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Bend police chief removes blue line from patrol cars, citing divisive interpretation

(Update: Adding video; comments from Bend PD chief, other reaction)

Says symbol of law enforcement role has become too divisive

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – Amid intense scrutiny of police across the country, the Bend Police Department is removing a “thin blue line” graphic from the side of its patrol cars, saying what had been viewed by many as a sign of support for law enforcement has become a divisive symbol.

Bend Police Chief Mike Krantz told NewsChannel 21 Thursday the blue line was originally intended to be a blue horizon behind the mountain graphics on the patrol cars. In light of recent events, the original meaning has been interpreted differently.

"The intent of the blue line with the black background is, of course, for current law enforcement is the memorial, the ultimate sacrifice of giving your life and service of your community," Krantz said.

Krantz said he made the decision to remove the blue vinyl decals two weeks ago.

"Some community members view it as an important piece on our cars, others view it as a barrier between the police and the community, so it’s my role to evaluate that and look at how we can best serve the entire community," Krantz said.

Bend resident Alex Burnett said he's happy with the department's decision, but he also said he thinks it is a "people-pleasing" tactic.

“I think it is a step forward, and it’s putting this conversation in the spotlight, which is a good move," Burnett said. "But I’d be interested to see what they actually have to say about it, because actions speak louder than words -- but at this point this is just words.”

Mikki Slaska, also a Bend resident, agreed.

"Removing themselves from that symbol, to me, shows they’re not wanting to make it an 'us and them,'” Slaska said.

Slaska said they understand why the decision to remove the blue line is controversial.

“Even if the symbol has been around longer than these protests have gone on, I think it’s been picked up by people for a different reason, and that seems like why they would take it away," Slaska said. "Because it no longer stands for what it used to.”

Krantz said he has heard judgments on both sides, but he said he wants to focus on the bigger picture.

"My job is to bring the community together with law enforcement, and anything that can be used as a division or divisive tool is to eliminate it, if we can," he said.

The police chief said removing the decal is not meant to take away from the intent of the community members who want to show their support for police.

A Wikipedia entry says the term Thin Blue Line, often related to symbols – some that show a blue line across a black and white American flag – “typically refers to the concept of the police as the line which keeps society from descending into violent chaos.” It also notes the link to the blue color of many police uniforms.

“Our patrol vehicles are currently getting a makeover, by removing the blue line graphic on them,” the department said in a Facebook post Wednesday afternoon, with a photo showing the blue line across the side of patrol cars being removed.

But in its Facebook post, Bend police said, “The divisive use of the thin blue line symbol to fit a narrative unassociated with our department or what we stand for, has unintentionally created an ongoing divide between some members of our community and the police officers who serve them.”

“In the spirit of mending divide, being inclusive with the community we serve, and to continue to build trust within our entire community, our current and future vehicle graphics package will no longer contain a blue line,” the department said.

“Moving forward,” the post concluded, “we will be looking for a design that incorporates a way to honor members of our first responder family who have given their life in service of their communities. Our goal is to have a symbol created that blends seamlessly with our existing mountain graphics.”

The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office, meanwhile, also has a horizontal blue line across the back of its patrol cars, as well as a few vehicles with the black-and-white "thin blue line" American flag.

"DCSO is not removing them," sheriff's Lt. William Bailey told NewsChannel 21 Thursday.

Lt. Jesse Petersen with the Redmond Police Department said its patrol cars do not have a blue line.

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  1. While the new chief may have gotten off to a rocky start by illegally aiding an immigration investigation, this decision shows good leadership and the kind of positive thinking those who supported an outside hire were hoping for… it was the old timers who put the racially divisive blue lives defaced flag on the squads and then winked at it for years- pretending the thin blue line fake flag is somehow different because it has a different name, even as a 5 sec image search shows them to be identical… if we need new blood to make better decisions so be it
    Now time for some new blood in the deschutes sheriff office too, and time for style queen nelson to stop gazing into the mirror with his segregated campaign dress codes and many many different graphics on different cruisers… say yes to the dress if you need to, sheriff nelson but please realize that it doesnt make you a good LEO, in fact youre easily the worst sheriff weve had since the one who went to prison

      1. It doesn’t. He is just talking out of his rear. I’m surprised he hasn’t said the word “police” on the side of the vehicle is divisive and should be removed.

