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Bend restaurant enacts new policy requiring workers to get vaccinated

(Update: Adding video, comments from Bend residents)

'We don't need any more exposure,' Sunriver Brewing Company owner says

BEND, Ore (KTVZ) -- Sunriver Brewing Company, which operates brewpubs in Bend, Sunriver and Eugene, is requiring all staff to get COVID-19 vaccinations.

One person reached out to us to say the deadline was Friday, Oct. 15.

I spoke on the phone with the company owner, Marc Cameron, who did not want to go on camera.  He said the alternative is termination. The company is not offering the option for a negative covid-19 test.

"We may lose employees, but we'll also be able to attract more employees," he said Thursday. "We don't need any more exposure.

With over 100 employees, he said the vaccination requirement is the best security measure, in addition to following all of CDC's guidelines.

I also spoke with two Bend residents to hear their thoughts about the restaurant's policy.

“It's tough," Laurie Lall said. "I personally feel like people should get vaccinations. I mean, I realize there's a small segment of the population that have very good reasons not to. Otherwise, we are seeing this Delta variant cause so many problems, and there's kids getting it."

"The hospitals are full, and people that get in a car accident or something can't get into the hospital. It's just out of control," she said.

Lall said she's feel a lot safer dining in a restaurant, knowing the staff has been vaccinated.

One Bend business owner said it's a very touchy subject and for her business, they had an agreement to get vaccinated to keep each other safe.

“I believe that it should be everybody's right to make that decision,” Cyndee Schoettler said. “But I also do understand it's been a tough year and a half for businesses, and they've got to do what they've got to do to survive. And if that means making vaccinations required, then they have to do that to keep people safe — not continuously shut down and go through quarantines and things like that."

Cameron said regular Covid tests are not practical, since there's so much interaction in restaurants. Although the company may lose some employees, he said reducing exposure is more important. 

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Bola Gbadebo

Bola Gbadebo is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Bola here.



  1. So, if Biden and Faucila said “wear a raincoat so others don’t get wet” would you do it? What’s the owners backup plan for side effects from this jab which will happen guaranteed?

    1. Most people don’t care what Biden and “Faucila” say, but they do care what their doctors say. The only side effect I had was a sore arm for a day, same as every other shot.

          1. yep. complaining about the political left trying to force by mandates everything THEY think I should have. It is my choice to be vaccinated or not. Not Yours. And if I wasn’t, I would still be alive and complaining about the foolishness of the left.
            I have said before, I am not AntiVax, I voted for Trump, yet everywhere I go I hear that only people who are not vaccinated are people who voted for Trump. Bunch of segregationists.

              1. Biden ran on stopping the pandemic. Candidate Biden promised- “I will shut down the virus,” “I will beat this virus”. Biden blamed COVID-19 deaths on Trump personally on numerous occasions, so did Biden believe that the president has the power to stop COVID-19…. so what’s his excuse now… besides blame Governors and US citizens ? Failed leadership in full view as the deaths mount up.

      1. LOL Martha. In High School, I tried calling in calling sick with the Potato Famine. I got another detention for anti-humor. I graduated from in 1967 owing my high school 6 hours of after-school detention. Then I applied for a draft deferment on the grounds that “I cannot go to Vietnam because I have detention.” They didn’t appreciate my humor, either.

    2. It’s mind blowing that so many people post about Biden, Fauci, Kate Brown and other politicians when ranting about mask rules and vaccination mandates. As if the ability of a virus to spread disease has anything to do with politics.

      Yeah, the Covid-19 is a liberal Democratic organism. Doh!

      1. The ability of a virus to spread disease has nothing to do with politics but the ability for politicians and the media to spread lies about the virus has everything to do with politics. That is the problem Sir.

      1. Are you suggesting that it’s discriminatory against a protected class, or retaliatory for complaints about such discrimination? Or are you just repeating a phrase you heard, like a parrot?

        1. From Barney’s favorite link- Wikipedia- “In United States labor law, a hostile work environment exists when one’s behavior within a workplace creates an environment that is difficult or uncomfortable for another person to work in, due to illegal discrimination.”

