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Two Bend Fire & Rescue first responders test positive for COVID-19, isolated at home

(Update: Adding video, comment by battalion chief)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Two Bend firefighters recently tested positive for COVID-19, the department announced late Monday. Both firefighters are in stable condition, with minimal signs or symptoms, and are in quarantine at their homes.

One of the first responders was exposed on duty and was immediately given a COVID-19 test at a clinic and sent home for self-isolation. The other was exposed on vacation, took a test as soon as symptoms arose, and did not return to work, officials said.

Bend Fire & Rescue’s policy requires an employee to take a COVID-19 test when the employee is exposed or begins feeling ill, and the worker then must self-quarantine at home. The employee must have a negative COVID-19 test and be symptom free-for 72 hours before returning to work.

“Our teams have been working hard on the front lines during this pandemic to provide emergency services to our community,” Fire Chief Todd Riley said. “We will do everything we can to keep all our employees safe and healthy.”

Bend Fire & Rescue said first responders use personal protective equipment and thorough cleaning procedures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Additionally, employees are required to take their temperature at the beginning and in the middle of every shift, to ensure the health and wellness of the employees and the public they serve.

Bend Fire & Rescue facilities remain closed to the public to limit exposure, and many non-response personnel are working from home. The department said it closely follows Gov. Kate Brown’s directive and CDC-recommended social distancing and cleaning procedures.

Despite their adherence to the Governor's guidelines, Bend Fire & Rescue does not have specific travel regulations in place for their employees.

When asked if they would have done anything differently to avoid the COVID-19 cases, Battalion Chief Trish Connolly told NewsChannel 21, "We are very confident in our protocols and procedures, and our top priority is the health and safety of our employees."

The city also noted it "does not disclose any private information that could compromise the protected health information of the individuals."

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  1. “The other was exposed on vacation”

    OK- Where ?

    Isn’t that the whole point of “contact tracing”- to let the public know where the virus is active ?

    This is why Oregon is failing- too many inconsistent policies- way too much confusion- a lack of valid messaging… The typical Democrat playbook for failure- run in circles and scream “Russia-Russia-Russia- Golf-Golf-Golf-Wuhan-Wuhan-Wuuuuhan” !!!

    What a disaster this has become- sign the petition- throw Brown out and lets start over- we got nothing to lose !

    1. No that is NOT the point of contact tracing, and most folks understand that. It’s to find others who may have been exposed. In NO cases worldwide do they publicly announce every place an infected person was. Violates lots of laws and protocols except in the most authoritarian regimes, and then you’d be screaming about privacy invasion.

      1. Contact tracing is not a lead time indicator- it’s meant to find a trail of exposure to identify not only those others who have been infected- but also the origin of the outbreak.

        Very similar to a “Root Cause Analysis” or investigation into a fire. Simply chasing around people who might be infected is a serious waste of time and serves no purpose- but then again- Oregon’ response to corona-covid-wuhan bat has been flawed since day one- and you all have been part of the erroneous messaging… Sorry- but that sucks !

        Oregon number of deaths per 1 million- 68
        Asia- 4-8 !

        Different league- Oregon has too many Chief Barney’s- not enough Indians !

        1. But unless test results come back within 24 hours, experts say contact tracing can be next to impossible. That’s nationally/globally, not just on the state you pick on 24/7. And cut the Indians crap or get more comments trashed, Mr. Insensitive.

          1. That state I pick on is just one of many Demokkkrat strongholds that have been identified as having a failed response to this mild illness (as describe by the CDC-WHO).

            You can deny- make excuses- enable the Governors responses all day- but until we see “Asia” like containment and death rates- then consider yerself part of the problem- the data don’t lie- they are consistent- effective- and work towards the group survival- instead of CNN talking points.

          2. “And cut the Indians crap…”

            This coming from the guy who allowed a previous poster to blame an Indian salmon festival for a mass covid outbreak a month or so ago.

            Why didn’t you protect your Indians from those insensitive and false allegations ???

            Mr. Do as I say- not as I do !

            1. Go ahead and answer the question- just what TOS has BGHW violated ?

              Answer- None !

              As for you- with a name like “John”- I’d think you got bigger problems to worry about !

      2. Contact tracing is about surveillance Barney. Did KTVZ do a story about Google and APPLE downloading a platform or app to everyone’s phones without their permission? Do you have it on your phone? Have you tried to delete it? Good luck.

        1. they dont get it nick. all they believe is the new world order network’s. its been happening in China since the beginning of their release of the virus. the surveillance state , the push for cashless society, the massive push to shut down small businesses, the isolation unless to riot in hordes. its all right there nick. the liberal lemmings are willfully participating and encouraging the nwo. these people have been brainwashed through their “college education ” they are not free thinkers and i pet the vast majority of the liberal commentators on here are the same 2 or 3 people or they are bots

          1. “these people have been brainwashed through their ‘college education’…”
            LOL! There it is, folks. Liberals are more educated than Republican/Conservative types. No wonder you can never make a decent argument.
            Maybe you should go to school, too!

            1. hahahaha i never said MORE education. you’ve been so dumbed down and demoralized with your so call “education ” the way all u liberals blabber with your lies its clear all college is , is a reeducation camp “for satan . satan is your daddy

      1. What exactly does the US President have to do with Bend Fire and Rescue ?

        The state response to the Wuhan-Corona-Bat Joe Virus is Kate Brown. You might wanna re-think that “dumbest person Earth”- Cause right now it’s a close race between Brown and You !

    1. Infected while “on vacation” ?

      I thought what happened in Vegas- stayed in Vegas !

      Corona Bat flu is statistically no more deadly than Malaria- yet we’ve never destroyed the planet over mosquitoes !

      I’d say hoax- is a good word for it !

    1. By global standard daily death rates- just above that (never once been identified as a pandemic)… Malaria !

      The never ending hoax and all them gullible guppies- wake the sam hill up !

  2. You’ll care if you or a family member has a medical emergency and no one can help you because our first responders have Covid. Use your brain.

    1. First responders get the flu-colds-all kinds of viruses like everyone else- why single them out as the only people that can help you when you break a nail ?

      Try a band-aid- take a basic first aid/CPR course- stop being so dependent on others for life’s little annoyances !

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