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Police make 290 traffic stops, write 259 tickets during 2-week Bend Parkway speeding crackdown


BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Over the past two weeks, Bend Police officers participated in a speed detail on the Bend Parkway in an effort to combat excessive speeds and dangerous driving. 

The goal of the detail was to reduce speeds, injuries and crashes and remind people of the risks of speeding, distracted driving and other dangerous behaviors.

Throughout the detail, police often had as many as two officers enforcing speed limits on the parkway between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. on weekdays and 12 p.m. and 10 p.m. on weekends, in addition to their typical patrol and traffic enforcement. 

Over the 14-day speed detail, officers made a total of 290 stops. Of those stops, 259 citations were given, 250 for speeding, eight for driving while suspended and one other citation. A total of 68 warnings were issued, 49 for speeding, four for equipment issues and 15 for other infractions. In addition, one person was arrested for an active warrant. 

Drivers were cited for speeds ranging from 58 MPH (which is 13 MPH over the speed limit) to 84 MPH (39 MPH over the speed limit). 

The most citations given out over a four-hour enforcement period by a single officer was 17, between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. on Friday, June 10. 

Friday, June 10 was also the day when the most people were stopped and cited – a total of 42 stops took place, with 36 citations. 

"A reminder to our Bend community that the speed limit on the Parkway is 45 MPH," police said in Wednesday's news release. "Many drivers may believe that is too slow, but it’s important to remember that the speed limit is the result of the road’s design, which includes short on-ramps, intersections and traffic lights that dot the road, as well as crosswalks at the south end of town."

Police added that they "may conduct additional speed details throughout the summer on the parkway and other popular roads in our community."

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  1. I noticed the speed on the parkway was reduced during this time to around 55 in the left lane and 45 to 50 in the right lane. There were still a few drivers that felt they needed to go faster but the main group of cars stayed within that range. I am guessing the 55 was due to the announcement that they would ticket anyone doing 11 miles over the speed limit? The traffic seemed to move fine and cars entered and exited ok. I vote to increase the limit to 55 and reduce the ticket limit to anything over 60. This, of course , is just my opinion, so please don’t attack.

  2. 84 mph in a city. And they even set the very low bar at 58mph. And of course the defund the police crowd is adamantly opposed to camera enforcement.

          1. Non-existent on-ramps in several cases. Plus, several pedestrian crosswalks(!) and traffic lights. No way can a road with those characteristics support speeds over 45.

        1. There is a difference between a highway and an interstate highway. Think 1-84. I-5, I-90. The parkway merges / exits onto 35-35 mph hour streets, hence the speed limit (45). It’s not just about you. Don’t like it? Move to California or a big city like Seattle or Bellevue.

    1. What do you care? You “claim” to ride a bike all over the place except when you drive 75 miles to Highway 42 to ride “your bike” behind the gates.

      1. Remember the other day you made that same lame claim about my riding? WHy does it bother you so, to know that people on bikes can actually ride from A-to-B? Boomers gotta cry about something i guess.

  3. People have noticeably slowed down on that stretch the past week. Enforcement is always a better choice than revenue grabbing speed cameras, if we’re truly interested in curbing accidents and saving lives.

    1. It’s a better choice because they actually have to stop and get fined. Cameras are reliant on the offenders having at least enough intelligence for understanding cause and effect when they see the fines. However, we don’t have enough police officers. And the big strobe lights that go off with the speed cameras are also very effective, just no time in the penalty box from it.

  4. Hopefully they crack down on speeders in our residential areas as well. Some people speed through our neighborhoods like they’re on a highway.

      1. The “Slow Down” signs are stupid. You want me to go at a certain speed? Fine, put up a sign that tells me the speed limit and I’ll follow it. But a sign that says “no matter how slow you’re going, I want you to go slower” will get no respect from me.

  5. Finally! Yes!

    Please keep up the good work, and do much more of it!

    Just because you take the Californian out of California, doesn’t mean you take the California out of the Californian. Ticket them into submission so they stop treating Bend’s road like the 405.

    1. Umm, you must be confused. The average speed on the 405 freeway in CA is between 40-45mph. With speeds during peak traffic times averaging around 14mph. Please enjoy your ramen tonight.

    1. True but gotta love how end of article says they might do another blitz like this before October. Too bad couldn’t have a 🤡 sitting in a wheelbarrow at each two mile intervals using a radar gun to get leadfoots.

    2. @DinoBaby – As I understand it the “State of Oregon” gets half the money collected from the fines, and the city/county has to split the rest, as in all citations written on State-controlled roadways. That is one reason you see Black Butte cops sitting on Hwy 20 at the South end of the passing lanes before the Camp Sherman turnoff.

  6. Luckily, I have an 86 radar detector for my 08 Subaru that’s juiced up with 245 under the hood. Gas is still relatively inexpensive so I put it in Sport# on my morning drives to the golf course. #stilljuicingit

  7. That is quite a few drivers total. Is there a breakdown on the nationality, sex and ages of the drivers that were stopped. Also a breakdown of the same that were only warned and not ticketed? I would say it’s only fair to know. Is it public record?

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