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‘First of its kind’ apartment complex with shared kitchens coming to NE Bend

(Update: Adding information and video)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Hiatus Homes has been designing and building cottage-style tiny homes for nearly 10 years, but its new project is a first of its kind for Bend.

Hiatus Penn Flats, a three-story apartment complex with 40 lofted flats and four common kitchen/living room areas, is coming to Bend's midtown neighborhood, near the corner of NE Penn Avenue and Fifth Street.

“I think it will look unique in its design and will catch peoples' attention," Ryan Andrews, the chief financial officer for Hiatus Homes told NewsChannel 21 Thursday.

Andrews and Chief Executive Officer Jesse Russell helped develop the city's "micro-apartment" code that the complex will adhere to.

“We’ll be the first ones to try that code out," Russell said.

Rental prices have not yet been set, but Russell told NewsChannel 21 they will be relatively "inexpensive," compared to the direction rental prices are going in Bend.

Andrews said the design of the complex, which is set to break ground the first week of August, is catered toward a work-from-home audience that has grown since the COVID-19 pandemic forced many people out of their traditional offices.

“There’s definitely inspiration from the demographic shift we saw during the pandemic and COVID, and the way that pushed so many workers into a work-from-home situation," Andrews said.

The complex, expected to be completed by the end of next year, will also feature a rooftop patio. Because of the micro-apartment coder, it will only have 20 parking spots for the 40 units, along with a number of electrical bike charging stations.

While it may be the first one in Bend, Andrews told NewsChannel 21 it may not be the last.

“We don’t see this as a one-off project," Andrews said. "We see this as a new type and hopefully one of several.”

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Jordan Williams is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Jordan here.



  1. So a dorm? I wonder how much rooms will be and who’ll do the dishes. Pretty soon there will be just a bunk bed getting rented out here.

  2. 10 flats per kitchen/living area? We at least had quads at U of O and that was a pain. 10 units per kitchen? How the heck do they expect that work? Something has to be missing here….

  3. What a stupid idea. “Look unique in its design and catch peoples’ attention”?? This is catering to middle class work-from-home employees? The “essential workers”, the folks who earn minimum wage can’t stay home to work. What’s the projected rent for these “micro apartmtnts”? You’ll have 10 individuals/families (or are families even welcome?) per kitchen and living room. Who decides how to divvy up the time in each? What happens when someone leaves a mess in the kitchen? How do you keep people from stealing the cookware? Items in the fridge? Are they supposed to just take it back to their loft after every meal? Next thing will be unisex bathrooms on every floor. I’m appalled. This is the most tone-deaf project I’ve ever seen. What about all those
    homeless living in the streets? This isn’t for any of those people. SMH…

    1. “Next thing will be unisex bathrooms…” Scared to poop in the same toilet as the opposite gender? News flash: Everyone poops. Get over it.

  4. That is going to be tuff to manage. They need to have a team filming that for a possible documentary. I lived in a “quad” with a shared kitchen and bathroom up by COCC when that was all that was available in 1990 in Bend and it was defintely a challenge living there. I will spare you the details.

  5. I think I have seen pictures of this lifestyle in the slums of China. Little cages for your bed so you can lock up your meager belongings while you are working for your next meal. This is just the beginning of “You will have nothing and you be happy.” The Suckerberg/Biden plan for the New World. Communism rebranded as Democracy.

    1. More like capitalism rebranded as neo-feudalism. Now cough up $1500 for your corporate lords or be sent to the walled sanctuary district. But yeah, this is bad no matter how it’s branded.

  6. The kitchen situation is enough to realize it’s a bad idea. Where the public is going to be burned is the parking. That area is going to be a mess parking wise.

  7. I’m sure will get called out on it but regency up by the college has 4 or 5 studios sharing a kitchen. Inexpensive rent ok believe that when it happens.

  8. Does the rental agreement also require 50% of the renters to divest themselves of any car registration and the other 50% with only one car registered through DMV? That is the only way to keep the renters from taking additional on street parking that developers are trying not to have to fund in the construction. And “inexpensive”; not in Bend.

  9. What an awful idea. I would literally choose living out of my car over this. At best this is a dorm without any sort of RA, at worst a prison without any guards. This is not what affordable housing needs to look like going forward.

  10. Maybe KTVZ could do a follow up article on this on how they manage common areas. Are they going to have kitchen and bathroom enforcement officers? Maybe they are going to have video cameras in the kitchen and fines for not cleaning dishes, helping yourself to other peoples food, discarding spoiled food and so on. I would defintely not count on bachelors just because they are tech workers knowing how to or being motivated to clean bathrooms and kitchens. Maybe there are apps for that. What about opposite sex visitation or cohabitation? Not a lot of women will want to use a typical bachelor bathroom. What about loud music, parties and so on. Lots of possible rules and ENFORCEMENT to make it work. The developers seem to be quite confident this will all be no problem. You would have to pay me quite a bit to manage that situation. Free rent plus salary for a full time onsite manager like a camp ground host?