          1. Even Wikipedia almost gets it right here. There’s nothing inherently wrong with discrimination as an act; it becomes “illegal discrimination” only when it is made on a protected basis. Employers can have requirements and preferences, just not those made on the basis of a protected characteristic or status. The status of being unvaccinated itself has not been found to be protected. The EEOC has so far suggested vaccine requirements are not illegal, specifically addressing ADA issues. There may be interesting questions about accommodation under the ADA, but the ADA does ultimately allow employers to impose requirements related to the job (e.g., police physical requirements) and does not flatly require employers to offer alternative employment (while “work from home” may seem a reasonable accommodation for many jobs, it doesn’t seem likely an employer will be required to offer it to waitstaff).

  2. Welcome to communism 2021. NOTHING is more important than freedom. As far as the jab goes, even the CDC director said on CNN of all places, that the shot will not stop transmission debunking the whole thing and we have worldwide high rates of “breakthrough” cases 60% in Israel and 20% in Oregon with mass side effects and more deaths from the jab than any other jab in US history. The shot is causing myocarditis, blood clots, high amounts of miscarriages, Epstein Barr, Guillan Barre, sudden death, but you people keep applauding tyranny. Its one thing when a maniac governor mandates it and another when a private entity mandates employees inject a drug into themselves. Wake up people. But this post will probably be censored and called “controversial”.

    1. Yes that would not be good. But they’re mandating a fully FDA approved vaccine. Just like many businesses and schools have been doing for many years for many other FDA approved vaccines.

          1. According to the FDA and Pfizer, they’re the exact same thing (they’d have to be, because all the safety and effectiveness data used for approval was based on when it had only EUA status). But I have read this is the latest myth that RFK Jr. and the rest of the anti-vaxxers are spreading. From the FDA: “The FDA-approved Pfizer-BioNTech product COMIRNATY and the FDA-authorized Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine have the same formulation and can be used interchangeably to provide the COVID-19 vaccination series without presenting any safety or effectiveness concerns. Therefore, vaccination providers can use doses distributed under EUA to administer the vaccination series as if the doses were the licensed vaccine.”


            1. “without presenting any safety or effectiveness concerns”… Not according to the CDC linked VAERS data log- where more than 600,000 adverse reactions (including deaths in the thousands) have been “associated” with the vaccines.

  3. Good for them! He is right might lose some employees, but you will also gain the ones that are or want to be vaccinated. Thank you for thinking of our community. I will be there to support you this weekend!

      1. So using that theory should they require a list of all of those vaccines for guests too? How about proof you have never had any mental health issues that may have caused harm to the public? How about a full report on you including any legal issues you had such as sexual or physical abuse? I like that more than the vaxx reporting.

          1. That is a valid question; but according to the statute you reference, we as the public can not ask due it; only OHA staff. I would suggest that we as the public should be able to see it if a restaurant asks for our vaccination card.

  4. I had covid and also am fully vaccinated. I wear a mask when indoors. But I believe manadating a vaccine is on the same level as aborting children for the better good of society. We have to draw the line on government controls somewhere. Any place that mandates this will not get my business that’s for sure.

    1. I feel like I need to create a macro for this.
      Because vaccines never provide 100 percent prevention, and because the unvaccinated (not fully vaccinated) make up the vast majority of hospitalizations across the country, which along with staff shortages is delaying needed procedures for many others for many months.
      We’re all in this together, as a community, it’s not each person for him or herself.

          1. I was referring to your comment, that has literally nothing to do with journalism you hypocrite! ” as a community it’s not each person for him or herself” That was YOUR comment! Your supposed to be unbiased! You clearly have your own agenda. And I KNOW you wont post this because you know I am right and after 30 years of living in Bend and knowing you, you have lost your integrity. Something you used to cherish!

            1. That’s a bias? Saying a community cares for each other? I am the same writer who came here in 1991 from my days with UPI. The world, well… social media is such a tool/weapon, it’s sad how some folks use it.
              I can take and even welcome fair criticism. The rest, I can put up with too.

            2. I deleted your last comment as a unfair personal attack on ME. I am no longer the exception that proves the rule. Be civil and debate the facts, don’t attack folks, including me, and your comments will stand. Many, many people have assured me I still have many supporters, wishing me well in this often thankless task I volunteered for, which really is not “journalism.” Enforcing Terms of Service isn’t “censorship.” It’s an attempt to encourage civil debate on the issues, not personal attacks or misinformation that can be disputed and refuted by official sources, fact-checkers, etc.

