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Central Oregonians gather to celebrate Juneteenth, newly official state, federal holiday

Central Oregonians walked up Pilot Butte in an annual 'Take Back the Butte' event and also held another gathering Saturday to mark Juneteenth, a newly official federal and state holiday. To learn more about the groups involved, visit and

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Carly Keenan

Carly Keenan is a multimedia journalist and producer for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Carly here.



      1. BLM flew flags and rallied in the streets of Bend and Prineville- They used our streets to promote division and hate- why is none of that mentioned when Central Oregonians gather to “celebrate” Juneteenth ???

          1. Actually they blocked streets- assaulted elderly- and got hauled in ! “Oregon State Police said a conflict arose when a Black Lives Matter protester allegedly shoved an elderly counter-protester…. Prineville Police Capt. Larry Seymour confirmed to NewsChannel 21 that four people were arrested”….…. and more thuggery- “Three (All BLM Supporters) arrested in altercation at Prineville Black Lives Matter rally”…… So much Justice- So much Peace- So much fer your BS ! There- fixed it for ya !


          2. How have they failed to realize what is right in front of them? How is it possible to ignore all the history and advances that have been made to make sure everyone is equal? They have equality and justice and in fact are coddled, swaddled and spoon fed by illiberals. I assume you have heard of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, but how do you interpret it? what about the numerous laws throughout the country specifically prohibiting discrimination based on race, gender etc.? It’s like the many good parts of history never happened in your view of things.

      2. So why are some people refusing to let go of what happened almost 100 years ago? I do not mean we should ever forget, but we should not rehash it just to cause racial division and hatred. Pilot Butte did not need to be taken back again, as it was taken back many decades ago. As a person of color, I know what discrimination and racial division feels like, as I experienced it in the 50’s, 60’s and earlier part of the 70’s. After that, racial division diminished greatly and people seemed to just except each other as humans and Americans. There will always be some racism, but not to the degree it was in the past. However, after Obama, the great racial divider was elected, racial division became an epidemic again. Not surprising.

        ” Racial division is a old technique used by socialists to gain support among minorities in countries that they wished to create a revolution. Here is an excerpt from;

        In the book A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century, published in 1913 by Israel Cohen of the Fabian Society (a follow-up to Zangwill’s play The Melting Pot), he wrote:

        “We must realize that our Party’s most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races, that for centuries have been oppressed by the whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party … In America, we will aim for subtle victory.

        While inflaming the Negro minority against the Whites, we will instill in the Whites a guilt complex for the exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise to prominence in every walk of life, in the professions, and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negroes will be able to intermarry with the Whites, and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”

      1. Frankly as a person of color and a Oregon Native, Im sick of all the race baiting. Enough already. We are all Americans and it doesnt matter the color of ones skin.

      2. Yes, an overly developed sense of history had worked so well in the Middle East and Eastern Europe where they still kill each other over things which happened centuries ago.

        I’m fine with Juneteenth, it’s the absurd notion they’re taking back the butte that’s hilarious.

      3. But did you know they were never widely accepted in bend? They failed to do anything substantial. Now they are mostly useful to the race hustlers and thus have been revived from obscurity. Are we really moving forward and if so how? My sense is racism is increasing and blm is the modern equivalent of kkk.

    1. Since there is a shortage of racism currently they have to borrow what little there is from history: even back then the klan was largely rejected. All that matters is that they fight an enemy that died long ago purely for theatrics.

  1. Oregon was not involved in the Civil War- has no history one side or the other- Juneteenth is right up there with “New Coke”- a bad idea that will go no-where.

    1. Oregon was a refugee camp of the confederate diaspora – not surprising that you know nothing of history – your posts are proof that you really no nothing of just about everything

      – fabulous brain that you have – outlawing of slavery is a bad idea that will go nowhere

      1. Did you know the Democratic Party is the party of racism??? It needs to be dissolved because of its history just like the confederate statues they are removing. The only history some people know, is selective history.

      2. This dimwit says to someone that “you really no nothing”? I can see why he can never even attempt to develop an intelligent thought. He obviously does “no nothing”.

      3. Your follow up comment is based on “post” Civil War activities… nothing to do with what I wrote- which remains true….. “Oregon was not involved in the Civil War- has no history one side or the other” ! Try sticking to the comments at hand- your attempts at being a “No-it-All” is hilarious !