    1. “What about opposite sex visitation or cohabitation? ”

      Considering these are all grown human beings, why would that be anyone’s concern or business?

  11. Great for people who like Soviet style living or maybe more like the Peoples Republic of China type of accommodations. I see a potential for additional police calls for infighting. Good luck with that!

  12. This type of living situation is tolerable only when there’s a driving purpose to it; such as a military effort, attending college, or serving with a volunteer organization like the Red Cross. But living there day to day, with no common goals or means to an end; you’re just bumping into each other while growing increasingly intolerant of your neighbors. Those who never envisioned themselves disliking people will be transformed.

    It could be a fair alternative for the desperate or houseless I guess, as long as they can keep those rents under $400 or so.

  13. Who took my last coke? Hey I had a sub sandwich in the fridge, who took it? Who used the last of my ketchup, Where’d my pizza go? I just bought a new tube of toothpaste and now its half gone squeezed from the middle. Someone doesn’t seem to know how to flush. Good Times ahead.

  14. Oh how trendy-bendy!

    So, essentially this is like a long term hotel room rental with Door Dash filling in for room service and no housekeeping.

  15. It’s finally come to this. Not to be content with building homes with no backyards, now the homes no longer have their own kitchen. Next, everyone will share bathrooms. There’s a vast desert out there with all the space in the world, and there’d be ample water if these builders didn’t build grass lawns and instead just left the indigenous fauna intact. This is the endgame of builders’ unbridled greed, and the accession of their lapdog politicians.

    Elections matter. Every single elected official in Bend and Deschutes County needs to be voted out, and never hired again. They allowed this to happen. All they care about is collecting more money to build diverse and inclusive sidewalks and homeless encampments while the builders get away with shenanigans. Every. Single. One. Target them all, starting with Sally Russell. They’re all complicit.

  16. Shared kitchen? Amongst strangers? That’s not going to go over well. I remember working at a location in Bend that had a refrigerator/freezer that the staff (5) used. The staff was good about knowing whose food belonged to who and even placed stickies with names on packages/sacks. All I can say is, there were times we had a particular person (not employed but related to the boss) who helped herself to our frozen pre-packaged meals. When confronted, she became angry and reluctantly paid us back but it definitely was eye-opening.

  17. This isn’t new to Bend. There are two houses I believe that rent out studios on Broadway that have shared kitchens. They have been doing this since I moved here 30 years ago.

  18. Judging by all the naysayers, sounds like many commenters never had roommates they weren’t related to, went to college and lived in a large dorm/ fraternity/ sorority house, or traveled and stayed in hostiles or old world bed & breakfasts?
    My last dorm in university had one shared kitchen for 10 quad bedrooms, 2 people to a room. Each quad shared one oversized bathroom, and each quad was same sex. There were never any issues. Most people had their own minifridge in their bedroom.

      1. Housing is housing. Some cities have hotels which are slightly larger than a bed. Not everyone needs, wants or can afford multibedroom homes with multicar garages on 2O acre lots.
        In your opinion what is the minimum requirements for housing?

    1. Yeah, it really depends on who lives in the place. If it’s a bunch of college kids who mostly order takeout, or cook really simple stuff at unorthodox hours, a shared kitchen won’t be much of an issue. If a bunch of families try to live there, I could see a bottleneck in the kitchen around dinner time.

  19. I am pretty sure section 8 “project housing” each have their own kitchen. Good on ya’ developers creating the Bend projects just a slight step down in livability from those big city “PJ’s”

  20. Just to think a few short months ago this idea would have been “banned” because of the pandemic. Now, it’s cool to be up each other’s business and sharing germs. go figure

      1. Why? Because there is truth in what I said? Can’t take the truth? You must be that idiot with a very bad memory. It was just a year ago that the pandemic forced businesses to close and made every one wear masks and temp check into their jobs every day. I am sorry for your memory problem. It sucks to be losing your memory, but hey. There’s hope. You too can be president of the US. No memory or cognitive function needed anymore.

      2. Oh and BTW. The old man you think I am…you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact you are completely off base. Maybe time for a new day job?

  21. Back in ancient Egypt, they are discovering that there were large communities built around the construction sites. Those communities consisted of slaves sorry, “workers” that were building ancient Egyptian buildings and sculptures. They were the life blood of ancient Egypt like the blue collar workers of today that support our country. Those “workers” gathered and shared their food and drink together as a community. All this was provided for the slaves “workers” or citizens that supported the Egyptian infrastructure, economy and way of life. The Egyptian king and his government sat back and enjoyed the royalties from their labors. These communities were provided to boost morale and make those slaves think they were valued and we’re contributing to something more than what they were. Those slaves were literally worked to death all while being lied to and lead to believe that their lives were just supposed to be lived out in that manner. This is just stapling in the fact that we are following that same path. I wonder how the Egyptians eventually fell. War and famine!

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