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Labor, supply shortages affecting holiday grocery shoppers in Central Oregon

'Labor and raw materials and, you name an issue, it's going on right now' - but customers voice thanks for what's in stock

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Food 4 Less is a locally owned grocery store preparing for the holiday season, but there are some items it's prepared to run out of.

Store Director Aaron Price has been working in the grocery business for 30 years.

“And this is by far the most trying and most difficult holiday season I’ve ever had to navigate,” Price said Friday. 

He said manufacturers are stopping production of a large number of items, and if you don’t buy in bulk ahead of time, like Price did, you’re out of luck.

“Our issues with running out of product, pretty limited so far,” Price said. “There's going to be things as we go along that will run out.”

One employee told NewsChannel 21 he’s been restocking turkeys and other Thanksgiving items pretty much all day.

Price says items like broth, canned pumpkin, canned cranberry and other seasonal items are already out of production.

The explanation he gets from the manufacturers, Price said he and others businesses can relate to.

“Labor and raw materials and -- you name an issue, it's going on right now,” Price said.


He said a lack of workers and ingredients coming in is leading manufacturers to make tough choices.

“So what they’re having to do is pick the items that they’re going to focus on and make those items, while sacrificing some ... the other ones they don’t sell as much,” Price said. 

Price said his store has actually seen more customers lately, thanking him for having products on the shelves.

“We're starting to hear that again, so it's always nice to hear positive, you know," he said. "So in this industry, sometimes you -- typically what you hear is the negative, so it's nice to hear a lot of positive.” 

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Noah Chast

Noah Chast is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Noah here.



  1. “Labor” ??? Weren’t we just told that the unemployment numbers were near “pre-pandemic” levels… then only a few days later- we find the real truth ! Cmon Man… what’s the deal ? Fact is- everything (except a whiny media) was much better under President Trump ! So what says Brandon supporters ?

      1. Please enlighten us all. Just how did Trump ruin our lives and we are just now seeing the result of it? You can’t name one, that’s why you didn’t cite how.

        Democrats/Socialists/Liberals/Marixists, you’re all in the same bucket; but no one can coherently say what the solution should be. Nothing but hot air from the blue side.

      2. You got nothing on President Trump but a bad attitude… Go ahead and enlighten us all on how great a job messy pants Joe is doing. He’s bankrupting the nation- nobody will work in his economy- the Consumer Price Index is surging out of control- he has America back to bombing sovereign nations and killing women and children- Joe promised to shut down the Covid Caper- it’s only gotten worse- so have at it- tell me more about the previous guy who raised family household incomes for “every” race-creed-religion-economic class in America. The guy who shut down Assad- North Korean missile tests- had the US thumbing its nose at OPEC… The left as usual- all bark- no bite !

    1. BGHW ~ hey toxic one..

      Production to replace low supply takes time. Duh. But hey ~ keep up your negative ramble. Speaking of whine. You’ve got it down.

      Hope you find your cranberries and pumpkin to make a pie.

      1. There’s plenty of supply loudmouth. But when you jack up fuel prices 70%- that will infect every level of the supply chain for years to come. Hope you find a good sized fork to eat your crow pie with- caw caw…. caw caw… !

        1. So you think Biden has control of gas prices? Get a clue “Wishy” The oil company’s are jacking prices to make up for losing money during the Trump Covid disaster. The next day after Biden took office is when everything fell apart for the short sighted, knuckle dragging morons who can’t think beyond a holy Faux News idiot talk show. I think you know better but like the attention Barney gives you, LOL!

          1. The knuckle dragging morons in the White House are the ones who shut down the US domestic oil and gas industry and handed it to Saudi and OPEC- (who BTW have no obligation to help Little Lyin’ Joey out of his mess)… Just two weeks ago- the guy that you say has no control- attempted to flex some… and he got mocked- ridiculed- and laughed at by every one but you (I guess). So here- get yer bony pointy finger headed in the right direction- the good folks at Forbes will help you out…

            “President Joe Biden cast blame at Russia and OPEC for the current state of high oil prices. He said “If you take a look at gas prices and you take a look at oil prices that’s a consequence of thus far the refusal of Russia or the OPEC nations to pump more oil.”