              1. You are not deleting “attacks”- you are deleting questions… I keep asking you- how is “600,000” adverse reactions “associated” with the vaccines- different from “deaths related” to the virus ?

                1. “A study involving more than 600,000 people who received the COVID-19 vaccine showed that a sore arm is the most commonly experienced side effect. One in four people experienced headache and fever. Side effects are more common in people under age 55, and women are more likely to experience them than men. People who had COVID-19 also are more likely to experience side effects than those who did not. ”

                2. The VAERS link is provided by both the FDA and the CDC- they clearly have nothing to hide… and they have not said these “related/associated” vaccine deaths/adverse reactions are merely “coincidental”. The VAERS data is legit as is.

                1. I do the best I can. Judgment calls are always going to draw criticism. Some people are more clever/subtle in their wording. You don’t see the many I am forced to delete.

      1. Fun Fact: If you have an adverse reaction following your first or second shot, you are now counted as an unvaccinated hospitalization, if it hasn’t been more than two weeks after your second mRNA adjustment.

        Strange how Covid numbers exploded after everyone started getting vaccinated. I know…the scary Delta variant no one is testing for.

          1. What part of what I said don’t you believe in? Look at the weekly averages year-over-year at the CDC and how they coincide with vaccine administration. I don’t need a news article to put two and two together. Also, next time you interview the dufus running St.Charles, ask him how they are testing for Delta.

          1. Oh ? you mean this… “Separation of powers refers to the division of a state’s government into branches, each with separate, independent powers and responsibilities, so that the powers of one branch are not in conflict with those of the other branches.”… What does that have to do with the Jab ? Yeh… nothing !

        1. How many severe cases/hospitalized are persons who “cannot” tolerate the vaccines due to advanced age or poor physical conditions ? You keep blocking-deleting-avoiding this simple question.

          1. FACT: That broad question is ANYTHING but ‘simple,’ and I’m pretty sure you know that, or you’d have provided link(s) to prove your point.
            HIPAA is one big reason such statistics are not readily available.
            I have also found no evidence that people can be “too old” for the COVID-19 vaccine, on the contrary, the older one is, the higher the risks re: COVID-19.
            “The risk of severe illness from COVID-19 increases with age. This is why CDC recommends that adults 65 years and older receive COVID-19 vaccines. Getting a COVID-19 vaccine is an important step to help prevent getting sick from COVID-19.”

            1. International media outlets are full of these stories… From our Norwegian friends via Bloomberg ! “Norway said Covid-19 vaccines may be too risky for the very old and terminally ill, the most cautious statement yet from a European health authority as countries assess the real-world side effects of the first shots to gain approval.”…

      1. I have working brakes, turn signals, seatbelts and airbags in my vehicles, none of which is 100% effective in preventing serious injury or death! Maybe I should be free to pick and choose which ones I utilize?

  5. Disappointed to hear this news. We eat at Sunriver Brewery regularly and I will say, that ends today.. Marc Cameron, we will not be enjoying your brew, food and staff anymore. The reason, your strong arm Vax requirement for your staff. You folks who say it is great, ***** You All.

  6. “might lose some employees”. Will most likely lose a lot of employees. No employee cares about working at a entry level job that doesn’t pay enough to live in Bend to get a vaccine they don’t want. They do realize every restaurant in Bend is begging for help and are having a hard time staying afloat due to staffing right? They can make this decision, but it might be a poor one if they want to stay open.

  7. Prepare for limited hours and services when they have very few staff members left. News report said they are requiring at their Bend and Sunriver location. What are their Eugene location?

  8. Why? It doesn’t make you immune and it doesn’t stop you from carrying and spreading the virus, so how are patrons any safer? Will SRB be covering medical expenses for those who have adverse reactions? Will they also be requiring their staff to get the recommended 3-4 boosters a year?
    Requiring a medical procedure sets a terrible precedent, and any business doing so will NEVER get my money again…so long Vicious!

  9. I like their decision. I’ll continue to go there and vote with my wallet. But agree with it or not, they are a private company and employment is at will. And, with freedom comes responsibility. Only time will tell how this affects their business but I’m rooting for them.

