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Central Oregon

Over 1,000 take part in Bend ‘Walk for Justice’ protest

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- More than 1,000 people gathered in Bend on Saturday for a protest walk, gathering and vigil called the "Bend Walk for Justice," the third such event in Bend in recent days, among hundreds nationwide sparked by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody.

Organizers of Saturday's gathering promoted it as a "peaceful demonstration against the violence, death, racial discrimination and social injustice of black men, women and children."

The gathering began at Farewell Bend Park for a walk through the Old Mill and through downtown to the Deschutes County Courthouse, where the crowd of protesters knelt in silence and heard from speakers, before an evening vigil at Troy Field.

The walkers carried signs with a variety of messages, including to "Defund Police" and "White Silence Kills," with one holding aloft a simple, large red heart. They chanted "Black Lives Matter" as they walked along the Deschutes River to downtown Bend.

Another peaceful protest has been called for noon Sunday at Bend's Drake Park, organized by the new local group, the Central Oregon Black Leaders Assembly.

The event is being called "in solidarity with demonstrations nationwide over racial inequality, police brutality and the death of George Floyd." Organizers have asked participants to bring protest signs and also to wear face masks to protect against the COVID-19 pandemic

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    1. I just have a quick question. Let’s say that you’re having a really bad day, okay? You’re really just in a funk; it’s really hard to smile. Maybe you’ve had a personal tragedy or setback. Just anything that might make it hard for you to keep a cheery disposition.

      Now, considering all that, you still have to do your job, right? You still have to earn your pay and go out there to do what you do. Right?

      So my main question is, on days like that, how do you get yourself together enough to put on that makeup, go out to birthday parties and such, and make people laugh at the clown?

    1. Barney, please do not censor this. The truth must be known!!!!

      Take a look at these protests. ANTIFA infiltrates BLM and other groups protesting for George Floyd, and justice and better treatment of blacks. Notice the majority of ANTIFA are white. Anyway ANTIFA Attacks a black sheriff, lunging at him and repeatedly calling him the N word. BLM seem indifferent that a BLACK MAN is being assaulted by ANTIFA, who claim to sympathize with BLM and justice for George Floyd and better reatment of blacks. In actuality, this video clearly shows that ANTIFA is for its self, and the BLM movement and black people are nothing more than none human abstract objects, which ANTIFA dehumanizes and uses as pawns for their own political agenda. For the love of Pete BLM why did you not come the the aid of the black man who was being harassed, lunged at, and called the N word by ANTIFA!? Don’t all BLM!?

        1. Seems to me that “that” would have made for a great question from your reporters !

          “Hi there- I’m Barney Larson- so where are you from ? Oh Seattle ?? So what brings you to Bend Oregon ??? Really- looking for some windows to smash- stuff to steal- but there’s no Apple Store in Town and JC Pennys just went bust… Yeh- times are hard all over- covid19 and all… which reminds me…”

          See how that works !

          1. you must be so sad that violence and destruction you were hoping for didn’t happen – violence porn seems to be your thing, along with ever so thinly veiled white supremacy

            1. Hey lily white rosy cheeked caucasian, to your comment above I will say, physician heal thy self before you make those assumptions about others you white guilt nazi supremacist. Enough of the race baiting.

          2. Yes, all yet another conspiracy with people being bessed in and conspiring!!!! Run away!!

            ROFLMAO!!! You paranoid conspiracy chicks are toooooo funny!!!!

            Golf and a whore anyone!!! trump / kim 2020!!! TRUE LOVE !!! =soooooooo much winning!!!!

            1. So all millennials and Woodstocker liberals can only accuse anyone who sees the truth as being conspiracists. Those who do not know history and have not experienced it are due to repeat it. Ignorance is bliss for you isn’t it.

          3. They are not reporters. They are propagandists for CNN and AP. They have a narrative to maintain. Reporting is a side effect, not the goal. This is all to get rid of the orange menace.

        2. Do not attempt to add to my comment or video clip above something which I did not say. When I posted my initial comment above, nowhere did I say what happened was local, or that people were being bused in. Reread my comment, and show me where I said that. I had wanted that particular comment posted and the video clip to show what is happening in bigger cities. You do know that in many places people who are earnestly protesting for police reform and and to stop unnecessary police brutality against the public, plus also the injustice to George Floyd are having attempted hijacking of their protests by radical groups like ANTIFA and that ANTIFA could care less about their cause, but they attempt to fool these protesters into believing they stand united, when all they are in it for is their own violent and radical agenda. I am all for police reform, and I believe that ALL LIVES MATTER. What happened to George Floyd was outrageous and it should not have happened regardless of color or ethnic race of Floyd. The police who where involved in his death should all get life, just as Mohamed Noor, who killed the innocent Justine Diamond should get life in prison, instead of 3rd degree murder and 12 years in prison. Also, the thousands of black on black crime victims in Chicago should all matter. Their lives count too. I think we need to stop with the tribalism segregation and just say, ALL LIVES MATTER, regardless of race, sex, or religion. Because in the end, if one has a faith based system in their life, we should believe that our maker will judge us by the content of our character and nothing else.

      1. You boomers always loved WW2 and all that talk about the Greatest Generation and all that stuff about us winning… until you found out we were fighting Fascism, then suddenly you’re all “OMG they were Antifa from out-of-town and they were violent…!!”

        1. Firstly, there are many baby boomers who were born in the early half of the 1960s, who were not around during WWII, but they may have parents or grandparents who were. On another note, it is good to know that some of you just out of diapers realize that ANTIFA is a violent fascist group. There is still hope for some of you.

          ANTIFA- the group which claims to be “anti-fascist” has literally become Nazi Fascists. Yet their propaganda has people believing a lie by saying the group is against Fascism.

          ” The best propaganda is that which, as it were, works invisibly, penetrates the whole of life without the public having any knowledge of the propagandist initiative. Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Propaganda Minister 1933″

          The word “Nazi” comes from The National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei). Socialist or Socialism is FAR LEFT. The truth is, Antifa has literally become the very thing they say they are protesting. Hitler rose to power, not just because of his oratory ability, but because of his willingness to use violence against his opposition. In 1933, he used the burning of the Reichstag in Berlin to claim that Communists were trying to overthrow the government. It was an excuse to unleash a “wave of terror” across the nation.

