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Bend artist receives community support to complete collage artwork

'Magazines recycled as art, with help: I've never seen anything like Bend'

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) — Bend resident Hannah Meadows has been keeping busy during the COVID-19 quarantine by tuning into her artistic side.

She has been creating colorful collages in her free time. A lot of magazines are required for her artwork, and the Bend community has been there to help along the way.

She says she relies almost exclusively on the magazine donations from the community.

“The Bend community has been really great with this," Meadows said. “Coming from the Seattle area, I used to do calls for magazines all the time, and I would get a good response -- but I’ve never seen anything like Bend.”

Thanks to recent magazine donations, she is now on her sixth canvas collage.

 “I just like doing them as a hobby, because they just bring me joy, " Meadow said. “Especially right now, during the pandemic, they’re so good to do as a solo hobby.”

It's also a way to recycle magazines, as art -- something many students are familiar with from projects over the years.

"As I'm going through the magazines, I always look for colors and patterns, kind of depending on how many pieces I need for the next project," she said.

Meadows says she wouldn’t have sufficient material if she had to purchase all the magazines on her own, and thanks the community for allowing her to continue creating the artwork.

She started reaching out over social media and has received a great response. She says they make her feel well taken care of.

“It’s been a great way to discover Bend," Meadows said. "I feel like when I post in social media to Bend communities for magazines, people comment from everywhere, so I drive everywhere to get these, at least all around Bend.”

She says people have begun calling her and saving magazines for her to create artwork with.

Meadows said she believes people are being supportive because they are looking for things to do where they can just sit and work on something, especially when they can’t go too many places or do the things they used to, at least for now.

Meadows says she plans on continuing to reach out to the Bend community for future projects.

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