          1. Yes not only have there been hr complaints from oregon LEOS caused by blue lives propaganda, theres also been hundreds of thousands in settlements paid by us the taxpayers, its on google if you know how to type?

    1. re:anonymousktvz. you need to get your facts straight.. the bend police where not aiding in any way shape or form.. Just keeping things civilized.. period.. nice attitiude!.. Nelson is a great sheriff and using the tax payer money in a smart way.. if the older vehicles with the older paint jobs are still good why change them and spend tax payer money on a new paint job. also.. he seems like a humble honest guy.. seems like if you don’t know him personally or his heart you have no right whatsoever to say those bad things about him.
      also the thin blue line thing is all about officers sticking together.. the same blood and remembering fallen officers.. is that so bad really? you and others read way too much into it.

    2. Nelson is a great Sheriff, so you must be a jackass. As for Bend Police Chief Mike Krantz, BPD had a couple of excellent candidates and went outside to Portland. What the hell!!

      1. Perhaps our new woke top cop should be focus on solving Bend’s double homicide instead of removing decals. But hey that’s how they do it in Portland, appease the mob. All I can figure is the city council got this guy for a bargain being damaged goods from Portland.

  2. Blue Lives Matter=I don’t believe in racial injustice. Which in fact, racial injustice is prevalent in the county of USA, and has been since the founding, so to speak. For some reason people find this fact hard to believe. -Non political party Middle AMERICAN

      1. Progressive marxist twist all language to serve their marxist goals. It can never be defined because the marxist revolution can never end. These Trotsky puppets can’t face the fact that they, themselves, are to blame for being losers.

  3. Sunriver and bend pd removed their racially divisive car flags, time for the sheriff to do the same… yes yes we know he endorsed a racially divisive president too, but maybe if he does his homework and realizes that his biased flag exposes the countys workplaces to legal judgements, as oregon precedent already shows

    1. re: anonymousktvz the flags are in no way shape or form.. its about cops supporting cops..
      also if your talking about the sheriff supporting Trump.. got any proof of that? and what is so wrong about supporting our president?? even though I didn’t like Obama.. doesn’t mean I did not support or respect him. Trump is not racially divisive.. He has higher ups and quite a few people of other races that support him.. in your words Google it.. again I dare ask do you know the Sheriff personally? How dare you judge him.. when you don’t know him or his heart or what goes behind his decisions. he and the department seem very transparent! and community oriented.. I love how their school patrol cars have the respective school mascots on them.. I love how their sisters patrol vehicles have Sisters written on them.. community spirit all the way!.

  4. Talk about stupid thinking! If you think that removing the thin blue line is going to have any impact concerning what’s going on, you’re a moron! Mark my words, you will NOT see any healing and you WILL NOT see a reduction in the ongoing divisiveness. What you ARE showing, is your weakness and your caving in to the minority that will continue to protest/riot/loot/arson/destruction all around you. They are backed by criminal agitators that will stop at nothing to destroy this country as we know it. Mayor Wheeler and Governor Brown bowed to them, thinking they would be able to stop it at any time, only to learn that it increased the ire of the criminals behind and controlling the destruction. The Portland, Minneapolis, Chicago, and NYC city councils bowed to them and reduced police funding/resources/manpower and the crime has skyrocketed . . . climbing at unprecedented rate. Worse, your Chief, Mayor, and City Council have watched this happening from the very beginning and haven’t learned a damn thing.

    You are looking at the opening moves for asymmetrical civil warfare, right out of the text books and you aren’t smart enough to see it. My friends and I, don’t want to see civil war. PERIOD! Your Democrat politicians no longer support law and order! They’ve turned their backs on our police and turned their minions loose on our cities and our police. There is now a war on law enforcement and law enforcement personnel. And you think that by removing the thin blue line, you’re going to stop it? LOL!
    Chief Krantz, if you think I don’t know what I’m talking about, stop by my place for a cup of coffee or a sandwich and let’s talk about it. I know you know where I am and where I live. You and any of your officers, just like the local LE, are always welcome in my home. But be prepared to hear the truth! If you can’t/don’t want to travel here, call me. Things are going to get much worse in the coming days and removing your thin blue lines from your patrol cars isn’t going to do diddly to stop it. Regardless, never forget the 7 P’s, pray for best, but plan for the worst.