      1. Cmon Man… you didn’t even bother to read your own link ! Key phrase… “most scholarly
        histories treat the Civil War as a North-South conflict, distant from and irrelevant to the Pacific Northwest. Oregon’s status as a free state, its residents’ (alleged) lack of interest in the slavery question, and its geographic distance from the war’s military action have long relegated Oregonians to the role of “spectators of disunion” ! And that’s exactly right- anything else is pure “look at me- I’m gonna twist some facts” poppycock ! FACTOID TIME- From your link… “When Oregon voters approved a new state constitution in 1857, they chose to prohibit both slavery and black emigration”. “The lack of free or enslaved African Americans and the overwhelming sentiment in favor of keeping Oregon a free country ostensibly minimized the impact of the national struggle over slavery and emancipation on state
        politics, law, and social relations.” The rest is pure speculation- Oregon wanted no part of the African problem- uneducated- illiterate- unsophisticateds- with little to offer but grief and hardship. Oregon made the right move- supporting Mexican and Asian migrants instead… neither of which harbor the ill will and hatred towards America that Blacks do… Proof that the best decision was to keep them out- let California have em ! The rest is history.

      1. Easy enough- That’s me and my buddies flying the flags of resistance. For those 90% of Southerners who had no skin in the game- didn’t own a single slave- yet found Northern Yankee racist aggressive acts worth fighting against. No different than today- when Kovid Kate declared that she had the right to confiscate private property to fight her fake pandemic… I busted out my Alabama purchased stars and bars and flew that flag with dignity and contempt for everything Brown and the Demokant Party stands for ! Go ahead- come on over and try to take it down you chicken liver !

        1. That’s awesome! You finally admit your folks got politically bamboozled into fighting a war that didn’t directly affect them! Sheeple! Congratulations! In the unfortunate case that you breed it would be interesting to see what your antecedents would have to say about “the Big Bad Steal”. Keep waving your losing side banner!

          1. I have trouble understanding many of your posts. I think you mean “descendants” not antecedents, since you mention “breed”. An antecedant is something that comes before, so I’m not clear how “breeding” logically leads to “antecedants”.

  2. I’ve lived here for a long , long Time and have hiked that Butte Countless times. I have seen, religious groups perform music and services up there, I’ve watched Native American groups up there perform song and dance, I’ve seen countless ethnic and cultural individuals and families up there taking pictures, enjoying conversations with fellow hikers. There is nothing to take back from or for anyone. Just enjoy life and those around you.

      1. You can start with the Democratic Party if we are speaking about the Klan. Wasn’t the late Senator Byrd a mentor of Biden??? Seems to me most progressives have selective outrage.

        1. I read the piece from the Oregon historical society. The Oregon kkk helped elect the democrat governor Walter pierce. The race hustlers only learn the history that portrays dark toned people as weak and needing a white savior. They are still racists, but kinder and gentler these days as blatant racism is too obvious. You and I both understand we are Americans first and the skin tone is of little significance.

      2. Tiozo, the klan is repulsive but this happened in the 1920’s and as I mentioned, it’s never happened since, and every race , religion and creed hikes that butte and nobody has treated anyone with disrespect. Everyone ive ever seen up there has been happy, taking pictures, talking, singing and laughing…… enjoying everything. Again I ask? What on earth in the last 40 yrs is there to “Take Back”? The COBLA’s director is wrong in making assumptions about something that has not happened but once in the 1920’s . He’s doing nothing but trying to stoke a fire from an ember.

        1. TioBozo has bought in to the media’s constant false claims about institutionalized racism in America- When we challenge the Bozos of the world to prove such- they fail miserably. Not saying their isn’t IR- Universities actively engaging in tokenism is one example- Affirmative Action is another- then of course there is the NBA- and the NFL- 80% black- and proud of it !

        1. I’m starting to get the idea that liberals don’t really believe what they are saying and are driven by some dark, illogical need to feel better by projecting their guilt onto others. They just don’t make any sense as they cherry pick and pervert even simple history. I read the Oregon historical society piece, which makes it clear the kkk were not accepted: this begs the question as to why they only bring up the part of history and fail to mention the kkk was rejected? The second part seems pretty relevant, correct? Also the kkk helped elect a democratic governor, Walter Pierce.

      1. Yeah it’s important to celebrate something that happened In The 1800s. Any reason to take another day off paid. How about as a country we celebrate 1 holiday. Independence day. No reason to celebrate all the other politically/ religious driven “holidays”.

      2. Oy Tio- put a lid on it already ! First- why would I celebrate something I have no direct relationship with- I’m not Jewish- so why would I celebrate Hanukkah ? Second- why not celebrate America’s diversity- it’s multi-cultural history- why are you libs trying to homogenize our nation into milk toast ? Damn- some of you just don’t get it ! ALL races have struggled in America- Chinese were enslaved- so were Irish- Italians- Mexicans- Native Americans…. Slavery is not America’s burden- Europeans benefited much more- and it was blacks who started the history of slavery to begin with ! America has a race problem alright- it’s racial victim-hood being played and promoted by skummy politicians- not the average guy in the street- who could care less.

      3. The ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment was the end of slavery. I would be down with celebrating that. Just because some honky rode into town and posted a notice on the courthouse did not mean that it was the end of slavery.

