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Peaceful surrender ends 3-hour standoff with fugitive south of downtown Bend

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Katie Zuniga/KTVZ
Bend police, Deschutes County deputies, CERT armored car called out Saturda in standoff with armed man at home on Colorado AVenue

(Update: Adding video, Bend police details)

Was suspect in recent cases involving gun; stolen gun, heroin found Thursday

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – Bend police and the region’s SWAT team surrounded a home south of downtown Saturday, closing streets and alerting neighbors about a standoff with a fugitive who police said was a suspect in several recent cases involving a firearm.

The incident began shortly after noon, when officers received information the 36-year-old man they were seeking was in a residence in the 300 block of Northwest Colorado Avenue, at its intersection with Chamberlin Street, Lt. Clint Burleigh said.

The man was suspected to have had a stolen handgun that was found Thursday, along with more than 26 grams of suspected heroin, Burleigh said.

The Central Oregon Emergency Response Team was activated due to the nature of the investigation and possible presence of firearms, he added.

A Bend police officer could be heard on a megaphone, telling the man inside, "We are not going away," and asking him to either turn on his phone and call 911 "or come out the front door, with your hands in the air."

Crisis Negotiator Team members were eventually able to contact the man, and he agreed to come out of the home around 3:20 p.m.

The man was taken to the Deschutes County Jail on charges of first-degree theft, first-degree burglary, and heroin possession and delivery.

The home is at the intersection of Colorado Avenue and Chamberlin Street, both of which were closed due to the incident, as police with rifles and an armored car from the CERT team surrounded the home, across Colorado Avenue from the Market of Choice grocery store.

Due to the home's location, Colorado Avenue was closed between Northwest Sisemore Street and Lava Road, causing some traffic detours and backups.

Burleigh said police worked with the market to have customers use the southern exit on Arizona Avenue, while Colorado Avenue was closed at Sisemore Street.

“We got hold of neighbors, told them they should think about relocating or sheltering, staying safe in their homes,” he said, calling it “a high-risk situation.”

Around 2:30 p.m., with CERT members were at the home's front door before a flash and smoke could be seen, indicated the apparent use of a "flash bang" device, in a bid to get the person out of the home.

Less than an hour later, he came out and slowly walked backwards toward waiting police, his hands over his head. CERT members soon entered the home.

"This is the outcome we want," Burleigh told NewsChannel 21 later. "We wanted a very peaceful outcome. We’ll handle the situations. Everybody gets due process, but as we take situations, we try to make them safe.”

“The collaboration between all the law enforcement agencies in Central Oregon is what makes this happen," he added. "That team made this, made this event end peacefully.”

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Noah Chast

Noah Chast is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Noah here.



  1. “police truck” – armored assault vehicle? – was a time such things were just not ok, not too many minutes ago – so, are we ok with this kind of militarization, and if so, what’s the justification? –

        1. Hmmm…OK
          Your question…Police Truck…Armored Assault vehicle”?
          …Yes, it is armored so the bad guy with the gun cannot shoot people inside it

          Your question…Are we OK with this kind of militarization?
          ….Yes, we are. It’s 4WD old style APC, it’s not a Bradly Fighting Vehicle. It’s designed to safely deliver personnel and provide cover for small arms fire.
          …Or we can return to the days of Melvin Pervis and burn them out.

            1. Not as long as the amount of corruption and zero accountability for the criminals amongst their ranks exist. 5 million dollar whistleblower case involving members of this same swat team. So no, we can’t have a rational conversation due to a lack of trust and transparency

            1. I’m fairly certain he was talking about the LEO Nazis gassing American cities and disappearing people in unmarked rental vans and wearing military gear with no identification as they assaulted the wall of moms.

      1. maybe you’re just too young – you honestly don’t remember how things were just a few years ago? – be careful what you choose to accept “just ‘cus”

        – a little reading might do you some good

    1. You need to go for a ride along my friend and see what these guys and gals deal with everyday. They encounter armed suspects quite a bit and deserve the right to have protection and go home to their families each night. It’s not a militarization. It’s using technology to be safe in a dangerous job.

      1. no i don’t – i wasn’t born yesterday, but yesterday, competent cops, who were known by community members were able to get their jobs done without playing GI Joe in American streets – you have been talked into some major BS, and you seem happy to promote it – too bad you are either too young, or too stimulated by such things to understand how it was just a short time ago

      2. We need the protection of the police personnel, far more drug use, far more unpredictability, these guys deserve credit for getting it done with no one getting shot or killed, what ever equipment is necessary to do so safely is ok with me

    2. Hmmm…

      Too lazy to do your own homework?

      Try “Google Search” for law enforcement use of armored vehicles.

      Only about 25 years of stories, data, and justification to draw from.

  2. Really though? Police officer isn’t even in the top ten most dangerous job’s so no they don’t need an armored vehicle.. correct me if wrong but if memory serves me right not one of the people killed by bend pd have been armed yet.. convenience store clerks are in a more dangerous line of work..

      1. Citizens used to be able to handle threats themselves, now we become the criminals for trying to deal with issues ourselves before we called the police. The police wants to make everyone criminals, not keep us all safe. It’s better business.

  3. convenience store clerks would be just ahead of all you can eat buffet workers in a restaurant thats across from a fat farm. I tell you i have seen fear in their eyes when i have waddled up to the line for seconds

  4. FBI stats show about 50 cops die per year in the line of duty. Just for comparison according to national geographic about 2,000 people die yearly from getting hit by lightning

    So you have a much better chance to die by getting struck by lightning then you do getting killed working as a police officer

    1. I thought that 2000 sounded unlikely. It took me 20 seconds to find that the actual figure is 49 people die from lightning strikes in the U.S. per year. Nice try, though.

  5. Here we go again. A majority of you have no idea how to debate. If you cannot counter someone’s point with a another point of your own then maybe you shouldn’t respond at all. Attacking the person is so…….pelosi

  6. There are now two lawsuits against the Redmond police department some of who’s members are on this swat team (some we’re specifically mentioned in a 5 million dollar whistleblower by a former Sargent). KTVZ hasn’t covered this police corruption. This isn’t journalism about police when you only show one side. It’s why KTVZs competition has a superior way of presenting their journalism as ethically fair and more transparent with what’s going on in Central Oregon. Not “COPS GOOD, nothing else” which KTVZ won’t shake. Puke journalism.

    1. not to mention a moderator who also is an editor who also uses the comments section to communicate with trolls, but no power or will to deal with trolls. Its not journalism, its website content management, and pretty poor content at that.

  7. Thanks for the thread explanation Barney. I was hoping it wasn’t a problem of all these machines being online. There seems to be some contention about that these days

  8. Boy, this story got everyone’s dander up. The bottom line is with all the police and tactical presence, it still took 3 hours to get this guy (who is still booked in the county jail) to peacefully surrender. Think how long it would have taken for 6 officers and 3 squad cars to get the same result.
    and by the way, he had weapons in the house. He came out unarmed and backing up as instructed so that he didn’t get mowed down in a frenzy of bullets. It is a good thing that he decided he wanted to live.

  9. Thank you, Bend Police. You should have drove a bit further down the road and taken out that huge homeless encampment that popped up recently by the RR tracks and seems to be growing.

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