              1. You still demanding facts- here, try this on for size- from earlier this week… “The average price of regular gas in Alaska, Utah and Washington, D.C., has dropped since Sunday, while prices in California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon and Arizona have gone up, according to AAA.” !!! You know- you don’t have to keep defending this Biden guy- it’s taking up way too much of your time.

  2. Can’t believe they got through this interview without saying a word about sky-rocketing prices… and the worst is yet to come as economists nationwide predict hyperinflation at rates not seen since Carter. I say give it till about mid-December… the harsh reality of what muck-it-up Joe and Hunter have done to the US economy is gonna hit hard as food items will be un-affordable for many seniors and those on fixed incomes. Biden has hit you all with… well… let’s let Forbes explain it… “Consumer prices likely surged last month at their fastest pace in about 30 years. Economists expect the consumer price index rose 0.6% in October and 5.9% on a year-over-year basis, the most since 1990. The CPI is hotter than economists initially expected it would be, and they now see it staying elevated into next year… Thanks Joe- all 81 million of your supporters couldn’t have asked for more !

      1. Nope ! This bitter pill may be hard to swallow- but if 1 million people support the Joey and Hunter Clown Show- then stick around for the encore- it’s gonna be a beaut !

      1. Really ? Grateful for… “Fastest Inflation in 31 Years Puts More Heat on Washington
        The Consumer Price Index rose 6.2 percent in October from a year earlier, its sharpest increase since 1990. That is bad news for President Biden and the Federal Reserve.” ??? Ya’ll best try to hang on to what you have- make sure you hand it down to your kids- cause Joey and Hunter are bankrupting the nation ! Up next- Joey brings back coal- and China couldn’t be happier !

      2. Grateful for what you have??? What about what you no longer have? Wait as it gets worse and you have even less! Higher prices for everything and prices you can no longer afford. Add to it all the booster shots that make you sick and you can’t sue the manufacturer.

    1. Barney- if you honestly have my original post- you could have deleted the 9 “single sentences” I posted and replaced it with the single lengthy comment… Once again- I sense you simply don’t have my first post- it has vanished- do you still not know why ?

      1. It was in the trash. If you’d done one of your typical “why are my comments being blocked?” maybe I’d have gone to look first. Instead I approved all the comments in the pending queue. I don’t spend my day rummaging in the trash.
        And no, I don’t know why they some of your posts land there, and I really don’t care. No way it will be a priority of techs. Moving to a community moderation system may happen, or the comment system may go away before we ever waste time looking at why this rudimentary comment system doesn’t like you. You blame me for things I have no control over, just one of many of your traits that could lead to you having to find a new place to complain and doomsay.

  3. Look back over the past several decades. Happens time and time again. Republican president puts the country in the ditch. Democratic president is blamed for it but over the course of 8 years is able to end the economic turmoil and put the country back on track. Then a republican president puts it in the ditch again. Only difference this time is that Trump was able to hit the ditch in record time. Four years instead of eight, but the blame game pattern continues. Luckily, we have cable news to tell people how to think so this doesn’t become obvious.

    1. Trump didnt just drive the country into the ditch; he drove it into the ditch then stood on the gas so it buried itself, flipped over sideways and caught on fire.

      1. oh and killing nearly a million people in his spare time and having his hillbilly thugs invade and desecrate the Capitol of the US. Of course ruining the USPS, totally disregarding the climate , golfing every week end and giving trillions in tax cuts to his rich buddies….peach of an administration . Not to mention pardoning war criminals and kissing up to Putin, his idol. He was “smooth” all right.