              1. No ma’am, but you might be smoking it! I just know that 150 million people aren’t marching in the streets. Maybe a few thousand, and that’s being generous… The only thing these enraged middle class white liberals are doing (aside from burning, looting, assaulting and killing people, anyway) is pushing moderates away from the left and giving conservatives even further conviction.

    1. So true… It’s hard to believe that there are so many in power who are totally blind,
      and in denial about the dramatic changes that have taken place over the last several
      months, and even worse about the changes that will be coming in the very near future.
      Meanwhile they continue to sit on their butts doing absolutely nothing, and as far as
      we know, they don’t even have a plan that can be implemented when things get out of control,
      and they will, because these people aren’t going to suddenly have a change of heart,
      and start backing down on their own.
      The only way this stupidity is going to be stopped is by force, and the Governor and Wheeler don’t have it in them. This is their mess and they have only themselves to blame…

    2. For those that don’t know, the first step in over throwing a country, is to neutralize/marginalize/minimize/demoralize Law Enforcement. We have already seen de-funding, reduction of LE in our cities, along with the demoralization, and removal of resources needed to control the crowds. Add to that the DA’s now refusing to charge crimes and the immediate release of criminals, allowing them to re-join those causing rioting/looting/destruction/arson. Over the next few weeks, you will see the continuation of what I’ve already mentioned, but in an increasing severity. This is also timed to coincide with the election, as the Liberal Democrats have already warned that their intention is to step up the protesting/rioting/looting/arson/destruction.

      This will all be aided by propagandists continuing to down play what is happening and trying to turn the people against the current government. Media will increase their negative reporting against the government and supporters of the current government officials. Media will continue to increase the divide between the main two groups and further the cause against law and order and government. The final step is the rising up of the populace to take over the government. If Trump nominates another SCOTUS justice or wins the upcoming election, it will go down very quickly.

      According to The Constitution, our military can not intervene . . . however, those attempting insurrection the current government, are also attempting to throw The Constitution out. They’ve already throwing out the 1st Amendment in order to silence their opposition. You will see more and more censorship and attempts to disrupt supporters of the opposition over the next few weeks. Now all you can do, is pray for the best and plan for the worst.

    1. I agree. I never had a racist bone in my body. I treat people they way they treat me. Aholes come in all flavors. But with the stupid needless gestures & the crazy looting & violence im starting to wonder….

    2. You fake law and order people are a joke. All out blind support of cops doing whatever they want, and a president that hijacks Congress approved money to entice Ukraine to fabricate dirt on someone he’s terrified of, before the terrifying individual was even nominated. You people have turned into complete morons

      1. re: non-deplorable.. we don’t blindly support cops.. we realize not all cops are perfect after all they are only human.. (Gasp) if the cops give you a lawful order or you follow it.. then later dispute it.. also.. our President does not hijack congress.. that is why they have congress for checks and balances (gasp) Biden or democrats did not pull up any dirt on Trump? they did not do a false impeachment investigation? they did not pay women to come out of the woodwork and try to screw Kavanaugh? the list goes on.. my friend.. dems are just as guilty if not more guilty of things.

  5. Welcome to Bend! The latest new suburb of Portland! So I guess the citizens who do support those who stand between ourselves and the evil in the world need to promptly remove our flags, stickers, and other signs of support for our local law enforcement to avoid the possibility of triggering someones sensitive emotions. My thanks go out to the Bend PD Officers, but I don’t think I can say the same to the woke management that supports this idea.

    1. aren’t u happy u got a chief from Portland? Porter was a Central Oregon grown boy, Crook county to be exact.
      Yes Bend is folding to become the next Portland, mixed with a whole lot of Cali. Bet Jim is thanking God he is out of that cesspool.

      1. So it was the crook county schools who failed to educate our last chief on legal display of the nations flag? No wonder folks wanted an outside hire for the new chief

  6. The alleged “thin blue line” graphic was actually meannt meant to represent a blue sky over the mountain.

    That meaning was corrupted and became a distraction.

