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Missing Bend teen found unharmed, reunited with family

Aracely Itzel Gonzalez-Arteaga
Family photo/Bend Police Dept.
Aracely Itzel Gonzalez-Arteaga

(Update: Missing teen found unharmed, reunited with family)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – A 16-year-old Bend girl reported missing by her family on Thursday, sparking a wide-ranging search and public plea for assistance, has been found and reunited with her family, police said early Sunday, adding, “She was unharmed and foul play is not suspected.”

Bend police officers were notified by a community member at 12:35 a.m. of Aracely Gonzalez-Arteaga’s possible whereabouts, Sergeant Cindy Ksenzulak said.

“Officers responded to the location and were able to locate Aracely,” she added.

“The Bend Police Department would like to thank the community for their assistance in locating Aracely,” Ksenzulak said.

Police had asked the public for assistance Friday, seeking any information about the teen, reported missing by her worried family after she failed to report for work Thursday morning.

Police were notified shortly before 10 a.m. Thursday that the teen was reported missing from the area of Murphy and Parrell roads in southeast Bend, Lieutenant Clint Burleigh said.

Officers learned she was supposed to be at work at 9:15 a.m. Thursday but did not show up, Burleigh said.

On Friday, police issued a news release with a recent picture of the girl.

“We are asking our community to notify us if you have any information regarding Aracely’s location or information that can help us reunited Aracely with her family,” Burleigh wrote.

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    1. You would think that the parents would know that. When my kids were teens I knew where they were at all the time. If they weren’t home when they were supposed to be, I went looking for them. I hope she turns up safe and sound.

    2. Yes, the reporting is very poor. Where and when was she last seen? The report said she disappeared the same day she broke up with her boyfriend. But, then it said that they had no leads. Why even mention the boyfriend if he is not at least a person of interest? Then, the policeman’s weak response??

  1. Officers learned she was supposed to be at work at 9:15 a.m. Thursday but did not show up, Burleigh said.

    This 16 yr old kid should be in school at 0915 on a Thursday, not reporting for work. Something very wrong with this picture.

        1. It raises the question of what obligation the media/police/family have to the public when they raise an alarm, get everybody looking for her (when she is just hanging out somewhere), and then she turns up, and no information is given about where she was. I will not keep a lookout for another missing person (especially a young, impulsive person), if the other parties are not going to fill in the blanks later. Seems only fair. You want my help; you tell me what happened. This is just another form of ‘crying wolf’.

          1. That is one unfortunate way of looking at how to be part of a community. That if they ask the public to help keep an eye out for someone, you have a “right to know” the private details? Or you won’t help do so in the future?

            1. You are a news organization. You are not a community-building entity. You report information, such as a missing person. That is the first part of the story. The second part is reporting the same depth of information about the outcome of the initial report. You seem to have lost your way regarding your role. If it is newsworthy initially, then it is newsworthy at its conclusion. How can you justify only telling half of the story? Because it might be embarrassing to the family? That is not your choice.

              1. Well golly gee, I guess we got skunked then by all the other media outlets reporting “the full story” (and yes, I know, our competitors talked to the family when she was reported missing – good for them.)
                No? Sometimes the public’s “right to know” is overstated, and conflicts with a family’s right to privacy, among other things (active investigations, etc.) If any crime was alleged, we’d hear about it in the usual way.
                Police don’t 100 pct. dictate what we do/don’t report in such cases, but they play a key role, of course — and we and other area media have reported what they’ve released.
                Thankfully, most folks are just glad she was found and OK.
                We know our way, and our role, very well.

  2. Thursday morning? Why was this 16 year old girl supposed to reporting to work at 9:15 AM on a Thursday. Shouldn’t she have been reporting to school? My prayers for her safe return.

  3. Many kids especially that age group have taken different paths like homeschooling and customized schedules to work part time while studying for GED etc. Especially true with many opting out of politically tainted government school indoctrination and restrictive Covid nonsense.
    Praying for her safety and reunion with family.

    1. I know of adjusted schedules with seniors but I have not heard this of sophomores and juniors, not when I was in high school anyway. 16 is not the age of a senior.

  4. My heart goes out to the family for a safe return of there daughter. People need to remember this is covid has changed alot in this world. My thoughts and prayers are with you all

  5. In todays world with the great resignation thing going on and no one worried about working much it seems reporting someone missing for not showing up at work is becoming like reporting someone missing for not answering their phone right away. Then again not first 16 year old in any era to not show up for work because they decided they would rather be doing something else. Glad she’s ok.

    1. Glad this story had a happy ending. Be interesting if it was just a teenager wanting to drop off the radar for a spell. I know good point 4978 but some kids have their parents over a log and they know it.

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