          He utilized the SA, eventually Hitler Youth and the SS, and finally the Gestapo to accomplish his plans until his death in 1945. Isn’t that what ANTIFA is doing? Fomenting violence to accomplish their goals?

          The SA played a prominent role in the 1938 “Kristallnacht” in which violent “demonstrations” destroyed 200 synagogues, over 7,000 Jewish businesses, the desecration of Jewish cemeteries, Jews murdered… as well as over 30,000 men arrested and taken to Concentration Camps.

          Fast Forward to Today – Modern Day Nazis

          ANTIFA are socialist/Fascists, just like the Nazis. And just like the Nazis, they use totalitarian methods – using violence and intimidation to advance their agenda. Exactly the same as Hitler’s methods. But they are not confined to one place, they are international- InterNazis.

          “Unlike the Storm Troopers of 1930s Germany, the Antifas are international, and represent an ideology that explicitly seeks the destruction of the nation-state and the abolition of national identity. Their mission is to deconstruct the nations of Europe so that Socialist Multiculturalism may be implemented with a minimum of resistance…” Gates of Vienna blog “The InterNazis“

        2. So the Antifa reveals itself. You can’t even define fascism let alone fight it. ANYTHING and everything you don’t like is considered fascism and everyone you don’t like is a Nazi. You are infantile angry clowns that only find brief moments of feeling important when you get to break something.

      2. this is what you take away from what happened in Bend? – you are so stuck in your own thing – no matter how improbable, you will take what is fed to you over what is right in front of you – you’re lost

        1. May 2020. “Covid lockdown protesters are granny killers”
          June 2020 “Ignoring covid lockdown orders protesters are killing granny for justice.”

      3. Both antifa and blm are radical groups, mostly filled with uneducated people looking for an excuse to act out violently.
        blm is by definition a racist political group, and to them the only time black lives really matter is when those blacks subscribe to their liberal beliefs.
        What cnn et al won’t show you:

    2. That’s funny, because the concept of the lemming suicide was formed out of a documentary filmed in 1958 by a Walt Disney company called “White Wilderness”. In this the filmmakers created the illusion that these creatures kill themselves, when in actuality they were victims of a lie using creative camera work and with some of the poor creatures actually tossed of the cliff by the film’s crew. They are a victim of a lie, as are you. I highly suspect it’s not the first, or the last lie you will believe and swallow completely in your life.

      If you’d like to read up on the lemmings feel free to at:

      1. Liberals always deem everything and anything as a lie if it does not agree with their political views. Lies, lies all lies. Lemming liberal lives matter too despite the ignorance.

        1. BOTH sides do this in today’s Blame Society. Your side is holy, the other side is evil.
          And in the middle, the vast majority of Americans weigh and judge each issue on its own merits, but are drowned out by the blamers who grab the microphone and keep shouting.

          1. That sounds great, but maybe you should take some responsibility as there’s more hate an intolerance than any good coming from the KTVZ comments section. Close it down and let these people rot with their hate.

            1. In general, I always cast a wary eye on “simple” solutions that probably almost always have messy details and unintended consequences. (The words “knee jerk” and “feel good” and “simplistic” usually come to mind.)

    1. I was soooo much more impressed by the 150 hillbillies who showed up in redmond to defend their right to open their beauty parlors and dive bars!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!

      Golf and a whore anyone !!!! trump / kim 2020!!! TRUE LOVE !!!!

      1. Oh there you go with your liberal elitism. Ass-uming just because people live in a smaller town they are somehow inferior to you. Why don’t you go back to California or the other bigger State city where you came from so you can be amongst your kind.

  1. Another group of primarily white people protesting, and carrying signs with the same old wore out phrases on them. Many of the people were probably bused here, or came from other areas in cars. We get the point without your stupid protests because a person can’t even look at the news anymore without seeing the never ending stories that are in some way race based… Give it a rest people…

    -Yes, the protest may have been peaceful, but when they start blocking roads, they need to at least be cited. They should all be arrested but that’s not going to happen when there are this many people and there is only so much jail space… If this continues, it will probably worsen over time, and then there is a very good possibility that they will slowly become violent or disorderly. It’s rare that this doesn’t happen, and all it takes is one person to get the disobedience or destruction of property started, and then others will follow along.

    1. Yes, if only they could’ve chosen something less noticeable or less intrusive into your white privileged life to protest police brutality. Something which doesn’t force you to admit your disinterest, lack of empathy, and face your closeted prejudice. Something like quietly taking a knee during the anthem perhaps…

      1. It’s not that I am disinterested, lack empathy, or have a closeted prejudice.
        I have clearly explained that in several other comments with TreHgr recently…
        The protests have been going on for many years. Some peaceful, some extremely violent.
        What has been gained ? Very little, if anything, and yet they continue, except now
        the focus is primarily on police departments, and that is fine because as we all know, there are bad cops that have no business being in L.E. The Floyd incident was yet another example of that, and the departments need to find a way to figure out who these cops are and fire them before something bad happens. It’s their responsibility…

        – The reality is, there are both whites and blacks killed by cops, but they are only protesting for blacks, not whites, yet they claim all lives matter. No, I don’t
        take them very seriously because they complain about racism, but they are guilty of
        just that by excluding all other races in their protests…
        I don’t deny that there is racism, there is no doubt about that, and no it’s not right.
        It wasn’t right 100 years ago and it’s not right today…

        – There was a story here in the U.S news section the other day about a cop that body slammed and seriously injured a woman who was only trying to leave a protest. There was absolutely no mention of what race the cop or the woman was, so that tells me that they
        were both white, because if the woman was black, it would have been mentioned numerous times in the story. That was it, one story, and I certainly haven’t heard any of the protestors mention that incident, or protest on her behalf. Tell me there is no bias…
        Incidents like this are why I have very little respect for the current protests.

        -I don’t have a problem with peaceful protests, it’s a right we all have, but tell me how mass destruction of buildings, cop cars and assaults on cops and others is justified, and that it’s going to make a difference. It’s not. It never has…
        The simple fact is, all lives matter, but the reality is, you can’t change people
        that don’t want to change. There are still people who have deeply rooted hatred
        and sadly there probably always will be, but protesting isn’t going to change that.

