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Struggling C.O. Gymnastics Academy seeking public’s help to stay in business

Bend gym currently not allowed to open due to COVID-19 guidelines

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- To say the last 10 months for Central Oregon Gymnastics Academy owner Sharman Watt has been a roller-coaster might be an understatement.

Watt's gym was forced to close last year, when the pandemic hit Central Oregon. A few months later, in June, the gym reopened, only to once again shut down in November.

So for the last three months, the gym that has been teaching kids for 23 years has been closed.

“Everybody is out there struggling," Watt said Monday. "I know every gym in Oregon right now is struggling. We have weekly meetings about what we are going to do. There is no one out there in a good position.”

Watt's gym has received funding from the government relief measures, but Watt said it dd not help that much.

“Really, what it comes down to is the community support," Watt told NewsChannel 21. "Without community support, we can’t survive. Even with reduced capacity, we were not breaking even.”

The gym is now asking for community support to help keep its gym open. A group of parents have started a GoFundMe campaign.

At the moment, because of state "Extreme Risk" COVID-19 guidelines for Deschutes County, the gym cannot be open at all. Before the gym was shut down in November, it was operating at reduced capacity, something Watt said was hard to control with kids and physical distancing.

“They don’t have body awareness of who is near them," Watt said. "You tell them to get away from one kid, and they bounce to the next kid.”

Watt said she'll likely need to at least get back up to 75 percent capacity to break even, which is something she hopes comes sooner rather than later.

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Jordan Williams is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Jordan here.



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  1. Sharman Watt failed to take this opportunity to lay blame at the doorsteps of the lone individual who created this economic crisis and her personal business failure- Gov kate Brown ! I would suggest that instead of creating a GoFundMe page for her Gymnastics school- that she instead start one to fund patriots to march on Brown’s Capitol building to peacefully shout down the Dictator in Salem who has destroyed the state ! I will not donate a dime to any individual who sits back and allows their civil liberties to be taken away but instead whines about the hardship- while invoking the pain and suffering of children ! Patriotic Oregonians are taking this debate right to Salem- if you can go- do it ! If you can’t- then support those who can ! Americans did not vote for any of this- it has been thrust upon us by a radical left wing party that lost an election four years ago and has gone to war against the masses- culminating in the systematic loss of individual rights and constitutional freedoms ! The clock has run out- it is now time to act.

  2. Good point bghw and just like with how all the squad got reelected they’ll be enough out there that will see to it brown will be re elected next year. That is if she can be, lot of people are afraid of change and rather stay with the devil they know jx

  3. That could be changed when Dems get the power here next week you think Barney? The blue state governors who have proved their allegiance to the Dem party by blaming everything on Trump will get an extra term once they change the Constitution.

  4. Doug B has a good point as we see numerous shenanigans by the radical left in play. Maybe some of you saw the back and forth between myself and the moderator last night after “Anonymousktvz” attributed violent words and messages that he posted- to me- BGHW. I was then threatened with removal- and something akin to be swatted at my place of residence… not really sure what all the hate and anger was all about- but this is a new low- one that seems to be protected here as a form of “turning up the heat” on conservative voices. There are clearly new terms and phrases that are not allowed- references to peaceful demonstrations- marches- and protests seem to be one of them- this is censorship at the very ugliest and should be shouted down- in Salem !

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  5. Remember “we’re all in this together.”. Except for the government bureaucrats which shuttered your businesses and destroyed everything you worked for and have never missed a paycheck. BUT HEY. Nancy made sure you got $600 so quit whining that you’re out of business. (I wonder how much the big banks got to process and print those debit cards?)

    1. Maybe you ought to direct that question to Mnuchin……”At a press conference, Mnuchin said that the debit cards were an effort to “expedite money to people even quicker in a very safe way.” He also hinted that debit cards could be used in the future, saying, “Going forward, we think debit cards are a safe and secure way of delivering refunds.” Vox Looks like Trump is taking care of his buddies again. That’s a hell of a lot of money being floated and fees being collected.

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