    Objectively, as long as the fleet is well maintained and operational no one really cares what “advertising” is present on its vehicles other than “Bend Police Department”, or “City of Bend Police”, or “Whatever”.

    Kudos to Chief Krantz for taking this distraction away from the daily business of his department. As long as the taxpayer doesn’t mind footing the bill for new graphics…it’s an easy call.

    1. And it only took you three months to change your mind, actually wait didnt you spend the first couple of those pretending these symbols didnt even exist? Im glad you have finally learned your lesson, im sure youll agree its similarly, high time for nelson to learn some best practices from krantz, study best practice police work instead of constant catty bickering with his deputies

      1. I forgot to include my sincere appreciation to the Sheriff’s Office for NOT removing the “thin blue line” from its vehicles.

        Where the City’s chief of police can be hired and fired at will by the mayor/city council / city manager – the County Sheriff cannot be terminated by anyone other than the voters.

        Krantz is choosing his battles wisely as he came here for a purpose and not simply to “retire”.

        Nelson knows he does not have to fight the battles of a whimsical city management team – and that his 200,000 “bosses” present a vast majority that have no issue or problem with honoring our law enforcement professionals in this manner…especially now.

        I do note that former chief, Jim Porter, did not budge on the matter which was simmering under his administration.

  7. Too bad they felt the need to cave to the fringe kook mob, the merchants of chaos against whom a thin blue line is needed more than ever. I am grateful for and respect law enforcement . The “department ” did not make the pc decision to remove the symbol. Some ONE did and who leaned on who,. Serious question.

  8. I had such high hopes for our new Chief. I guess you can take the boy out of PDX, but you can’t take the pdx out of the boy. A grandstanding gesture that takes time and money. Way to make demoralize your officers at a time when being a cop basically sucks. What group are you going to bow down to next and grovel for chief?

  9. Well this will make the resident KTVZ communist Mr FLUNK happy. Conceding to Anarchist, communists rioters and looters will get you nowhere. Taking away a symbol of Police unity and pride is a mistake.
    Regarding Breonna Taylor… When you sleep with a know criminal DRUG DEALER and the cops come into your home its a real good idea not to shoot at the cops through your bedroom door because the cops WILL return fire. A grand JURY agreed with this simple concept. Its sad she died but she ultimately unfortunately put herself there by dating a scumbag. Speaking of scumbags.. George Floyd died of a drug overdose according to his autopsy not by cop. All this BS is a dream to those far left nut jobs who are tearing apart this country and against our law enforcement. So you want to take our guns and defund the police so we can live in your LEFTIST lawless upside down world? Not going to happen.

    1. Your interpretation of the facts in BTs murder deviate greatly from what was presented to the grand jury by the KY AG. The scumbag was somebody she had previously been with, not the present one, and he was already in custody, but through incompetence, these cops didn’t know that. They broke in the door while BT and her boyfriend were sleeping. Only 1 in 12 witnesses said they heard the cops announce themselves. What would you do if you heard somebody breaking in your front door in the middle of the night and you didn’t hear them ID themselves? The cops were looking for an adult male and an adult FEMALE gets shot to death? Over 30 shots fired and none hit the man holding the gun? The one officer was charged with wantonly firing his weapon showing no regard for human life in other apartments. What about the wanton discharging of weapons and disregard for human life in BT’s apartment? Makes no sense. The message from the KY justice system is that BLACK LIVES DON’T MATTER.

      GF died of asphyxiation according to the autopsy. The drugs in his system, if you research their effects, probably kept him alive longer.

      BTW, we are already living in lawless, upside down Trump’s Amerika. How much more lawless can you be than to direct a coup by nullifying an election? Remember that when you give your support to Amerika’s first dictator, and I’m sure you will, comrade. Trump/PUTIN 2020

        1. A Trump supporter touting the rule of law is laughable. It was mob justice that took over the Michigan state house and threatened to lynch the governor. It was mob justice that sent out vigilantes to block roads in fire areas in OR because of social media posted hoaxes. Too many examples, too little time. Now our Last US President is spelling out his plans for a coup. Do you plan to attend the Constitution burning party? What kind of justice will low and middle class Americans get from the courts then, under the law according to Mafia Don Trump? And you say I’m the one who wants “mob” justice?