  10. Looks like my entire family can cross Sunriver off our list to visit each week. They haven’t even informed the staff of this new policy, that’s how poorly managed they are. Spineless, weak, stupid and pandering to the media. You make me sick. We visited because of friends who worked there, now it’s no longer necessary. Can’t wait to see the new establishment that will take over that great space when you’re out of business. You’re getting rid of employees to make way for the new ones that want to work for you???? LMAO !!!!! Good luck with that when you expect your staff to tip out the kitchen so you don’t have to pay them a good wage! You make me sick!

    1. Marc Cameron and his family do a lot for the Sunriver community and the community supports their establishments. We have seen more than enough people over the last two years with this type of attitude come into our community so hearing that a few won’t be back is nothing but good news.

  11. So you’re taking comments from Bend residents?
    Who is Laurie Lalll??? Her Facebook page says she’s from California. So perhaps she bought a place here and rents it at an overpriced rate to the residents trying to make a living and you choose HER as your main comment in this story???
    Seems lazy and skewed.

    Another Bend resident you screwed

      1. It amazes me how folks who have never worked for a media outlet thinks they work. For example, if there was any evidence of widespread voter fraud in 2020 there would be a trail of evidence. Even the most liberal reporter would jump on that story if there was any evidence. You are talking Pulitzer Prize, book deal, probably a movie, and they would make money being a talking head on cable news for the rest of their lives. No editor would tell them to back off for the same reasons. And the Democrats are not good enough to rig an election without leaving real, verifiable evidence. Wise up people, you’re being lied to by Trump, Fox News, and the GOP Q members of Congress.

  12. Significant question; does Sunriver Brewing provide health care coverage for all employees (full and part time) at no cost to the employees and a low (less than $250) annual deductible? If you are mandating essentially a health care requirement, you also need to provide the wrap around health care coverage.

  13. Those who would sacrifice liberty for temporary safety deserve neither-Ben Franklin

    When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty-Thomas Jefferson

    One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws- Martin Luther King

    Civil disobedience is a sacred duty when the state becomes lawless or corrupt-Ghandi

    Sunriver used to be my favorite. Its time to stand up against tyranny. There is NOTHING more important than our freedom. This is or was America. The last stand on earth.

      1. there’s a 99.9% chance of not dying and multiple therapeutic drugs that are proven to work suppressed and censored by the MSM. Even the CDC admits the jab does not stop transmission. Do some research and turn off your TV

        1. We don’t suppress or censor, but we do rely largely on the govt. agencies, which never promise 100% effectiveness but say the data on hospitalizations/deaths clearly show the vaccine greatly reduces the risk of severe cases.

      2. No- All business owners follow a whole slew of legal business laws- including those against discrimination-bias-and prejudice… this restaurant is clearly violating equal access to their products and services laws. Let the courts handle it- all the way to DJ Trumps SCOTUSA !

    1. Tell me, after all those “give me liberty or give me death” like statements, do you support or oppose those who attempted to stop the peaceful transfer of power on Jan 6 and the certifying of the most secure election in American history?

      1. you mean the Jan 6 where antifa and BLM members are on tape donning maga gear and bragging how they were storming the capitol? The event where the woman shot was shot by a BLM member? The event where people who stormed the capitol 1 hour before Trump even spoke to his supporters? the event shown to have FBI agents coordinating the capitol invasion? The event that showed cops waiving people into the capitol? That jan 6?

          1. “fact check”. Clearly you have not got the memo. Fact check aka msm propaganda. The evidence has been proven, but forget them for second. We have video of antifa donning maga gear bragging how “we did it”

  14. From the comments here it sounds like we’ve come to a bit of an impasse, and will need a work around. Time for the unvaccinated businesses to begin their startups, while our vaccinated businesses carry on. The latter risks losing some help temporarily, while the former risks losing them for good…but at least everyone’s happy and out enjoying things again. We all know a disagreement is going to occur whenever the vaccinated crowd mixes with the unvaccinated crowd, so let’s just keep them apart. The same could work for all of our schools when youngsters are finally able to get the jab. We could even watch the vaccinated news channel or switch over to the unvaccinated channel for our evening news. Unvaccinated dating sites anyone?