    2. Yes comrade!!! The uprising shall be destroyed!!! Just like they did in Malheur!!! ROTFLMAO!!

      based, bused whats the difference to a poorly educated hillbilly conspiracy apologizer!!!

      golf and a whore anyone!!! trump / kim 2020 !!! TRUE LOVE!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Wow, grasping at straws. Hate to break it to you but nobody was bussed in. Myself and my kids were there. We saw teachers, business owners, neighbors… everyone that was there to let their voice be heard about their disgust for police brutality, their dislike for this administrations fight against their right to peacefully assemble, their desire for accountability in our government…etc. So, put a sock in it. The more that it sounds like our Constitutional rights are being attacked – the more we will be out there. And the more people that will join us.

      1. Hey, you had your fling with childish utopic nonsense with B Hussein and before that the first black president, BJ Clinton. Stupid still doesn’t fix stupid.

      2. Oh, so you personally went around and asked everyone of the 1000 people where they
        are from ? Nice try but you didn’t. You have no idea where all of the people were from
        so you can put a sock in it…
        This administration is not fighting against peaceful protests, they are fighting against
        the protestors that use it as an excuse to loot and destroy buildings, cop cars, and assault cops and others…

        – You say you were out there protesting your disgust for police brutality, dislike for this administrations fight against their right to peacefully assemble, their desire for accountability, yet the protests are solely for black lives, it doesn’t mention anything about people of other races who are also subject to the abuse and mistreatment by police. Why is that ?
        Police brutality does need to be addressed. It doesn’t mean that every department has a problem with it, but they all need to be aware of it, and take care of it when it is first noticed, not after several warnings of the behavior..

        – Unless you have personally been subjected to abuse by the police, your constitutional rights haven’t personally been attacked. So you say you will continue to protest when you think your constitutional rights are are being infringed upon, does that include all of the amendments or just the ones that you select and agree with ?
        Would you protest to protect the 2nd amendment ? It is constantly under attack, and
        many politicians and other people want to reinterpret it so it suits them, and not accept it as it is written, simply because they don’t like guns. Is that okay with you ? If you wouldn’t protest to support it,even if you don’t agree with it, then you are nothing but a hypocrite…

        – As far as more people joining in support, don’t count on it. The past has shown us that after they have gotten the destruction and violence out of their system, and the attention starts to dwindle, the fun is gone, and it will slowly start to decrease, and we will no longer have 20 different race based stories in the news every day. And in the end after all the dust settles, what will have changed ? Probably very little.
        Things might change for awhile, but things will probably eventually slowly start going back to the way they were. Maybe I’m wrong, I hope that there is some change, but I doubt that there will be any long term change…

    4. Tons of people-of-color there. It was 1000% peaceful. The only thing that anyone got upset with was when people started crossing the streets… Vroom, vroom, goes the compensation diesel.

    5. Many people literally met up at churches and whatnot to get in busses/vans and travel to MAGA rallies and Tea Party rallies. Are you saying those rallies are now discredited because like-minded people met up and car-pooled to those events? Why is it fine for you, but not okay for these fine Americans peacefully petitioning their government for a redress of their grievances?
      The fact that the group was primarily white indicates they didn’t travel far, and brings a measure of peace to my heart. People who can have empathy for someone else they have never met is a sign of maturity, and displays the kind of heart that all major religions hope to instill in their followers. Knowing there is racial injustice in our country and not saying/doing anything about it at a time like this is to be complicit. It costs you nothing to show solidarity with the weak who have been systemically oppressed by a tyrannical government.

      1. At least you admit these public tantrums are the best the loser lefty’s can muster as to their version of a MAGA rally. Ain’t it funny your “woke ” leader is ol’ slapstick Joe, an old prehistoric white guy. There will be great wailing and gnashing of teeth when you toddlers suffer another crushing defeat due to this insanity. And to think your demise is aided and abetted by the entire media and full throated support of KTVZ. Now that’s rich!

        1. You guys keep crying about people being bussed in. I was making the MAGA comparison so you could understand the concept, trying to simplify things so you could understand the idea without drawing you a picture. It still seems to have gone over your head. Oh well.

    6. Who would you have speak up about fundamental inequality in the nation that holds itself out as the exemplar of freedom and hope? Just the victims? Because you’re tired of hearing about issues that don’t directly impact you? That’s not the America I was raised in, one that took pride in its position as “a city on a hill,” with all eyes on us.

      I think you’ve forgotten what President Reagan said, that “freedom is the right to question and change the established way of doing things.” It’s that expression of freedom that has always moved this country toward a more perfect realization of its promise, “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” There’s still plenty of ground to cover to get there, though, and anyone who would stop others from questioning and seeking to change the established way of doing things is an enemy of freedom. I doubt that’s how you see yourself, so I hope you’ll reconsider your view on these protests.

      1. For the same reason hummel called for Austin to be arrested and harassed by the public….a guy that followed and exceeded the governor’s guidelines. These people aren’t even doing that

        1. This is why Hummel needs to resign. One justice for Hummel’s more equal buddies, and another for anyone else. I dealt with him for 20 years running my business in Bend. He was always slimy.

        2. They are doing the same thing your group did in Redmond, expressing their rights to a peaceful protest. Maybe you’re just jealous that their message is drawing more support than yours did.

            1. First, my impression was that Hummel was most incensed that as soon as stay-home orders came out, the Deschutes sheriff said that that he wasn’t going to engage in enforcement, and then cooperated with the rodeo organizers in circumventing those orders. Then the Redmond police did something similar in the face of the April protests there. Hummel can’t arrest anyone. In a lot of ways, didn’t the March and April events seem like a turf war between the DA and the police?

              Separately, while the commercial activities involved in those two incidents are important, they have been only temporarily constrained, and they’re not as fundamental to our polity as the fair and equal treatment of Americans of all colors and creeds. Nobody is suggesting that rodeos will be subject to hundreds of years of unequal treatment. You might want to reconsider equating those earlier events with these more recent protests.

        1. “Because that is the policy that Demokkkrat Governor Kate Brown has set…”
          Ladies and gentlemen, bghw is now advocating for us all to follow all of Kate’s policies, and we will not have to hear him/her complain ever again about anything Kate says or does. Praise the heavens above.

