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‘Lots of problems’ causing delays at Bend furniture and appliance stores

(Update: Adding video, comments from furniture and appliance store owners)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- A foam shortage, along with a combination of other challenges, is causing a big backlog for furniture and appliance stores -- and their waiting customers.

Jeremy Wright, general manager at Bend Upstyle furniture store, says deliveries can now take months, instead of weeks.

"Lots of problems,” Wright said Wednesday. “It's not just the foam, it's a lot of things."

Wright said since the pandemic began, the wait time for furniture has only gone up.

"We were closed for two months at the start, and since then, we've been busier than ever,” Wright said. 

He said in a normal year, a typical wait would be a couple of weeks. However, he said lately, some customers have had to wait up to 10 months to get their furniture.

There are several factors for this extended wait period. 

The stop in production at the beginning of the pandemic put foam manufacturers behind.

Then, hurricanes near Louisiana and icy winter issues in Texas disrupted factories even more.

Add the current shortage of truck drivers, along with the increase in demand for furniture and other items, and wait times are at an all-time high.

Jim Chapel is a senior account manager at Johnson Brothers Appliances.

"Actually, right now it's as bad as it was during the height of the pandemic,” Chapel said. 

He said refrigerators use foam in the doors for insulation.

Chapel said some customers who ordered over a year ago still haven't received their fridge.

"It just makes it a little more challenging, trying to find a product that's available to customers, so we just have to look a little harder to try and find what will work for them,” Chapel said.

Chapel and Wright said customers were frustrated at first, but lately, people are understanding that long waits may be the new normal.

"So when we tell them, 'It's going to be three months, four months' -- people are willing to wait, because that's what they're getting everywhere,” Wright said. 

Wright hopes wait times can soon get back to the two- to three-week period it used to be.

"Man, I hope so,” Wright said. “Yeah I hope so. I imagine at some point it will correct itself." 

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  1. This is he most pop up and advertising news website I know of. I know the z has to pay the bills but this is crazy. There is even a pop up covering this comment box as I type.

      1. Jesus Christ Barney, you don’t even understand this website is outdated and stupid? This is yet another reason why you shouldn’t be doing anything on the computer at all. This is so bad

    1. Might want a upgrade from Windows XP? Wouldn’t be the Z21 message board without the same people complaining about the same things. LOL!

  2. I wonder when legitimate shortage will become “hoard goods to raise prices.”. Will manufacturing will join Big Oil and the the natural gas industry in manipulating prices by creating artificial scarcity? Have they already?

    1. Suspect that a lot of that is already happening. Of course, we do a really horrible job of recycling materials that could be re-used like foam and Styrofoam.

  3. Okay already, we know there is scarcity of items, do we really need to do an article on each and every industry? It’s really repetitive and boring!

  4. I’m in the furniture industry and order times have gone from 4-6 weeks on upholstery to 5-7 months (or longer). The manufacturers have raised cost on us 3-5 times at a rate of 5%-15% each time. The ship yards/sea ports ransom containers to release them, what once was $2,500 is $7,500-$12,000. And good luck finding a reliable trucking company… so yeah it is real news, it affects more people than you might think.

    1. When people are in real need of food, job and shelter then that’s more important than replacing material things that you already have, just out of fashion. Bummer!

  5. I’ve been looking for delivery and warehouse workers but no one is applying… they are too comfortable sitting at home getting free money. If people need work and food and shelter, get out and start working. I’ll start you between 16 and 17 an hour to start with 5-10hrs OT a week if you want it.

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