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Prineville protest: Bigger crowd, more police, concrete barriers, less tension

Prineville protest Tyson 620
Tyson Beauchemin/KTVZ
Concrete barriers lined Third Street in downtown Prineville during Saturday's protest, counterprotest

(Update: Initial info from Saturday's protest scene)

PRINEVILLE, Ore. (KTVZ) -- A larger crowd of Black Lives Matter protesters and counter-protesters gathered Saturday afternoon in downtown Prineville, where a larger police presence and concrete barriers lining Third Street apparently helped to reduce tensions from a week earlier.

Hundreds of people were on hand, as well as numerous police, and concrete barriers were put in place to keep the sign-carrying protesters out of the Street.

After four arrests during last Saturday's event for going into the street, police reported no arrests by late afternoon. They had warned days earlier that anyone who crossed into the street and broke traffic laws would be arrested.

The owner of a downtown Prineville frozen yogurt shop said Friday she was comfortable opening her business Saturday, despite the face-off of protesters and counter-protesters and a heavier police presence aimed at keeping it peaceful.

"I feel safe. I feel comfortable,” said Traci Haley, owner of Yo Central, located across the street from Prineville City Hall.

“I think the police are doing a lot more to be prepared this time," she said, "so they will be even more prepared to deal with any violence or upheaval that might happen."

Indeed, Prineville Police Chief Dale Cummins is still using Facebook posts to reassure residents police will do what they must to keep things civil – with a firm hand and more arrests, if need be --  despite coming under some criticism for a recent Facebook video post in which he and a resident disputed what a protest organizer shared online about a recent meeting,

Last Saturday's protests led to four arrests and brought some tense encounters between the two sides.

Here’s Cummins’ Thursday evening post about this Saturday’s plans:

“As we approach Saturday’s demonstration, I wanted to provide information on the Police Department’s plan to ensure the safety of those exercising their constitutional rights and the community at large.

“I am advising the community that we will have a strong law enforcement presence at the event. We will also be video recording in and around the event to support criminal prosecution if criminal acts occur. Traffic laws will be strictly enforced in and around the event.

“In an effort to keep the state highway open, anyone stepping on to the state highway will be subject to arrest for disorderly conduct. Officers will also be looking for other violations that could distract from the event, such as open containers of alcohol, and will take enforcement action.

“The safety of everyone involved is of the utmost importance and our primary concern. We can enforce the laws, but each individual is encouraged to use civility, respect, and tolerance. Only then can we have a truly peaceful event,” Cummins wrote.

Cummins also posted an update Friday after Prineville's Post Office erected a chain-link fence around the building. He said the postmaster had notified the U.S. Postal Service district office in Portland about Saturday's protest.

"US Post Office protocol is to close their buildings when demonstrations are in close proximity to their offices," Cummins wrote.

“This is not an indicator of any expected outcome; it is simply how the postal service responds to these events nationwide,” the police chief said. “The city still has every expectation that the event will be peaceful."

Another business on Third Street, Tastee Treat, does plan to close early, at noon on Saturday, after serving breakfast, in case things get out of hand.

Haley said, "I'm disappointed in the business that's closing early, because we have a great opportunity to show our best face to people visiting from out of town."

She said she's still open to demonstrations in Prineville -- as long as they stay peaceful.

"I've had protesters -- from both sides, I believe -- come in after the protests and get frozen yogurt, and they are always really polite," she said. "They don't give me any trouble. And I'm just happy they come in and have some of my frozen yogurt."

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      1. BLM is a major corporation. funded by liberal Democrat elites.. simple facts that these all the BLM “protests ” are funded. sure theirs a few wacky liberals in central Oregon that join in however the vast majority of these people are out of towners

    1. sorry local – the plantation will be dismantled, one way or another – you can no longer have things the way you want them – the wheel has turned

    1. They don’t know…defund police?
      There were 9 unarmed black men shot by police last year and 19 unarmed white men. I’m still not even clear on why they are protesting.