        2. so, are you on team Kate, or ravenously opposed to anything she does? – what are you selling at the moment wishy? – you’re like a drop of water on a hot frying pan

          1. Oh, so now you don’t support Brown ? You-TreMgr-Tiobozo have been right up there with Barney and Z21 promoting that “Stay Home-Save Lives- (or be considered a selfish hole in need of financial penalties to the tune of $14,000 and the loss of your business license) nonsense for three months now !

            What happened to killing the children- the Grandparents- because Central Oregonians want to go to a park- go to church- have a beer in a bar ???

            The Fake Pandemic is real- the hoax- the con- the scam- and the attempt to destroy the economy just to get back at the President for having the nerve to beat out a Clinton !

            What’s not fake is Brown’s anger- her hate- her commitment to punishing everyone in the state- whatever it takes- she’s damn mad and you all will pay for it !

            As for you three and a half-wits- yer all a disgrace to this web site !

            1. Did any of that make sense to you when you wrote it? You realize this isn’t just in Oregon, right? It’s the entire world. Your disapproval is a clear sign I’m leading a good life.

      1. Then you should have spoke up when church goers were busted, mothers arrested, and shop owners shut down for violating Covid lock down orders.

    7. None of these people were bused in. They are your neighbors and friends, people who believe that other neighbors of yours are treated differently simply because of the color of their skin. I hope you can wake up to that fact, or just be dismissed as someone stuck in a hate-filled past.

    8. You sound like a complete coward and buffoon. We were there with well over a thousand of our local friends. We are local business owner, attorneys, city and state workers at the high levels and on and on. You have no idea what you are talking about because you sit behind your little screen at home typing away with all your ill informed ignorance and hate. It was an awesome coming together of all races and completely non violent, run by locals and attended by locals. Turn off your Faux news loser.

    9. Gee- I dunno- “Yes, the protest may have been peaceful”

      Clearly violating Demokkkrat Governor Kate Brown’s Executive Orders banning large gatherings over the potential for spreading a deadly virus doesn’t seem so “peaceful” to me…

      It borders more on Germ Warfare !

  2. Well said, Mike. Today’s protest ended with people kneeling on the steps of the county courthouse as they remembered George Floyd. I’ll kneel on the steps of a courthouse when those killed in the last week are memorialized too; which included a black retired police captain in CA & a black police officer in Missouri.

    1. Well, it’s up to you and others like you to do just that. Who knows, if you organize a demonstration or march against violence (on any “side”) I just might join you. I’m waiting…

  3. My relatives include those who are Jewish, black, Hispanic, Asian and Pacific Islander As one big extended family, we understand and acknowledge that ALL lives matter.

      1. Even with your calls for color-blindness there are fellow Americans that do NOT enjoy equal justice under the law. Thats what this is all about. Wouldn’t you want the same for yourself and your family?

    1. Yes, of course, all lives do matter. There is no greater miracle. It sounds like you have an interesting family, that’s really awesome.
      But most Americans are taking this moment to acknowledge our country’s long history of black oppression and mistreatment. We can take time to learn about ongoing broken windows policing and redlining, and remember our history of much worse. We can investigate our own feelings towards people of color to try to root out our own personal biases, which is also very important.
      I forget where I heard it, but someone was explaining that if you have a group of five children at a park, and you acknowledge that they are all wonderful, but one of them gets stung by a bee then you don’t give them all band aids, you only give one to the injured child. That’s what’s going on right now in America… we’re acknowledging an ongoing injury, and asking for it to stop, and for some first aid.

      1. “But most Americans are taking this moment to acknowledge our country’s long history of black oppression and mistreatment.”

        So when is it time to acknowledge the country’s history of Chinese oppression and mistreatment- or Italian American oppression and mistreatment (Sacco and Vanzetti)- Japanese Internment- Jewish slurs and animosity (Jew York)-Russian Collusion-Women (Glass Ceiling)-Every Spielberg Movie Condemning all Germans as Nazis…. But most of all the Founding Fathers- the Revolutionaries- the Frontiermen- “White Men” who sacrificed their lives for the nation to move forward and prosper- advance technology and science (the manned Space Program)- all those White Men” now under constant attack as lazy unappreciative half-wits believe one skin color “matters” more than any other… complete and total BS !

        I’ve posted factual data here on another thread- read it ! Demand more from the black community !! Stop blaming others for their historical plight- too many White Americans died for their right to be here- it was called “The Civil War” !!!

  4. However tragic and undeserved, The death of this career criminal does not warrant this amount of attention. You are all turning George Floyd into a martyr and he doesn’t deserve martyrdom. GO home and save lives. Covid is still out there. The lives you save are far more innocent.

    1. Anyone who gets killed for sitting down as instructed, is a hero and a martyr, doubly so if they have a record and yet dont fight… floyd did everything right and it still didnt matter

    2. Weren’t you just saying how you don’t believe any of it and you’re going out on the town and not gonna wear a mask because freedom and all that kinda stuff just the other day? Now you’re very concerned?

  5. I posted this on another thread- it seems more appropriate here-

    According to Dr. Richard Johnson at the University of Toledo-

    *It would take 40 years worth of blacks killed by police to equal the number of blacks killing blacks in a single year !

    *Less than 400 people a year are killed by cops- 61% are white men- 30% are black males… this is despite the data that shows black men are stopped a disproportionately number of times compared to whites- which you know is true.

    *People are killed by police at about the same rate as the odds of being struck by lightning- yet we don’t riot or loot our local Macy’s over a thunderstorm !

    *Black males make up 58% of the legal deaths by private citizens protecting their themselves or their property… however- with-in that number- 75% of those black deaths are at the hands of other blacks !

    *FBI Stats*

    *Black men make up 6.5% of the US population- but they commit 52% of all murders.

    *Blacks are 27% more likely to attack whites- and 8xs more likely to attack Hispanics.

    *Finally- 90% off blacks that die of murder- die at the hands of other blacks- again- from the FBI Homicide report.

    So really- Do Black Lives Matter to “Black Lives Matter” ???

    *Food for thought*

    *74% of black children are raised without fathers- (US Health and Human Services)

    Black Americans have had a history of voting Democrat- and this is what the party of Jim Crow-Segregation- Lynchings- and The Klan has provided them-

    We’ll discuss the audacity of Bend civic leaders blatantly violating the Governor’s Executive Orders after you all have had a chance to digest the data I’ve provided- Cmon Haters- what ya got ?

