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Central Oregon

Black Butte Ranch celebrates 50th anniversary, welcomes new general store

Black Butte Ranch celebrated its 50th anniversary and held a grand opening Friday for its new general store.

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Arielle Brumfield

Arielle Brumfield is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Arielle here.



  1. It seems as the Black Butte cops like to pay for things with speed traps on Highway 20 between the 90 and 91 mile marker at the east end of the passing lane. Three of them out there yesterday selling autographs.

  2. A ranch is a place where hard working folks bust their butts 16 hours a day taking care of livestock, moving irrigation, and all the other jobs that need to be done every day because
    it’s how they survive…
    BBR is a nice area, but it’s just another place for the wealthy, and the beautiful people to hang out. They can ride a rent-a-pony for a couple hours and pretend they are livin in the old west, stop by and get an ice cream cone, play golf, and finish the day with an expensive meal. Yep, just like livin in the old west…

    1. yea, and it has been there for 50 years now – maybe you have noticed how the locals have been selling this area off to the highest bidder ever since?

  3. WOW! How are all those people allowed to be so close together, rushing in like fools. What is going on people?! Pandemic? Ring any bells? We are not even out of the first set of woods yet and these morons are trying to put us right back in there.

    1. all the rules in the world, no matter how reasonable or otherwise don’t mean squat if people have no sense of integrity and personal responsibility

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