    1. are you talking about the virus with a 99.9% survival rate that has multiple therapeutic drugs suppressed by big pharma who owns the media which have an extremely high cure and prevenative rate? That virus. The virus that is contracted, transmitted and kills less than the flu amongst children. The virus that has killed the same number of children that drown in a year? The vaccine that the CDC admits does not stop transmission. Read that one again. that virus? Just checking.

        1. You may not be owned Barney, but you sure have been programmed to accept the sources they tell you are credible. They even have “fact checks” to reinforce that programming. You just don’t realize how you are being used. I believe you are an honest man Barney, but they have played you. You need to speak to some doctors outside your media bubble. There are a lot of them, but if they speak up on the record, you know what happens to them. It’s the big pharma way.

          1. I have not been “programmed” to immediately distrust government officials and experts, as so many critics appear to be. Feel free to privately email any of these doctors who would counter what we hear on the record from 1,000s across the country every day. I guess you think they’re all “programmed” too.

      1. The CDC link to the VAERS data log shows more than 600,000 adverse reactions “related” to the vaccines- of which only 1/3rd are approved- resulting in the immediate resignation of two top FDA scientists over the Biden plan. Go ahead- prove a single sentence wrong !

          1. Twisted Word Salad ! Your article wants to play fast and free with terms… no different than media outlets admitting that very few people actually die “solely” from the covid19 virus- but instead from conditions “related” to the virus. I see no diff. Deaths/Adverse Reactions- “related” to the vaccines- works for me- all 600,000 !

    1. Is this an eminent professional like that Florida doctor who just admitted in court that he didn’t have the requisite education to differentiate between the Capitol Building and the White House?

    1. yes. Stand up. Its time real Americans stand up for what is right and just. What we choose to do now will effect our children and our grandchildrens freedoms or lack thereof. Its game time. Answer the call and stand up. For 240 years good men and women have died to give us the right to stand up yet so many choose to crawl on bloody knees. Stand up!

  15. What happens when he forces one of his younger employees and they have a bad reaction like many young adults are all over the world with the vaccine? Will he be able to handle the law suits coming his way? Many young adults are having heart issues with this vaccine. I foresee this being a very bad choice by this particular owner.

    1. The vast majority of the 200 odd people per million that experience myocarditis from this vaccine have been treated with ibuprofen or a corticosteroid and sent home. Let’s now look at your purported survival rate of 99.9% that you all like to yell about so much. That works out to 1000 deaths per million people.

  16. I really enjoy seeing the ultra-redneck-Trumper-conservatives getting bent out of shape. They seem to think that their individual “rights”…er…”trump”…anything and everything else. After decades of those folks being in power, the reckoning is here. Their social institutions are being slowly but surely dismantled and the “unwashed” are gaining access. And there is nothing they can do about it. That’s why they’re all so angry. Losers like BGHW and others…your party is on the way out and a better one for humanity is ascendant–best if you just go quietly into the night and let the more powerful moral majority have their day. Nice knowing you…now move along.

    1. Biden once called Cuomo “the gold standard” in COVID-19 leadership. New York still holds top tier ranking by having the second highest percentage of virus associated fatalities per population in the nation. Demokrat controlled California- #1 in deaths and total cases…. Gee, I wonder what “ultra red-neck Trump conservatives think about that- besides stay out of NY and California !

      1. @Neutero: if the shoe fits, wear it I guess. I’ve watched as BGHW and other Trump (he lost, by the way) supporters inundate the comment threads here for two years or more with their rhetoric. The bottom line is, ultra-conservatives will never convince liberals/progressives of ANY of their arguments or values, and liberals/progressives will NEVER convince ultra-conservatives of their arguments or values. There is no room for agreement. What was it that Bill O’Reilly and others called it? Ah yes…the CULTURE WAR. Well guess who’s winning that war? It sure ain’t the ultra-conservatives–which is a good thing for humanity.

  17. In 8 months- with multiple vaccines in hand- one now FDA approved- more than 250k Americans have died under the Biden admin to this virus. We didn’t see those numbers for more than 10 months under Pres. Trump. and he had no vaccine, and was dealing with rogue Governors like Cuomo and Brown making horrible and deadly decisions… Data don’t lie !

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