    1. Yes, you’ve highlighted some of the manifold effects of systemic racism. All the unfortunate findings you report are symptoms of the greater poverty, the greater unemployment and the lesser opportunities that black Americans have faced for hundreds of years. To look at those outcomes as if they were independent of the broader inequalities in our nation is to miss the point entirely; so much has been written on exactly that topic that no person who is genuinely interested could fail to come across the considerable body of work discussing the issue.

        1. I don’t know who you mean to include in your reference to “your kind,” but it’s nonetheless a telling revelation of an “us versus them” way of seeing the world that, in my opinion, is associated with many problems in American society.

          Americans who recognize that this country has fallen short of its ideals have been talking about structural, institutional and systemic racism for fifty years. Sadly, that group has never been as big as it should be, but its growth holds the potential to deliver real change, and they want you to join them, because they know that the solutions they seek are fundamentally about the realization of the precepts on which this country was founded, precepts that they know you cherish.

          So, instead of presuming that terms that are new to you are devoid of meaning, I ask that you take some time to learn about them. Here’s a primer from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops:

          1. So EddyB- you seem to fancy (and promote) yerself as some kinda high brow intellectual sent here to educate the less knowledgeable in the ways of the world… maybe you can tell us all what Oregon Laws you supported a week ago- the ones you don’t support today-and how you will choose which ones to follow going forward… Yeh- you’ve clearly been that wishy-washy !

            1. I don’t fancy myself as anything other than a person with a single perspective that reflects the complexities and limitations of my experience, who recognizes the same in others. I certainly don’t “promote” myself as anything. But I know the reason you oppose my advocacy for a better understanding of the law and history underlying the topics under discussion—advocates of evil are often advocates of ignorance.

              As for your question, I have a deep enough understanding of the Constitution to know that the Supreme Court’s recent confirmation—that temporary orders restricting regular, ongoing, religious assemblies can be Constitutional—doesn’t mean that courts cannot or will not distinguish the application of those same orders to protests that derive their relevance and power from their moment in time. Your attempt to reduce so many things to the binary, and to insist that others do the same, fortunately bears no relationship whatsoever to how our courts interpret the intersection of our rights with governmental restraint.

      1. Black men make up 6.5% of the population but commit 52% of all murders. Poverty has VERY little to do with this statistic. So don’t go spouting that statistic off like it means nothing. In fact that statistic has more to do with the black culture than anything.

          1. The numbers are real, but have been misrepresented. This is from wiki

            “According to the FBI Uniform Crime Reports, in the year 2008 black youths, who make up 16% of the youth population, accounted for 52% of juvenile violent crime arrests, including 58.5% of youth arrests for homicide and 67% for robbery. Black youths were overrepresented in all offense categories except DUI, liquor laws and drunkenness. Racial disparities in arrest have consistently been far less among older population groups.[74]”

    2. All your stats are great proof explaining the level of crisis in black america today, far past due to fix the issues you mention- and a good start is for police to stop killing folks sitting on the sidewalk peacefully

      1. Why don’t you fix all the blacks commiting most of the murders in America. You’ll need to fix the black culture to reduce it significantly….but hey good luck.

            1. Yes, you cut paste that accurately. How that makes the claims you made earlier, such as ““90% off blacks that die of murder- die at the hands of other blacks” — I haven’t a clue.
              (Stats don’t absolve police of misconduct. Most police don’t do such things – call to defund/abolish police seem bizarre – but I hate over-generalizations or things that fuel biases in any direction.

              1. “90% of blacks that die of murder- die at the hands of other blacks”

                A simple Google search away- Politifact- National Review- Harvard Edu… all report the same data- cept for one minor error on my part… it’s not 90%- it’s actually 92% !

                So there ya go- guilty of rounding off !

                1. So the link didn’t prove your point, and now … well, no links.
                  Figures. And if true, how does that make racial injustice OK? Battles of stats prove nothing. It’s what folks see with their own eyes that have generated what we’re seeing today.

                2. Barney, it’s certainly worth pointing out the hypocrisy of the protests touting “Black lives matter” because they are only caring about it when a black dies to a police officer when 90% of black murders are committed by other blacks. This is what he is pointing out.

                3. I don’t get that as hypocrisy, it doesn’t disprove their claim of unfair police treatment/bias. But they have a right to assemble and protest, just as you do.

                4. “So the link didn’t prove your point, and now … well, no links.” ???

                  I just checked- the link works through Chrome.

                  And let’s be clear- I’m not here to argue racial justice or injustice- I just present the facts-the data-the statistics… you are free to come to your own conclusions.

                  As for this further below/above (?)…

                  “they have a right to assemble and protest, just as you do.”

                  Not according to Demokkkrat Governor Kate Brown’s Executive Orders and current Phase II mandates- which are currently under review (?) by the Oregon State Supreme Court regarding legality… as far as we all know- Kate’s Laws are still enforceable through threat of criminal charges… why are you side-stepping these facts- encouraging viewers here to go out and “break the law” !

                  Gee- really- still an old liberal hippie- with multi-colored beads- bell bottoms-still driving around the VW Van and listening to the Grateful Dead ???

      2. “crisis in black america today, far past due to fix the issues you mention”

        So why did America give Obama and Biden a pass during the Trayvon Martin-Eric (I can’t Breathe) Garner killings ?

        Your dear and exalted leader had four years to address your “black man’s crisis” but instead chose to do nothing but lecture whitey about the evils of racism.

        You’ll have to excuse American’s nationwide if they just don’t buy into this latest round of fake outrage.

    3. So…what exactly is this point of this rambling post? That black people deserve to be killed while subdued by ample force while begging for their lives and calling for their deceased parents? ALL people deserve to be treated equally and with respect, but you prove day in and day out that you deserve none at all.

      1. “The point” ???

        “90% off blacks that die of murder- die at the hands of other blacks”-So again- “Do Black Lives Matter to “Black Lives Matter” ???

        “Black Americans have had a history of voting Democrat- and this is what the party of Jim Crow-Segregation- Lynchings- and The Klan has provided them. So when will the black community accept responsibility and take accountability for their actions ? Why is it that every Black Republican is called out as an Uncle Tom- a traitor to the race- “Stay Black Michael” !

