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Anonymous donor hires notable Bend chef to cook for seniors

'I think it speaks very highly of the community of Bend...'

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Chef Ingrid Rohrer has cooked for the likes of Clint Eastwood, Arnold Schwarzenegger and even President Ford.

And Sunday night, she took her culinary skills to seniors In Central Oregon who can’t visit with family due to COVID-19.

Rohrer said an anonymous donor reached out to her to purchase the meals.

“What a gift for these people that really need some assistance," she said.

Rohrer gave NewsChannel 21 a look at Sunday's menu.

"Today, were making a cream of broccoli soup, with mixed cheeses -- it has gruyere, sharp cheddar, asiago -- and it’s gluten-free, so hopefully that appeals to everybody," Rohrer said

"Chef Ingrid" said the act helps the community of Bend shine.

“I think it speaks very highly of the community of Bend, and how they care about each other, and how they’re willing to reach out in any way they can, to help.”

In fact Rohrer said she was reached out to by someone who heard about Sunday's donation, and was inspired to help in another situation.

"Apparently, her roommate got COVID, so she was unable to spend Thanksgiving with her elderly mother," she said. "So I’ve decided to put together a little meal for this woman. I'll be dropping it off on Tuesday, just because she asked me to."

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    1. Its a good reminder that we can all beat the bat flu together, when businesses and people INNOVATE instead of INFECTING, thank you for this positive holiday message ktvz!

  1. Wow! so happy for the folks that got meals! But, How exactly was this a “random act of kindness” by the chef, as reported? Maybe for the donor but for the chef, it’s another gig.

    1. Wow. There is cynical- and then there’s your reply. How are you able to take a story like that and turn it into being null because someone (anonymously, no less) paid to have this done for people who might appreciate it? I’m just going to be thankful this holiday that there are people less cynical and I hope you find some softness in your heart too.

      1. This is about FAKE NEWS not the kindness of the donor! I have no problem with the outlet reporting on the kindness of the donor but the chef didn’t commit a “random act of kindness” they excepted a fee to cook for someone over the age of 5o!

        1. Do you have proof she took a fee for her labor? Or did she donate her labor and only charge for the ingredients? The story doesn’t say . . . and to be honest, most don’t care which it was, just the fact that someone donated to make it happen. I’ve seen too many “professionals” that donate their time for donations like this. Their payback is new customers because of the publicity. Then you also have the “professionals” that donate their time, just to see the faces and hear the comments of the people being fed. So what is the rest of the story . . . and what does it matter, if it brings joy to so many?

  2. Awesome news! Chef Ingrid is an amazing talent and makes the best soup in the world. Her food is amazing. Cheers and anyone who has a sliver of a negative comment about this story…flights from RDM to CA daily…get on one and go back.

      1. jack-o – she’s making food for people to consume, you idiot! though she’s not near people in the video, that are in sight anyway, she is making food for others!!!!

        she needs gloves and a mask.

        sheesh – were you born this stupid or did you just try really hard?

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