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Bend’s continued growth, increased traffic prompt second locations for popular restaurants

Eastside Sunriver Brewing pub opened last week

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- If you think you’re seeing double of your favorite restaurants, you might be. 

Several Bend restaurants either already have or will be opening second locations in Bend, including Sunriver Brewing.

“Part of our business model from the beginning was to open up multiple pubs,” Sunriver Brewing Marketing Director Ryan Duley said Thursday. 

Duley said there's enough demand in Bend for the business to have a second pub. 

“In this instance, the Eastside was definitely a good fit for us, because we’re seeing a lot of growth there. When it comes to the population on the Eastside, there's so many new houses going in over there,” Duley said. 

Increased population also means more traffic, of course -- but that can benefit a restaurant's second location. 

“We're getting to that point where Westsiders are not wanting to go to the Eastside as much and vice versa, because of traffic,” Duley said. “So we thought there would be a good opportunity being completely on the other side of town.”

The drive between the Galveston Avenue Sunriver Brewing and the new Eastside spot off Neff Road takes between 10 and 15 minutes on an average day. 

However, it’s times like Memorial Day weekend and the busy summer season that Duley is focused on.

“Well, sometimes it's not a 10-15 minute drive,” Duley said with a chuckle. “Why go drive what would be 15, 20, 30 minutes across town sometimes in the summer when you have it five minutes away from your house? So with the population growth that we have, I think that makes sense.”

Sunriver Brewing is not alone: 10 Barrel, Hola and Baldy's BBQ each have more than one Bend location Bangers & Brews also added an Eastside location recently.

Now, Panda Express and Cascades Lake Brewing have plans for second Bend locations on the south end of town. 

Duley says he thinks the trend will continue. 

“Yeah, I think it’s indicative of the growth of our city,” Duley said. “We’re becoming a pretty good-sized city, and you go to any big city and you’re going to see multiple locations throughout the city, depending on the different quadrants within that city, due to travel time and demand. So, absolutely.”

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Noah Chast

Noah Chast is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Noah here.



      1. Believe oregone is not alone in boycotting these businesses. You wonder why our beloved town of Bend is now transient filled, traffic jammed daily, crime riddled. It’s just like the beautiful state of California that once was or the city of roses that once was. Californication spreads like a cancer in this world.

        1. Ok so there’s like 5 of you pEoPleS rIgHTS! losers who boycotted. Great. Meanwhile these businesses are all wildly successful and are expanding. Seems like your $ isn’t important. Go chant “go woke go broke” with your slow frenz on Facebook

    1. Good to know because I’ll being going there this weekend. ‘sounds like they care about their customers and employees, and figure that if little school children can be required to get a whole bunch of vaccines, requiring adults to get just one is no big deal. As an added bonus, it’ll mean you’re probably less likely to run into someone who doesn’t know who won the 2020 election, or who thinks gunning down a classroom full of little kids is an acceptable normal course of events.

  1. Yes, open up a bunch more pubs so we can have more drunks and druggie driving around. When people are killed by them you’ll know why.

  2. The food is mediocre and the beer is nothing special from cascade brewery and sunriver brewery. It’s going to be like Arbys and Logan John silver’s. Who is keeping these breweries busy they need to add another location?

    1. Vicious Mosquito is delicious! You’re crazy. One of the two best local beers… I don’t know about the food, because I stay on the carhart side of town and avoid the patagonia side of town.

  3. Sounds like finding staff might be getting a bit easier. It seems like that has been making it difficult to keep even one location open in recent months.

    1. Hard to take a grown man seriously when his #1 hobby is spending hours all day commenting on every article ever written multiple times.

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