        Read the data again- “Less than 400 people a year are killed by cops- 61% are white men- 30% are black males”… Where is your white privileged outrage over all those dead white guys ???

        I don’t see any of you here treating anyone with “equal” amounts of respect- yer all too busy hating on whitey !

          1. And you keep crying wolf- refusing to accept the personal choices that have led many to suffer their own illness.

            You’d think that black Americans are the only group of people to ever suffer through slavery-prejudice-bias… Indentured Servitude is hardly unique to the black experience.

            Historically speaking White Americans by the thousands gave their lives so blacks could have the same opportunities to work their way up through the social ladder and experience freedoms in the US- it was called the Civil War.

            Black Americans today are a mix of hugely successful business owners (now that Trump has ended Obama’s racist policies that closed more black owned businesses than opened)- Politicians- Entertainers- Doctors-Lawyers-Military- Scientists- and Entrepreneurs… the fact that George Floyd chose a life of a petty crook- robbed from women- stole-took drugs- is hardly the kind of individual that is worth all this hullaballoo… here try this instead-

            “Authorities say a Northern California sheriff’s deputy was killed and two other law enforcement officers were wounded when they were ambushed by a suspect”


            Clearly- some black lives matter more than others !

      1. Does the rest of the human race matter to you regardless of color, or does one have to be the right color, and that is currently black by your standard.

    4. Thank you I’ve done this in other places and tried to get KTVZ to let people know these things. Question is…why on Earth in every article and story about ‘police killing blacks’ does this not come up? How can it not? Is there any other topic that we as a society deem a problem or risk that isn’t full of numbers explaining how? The reason IMO is that it would destroy the narrative.

      The thing is that NOT doing that will lead to nothing changing because slowly more and more people find this stuff out and can easily verify it as accurate..then after so many days/weeks of protesting and asking for change enough will realize they are making excuses (for the poverty in their community caused by double the number of single earner/parent households vs whites)…

      Barney…not a rhetorical question…why not ever have the number of unarmed blacks killed by police in a story? Couldn’t KTVZ write their own? Or link to on ethat sdoes if you don’t want to look unwoke?

      1. As you can see by the Moderators response- “We don’t write national news source.”

        That is correct- they just “sensationalize” it !

    1. Your inconvenient truth !

      Mother-of-three salon owner fined $14,000 for reopening during Oregon lockdown claims sent child protection service was sent to her home to see if she was a fit mother

      Oregon salon owner Lindsey Graham reopened her business Glamour Salon on May 5 in defiance of the state’s lockdown orders

      On May 15 more than 30 counties in Oregon were approved to start reopening, but not Marion County, which covers Salem

      Graham announced Friday she was hit with a $14,000 fine by the state
      Graham said two days after opening child protective services arrived to her home to investigate the mother-of-three and interviewed her six-year-old son

      The Department of Human Services says it would not investigate a family simply for disobeying stay-at-home orders

        1. We know you turn a blind eye to that sort of 1A violations, but will not quit running your trap about a black thug convicted of armed robbery and what a hero he WAS

    1. Really? The rumor I heard was that ALL of these people are your neighbors and should be treated equally. But maybe that’s a silly concept means nothing to you.

        1. No one was arrested. The local, potential COVID-19 picture as presented by respected health experts was far different when the DA made those remarks than they are now, months later. Not making excuses, just pointing out some facts.

          1. “The local, potential COVID-19 picture as presented by respected health experts was far different…”

            Not True ! Phase II was just approved by Demokkkrat Governor Kate Brown- and it states approval for gatherings of no more than 100 persons- not 1000 !

            The obvious question is why are these protesters being allowed to run the streets in the thousands- when millions of Oregonians sacrificed their financial-mental-social-and future health for three months under “Stay Home-Save Lives” ?

            As a local news agency- I would expect your reporters to be downtown at every courthouse in the region demanding answers. star with Cheri (Go to) Helt- she’s your flavor of the month anyway !

              1. Try denying their permits until Phase III when Demokkkrat Governor Kate Brown opens the state- Gee- with all that embedded and systematic racism in America- I’m sure BLM can wait till August !

                What you are inadvertently (or purposefully) promoting is blatant “law breaking”- Global Pandemic Virus Spreading- a lawless assault on the Governor’s Executive Orders that millions of Oregonians have been suffering through for three months…

                Gee B- woulda known you had such a dark side ?

                1. You promoted ‘law breaking’ on her orders for months. I did not.
                  Between facetious and sarcastic and inconsistency, you are an odd puzzle, not worth solving.

                2. “You promoted ‘law breaking’ on her orders for months.”

                  You have me confused with a Baker County Judge who ruled that the extension of Kate Brown’s Executive Orders were illegal and subsequently considered null and void.

                  I also never promoted “large scale” gatherings- if you recall I was the first to prioritize masks- gloves- and hand washing while you all here mocked my comments.

                  But what I really find hysterical about your post- is that it reeks of…

                  “Well what about….” A phrase you’ve used to ridicule and belittle numerous people here… there ya go- what goes around comes around !

  6. Defund Police? Montreal police went on strike October 7, 1969. During the 16 hours the city was without a police department, the Murray-Hill Riot occurred (also known as Montreal’s Night of Terror).

    Here’s one person’s perspective:

    “Steven Pinker, the psychologist who was born and grew up in Montreal recalled how the wildcat police strike and the lawlessness that followed changed his views:

    “As a young teenager in proudly peaceable Canada during the romantic 1960s, I was a true believer in Bakunin’s anarchism. I laughed off my parents’ argument that if the government ever laid down its arms all hell would break loose. Our competing predictions were put to the test at 8:00 a.m. on October 7, 1969, when the Montreal police went on strike. By 11:20 am, the first bank was robbed. By noon, most of the downtown stores were closed because of looting. Within a few more hours, taxi drivers burned down the garage of a limousine service that competed with them for airport customers, a rooftop sniper killed a provincial police officer, rioters broke into several hotels and restaurants, and a doctor slew a burglar in his suburban home. By the end of the day, six banks had been robbed, a hundred shops had been looted, twelve fires had been set, forty carloads of storefront glass had been broken, and three million dollars in property damage had been inflicted, before city authorities had to call in the army and, of course, the Mounties to restore order. This decisive empirical test left my politics in tatters (and offered a foretaste of life as a scientist).”

