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Missing Bend foster teen located after second disappearance

Mercedes 'Bo' Dunnington
Oregon DHS
Mercedes 'Bo' Dunnington

(Update: Teen found)

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) -- The Oregon Department of Human Services Child Welfare Division said Tuesday that a 16-year-old who went missing from foster care in Bend on Friday, for the second time in two weeks, has again been located.

The agency said Mercedes “Bow” Dunnington, 16, who they said was "believed to be in danger," was found on Monday, and said it "is thankful for the community support to find" her.

ODHS had asked the public for help in the effort to find Bow and to contact 911 or local law enforcement if they believed they saw her.

In the alert, DHS said Bow is known to spend time at the local parks, gas stations and homeless encampments in Bend. She also goes by the name Katie. 

A small number of children in foster care may be in significant danger when they run away or have gone missing, the agency said.

"As ODHS works to do everything it can to find these missing children and ensure their safety, media alerts will be issued in some circumstances when it is determined necessary," DHS said. "Sometimes, in these situations, a child may go missing repeatedly, resulting in more than one media alert for the same child."

Dunnington previously went missing from Bend on May 15, prompting a public alert, as she was believed to be in danger, and was found on May 21, the agency said.

Report child abuse to the Oregon Child Abuse Hotline by calling 1-855-503-SAFE (7233).  This toll-free number allows you to report abuse of any child or adult to the Oregon Department of Human Services, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. 

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  1. Wow. Young girl is missing and in danger, and the most critical piece of information the public needs to know after her name are her “pronouns”.
    She’s a girl. If her pronouns are she/her, there’s nothing to see here.

      1. “Politicized views”, says a guy whose name is literally about an ex president’s hands.
        And yes, the pronoun thing is stupid. She is a girl.

      2. I am hopeful that Barney will begin deleting comments like yours from all future news stories – simply mean-spirited and wholly obnoxious are you – and you add nothing to any meaningful discussion.

        1. Nope. Drawing that line is a tough call. We may have AI and a fleet of moderators doing it in the future. But I’m sure we’ll all be targeted.
          Off-topic as a Term of Service? Or “value added to discussion”? Nope, sorry.

        2. ok versus your long-winded and very opinionated monologues with links that nobody follows? at least I’m entertaining, you’re slow getting slower and your Alaskan values aren’t on par around here so get used to me.

    1. Ktvz used to be a good news station. They sold out to the One World Order years ago. Mow they are nothing but a shill for the far-far-left and CNN fake news.

      1. Been at the station since 2005, watching/reporting news here since ’91. We do our jobs the same, and report the facts the same. It’s the Blame Society toxic minority of the online audience and the false “fake news” allegations that have changed. Blaming us for accurately reflecting that is that old saying of “shoot the messenger.” I ask for specific errors/falsehoods in today’s CNN content and usually hear the same old stuff.

        1. Mmm someone says someone else’s views are utter garbage and that’s copasetic but as soon as someone on the right says something similar barney is right there admonishing smffh.

  2. When youth run from the homes they are placed in, there are usually reasons. I hope she is found safe and I hope she is in a supportive environment that meets her needs. I’m quite surprised it was permitted to state she is in foster care. That’s a very personal matter and it is usually guarded information.

      1. Yes but poor girl has something she’s escaping. or running toward. could be a bit of both. so sad. hope she’s found but sounds like she’s already lost.

  3. Sounds like she’s battling her demons and foster care could be rough and make her feel 🐖eonholed and she’s running away thinking she’s gonna find a better situation. Hopefully all turns out well before gets too late.

  4. This child does not have the coping mechanisms to heal from her trauma and is at risk of self-medicating with substances that are provided by predators. She is clearly in crisis and just a baby herself. I hope she’s found safely and internalizes how important she is and that healing from trauma is possible. I hope she finds herself in a position to love herself and turn towards help, safety, and healthy self-love that includes the power to create boundaries for herself with adults who help reinforce those boundaries. She deserves every good thing in life. May you find yourself surrounded in love, sweet girl.

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