      1. Sure, sure there were. How stupid are you??? Dumb enough obviously to either actually believe that or to think anyone else other than poorly educated, hillbilly trumpanzees would. LOL!!!
        You should’ve stayed in school!!
        Golf and a whore anyone!!! trump / putin 2020!!!!! HELSINKI PROUD!!!!!

      2. Uh, maybe the police shooting unarmed people? Which, if the numbers you quote are true, they do to black men in a far higher percentage than their proportion of the population should warrant.

        1. Wrong. Basing it soley off population percentage is wrong. The correct way is to base it off number of interactions with police. Do that and it equalizes out.

        2. blacks are also responsible for nearly half of all murders in this country and the men only make up 6 or 7 percent of the population. so id say thats way out of proportion.

      3. The evidence is clear that the police prefer to choke black people, right?

        Your very specific selection of “facts” is preposterously tailored to suit an audience that doesn’t care about reality. Ignorance, fear and racism are the bases for their opinions, and they’ll take any meaningless slice of information that supports them—understanding be damned!

        There’s plenty of information showing that police tend to handle encounters at any given level of threat with more force when their subject is black.

        1. “plenty of information” ???

          But no facts- no data… for that you need to read the post from Rosspoldark below- which you have conveniently ignored for almost three hours now.

            1. Yeh- it’s tough doing a whole day of “Father of the Year” stuff…Parades- Medal Ceremonies-Speeches- and Photo Ops !

              Was a tight competition this year too- came down to two of us-

              Myself and some dude named “Owen” !

        2. I posted a link to an article in a peer-reviewed journal on exactly this topic before and you (specifically) rejected it without reading it, as the product of a liberal academic journal. The information is readily available to anyone who cares to look, and I don’t need to demand that people look at only one specific source (that has carefully excluded other analysis), as some need to do to find support for their claims. So anyone who cares to become informed can, and there’s no point in identifying sources for those who’ve chosen a path reliant on ignorance. Relatedly, for those who are interested, check out the huge range of information about racial disparities in sentencing in the US criminal justice system. Or, just pretend such things don’t exist and aren’t well studied and analyzed.

        1. however about black males between the ages of 16 and 35 make up 6 or 7 % of our population, yet are responsible for nearly half of all murders in this country. explain that.

      4. The typical false democratic propaganda is that white cops or bad cops are killing more blacks than whites. A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences demolishes the Democratic narrative regarding race and police shootings, which holds that white officers are engaged in an epidemic of racially biased shootings of black men. It turns out that white officers are no more likely than black or Hispanic officers to shoot black civilians. It is a racial group’s rate of violent crime that determines police shootings, not the race of the officer. The more frequently officers encounter violent suspects from any given racial group, the greater the chance that members of that racial group will be shot by a police officer. In fact, if there is a bias in police shootings after crime rates are taken into account, it is against white civilians, the study found.

        The authors, faculty at Michigan State University and the University of Maryland at College Park, created a database of 917 officer-involved fatal shootings in 2015 from more than 650 police departments. Fifty-five percent of the victims were white, 27 percent were black, and 19 percent were Hispanic, but then no other lives matter to you except BLM. Between 90 and 95 percent of the civilians shot by officers in 2015 were attacking police or other citizens; 90 percent were armed with a weapon. So-called threat-misperception shootings, in which an officer shoots an unarmed civilian after mistaking a cellphone, say, for a gun, were rare. Earlier studies have also disproven the idea that white officers are biased in shooting black citizens. The Black Lives Matter narrative has been impervious to the truth, however. The anti-cop narrative deflects attention away from solving the real criminal-justice problem, which is high rates of black-on-black victimization. Blacks die of homicide at eight times the rate of non-Hispanic whites, overwhelmingly killed not by cops, not by whites, but by other blacks. The Democratic candidates should get their facts straight and address that issue. Until they do, their talk of racial justice will ring hollow. Ask Black Lives Matter about the thousands of black infants killed yearly in the US the the black eugenics and PPH founder Margret Sanger, and this will be met with silence, or my body my choice. Those innocent black lives do not matter, because they are not politically expedient to BLM.