    1. Abolish police. Empty prisons. Then kittens and rainbows and unicorns will fill the Earth and we will all dance away the moonlit night!!!! The night of terror, that is.

      1. wow you have been hitting the sauce…. Let’s arm everyone – fully arm them. Let’s give citizens the power over the government so if we need to we have the best to over thrown them. Let’s take over!! Then we can watch NASCAR together, brew our moonshine, take about who is whiter and better, feel good about white supremacy and go to bed praying to a God that is in a fairy tale.

        1. Malice- pipe down and tuck yer girly hysterics away for a bit and explain to all of us how “defunding” and “breaking down” police forces/squads will prevent more citizens from arming themselves… and it’s not to do battle with the US military- but to protect your own family- property- life !

          Many of you are so brain-washed about gun ownership that you are completely ignorant to America’s history and how our “gun culture” developed… it was often because “law and order” was a three day trip on horseback to find the Marshal !

          Now yer all promoting a return to the 1800’s as your knee jerk solution to the death of a life-time petty crook who used to beat women take drugs- and abuse people weaker than him !

          Might I suggest instead of mocking John Wayne- you go back and watch one of his most important films- The Man Who hot Liberty Valance !

      1. Interesting- cause Canadian Headlines within the past two years screamed-

        “Violent crimes in Montreal way up in 2018: annual police report”-

      Fontier pointed out that during the last slowdown, the PBA urged its members not to make arrests “unless absolutely necessary,” which indicated to many that police were making plenty of unnecessary arrests. “That’s the reality. They really are unnecessary. There are far too many police officers doing far too many things all of the time.” She added, “It’s incredible, because nothing is happening [during this slowdown], things aren’t exploding, there are no waves of violent crime, they just aren’t making so many silly arrests that they shouldn’t be making in the first place.”
      With police reforming themselves and reformers telling them to cut it out, it should be no wonder that when police do finally end the slowdown, it will probably have little to do with safety. “Petty laws are big business for local governments—the [2014] NYPD slowdown cost the city about $10 million a week in lost parking ticket revenue,” Krayewski writes. Summonses, too, bring in significant revenue, as those arrested are usually fined rather than sent to jail. Now might be a good time to look around and ask just how many police officers and how much policing we really need.

      1. Yawn… what exactly do events in New York have to do with Oregon ???

        Typical Cherry Picking around the globe when you have nothing regional.

        “Hey kids- lets go to the Statue of Liberty today” ! Ummm- Dad… that Statue is almost 3,000 miles away” !!! “Oh- Cmon now- it’s still in America” !!!

        You buncha doofs that frequent this site- amazing !

          1. “Why did you not ask pj that?”

            Probably because “variety is the spice of life” ! Why should I be beholden to your reading patterns ?

  7. Hey Kate, they are not maintaining social distancing. But then again, they are following your agenda so they get a pass, unlike Churches, Schools, Colleges, Universities, fishermen, boaters, Daycare, Hospitals, Doctors office’s, etc.

    1. I saw a lot of masks out there.
      Someone please share a photo of a local church or daycare where all the people are singing with their masks on, or playing who-knows-what at a daycare. I would also note that these people were outside, which is much safer than sitting inside an office, or church, or daycare. Other than that, yeah, the crowds at all these protests are not ideal, I wish they could somehow change the world from their couch, but alas…

      1. “I saw a lot of masks out there.”

        Wearing a mask does not nullify Kate Brown’s Executive Orders ! Phase II- relaxing her orders only allows for group gatherings of 100 not 1000 !

        It has been stated by the Governor- repeated here at KTVZ- that millions of Oregonians have cooperated- have all worked together to control the Wuhan corona virus- have all stayed home- which has led to unprecedented financial-social-and mental hardship… this has now all gone up in smoke as local Authorities completely ignore the sacrifices made by “we the citizens”… over what ? A criminal- a petty crook with a history of bullying and assaulting weaker individuals- is that your hero- your excuse to now violate Brown’s “legal” orders ? Is this how you justify in that pea-brain of yours “payback” for whitey’s mere existence ???

        Churches closed when asked- stores-shops- the same- schools hospitals- fire and Police all sacrificed for three months… so Black Lives Matters could roll in and hijack our pandemic ???

        Fat chance bucko ! You all got a lot of explaining to do !

        1. And if you organize 1,000 people for whatever kind of protest, they won’t shut you down either. So it’s not about taking sides. It’s about the First Amendment. Would you have them make mass arrests, even shoot tear gas and rubber bullets to protect public health? No, of course not. It’s not logical. Nor are you.

          1. “And if you organize 1,000 people for whatever kind of protest…”

            You need permits-crowd/traffic control-Police presence… so “who” is approving these demonstration ?

            “So it’s not about taking sides. It’s about the First Amendment.”

            And it’s also about an unprecedented global pandemic that had our States’ Governor shutting down the economy- enacting Executive Orders to force people to “Stay Home-Save Lives”… what happened to your Corona B ? Did it magically disappear because a multi-racial police squad took down a career criminal and druggie ?

            Funny how you all now want to quote the US Constitution- the Amendments- on behalf of George Floyd- but were dead quiet when Governor Kate Brown purposefully put the states citizens under house arrest- out of work-closed the schools- banned all parts of the America dream- of Life-Liberty-and the Pursuit of Happiness.

            Shameful !

          2. Thank you Barney for standing up against misinformation fueled by misguided outrage. You are the Dr. Fauci (informed and logical thought leadership) the KTVZ comment section needs.

            The informed citizens of our community thank you.

            1. Thanks. It’s a very uncomfortable position. Some say moderators should never or rarely speak. I do need to resist stronger the troll-bait of haters. But I confess to being human, and wishing to defend my workplace and my profession from unfair/false attacks.

    1. Police training is fine. It’s tough these days, but try to ignore the hype generated by cnn and embraced by outfits like KTVZ.
      A few bad cops and a lot of over-zealous liberals. Look at the hard data (do it fast, though, because social media is being purged of facts and opinions that defy liberal agendas).
      How many Digital Content Directors are out there who are basically rubber stamps of approval for liberal Op Ed feeds disguised as hard news? A lot. Maybe most of them.
      I don’t know if they do it to keep their jobs (afraid to criticize hack journalism) or because they share the political bias, and have become hack journalists.