    2. Yep. These are all obviously horrible outcomes, but when you play stupid games you might just win stupid prizes. Middle class white liberals will come UNHINGED when all these cops walk, as well as that kid in Kenosha. Get out the popcorn.

      1. Because there is no reason for law enforcement to advertise support for themselves. It has become a decisive symbol and there is really no need for it to be there. I think an American flag on police cars is appropriate.

          1. I do. And if they want to be offended by an American flag (with red and white stripes) let them. My reason for believing the thin blue line symbol to be inappropriate is because it has become synonymous with “Blue Lives Matter”. While I absolutely agree that Blue lives matter, I think we can all agree it would not be appropriate to have those words on the side of a police car.

            1. So, is it on the person who is offended and takes it out of context, or is it on the officers – who all know that the line symbolizes law enforcement as the thin line between peace and chaos? This cancel culture BS is out of hand, and I think most of America agrees. We shall see November 3rd.

              1. I don’t see this as “cancel culture”. I see it as common sense. I understand the meaning of the blue line (more than you realize). I simply see it as an unneeded distraction at this point that takes away from the excellent job BPD does for our community. By the way, I will be voting straight Republican in November.

            2. ” I think we can all agree it would not be appropriate to have those words on the side of a police car ”

              No, I wouldn’t say that everyone agrees with that… Why wouldn’t it be
              appropriate to have the words on the side of their cars ?
              I certainly don’t think it’s necessary to have the words on the cars, but much like the blue stripe, I also don’t see anything inappropriate about it…

              I would rather see the simple blue line on police cars than I would the black lives matter signs on fences and billboards all over town, on top of the never ending protests and destruction… The cops aren’t protesting, demanding special treatment. or encouraging violence and racism, and people aren’t continually inundated with it all day long, everywhere they go, or every time they look at the news.
              It’s just a simple statement that pertains to them…

                1. No I don’t think it’s okay, but that has absolutely nothing to do with this topic because the blue stripe is not racially insensitive. It has absolutely
                  nothing to do with race, but apparently you think that “blue lives matter” is showing support for a race of people that are blue in color, and not cops…
                  It amazes me how people (liberals) continually try to completely change the interpretation of things that others have said.

          1. And why would you assume this? I am not specifically against either (although I do not participate or identify with either group). I would certainly be against any government agency that used public funds or property to support either. As I thought I made clear, I am not anti-police. In fact, I have worked in law enforcement myself. I simply think the blue line symbol has become divisive and is unnecessary. I can’t speak for all officers, but I know I speak for many.

  10. Meant as a symbol of valor for those willing to form that thin blue line to keep chaos from overwhelming order. Seems fitting to scrub it in places where that line no longer exists, but I don’t count Bend among those fallen cities.


  12. Wow that did not take long for the new do nothing ex portland pd cop to give the middle finger to cops not just here but everywhere. I think every BURN, LOOT, AND MURDER (blm) sign is extremely offensive and as no place in a law abiding society….get rid of them!

  13. It’s not the thin blue line that has been a divisive symbol. It’s the BLM Flags, the ANTIFA symbols, and the Symbol of the Leftist Liberal Democrat party. The donkey. The democrat party is the most divisive entity in America. And they continue to support such divisive entities as ANTIFA and BLM Inc. Both Left wing Marxist agitators

    1. That’s true but the liberals will deny it to the end, and instead try to move the
      blame to the right… The eight miserable years of Obama were the most divisive that
      we have seen in recent history.
      Unfortunately our first black President was a radical, racist, extremist that publicly encouraged protesting,violence and division, and instead of trying to do something positive
      about racial relations, he decided to pour gas on the fire and push a lot of the progress that had been made backwards…

      1. If you were miserable during the dang obama years you must not have been investing your savings, 8 straight years of gains is something you probably wont see again in your lifetime, certainly not from the comrade felon president we have now

      2. Mike 338.. best comment I have seen in a long time! Thank you for a very intelligent, honest and CORRECT assessment of why our country was so primed for this.

  14. aw look – the police are having to remove that prejudiced dog whistle shtuff from their rigs that all you Karens said never existed…. and we all got to pay for placing it, and removing it too! – Isn’t self absorbed disconnection from reality just great!