    2. the want the nwo, at least thats what the people that fund these “protests ” the citizens doing all the brain dead hooting and hollering are just the brain dead sheep

  1. “Prineville Police Chief Dale Cummins… reassure residents police will do what they must to keep things civil – with a firm hand and more arrests”

    Earlier this evening KTVZ repeated a CNN article criticizing the US President for basically saying the same thing- only it was framed as a “threatening” statement… Jordan Williams and Barney Lerten have not gone down that path in this story- I wonder why ?

    1. FACT: (And Owen knows this but doesn’t care) — We don’t “repeat” or write or edit the national news here. It flows automatically, sort of like your stream of inane comments. BTW, your very screen name is a daily lie, and you know it. Because my “wish” is that you’d find something more worthwhile to do, or other venue to pick on the very folks who provide you a (and others) a free platform to spew whatever it is you spew. Talk about ungrateful!

      1. Do you even know what kind of garbage is flowing through your CNN portal ? For if you did- you would humble yerself and admit- BGHW is right… not more than a few hours ago the Z pushed a hateful CNN propaganda piece criticizing our US President- and now we see that local LE is making the same assurances.

        So here’s the deal- I’ll be cruisin’ through the middle of this event tomorrow- and will gladly speak to Z21’s best reporter to date Feme Abebefe ! Is it a date ???

        1. How would I ever have time to read the CNN feed? I’m too busy reading your … stuff! And Feme left a decade ago. You are stuck in a time warp or something. He’s a very nice guy – class act – he’d never treat me the way you do. In fact, if he did still work here, and saw how you treat me, I wouldn’t want to be you!!! Nah, he’d be far smarter/better than me at rising above and ignoring such nasty people. Besides, his primary role was and is sports. I can only imagine what you’d do on a sporting field, keep kicking/tackling the poor ref/ump, get thrown out of every game. You’re never fair to ME. Being “right” seems so important to your very soul – if I say you’re right about everything, would you … be quiet? Nah. You enjoy picking on me unfairly WAY too much for that.

          1. I imagine it’s only a matter of time before ktvz shuts down the comments sections. I don’t know how you can put up with so much.

            1. Sad thing is, if it does happen, some will say they “won,” while others will inevitably blame the Evil Other Side, or say we don’t want to hear from the people, etc. Not true, but folks can (and will, as always) say what they will. Many have said it reflects badly on our area (though who knows where the regulars live – some we can tell by what they say, etc.)

              1. I try to be respectful, Barney (not always successfully), but the constant bile from cnn does get hard to take (as does Owen and his clown show).
                Is there someone at KTVZ to correspond with who might be able to add some Fox news to the feed for a little balance and perspective?
                I mean no offense, God knows you have your hands full and then some. Only asking if an official channel exists for modifying net content based on readership.
                Happy fathers day, try to set some time aside to enjoy friends and family!

                1. AS I’ve explained numerous times, as far as we know, Fox (and NBC) offer no similar full-text wire service. They offer video to affiliates, that’s it. So it’d be a lot of cutting-pasting I suppose. AP offers a fuller service, but … let’s just say it’s not inexpensive. Thanks.

              2. I would like to know WHY tho…z21 refuses to write/print/produce/televise or whatever moniker you choose, other stories. Are you trying to say you can only put up things that come across the wire? Like the black leader in Seattle calling for revolution? Will we hear about that, or the shooting up there last night? How come no reporters are asking any locals what they think about it? It would be interesting to know if the same haters on here that called for us to be fired upon at the refuge feel the same way about PRIVATE PROPERTY being seized by the black lives matter people. Or the Flynn transcripts….z21 won’t even look into it or ask about it, and that goes for local crap as well. All you ever say is feel free to go elsewhere. I’ve asked by phone before in the past and got the same. It’s strange to me why people say things like we should have been shot…and you let all that go….and won’t question when the EXACT SAME KIND of people are doing worse by far than ANYTHING that took place on the Malheur

                1. Because as I’ve told you and others many a time… we focus our resources on LOCAL news, as most media outlets in the country (world?) do.
                  Feel free to start a blog and get those answers to the “tough questions the media is afraid to ask” or somesuch. Everyone can be a journalist today. You don’t have to ask us to do so. (We NEVER let someone in our comments threaten or promote violence.)