        1. “Disregarding the climate” ? Are you for real ??? Headlines throughout October- while you all were taking your hopey changey naps… “”… and just 23 hours ago…
… Joe Biden has single handedly gifted OPEC our US oil and gas industry back to the Saudis- but has also “saved” the coal industry for China ! Oh yeh- China Joe and Hunter Ho out there saving the planet !

    1. The government doesnt decide to “bring back factories”, thats all the private sector’s decision. And those jobs are not coming back. The faster the US accept this and adapts the better off it will be.

      1. Blue Hoo-Hoo… Here are some facts… Between January 2017 and January 2020 (The glorious Trump years) more than 480,000 manufacturing jobs were added to the U.S. economy, following two decades of sharp losses…. In President Clinton’s final three years in office, more than 430,000 manufacturing jobs were lost — declines that immediately carried over and expanded under the Bush administration, which experienced millions of manufacturing job losses, even before the 2008 crash…. Roughly 300,000 manufacturing jobs were lost during the eight years of the Obama administration, including minor losses in Obama’s final year in office… President Trump brought back factories- Biden has shut em down ! The faster you accept this and wise up- the better…. Because… In terms of the percentage of manufacturing job increases, the gains made under the Trump administration surpass the performance in the first term of every president since the 1970s. !!!

  4. Wholeheartedly agree there bdc but guess having us be where we didn’t have to beg for our oil and inflation down, and gas being 2 and a half bucks, low unemployment numbers for minorities the last 4 years is considered as having the nation in the ditch

    1. And there’s the problem! The left WANTS us begging for oil from OPEC/RUSSIA/China . . . They want high inflation and $10 gal. gas! And they want high unemployment, especially for minorities! They dream of the US collapsing and going bankrupt. Those are the reasons they hated Trump so badly . . .

  5. What are we supposed to be celebrating on Thanksgiving? It’s not a turkey dinner. We live in such abundance here, so what if I can’t find a can of pumpkin? Be grateful for friends, family and all that you do have. The stores have tons of food! Maybe you can’t find every single thing you want. Make a nice meal and share what you are able to. Good grief! In this country most of us really don’t know what it is like to truly experience food shortages.

    1. I think yer missing the point… the food shortage crisis Americans are talking about is another man-made illusion by the current political party in office. The CV19 debacle- hyperinflation that is hurting those on fixed incomes the most- children locked out of schools- staying home and losing their social skills- major cities posting record high crime and murder rates… You all gonna be Thankful for the State of this Union in the Calendar year 2021- when we all had it so good just a little over a year ago ??? Yeh- I think yer missing it !

      1. Oh yes DB- all them whiners out there should be thankful for a consumer index hitting a 30 year high- fuel prices surging 70%- crime and murder rates setting records in cities like Portland- US citizens being left behind enemy lines in Afghanistan- 11 million jobs that nobody wants- OPEC regaining control of the worlds petroleum supply- empty shelves- a mild virus that has now killed more Americans this year than last- and a President who openly passes gas at international gatherings while representing the United States ! Oh Yes- be thankful people- for the DB’s of the world- these are the best of times !

    2. Nothing like being a slug, shooting yourself in the foot the day before you race the turtle and hare . . . and claiming you can still beat the turtle! I’m grateful to have enough frozen and canned food to last me 6+ months and another 6+ months of freeze dried survival rations. On the down side, for the first time in decades, we aren’t throwing a holiday feast for family and friends. The people that are really going to be facing food shortages are those living in the Liberal metro areas and they are the ones that rely on everything Brandon is destroying. Let’s see who really suffers and whines the loudest in 6 months.

      1. As bad as all this is- the upside is that the children growing up today with school doors locked- summer camps closed- “stay-cations” in the backyard with a garden hose- empty shelves- unaffordable fuel- murder and violent crime in the streets- are all molding the next generations of voters- I see a resurgence in parents naming their kid “Alex”- after the Family Ties character Alex P Keaton- Another move against cultural liberalism that has infested every aspect of their lives- none of it for the better. Can’t wait !

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