond.
    Go home, Bend-icans !

    1. Agreed- but it’s not the movers- it’s the job poachers at F-Book and Apple. If I look at the uptick in corona-covid-wuhan virus cases in P-ville… they coincide with the return of construction operations on the hill !

      Where are the city leaders to speak to the “concerned” and threatened public on this ???

  5. I’ve never understood the logic of someone living in a tourist town complaining about tourists. COVID is just a cover for this little gem of our community to be a troll, as I’d say that 90% of tourists are doing a better job of being respectful and masking up both indoors and outdoors while here. If you love Central Oregon but hate people who aren’t exactly like you and aren’t townies, there are plenty of other options around here for places to live and thrive as a small-minded misanthrope.

    1. Nick, we complain because we lived here long before it was solely a tourist town. You probably don’t even know it was a lumber town with family wages up until the 90’s do you?

    2. Maybe you ought to take a ride out to Sunriver and talk to some of the locals about how respectful this year’s crop of tourists are. There seems to be a prevalent attitude of “I have the right to……” fill in the blank.

    3. We’ve never understood the logic of tourists that go where they know they’re not wanted then try to move there. We’ve never understood how living here before there were tourists why we should give up our ways of life because they want to move here when they’re hated

  6. There is Military in this state….Military is not required to register their vehicle in the state of which they currently reside; just their “home of record.” Not every out of state plate is a visitor.

  7. No it is not right to do this, you don’t know the reason they are here maybe there is a family illness or death that they are in Bend to help family or friends with, Bend still relies on tourism to keep running and if you start doing this people won’t come back and spend their money in Bend after the pandemic they will only find another vacation destination to go to.

    1. Family gatherings as you describe are a large cause of Covid spread. Weddings, funerals, reunions, birthdays. People at these events feel safe because they are with people they ‘know’. It is a natural thing to feel. They feel safe enough to do a lot of kissing, hugging, singing, laughing, crying, sitting together for extended periods at less than 6 ft distance all without masking of course, because they are safe right? Wrong.

    2. Good…let ’em leave. And the death and illness story doesn’t work. We just had a story about two folks that died and could only touch thru the window. Funerals aren’t allowed

  8. We need out-of-staters to come here and spend their tourist dollars to get the economy going again! Calling all Californians to come to the big city of Bendiego… oh wait, it was overrun years ago.

  9. Quick little reminder here: This Bat Flu has an over 99.6% survival rate. The quicker we pass it through the population the quicker the fear mongers don’t have anything to scare you with. You all talk as if the population is going to be wiped out. IT HAS A 99.6% SURVIVAL RATE!!!!!!

    1. Fear mongers? How about a reality check. Over 150,000 dead in US in 5 months and the death count continues to climb. Herd immunity, if even applicable for this virus would have to be at least 70% of the world population or 200 million people recovered according to Mayo. Right now, 10.6 million have recovered with 668,364 deaths. That’s quite a ways to go. No, the population is not going to be wiped out but are you so sure your body or that of your family and friends is not susceptible to this virus? Wear a mask!

      1. your girly hysterical “reality check” fails to mention that the overwhelming death rates per 1 million population- the only way to identify what states/countries are statistically controlling the Wuhan Bat virus- has Demokkkrat strongholds leading the race to the top of your “dead” list.

        As for closer to home- there have been more deaths on CO roads since January then there have been covid-corona- wuhan bat deaths… how exactly does that work inside that pea brain of yours ?

        Wear a seat belt- save lives- drive to work- make money !!!

  10. So, I have lived here for 50 years. Should I place these on the cars of those who have lived here for 20 years, or 10 years, or 5 years?? Being sarcastic in that. So you CLOWNS putting these on cars, how about you knock it off and shut the hell up…

    1. So in your 50 yrs have you any recollection of a virus that in some case can kill in 24 hrs and the one’s who do survive the Wuhan Surprise report long term organ damage? CA plates are some of the more prevalent in Bend, they also are experiencing an alarming surge of infections and deaths. In the last 2wks the death rate has climbed to 109 a DAY. Their restaurants and bars are shutdown and even their Governor is discouraging Travel. Take a trip down to the Old Mill plenty of out of staters, and I’d say about 50% walking around are unmasked. And sure some are locals but many aren’t. So to the person passing out these notes, “put me down for 100” I wish there was some way to get hold of him. Never hurts to have more soldiers.

  11. in case you all missed this in elementary school, we do live in a place called the “united states of america” so, if you are a citizen of said “united states of america” you are free to travel to and from these states, and in case you misunderstand the definition of “united” here you go
    joined together politically, for a common purpose, or by common feelings.
    “women acting together in a united way”
    grow up and get over it

  12. Californian tourists are a problem yeah, but I think the worst problem are the Portland tourists. They come by the thousands every weekend, clog our streets, fill our campgrounds, lakes, rivers, and sidewalks. You’d think they’d listen to our worthless governor who they so proudly support and stay home……

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