    “intense scrutiny of police” – my goodness, what a bunch of snowflakes – the “good cops” should be the ones most outraged by indiscriminate killing of dark skinned people by white cops

    1. good cops” should be the ones most outraged by indiscriminate killing of dark skinned people by white cops

      You make it sound like white cops are going around and taking random pot shots at people of color. Can you provide evidence for your baseless claims? More unarmed white people were shot last year by police than unarmed black people.

      1. Considering whites are over 60% and blacks just over 13% of our population, the number of blacks shot is disproportionate, so it would seem your argument is “baseless.”

        1. This is a false narrative lefties try to push using faulty logic. You have to look at deaths by the percentage by number of interactions with the police. You shouldn’t be looking at it by population.

            1. Unless of course 13% of the population is responsible for OVER HALF (go ahead, check the stats) of the murders and robberies in America, requiring more police presence, therefore leading to more police interactions – in which case cultural issues are likely a more reasonable culprit than “systemic racism”.

    2. Indiscriminate killing of dark skinned people, huh? I wonder if that holds true when you look at number of killings by race in relation to the percentage of violent crime the races are responsible for…?

  15. Good try but the reality is that soon after the blue is gone there will be something else to be focused on. This divisive attitude began in Ferguson, Mo when the media went nuts over skin color rather than the facts of the case.

  16. “The divisive use of the thin blue line symbol to fit a narrative unassociated with our department or what we stand for, has unintentionally created an ongoing divide…”
    This is smart. A good step for the local PD to take, even if it is a small one.

      1. Funny the prineville pd or madras pd or their county sheriffs didnt paint this ever, small town folk know better than to disrespect our flag just like this new big city chief… the problem was apparently bend old timers like porter and kansky, the suburban hypocrite crowd who worry more about their house values than protecting us

  17. Stupid stupid stupid! The Thin Blue Line originated in the UK. Originally it was a military term. then it changed to Police work. It meant there is a thin line of people protecting the good from the bad. These people are the Police. And most Police wear blue. The reason it is thin is because there are never enough Cops to protect us all. We need to support the ones we have that chose to put their life on the line for us on a daily basis. Stop using the term and you have stopped supporting the Police. As for me I have and always will support them.

      1. Actually, OSP wears Blue…Bend PD wears BLUE…and BLUE is the acknowledged symbolic color of U.S. law enforcement hence the universal “thin blue line”.

        At this point why don’t you simply announce your support of ACAB?

  18. i wouldnt waste any more tax payer money on stickers because the taxpayer is just going to have to pay to pull them off again. our cops aint got enough body cams, but we got enough money in the budget for symbolic stickers on every car, enough to pull them all off, and enough to redesign a new sticker. you got paint on your car, a police marking, lights, siren, radio, a motor fast enough to catch a bad guy, that’s all the police need the tax payer to pay for. protect and serve stickers used to give the old timers a woody, instead of a blue line that puts them above any/all others.

    1. ” protect and serve stickers used to give the old timers a woody, instead of a blue line that puts them above any/all others”

      The simple blue stripe DOES NOT mean that LE is above any and all others. Why is it some
      people (liberals) have such a hard time with simple comprehension ?
      You can tell yourself that the blue stripe means anything you want, but it still
      doesn’t make it true. It’s a simple decal, there’s no reason to sensationalize it…

      1. When the police violate us code to display political propaganda yes they are acting superior and arrogant, considering the taxpayers own these cars not the sheriff or chief… disturbing to think nelson just ignores the rules he doesnt like and uses public money to do it too, how can his word be trusted in court anymore?

      2. actually Mike i’m not a liberal i was just pointing out the waste of money putting on special stripes, pulling them, figuring out new ones that wont offend, when we got cops who need essential equipment. i’m not offended by stripes or symbols, just waste and drama.

  19. Just a beginning honoring those who would “defund” the police, or “reimagine” policing! We are on a direct trajectory towards becoming “Portland East”, the only question is how long will it take Bend? Our family is watching the situation here and consulting “” simultaneously! PS, we are keeping our “thin blue line” flag up!