          2. I guess we need to stop feeding the troll. She obviously has a very sad life and needs the attention but the outlandish statements and now the whining has ceased to be amusing.

          3. Perhaps if you acted more professional and stop being baited by “Wish” he would go away? You do know he’s laughing at you for even engaging in his stupidity, right?

            1. I plead guilty to being human. For… “fun?” No, for RELIEF, last night I decided to let him (and more importantly others) know how I feel. I resist 90 or so percent of the time, but he’s a pro at pushing buttons in nasty fashion.

              1. I am in agreement with ‘Owen’ zero percent of the time but your personal attacks against him, justified or not, are very unprofessional. You have the upperhand determining what you decide to print making you the judge, jury and executioner. Calling him out in public is bush league.

                1. That’s not fair to Barney, how would you like to be continually publicly baited and attacked for doing your job? Kind of hard to be whatever you consider professional when dealing with a troll.

                2. “You have the upperhand determining what you decide to print making you the judge, jury and executioner.”

                  Interesting point Kuya- considering- I said the exact same thing just a day ago and was chastised for my honesty… you may not agree with anything ‘Owen” posts- but you sure as hell agree with me… Thanks !

              2. I missed it!! I think it’s hilarious how the people here that totally believe the RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA thing and all about the 1A and the protesting people destroying everything, murdering police, and creating a race war….all want him to be removed

                1. “all want him (Owen) to be removed”

                  To add to the hilarity is the absolute fact that “nobody” has seen a post from anyone handled Owen…. “All Year” !

                  Yet this Owen poster- much like Banksy- is an invisible God- a ghost that haunts the minds of the rag-tag mob of lefties here that can’t shake the bold statements- the spot on commentary… I haven’t checked Amazon lately- but I’d be willing to bet this T-Shirt is the hottest seller for 2019-2020…

                  “I am Owen” !

                  You people are hilarious !

        2. You no doubt prefer retweets of fake video and of course the daily lying from the president of the United states or is it fake, digitally altered images from faux news that intrigues a woman like you!!!
          Right, let’s play the blame game:
          1/8 – First CDC warning of COVID-19
          1/9 – Trump campaign rally
          1/14 – Trump campaign rally
          1/16 – House sends impeachment articles to Senate
          1/18 – Trump golfs
          1/19 – Trump golfs
          1/20 – First case of COVID-19 in the US, WA
          1/22 – “We have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China. It’s going to be just fine.”
          1/28 – Trump campaign rally
          1/30 – Trump campaign rally
          2/1 – Trump golfs
          2/2 – “We pretty much shut it down coming in from China.”
          2/5 – Senate votes to acquit, takes 5-day weekend
          2/10 – Trump campaign rally
          2/12 – Dow Jones closes at an all time high of 29,551.42
          2/15 – Trump golfs
          2/19 – Trump campaign rally
          2/20 – Trump campaign rally
          2/21 – Trump campaign rally
          2/24 – “The Coronavirus is very much under control in the USA… Stock Market starting to look very good to me!”
          2/25 – “CDC and my Administration are doing a GREAT job of handling Coronavirus.”
          2/25 – “I think that’s a problem that’s going to go away… They have studied it. They know very much. In fact, we’re very close to a vaccine.”
          2/26 – “The 15 (cases in the US) within a couple of days is going to be down to close to zero.”
          2/26 – “We’re going very substantially down, not up.” Also, “This is a flu. This is like a flu”; “Now, you treat this like a flu”; “It’s a little like the regular flu that we have flu shots for. And we’ll essentially have a flu shot for this in a fairly quick manner.”
          2/27 – “One day it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.”
          2/28 – “We’re ordering a lot of supplies. We’re ordering a lot of, uh, elements that frankly we wouldn’t be ordering unless it was something like this. But we’re ordering a lot of different elements of medical.”
          2/28 – Trump campaign rally
          2/29 – First COVID-19 death in US
          3/2 – “you take a solid flu vaccine, you don’t think that could have and impact, or much of an impact, on corona?”
          3/2 – “A lot of things are happening, a lot of very exciting things are happening and they’re happening very rapidly.”
          3/4 – “If we have thousands or hundreds of thousands of people that get better just by, you know, sitting around and even going to work – some of them go to work, but they get better.”
          3/5 – “I NEVER said people that are feeling sick should go to work.”
          3/5 – “The United States… has, as of now, only 129 cases… and 11 deaths. We are working very hard to keep these numbers as low as possible!”
          3/6 – “I think we’re doing a really good job in this country at keeping it down… a tremendous job at keeping it down.”
          Sooooo much winning!!! Golf and a whore anyone!!!! trmp / putin 2020!!!
          HELSINKI PROUD!!!!!!