  8. Looks like KTVZ forgot to edit out the FTP sign. This isn’t about “justice” it’s about the Marxist revolution that hijacked any thought of “justice.” What are the nebulous goals? We have a justice system. Cops were charged with murder and await trial. What does abolishing police departments have to do with this? Why have democrat cities made it so bad for police that they have to lower standards just to get anyone to wear a badge? No one in their right mind is going to be a cop in these dumps when the mayors are calling you killers and racists. The issue is always the revolution. There are so many pawns.

  9. I think it’s great how triggered the KKKAG clan gets when people come together and march for equality.
    Strength through unity!!! 🇺🇸✊🏿✊🏻✊🏽🇺🇸

  10. This thread is disgusting and embarrassing. You right wing nut jobs that still follow the Orange dictator continue to be clueless and uninformed. I was at this rally with my kids, their teacher and her kids, a local attorney and his kids, a local high level city employee and her kids, my neighbors, my fellow business owners and on and on. There was no one being bused here. The only people form out of town I met were the Trump and right wing nut jobs with guns from Idaho. You cowards who hid at home and type big words are clueless to real life. BLACK LIVES MATTER! Freedom matters! You idiots don’t even understand what Antifa is, yet you call out for it to be a terrorist group. Really? Lock up grandpa because he fought against fascism in WWII? Educate yourself instead of regurgitating the same garbage lines you hear on Faux News. You are so easy to spot with your tag line “All lives Matter” and ‘Antifa is evil”, just like your moronic leader.

    1. By your own reasoning, your life the lives of your kids are worth squat, if your are indeed a person of non color.

      Why don’t All lives matter, Jimmy?

      1. You clearly haven’t read anything about this movement. All lives can not matter until Black Lives Matter Paco. No one said anything about my life or that of my kids yet you make that ignorant inference. Try looking into a subject before you publicly bash it. You might even agree or least learn something.

  11. Glad to see a peaceful protest. However, if traffic, businesses, and other aspects of life flow are disrupted, the act of peace is lost. Were there people who were not able to get where they needed to?

  12. Conservatives must have an overabundance of gullibility. They believe every word from Trump and his pundits. So much so that they all believe the organization Antifa is real because Trump says so. How can it be called an organization when it has no leader or central management or funding of any kind?

    1. Oh, you haven’t seen anything yet. Just in case you nazis were wondering if the left is energized, now you know we’re not messing around this November. Your side has lies, hate, denial, tyranny, and division. Our side has science, love, truth, responsibility, and inclusiveness. We left you a healthy economy, and a healthy country. As usual, you’ve broken everything, and we’ll have to put it all back together again, and you’ll cry about it the whole time we’re cleaning up your mess. #BlueWave #BLM

      1. Stop with your race baiting you liberal fascist nazi. Stop with your BLP (black life privilege, oops I mean BLM. All the human race matters regardless of color, race, sex or religion. As a person of Color, I will say “TRUMP 2020!!!!”

      2. “were wondering if the left is energized, now you know we’re not messing around this November.”

        Oooh… I’m shaking in my boots- just thinking about the possibility of 1000 voters in Bend- which has a population of over 100,000 !

        Gee just how are the other 90,000+ of voting age gonna live through the uncertainty here ?

  13. Not my writing, but it seems to simplify/clarify for some people (read: not ALL people…)
    Imagine that you’re sitting down to dinner with your family, and while everyone else gets a serving of the meal, you don’t get any. So you say “I should get my fair share.” And as a direct response to this, your dad corrects you, saying, “everyone should get their fair share.” Now, that’s a wonderful sentiment — indeed, everyone should, and that was kinda your point in the first place: that you should be a part of everyone, and you should get your fair share also. However, dad’s smart-ass comment just dismissed you and didn’t solve the problem that you still haven’t gotten any!

    The problem is that the statement “I should get my fair share” had an implicit “too” at the end: “I should get my fair share, too, just like everyone else.” But your dad’s response treated your statement as though you meant “only I should get my fair share”, which clearly was not your intention. As a result, his statement that “everyone should get their fair share,” while true, only served to ignore the problem you were trying to point out.

    That’s the situation of the “black lives matter” movement. Culture, laws, the arts, religion, and everyone else repeatedly suggest that all lives should matter. Clearly, that message already abounds in our society.

    The problem is that, in practice, the world doesn’t work the way. You see the film Nightcrawler? You know the part where Renee Russo tells Jake Gyllenhal that she doesn’t want footage of a black or latino person dying, she wants news stories about affluent white people being killed? That’s not made up out of whole cloth — there is a news bias toward stories that the majority of the audience (who are white) can identify with. So when a young black man gets killed (prior to the recent police shootings), it’s generally not considered “news”, while a middle-aged white woman being killed is treated as news. And to a large degree, that is accurate — young black men are killed in significantly disproportionate numbers, which is why we don’t treat it as anything new. But the result is that, societally, we don’t pay as much attention to certain people’s deaths as we do to others. So, currently, we don’t treat all lives as though they matter equally.

    Just like asking dad for your fair share, the phrase “black lives matter” also has an implicit “too” at the end: it’s saying that black lives should also matter. But responding to this by saying “all lives matter” is willfully going back to ignoring the problem. It’s a way of dismissing the statement by falsely suggesting that it means “only black lives matter,” when that is obviously not the case. And so saying “all lives matter” as a direct response to “black lives matter” is essentially saying that we should just go back to ignoring the problem.

    TL;DR: The phrase “Black lives matter” carries an implicit “too” at the end; it’s saying that black lives should also matter. Saying “all lives matter” is dismissing the very problems that the phrase is trying to draw attention to.

    1. You have a boatload of (you know what) here! Following your logic unjust shooting of a Caucasian person should have a lot of coverage compared to minorities. Yet, the shooting of Justine Damond or Dennis Tuttle had almost no coverage and caused little to no outrage, and zero protest or riot & looting. There are also many more names that could be listed here most of us never heard of due to the exact same reason but this is not the place to list those names.

  14. Where were these marchers, looter and rioter when Tony Timpa died in 2016? Or when Daniel Shaver was shot in AZ? Oh, they were the wrong skin-color. Their lives don’t matter.

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