      1. Tell that to the Democrats! They fought tooth and nail to keep it! And now they try to sterilize us with Planned Parenthood and by forcing unproven vaccines on our children! White Trash!

  3. Before last week how many people even knew this day? How many even know what Cinco de Mayo was? And the irony. Taxpayers working to pay for federal employees not to work. Nothing like a little slavery to keep our bureaucrats fat and happy.

    1. people (American taxpayers) who have educated themselves, and know actual history (events that did indeed happen, not Disneyland mythology) have known about this and other important events for generations, despite desperate attempts to hide, erase, change them

      – Cinco de Mayo? …. nothing like a little slavery? – broken brain, broken soul

  4. Teenth sounds like a small amount of drugs you can purchase. June being the 6th month could be 1/6? Maybe they celebrating 2 grams meth is legal now and you don’t have to sneak up the butte to buy it any more?
    Or maybe its a new treatment group that walks up there and holds hands and shouts?
    Either way for another liberal declared forced holiday I’m kinda surprised at the grammar since they always go for the grammar card. Today is then happy june twenty somethin? Ten day from now we can call june tirty

  5. Happy Juneteenth folks, it’s the day when Blacks in Texas learned that they were free, June 19, 1865 in Galveston.

    But what does today mean?

    It’s the day when Blacks found out that the first Republican President had signed the Emancipation Proclamation freeing them from the physical bondage of the Democrat Party. It was two years later, on July 4th 1867, that 150 of those same Black men met in Houston and established the Republican Party of Texas. The Democrats, in response, established the Ku Klux Klan.

    Today, the Democrats are economically enslaving Blacks and have turned inner city communities into modern plantations of welfare and economic dependence.

    Juneteenth is a celebration of why the Republican Party was established in 1854, the abolition of slavery. Only a flaming incompetent idiot would give the party of the jackass any credit for Juneteenth .

    Read more

      1. Yes and history repeats itself. Only the Democrats have learned from history and it’s the Republicans who consider Black voices not worth hearing, t his the return of Jim Crow laws. They can’t even be bothered to learn what Critical Race Theory is before condemning it. Then again, Republicans seem to oppose everything these days and have no moral ground to stand FoR anything except lies, greed, corruption and attempts to destroy democracy.

        1. Oh puleeze. Sadly the only thing the Democratic Party has learned is to use people of color for political gain. Personally as a person of color, I am sick and tired of people who believe everything pertaining to voter integrity side boards/audits is somehow racist. Voter ID is NOT RACIST and many minorities like myself have NO PROBLEM with it in order to vote. As for CRITICAL RACE THEORY, that is just another bogus class set to divide people. Never in my life have I witness so much hate and division coming from those very people who call themselves “progressives”.

          Joe Biden suggested that black entrepreneurs are incapable of succeeding in America because they don’t have access to lawyers and accountants. This again is another insult to minorities. As far as lies, greed, corruption and an attempt to destroy democracy, I suggest you start looking into the democratic party. It is no longer the party of John Kennedy…far from it.

          1. Another Republican who has no idea what Critical Race Theory is but repeats the approved rhetoric about hate and devisiveness. Biden was correct when he acknowledged the difficulties Black entrepreneurs face. Even obtaining a loan is more difficult. The urban race culture is a lot different than what you experience here.

            1. “Biden” ??? Did you just say “Biden” ??? A man who once said that KKK member Robert Byrd was a great friend- a great mentor ??? That “Biden” ??? The Klinton’s worshipped Byrd- and everything he stood for- all that KKK Grand Wizard stuff- both Biden and the Klinton’s loved it- so 1860’s in yer face deep Southern arrogance… yet you have the nerve to mention the name “Biden” as a woke politician to the black mans cause… Damn are you stoopid !

            2. Yeah, Biden is the epitome of a non racist dude. You are totally blind to the truth. Democratic Party has painted minorities as helpless, less intelligent than whites and you buy into it. Unless you change your attitude you will always be a victim…in your own mind.

            3. You make unsubstantiated claims about people you know nothing about. I have learned what CRT is and it’s taking us right back to racism, prejudice and hate. I suspect you would profit from this as there is no other explanation for supporting CRT.

              Have you even read that Ibram Kendi explicitly states the only way to cure racism is to promote racism from now and into the future? Could it be that black entrepreneurs face more difficulties because perhaps they are not as financially fit? My understanding is that when banks are forced to be more lenient with black business people, they fail more. Even black owned banks tend not to loan to blacks as much as whites. That’s not racism, that’s just good business to not loan to people who aren’t able to make the payments. Do you see racism as the only explanation for everything?

              1. Divide everyone based on race.
              2. One race is superior to the other.
              3. Zero sum game – someone has to lose so the other can get ahead.
              4. Completely ignore the major steps and sacrifices that have been made to eliminate racism from the public sphere.
              5. Promote perpetual victimhood by conflating class with race.
              6. Deny agency of one’s own actions and deflect failure onto the system and light toned people.
              7. Promote the small group of people who promote CRT above all others.

