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Free gas: Sunriver Resort’s latest incentive in bid to fill about 200 open summer jobs

(Update: Adding video, comments from Managing Director Tom O'Shea said Wednesday)

$300,000 fund for gift cards - $100 a month for each worker, May through August

SUNRIVER, Ore. (KTVZ) -- With summer just around the corner and hundreds of job openings still to fill, Sunriver Resort is on the hunt for willing workers, with a new perk in their pocket -- free gas, $300,000 worth.

In a bid to attract and retain employees needed to fill over 400 summer seasonal positions, the resort said Wednesday it will help pay for employees’ gas for the next four months, through a gift card distribution.

"There are certain expenses that have gone up more than the national average on inflation and obviously, filling up your tank, is clearly one," resort Managing Director Tom O'Shea said Wednesday.

The resort's $300,000 gas reimbursement fund will provide each resort employee with a gas gift card, which gives them $100 a month, from May to August.

“We know how expensive gasoline is today," O’Shea said. "We know what it costs to fill up your tank. We know the difference of what it was two years ago and what it is today. It’s significant and impacts, really, a large population of our employees.”

Between the roughly 100 students they’re bringing in through an international program, and about 100 employees already hired through the pipeline, O'Shea said they still need to find and hire just over 200 workers for the busy summer season.

The resort said it is now accepting applications for a variety of positions for the 2022 summer season. Part and full-time seasonal positions include culinary and housekeeping staff, marina, golf services and shop attendants, greenskeepers, guest services, spa service providers, pool and recreation ambassadors, food and beverage, management and more.

The resort is hosting a job fair on Thursday, May 12 from 4-6 p.m. in the Homestead Building at Sunriver Resort -- and hiring on the spot. For more information about the positions and to apply for current job openings, visit

O’Shea highlighted that the pay is competitive, with the food and beverage positions ranging from $19 to $25 an hour, and some other positions starting at $25 an hour.

Some other incentives include discounts at the stables and restaurants, and of course the chance to spend time with the Takota, the resort's big, stuffed "Director of Hugs" that hangs out at the front desk.

In understanding the need for financial relief, O’Shea said the gas fund made a lot of sense to initiate.

"It’s one area where we can do something and impact the most people," he said.


Here's the rest of the resort's news release announcing the gas assistance:

Candidates attending the hiring fair are encouraged to complete an application online in advance, as well as bring a copy of their resume to the event. Hiring will be done on the spot, and wages for some positions start at $25 per hour. Applicants must be age 14+ to work at Sunriver Resort, and not all positions require candidates to have previous experience.

Competitive wages are just one of the many perks offered to Sunriver Resort employees. Being part of the team includes great perks such as complimentary golf, free canoe and bicycle rentals for employees and their immediate family, discount fitness club membership to Sage Springs Club and Spa, and discounts at Sunriver Resort restaurants and retail outlets. These benefits add to the appeal of this locals’ favorite resort and contribute to the like-minded team spirit that brings returning staff back year-after-year.

“We are looking for candidates who are focused on delivering a high-quality experience to our guests, but who also want to work in a fun, welcoming environment," said Tom O’Shea, Sunriver Resort's managing director.

About Sunriver Resort
Located just 15 miles south of Bend, Ore. in the heart of Central Oregon, Sunriver Resort is an all-season, activity-rich, 3,300-acre getaway destination and conference center. Sunriver Resort is resplendent with natural beauty and endless activities, including world-renowned golf, award-winning spa facilities and services, nine Northwest restaurants and cafes and more. The historic resort features lodge style rooms, suites, vacation homes and condominiums to both rent or purchase. Local activities include skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, biking, horseback riding, rafting, fishing, brewery tours and much more. Whether guests stay for a day, a week, or a lifetime, they are sure to find an escape filled with adventure, relaxation, inspiration and ultimately, unforgettable memories. For more information, visit Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

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    1. Who would be dumb enough (save from ol’ Emoji here) to make the commute, work long enough to pull a check and gas reimbursement, only to quit? Zero logic.

  1. You can put lipstick on the pig but? No matter how great they make this sound it’s still low wage part time garbage jobs. Would rather work in a warehouse than deal with rude self centered people.

  2. If you do the math, instead of 15 miles, most Bendites will drive closer to 25, assuming they do not live on the southern edge of the city. So, figure 2 gallons, $10 or gas per day. This perk covers 10 days a month, when they work probably 25. Nice concept, but not a game changer. Now $25 to do mindless resort work is actually a pretty darn good wage.

  3. If you’re considering a sunriver job please consider: if they can afford your gas they can afford to just flat out offer more $ period. Why have them subsidize your gas? Wouldn’t you rather take a job closer to home, closer to things you want to do, and that won’t require you to spend an hour or more in your car wasting time. This whole thing is just moronic. Hey Sunriver! Just pay more. The end.

    1. Some people have such small minds that ambition alludes them. Consider this. Year ago I started some work simply raking leaves in Sunriver. Before long I had my own landscape company with condo contracts. Before long I expanded into forestry and had my own forestry contracts and crew in Sunriver and around. Soon thereafter I learned deck construction and maintenance. There is another crew of workers. We have employees in several industries and have made a nice life. And to think it all started with a little ambition and a summer job raking leaves. Sunriver has been very good to a lot of people around here. Maybe you should stay away and wash cars in Bend or something similar.

    2. This is nothing but a small bonus that won’t cover the fuel costs. Sunriver needs to raise the rates if they are not getting enough labor. Hiring people dumb enough not to do the math and figure out that the fuel costs exceed the small bonus means you are hiring dumb people. Take into account your travel time as well prospective employees. If Sunriver pays enough more than closer businesses to cover your gas and commute times, have at it. If not, save some gas money and time you could be doing something fun, and work closer to home.

  4. Even bribes wont get them to work. They should accept the generous offer and get back to work. With all the biden freebies I would not hold my breath.

      1. Unemployment is a measure of people who are currently looking for work. The amount of people without a job and not looking for work is unknown and not reported.

  5. Maybe all the negative folks could get hired at Sunriver Resort as Natural Leaf Blowers ? You could face one direction open your mouths and move a ton of leaves! Except for the bad breath it would be environmentally safe. You could car Pool on a rented short bus and put all that gas money you receive toward purchasing said bus for next summer? Or there’s always Sunriver Sewage treatment plant where you could continue to stir the pot!

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