  20. you support this idea that was probably passed down by what barneygetshiswish calls queen kate there barney? no doubt its reworded delicately to look like it came from our police chief

  21. I am sorry for the police these days, their leaders are like little children, terrified of every shadow. Stuff like this shows the community that they can no longer trust the police to have any guts at all. What next? leave their guns at home?.

    1. If the liberal snowflakes had their way, cops wouldn’t be allowed to carry guns.
      Of course the politicians that fall into that group would still have guards that
      are allowed to carry guns because they are pretentious and special…

      1. If you look at jurisdictions where police dont open carry, they generally have less crime than we do, ie new zealand… american police not carrying guns would actually be a good sign statistically

  22. It is the times we live in, soon Bend will be burning also, and the police will be asked to stand back and let it happen. The utopia (an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect) of lawlessness, will not be a wonderful as some here seem to think.

      1. Dont forget the defaced flags that would get you kicked out of boyscouts and violate US code, silly (and sad) that sheriff nelson is pretending its ok for him to break rules we teach every third grader

          1. You do realize the wife of the mayor of Moscow gave Joe Biden 3.5 million in the Burisma deal, right? Oh wait… that’s right… you only read/watch z21cnn, and they REFUSE to report the truth or facts

      1. BS! You’re comparing apples to oranges just to incite anger. Whereas the blue line was seen as divisive, the Stars and Stripes represents our unity as a nation, something that I must admit is sorely lacking but hopefully can be reestablished some day. I say hopefully because if we can’t come together in grief for over 200K of our fellow American dead instead of ignoring the death toll and politicizing the steps needed to defend against the enemy that’s killing our friends and family members, what will unite us? You want to go after attacks on the Flag? How about QAnon’s bastardization of Old Glory? I’ll go on the record – I am a liberal American and proud of our Flag and what it represents and will not suffer those whose aim it is to malign it in any way, by word or deed.

  23. The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. If removing the line and divisive flag from police vehicles (remember, they are here to “serve and protect” everyone) is a first step to reduce overt divisiveness, then so be it.

      1. Because a small group of people that have nothing better to do said it was.
        It’s essentially that simple. It doesn’t show support for, or encourage racism
        or division,and it certainly doesn’t mean that only LE lives matter either.
        It wasn’t a big deal until they decided to make it into one, and now that they
        can stop crying about the blue line decal, they can move onto the next crisis…

        1. Lots of folks think it does encourage racism and lawbreaking from police, if they cant follow us flag code why do we expect they will respect other laws

    1. Hate to be the bearer of bad news . . . The SCOTUS ruled that the police ARE NOT required to protect us. That’s right, according to SCOTUS, we are responsible for our own protection.

  24. Good cops know the makeup of their community and how to communicate with its members. Good cops are a part of and respected by the community they serve. Good cops don’t jump from one job to another, leaving behind citizen complaints of abuse wherever they’re employed. Good cops know the importance of de-escalation and that deadly force must be used only as a last resort. Good cops are color blind and don’t need a “thin blue line” displayed to remind them of their oath to “protect and serve.” Good riddance to the blue paint.

    1. Look up the SCOTUS rulings . . . Law Enforcement has no responsibility to protect! You are responsible for protecting yourself and your property, according to SCOTUS!

  25. I can remember back when Bend PD cars had the sticker on the trunk that said something like “I Have Tourist Information” or something similar. 😆

    Hey, it’s been almost 25 years, so I don’t recall the exact words.

  26. I served under the US flag long enough to know that the mimicry that people use to display Blue Lives Matter is an abomination. The US flag has 7 red stripes, 6 white stripes, with currently 50 white stars on a field of blue. Anything else is not an American flag. Anything else should be criminal.

  27. This is really sad. Bend is lucky to have a wonderful police department and we just keep making their jobs more difficult by the day. The blue line is a simple statement of supporting law enforcement. Anyone who has lived in Bend for more than a few years has seen what our police have to deal with on a daily basis. Support them and the blue line is something out little eroding community needs.

    1. Tell me, how is removing the paint from the cars making the police job more difficult? They will face the same crap tomorrow as today whether it’s there or not. “All inclusive” is a better message to the community as a whole rather than exhibiting a preference for one group over others. I support the police without a blue line to remind me to do it, so good riddance to the unnecessary symbolism.