        2. You should know about Jim Crow laws Father, your party wrote them, and supported them. Democrat Party owns the most slaves in the country today. I think your party should vote to change the name of BLM to BLM matters, except in Chicago, and abortion clinics. Your beloved Margaret Sanger would agree I’m sure

  6. Juneteenth is the day that Blacks discovered that a Republican had given them their freedom. July 4th 1867 is the day they formed the Republican party of Texas and in response, the Democrats established the Ku Klux Klan. The Republican Party is the party of freedom while the Democrat Party would enslave us.

            1. Dumper- there are times when you should shut yer trap and listen ! You’d be surprised as to how many Republican blacks there are out there… you still wish to argue which GOP Presidential candidate garnered the most black votes of any other candidate in US political history ??? Or you just gonna sit there and wallow in your own ignorance and hate- I’m willin’ to bet… that’s exactly what you’ll do- Loser !

            2. As for using the N-Word freely, start with the Democratic Party. How can you defend the indefensible? As recent as today, White Liberal Democrat Senator Sheldon when asked by a reporter why he continues to be a member of an all white club said “whites-only clubs are a long tradition in Rhode Island” and he thinks “we just need to work our way through the issues.” His wife is actually one of the members of the board!! Bidens own son Hunter used the N-Word several times in conversations with his attorney. Biden referred to black children as roaches. I had never heard that term until it cam out of his own lips. Judge Joe Brown knows Biden is a racist. I could go on, but sadly you continue to drink the DemonRatic Party Kool-aid. Sadly you will always be a victim in your own mind. What a sad way to live.

      1. Are you also an attractive well-endowed billionaire genius? It’s the internet. Be who you want to be, Baby! Just don’t expect anyone to believe it until they see it. Unless they’re conservatives, that is.

  7. I participated in Take Back the Butte. A wonderful assortment of people took part. Inspiring and unifying words by organizer Riccardo Waites of COBLA at the top. The event name references Oregon’s recent history and culture of racism. Did you know we had a series of Exclusion Laws, one–the infamous “Lash Law–which subjected black people found guilty of violating the law to whippings — no less than 20 and no more than 39 strokes of the lash — every six months “until he or she shall quit the territory.” We need to take off the blinders, acknowledge the truly evil parts of American and Oregon history (along with the good, of course), and think about the ongoing effects of this history. What’s wrong with a little honesty?

    1. Sounds like the type of thing taught in Critical Race Theory.. Education is necessary to acknowledge and understand a problem before a satisfactory solution can be found.

    2. It’s 2021 and how have you missed the parts of history that have already taken place to do exactly what you think hasn’t been done? It’s no longer 1862, 1900 or even 2000. Nobody is blind to the racism of the past, but that doesn’t mean we have studied every single detail to exhaustion. You do recall that native americans enslaved each other, prior to 1619, and slavery was around the world back then and is still around the world today? Why so narrowly focused in scope?

  8. Last June 19th –

    The Central Oregon Black Leaders Assembly hosted the first march up the butte and titled it “Take back the Butte”.

    Over 300 folks participated; of all colors; gender; and beliefs.

    The march was wholly peaceful and a great deal of fun, thanks to Riccardo Waites and his team at COBLA.

    It is great seeing the march taking place again this year. And again, peaceful and fun.

    Kudos to all involved to include the Bend Police Department and Park employees who provided appropriate security, assistance, and help.

    1. Lose the phrase home fry- nobody references “Drink the kool-aid” anymore ! Jim ones went down with the ship in 1978 ! Lemme guess- you still think Bob Hope is gonna host the Academy Awards ???

      1. how so? Trump s economy employed more minorities and women than any other president? Trump has employed more minorities and women than any other President. your party thinks brown and black people cannot learn math so it racist? your party supports BLM but says nothing when the head of it buys million dollar homes in white neighborhoods like Topanga Canyon. Obama lives in 2 of the whitest places in the US, Palm Desert and Martha ‘s vineyards, amongst all the white racists, not in Chicago where the poor AA he claims to represent live. And one more note, name a single black enterainer or athlete who lives amongst the blacks they claim to represent? They all leave the hood as soon as they get rich, Leron includes. And on the subject of Lebron, name any country where a 17 year old kid can be drafted into the NBA and become a BILIIONaire for slam dunking a stupid rubber ball? any name any country where a black athelte who has been a millionaire since he as a teen can stand up aginast racissm, ans past slavery whiole taking millions from Nike as he seels shoes and clothes made by CHINESE SLAVES…yep….America is a terrible place. Lebron has no problem with slaves making his merch….Black lives matter, excvept at abortion clinins, and in the city of Chicago.

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