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Public can help choose among 3 public art pieces for new Alpenglow Park in SE Bend

Life Lines by Michael Stutz
Art in Public Places
Life Lines by Michael Stutz
How in the World? by Joshua Wiener
Art in Public Places
How in the World? by Joshua Wiener
Zenith by Troy Pillow
Art in Public Places
Zenith by Troy Pillow

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Models of three proposed public art sculptures for Alpenglow Community Park at 61049 S.E. 15th Street will be on display at the downtown Bend Deschutes Public Library from Jan. 15-29 and the Larkspur Community Center from Jan. 31-Feb. 7, Art in Public Places said Friday. 

Community members of all ages are invited to review and provide input on the three finalist’s works of art mutually selected by the Art in Public Places committee, Bend Park & Recreation District staff and Bend Park & Recreation Foundation members. The sculpture selected will be included in the public art collection for Bend Park & Recreation District.   

At 37 acres in size, Alpenglow Community Park will provide a wide array of recreational activities for users of all ages and abilities while retaining the natural characteristics of the existing landscape. This new community park is expected to open by summer.

The sculpture will be located in a native grass area west of the event pavilion, directly adjacent to the park’s central pathway. This open area can be seen from various vantage points throughout the park, and the sculpture is envisioned as becoming a focal point for everyone enjoying the park.

 “The caliber of responses to the call for artists was extraordinary, and we reviewed excellent submissions,” said Romy Mortensen, president of Art in Public Places.” The finalists are three very talented artists with international portfolios, and we eagerly welcome the public input to help select a piece that speaks to our community.”

The three finalists were selected from a call to artists that attracted over 85 submissions. The three artists are Troy Pillow from Seattle, WA, Michael Stutz from Fallbrook, CA and Joshua Wiener from Boulder, CO.  The selected art sculpture is anticipated to be installed in late fall. 

“Art brings community together and parks are very much the same way,” said Ian Isaacson, landscape architect and project manager for the Bend Park and Recreation District. “Southeast Bend is growing and changing rapidly and Alpenglow Park will become a hub of community gathering.  The art sculpture will add to the outdoor experience and we’re excited to have public input help inform the final selection.

Art in Public Places has created a page on the website offering the community the opportunity to contribute their public input online. For the first time, AIPP welcomes public comments online increasing the community engagement with new public art in Bend. Images of the three models can be found at

Funding for the public art is from the Bend Foundation, a non-profit founded and funded by Brooks Scanlon and Brooks Resources Corporation. Art in Public Places is a nonprofit organization that provides art to various locations throughout the city of Bend. 

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  1. Choose none. Seems like a waste of money when there are so many other concerns that put a negative stigma within the cities boundaries. Put that money towards something productive. Just my two cents…..

    1. I guess you didn’t read the article: “Funding for the public art is from the Bend Foundation, a nonprofit founded and funded by Brooks Scanlon and Brooks Resources.” In any case, art in public spaces has been an Oregon tradition since at least the 1970’s, with a certain percentage of construction costs of State projects reserved by law. I’d argue that an art piece that inspires, intrigues, or soothes is certainly productive. Man does not live on bread alone. For these three, though, not impressed. I’ve seen much better art in some of the traffic circles around Bend.

    1. As if all the concrete and asphalt nearby doesn’t? This is park, within city limits. It’s not like they’re installing it in the Three Sisters Wilderness.

      1. We will almost certainly be moving to something with it this year. I don’t expect perfect, any system can be gamed/abused. But hopefully more like Reddit – worthy comments up top, trollbait sinks through community moderation into near-invisibility.

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