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Affordable housing project just one of the big changes underway in southern Bend

Stillwater Crossing will be city's largest affordable housing project

BEND, Ore (KTVZ) -- The recently announced Stillwater Crossing development will be Bend’s largest affordable housing project.

And it’s a big reason why the south end of Bend is starting to look a lot different.

Lynne McConnell, Bend’s affordable housing manager, visited the site Wednesday with NewsChannel 21 and said, "This will soon be home to 240 Bend families."

Wishcamper Development partners closed a deal this week to build Stillwater Crossing.

"This is exactly the development that the city of Bend is working to bring to our community,” McConnell said.

Now affordable isn't typically how you'd describe Bend's housing. The median home price has skyrocketed to over $500,000 this year. Rents at Stillwater crossing will be considerably less, ranging from $820 a month for a single bedroom to just-over $1,100 a month for a three-bedroom unit.

But not everyone is happy.

Some people living in the area told NewsChannel 21 they have concerns with congestion in the area with an added 300 cars from the complex.

Karren Swenson, the city’s senior planner of community development, said, "We did look at those major intersections, and one of which that was impacted was Lodgepole (Drive) and Brookswood (Boulevard)."

That's why part of the development's approval process includes plans for a future roundabout at that intersection.

Stillwater Crossing is just another of the many projects going on right now at the south end of Bend.

The area is undergoing massive change, from the Alpenglow Community Park, to the new Caldera High School, to the new Easton housing development.

The city is also working with neighbors on the southeast expansion plan.
Damian Syrnyk, a senior planner for growth management for the city, said, "That's where there is still quite a bit of undeveloped land. Most of the area around southeast Bend right now is primarily neighborhoods."

While the Murphy Road Corridor project is under way, these new projects also mean there will be more road construction, such as to eventually put an overpass by the entrance to Stillwater Crossing.

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Jack Hirsh

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  1. Sorry we had to sacrifice your neighborhood to make up for density that would’ve gone where the McMansions of the West Side Transect will go on large-acreage lots will go, instead.

  2. Well there goes (as I call it) “the park”,I lived there in 1999 when the county bought that lot for the new parkway.
    Seems fitting for “low income” since it’s only homeless which have camped there since they demolished my rental home and all other historic “officers” cabins there.

    -So,,I could imagine the traffic in an already bad location for entering/leaving this spot.

  3. $820 a month for a single bedroom and $1,100 a month for a three bedroom? Soon to be more like $1,500 for the single bdrm and &2,000 for the three bdrm based on what every property management company calls the market value. Because, as every renter knows, “THAT”S WHAT THE MARKET WILL BARE”. Last time I rented an apartment I rented it at $530 a month. With in two years the rent had systomatically been raised to $1,200 based on “THE MARKET VALUE” Affordable housing for who?

    1. you really should educate yourself so you don’t sound dumb! The rents are fixed in these types of projects once they take public money, so they won’t be going up like you say!

  4. What was predicted is coming to pass. Elite cities still need low-income housing. No one would want to commute to Bend for minimum wage, yet there is a need to fill those low paying positions.

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