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Central Oregon leaders launch month-long COVID-19 awareness campaign

Stay Home Saves Lives Central Oregon Cares

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Central Oregonians play a key role in the campaign to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus and can help keep our friends and neighbors safe, and keep our health system strong.

Dozens of local leaders from Crook, Deschutes and Jefferson counties are teaming up with television and radio stations to raise awareness about how local residents can protect themselves and those around them through a series of COVID-19 awareness messages being released throughout April.

“Many people are worried about the way COVID-19 is affecting our communities”, said Michael Ryan, Crook County Sheriff’s Office emergency manager. “The disruptions to daily life are challenging for all of us, yet important to slowing the spread of COVID-19 – that is why we are lending our voices to this important campaign.”

Watch and listen for mayors, commissioners, leaders from ODOT, schools, police, fire and more as they lend their voices to this critical effort on social and traditional media channels.

Thousands of messages will be shared this month alone throughout Crook, Deschutes and Jefferson counties, thanks to media partners at Bend Radio Group, Combined Communications, Horizon Broadcasting, NPG of Oregon and Zolo Media Group.

“We know we are asking a lot of Oregonians in order to protect our communities,” Ryan added. “We continue to need your help to reduce the spread of this vicious virus and keep Central Oregonians, Oregonians and our entire country healthy.”

According to the World Health Organization today (10AM Central European time), the U.S. has surpassed France and now ranks third in the world for COVID-19 death counts  (4,793 deaths), behind Italy (13,917) and Spain (10,003). The U.S. continues to be home to more known cases of COVID-19 than any other country on earth.

The Central Oregon Emergency Information Network reminds residents that together, we can bend the curve. Stay home, save lives.

Watch PSA:  Emily Kirk, City of Bend and Central Oregon Emergency Information Network

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  1. what a shove it down our throats story. NONE of you leaders are leading. You work for US…we’ve told you reporters what questions to be asking and you refuse. The rest of you “leaders” ignore us….so hey…as chuck schumer said…reap the whirlwind

  2. Thats if they can get any airtime with all the Jimmy Scumbagger commercials! Portland lobbyest seems to have unlimited money from energy companies he works for!

  3. The messages coming from our (so-called) leaders to date- have been flat out wrong- and they have been peddled and parroted by a local media that has refused the science- the data- the proof.. that other countries are handling this much better than we are.

    So- like Singapore- Hong Kong- Japan… if you have a mask- get back to work ! Those will be the “real heroes”- those companies that hire specific safety professionals as their covid19 supervisors. This is the law ! This is already starting to occur in the Portland area- so why have major companies here in CO shut down- especially construction ?

    There is no reason to have “Fortress” put more than 800 workers on unemployment ! I dare any one of their reps to chime in here- explain why you have abandoned your jobs- just to put high salaried Union employees on welfare !

    This is not leadership people- this is a con- a hoax- and the law does not support or condone this unethical behavior !

    A shout out… “Construction Crews- vacation time is over- get yer tails back to work and drive this economy” !

    1. Japan’s perhaps not the best example for you, but countries that did early, broad testing fared much better than we did.

      Too bad we weren’t ready for that. But, like Trump said, no one saw this coming, so we’re completely blameless for our lack of preparation.

    2. Umm, it’s called the containment phase. Stay 2-4 weeks in self quarentine to let the virus die off in out homes instead of spreading it around construction sites and op Sure make em wearasks etc, AFTER the 2-4 weeks shut down.

  4. I’ve been poking around stats, particularly from 2008-2010.
    There seems to be an interesting correlation between a depressed economy and deaths due to illness.
    I wonder what impact this response to the China Flu is having on folks with cancer and other serious problems?
    Lack of resources for active treatment and even diagnosis of other medical issues might easily eclipse what the virus death totals are.

  5. I guess the stupid people in Washington need to be reminded to stay in their own damn state.
    Earlier today there were two large vans crammed full of people heading north on 97 in Redmond. Both had Washington plates. Idiots…

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