  28. “Strategies include undermining journalists and reporters, promoting anti-intellectualism, the use of propaganda, spreading conspiracy theories, letting fear and anger overtake “reasoned debate”

  29. How Fascism Works by Jason Stanley –

    “Strategies include undermining journalists and reporters, promoting anti-intellectualism, the use of propaganda, spreading conspiracy theories, letting fear and anger overtake “reasoned debate”.

      1. Gee I dunno- then there’s this “Hammer and sickle”

        “CNN, broadcast networks ignore Hunter Biden revelations, others downplay Senate report
        Investment firm co-founded by Hunter Biden ‘received $3.5 million in a wire transfer’ from wife of former Moscow mayor, report says”

        Enjoy another sparkling revelation about your “Russia-Russia-Russia” conspiracy ! And try not to choke on it !

  30. While it’s not a big surprise, apparently the new chief has brought with him some of the liberal garbage that is part of the problem right now in Portland, and he has already started kissing the butts of a minority of the population to avoid conflict, and appear
    to be PC…
    It’s a simple blue stripe that means something to law enforcement, and it’s not devisive
    or racist. I just makes a simple statement… Unfortunately it is just another of the many trivial things that certain people want to complain about, and make into a big deal.
    Once these are removed and the snowflakes have their victory, they will be moving onto
    the next meaningless cause. It’s not about the blue stripe, it’s about having something to whine about, just like the protests in Portland that stopped being about the issues the first day of protesting, and it turned into nothing more than an excuse for violence and destruction…

    Kudos to DCSO for NOT removing the blue line from their vehicles. It’s nice to know
    one of our local agencies has a backbone… I have always supported BPD and all other
    LE agencies, but I have lost a lot of respect for BPD now that I know the new Chief
    is going to allow a small group of snowflakes to dictate policy…

      1. Yes hes already endorsed a racist president, why not make deschutes county racist again too, its not like these are traditional police symbols with history, they are brand new since nelson fired his way into office a couple years ago

        1. “…poor kids are just as bright, just as talented as white kids…”

          “…my children are going to grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle…”

  31. As a Central Oregonian since 1969, this is a stupid ass move to take care of the feelings of some. As a retired Fire Captain, I am profoundly offended by your decision. You can certainly tell the new Chief is from the cesspool of Portland and brings some of his former department to Bend. I am very disappointed Bend Police Department in your decision. You should be ashamed of yourselves. As for me, BLUE LIVES MATTER!😡😡

  32. They figure the will need all the space available on vehicles to sell advertising to Domino’s, T Mobile, Walmart, McDonalds and others to help make their budgets when people stop paying taxes or simply move away.
    Another illusion created by the left to make you think over 50% were so offended by this it caused them a mental breakdown

  33. I have been accused of being a rabid liberal and even I think this is political band aid silliness. I dont object at all to the TBL on the police cars no more than I object to the badge decals or the “protect and serve” slogan. It’s the actions of bad cops that should worry us, not a blue decal. Priorities people…priorities.

    I only object to the TBL when they desecrate the American flag by adding it to the stripes. Old Glory needs to be left alone. It’s not meant to be altered or used for clothing or dishonored by faux Patriots who staple it to a 2×4 to wave out their truck beds and let it get tattered, dusty, and exhaust blackened. People who claim to honor it should learn some Flag Code.

  34. Well, trump’s snowflakes are REALLY butthurt about this if the number of the posts and the volume of the screaming/crying from Cult45 is any metric. Poor babies.

  35. Will this action improve moral in the Bend PD? Will this action help the Bend PD attract competent recruits? Anyone offended by a blue line decal also takes offense to the very existence of law enforcement. Perhaps a white flag is an appropriate symbol to replace the blue line on Bend PD cars (although some of the activist imbeciles in Bend would interpret a white flag as being racist). The white flag on the Chief’s car would feature a large yellow stain. I’m hoping our new Chief was pressured into this ridiculous move by the Mayor/City Council and decided he wasn’t ready to move along quite yet.

  36. All we need on police vehicles is the tried and true motto: “To protect and serve.” Why continue with a symbol that, regardless of its original intent, is now seen by many as divisive? Tax supported government agencies must remain free of partisanship. Good move, Chief Krantz.

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