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Man found shot, wounded near Drake Park in NW Bend

Bend police crime scene Riverfront Tumalo Ben 1119
Ben Steen/KTVZ
Police, sheriff's deputies at crime scene investigation in NW Bend Thursday afternoon

(Update: Initial police, witness info about shooting)

Rushed to hospital; 'no danger to public'

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – A man was found shot and wounded Thursday afternoon near the south end of Bend's Drake Park, bringing numerous police and medics to the area and closing some nearby roads, police said.

Bend Police Corporal Josh Spano told NewsChannel 21 an adult male was shot and wounded, and taken to St. Charles Bend.

No one else was injured, Spano said. He could not confirm whether a suspect was in custody, but said there was no risk to public safety.

The husband of a witness contacted NewsChannel 21 about what happened.

He said his wife told her she was driving in the area and came upon a car stopped in the road. She got out and found the driver was on the ground, telling her he'd been shot. She said she used her jacket to try to stop the bleeding.

Bend police posted a tweet at 3:30 p.m. saying officers were “actively working a crime scene” in the area of Northwest Riverfront Street and Tumalo Avenue.

“Please stay out of the area,” they said. “Roads are blocked in the area, look for alternative routes.”

Witnesses reported numerous police, including Oregon State Police, Deschutes County sheriff's deputies and an emergency response team, had gathered in the area.

Spano also said area roads would be closed for an extended time for the investigation.

We’ll have more details as they become available.

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  1. ” No one else was injured, Spano said. He could not confirm whether a suspect was in custody, but said there was no risk to public safety.”

    They can’t confirm if anyone is in custody, but they do know that there is no risk to public safety. They must be psychic…

    1. You’re one dumb commentator; remember the guy that got shot off the bar stool at the Westside? No you don’t, you’re just another new comer from somewhere else that wants to whine all the time. YOU move back to California!

    2. Remember the good ol’ dayss when Bend was the unsolved murder capital of the world? Or when Sawyer park was the best place to go for meth? Or was that just for sketchy hookups? Ah I forget.

      Your hot take has gotta be the least factual most rose colored goggles version of history imaginable.

    3. Want to stop the influx from California?

      You should personally stop every sale of Oregon real estate to Californians, by any means necessary.
      Go ahead, you can do it !

    1. You has very fearful personality. If the cops say there’s there’s no threat they have information to make them say so. In your type of thinking, you’d be happy if they just detained anyone, or perhaps burned a witch to appease your insecurities.

        1. re:glutenghost did it ever occur to you He is the face of this station online.. and He has answers? also did it occur to you its pretty rude to keep giving Barney a bad time or make stupid statements like that?

  2. Curious….how rude everyone is to each other.

    Why? What benefit is derived? Your ego(s) maybe?

    As for crime and outsiders. Dig into the crimes that occurred back in the 70’s.

    Read “A Strange Piece of Paradise”…
    Redmond, two women bicycling cross country beat/ hacked by a local Redmond creep (Cline Falls).

    Crime happens.

    1. re:frogs eyes.. totally agree with you on how rude everyone is to each other.. I think they feel like since they are hiding behind a computer screen with no real name visiable.. it entitles them to be rude sadly.

  3. Overall – Bend’s news service is actually pretty good.
    Comment sections though – are pretty awful.
    Comments serve a lot of useful purposes. Get more information, clarification about an article – or add facts. I would hate to see it lost.
    However – I would like to see slanderous posts about other commenters lead to an automatic ban. And maybe some content moderation. We seem to have more than our share of toxic individuals.

  4. Anyone ever hear from BPD about the Latino man found beaten about 6 weeks ago?

    The one the “peacekeepers” immediately posted on their FB “dox-alot” page as being the victim of Trump supporters?

    Or did it turn out to be a nasty mugging after a night out on the town? Or gang related? Or “no update yet” from investigators?

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