            1. Well, Joe may not be the the best choice but there wasn’t much choice in 2016 and look what we’ve ended up. 4 more years of escalating chaos doesn’t sound very appealing.

                1. Nothing left….is it trump supporters murdering cops and burning down private property all over the country right now?

                2. “There won’t be a country left after four more years of Trump.”

                  That CNN talking point went all daisy duke years ago after yer North Korean War failed to materialize- Syria shut the hell up- the economy was strokin’ on all engines till China’s doomsday virus scared the world into the stupids.

                  What exactly is Joe Biden gonna do for ya ? Re-draw Obama’s red lines in the Middle East- Sit back and watch North Korea launch more missiles over Tokyo ?? Put Hunter back in charge of China diplomacy ???

                  Haven’t you learned anything while living on Kate Brown’s Demokkkrat plantation- you can’t go to work- you can’t send your kids to school- she’s got no unemployment checks for anyone- “fun” has been outlawed this summer- but if ya wanna riot-loot- and burn stuff- vote Demokkrat !

          1. 2/22 – 2/25 Trump and his entourage took a vacation to India, which has a 2,500 mile border with China where the virus was then rampant. No masks seen in the photos of him, of course. Two weeks later the virus infection numbers in the Eastern United States skyrocketed. Trump’s valet is infected. Pence’s propaganda secretary, who is married to Trump’s discrimination advisor Stephen Miller, is also infected. Trump very likely spread the virus in this country.

        3. I wouldn’t act like you do here over in Prineville barneyshemriodsheretostay. aint nobody going to be in the mood for your monkey butt. if you are really going to go, try to think of something intelligent to say on the way or we’ll know its you

        1. I have no idea who he/she is. And don’t want to. But the writing is VERY much like someone who for years went by the name Owen Mattson. (And he/she also claim folks should not be allowed to use more than one screen name, like we have the ability/time/interest in playing that “game” of whack-a-mole.)

          1. It’s Owen, without a doubt. Male female binary black white red brown yellow shouldn’t matter. Dude is as callous as it gets, and that offends people. People that are so shallow they can only focus on his comment…not one point or fact that he supplies at any time

            “Sticks and stones may break my bones…but names will never hurt me”….remember when we were supposed to tell the bullies that when we were kids? Now the hurt kids want him gone, instead of toughening up or just ignoring him. We have to put up with the likes of fester, and stories that are out and out lies on here (the whole RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA narrative has been proven a lie) and that’s all good with the anti-owen crowd….but want owen gone. The same people freaked out when trump said go back to your country….allllllll say feel free to leave if anything right-wing/conservative is brought up

            1. I’ve tried to point out why “Owen” is unique in his personal attacks on me and the platform. There’s no side of the political fence that is jerk-free. Not every Fester post attempt makes it, nor yours, nor “Owens.” Most seem to think I do OK as a moderator to focus on terms of service and not political position. Others, well, in today’s endless Blame Society tug of war, where the other side is always the evil one that wants to destroy the country/world, the media (and govt. etc.) are the rope.

            2. DT, I’ve focused on his/her “facts” multiple times, but he/she just changes the subject and tosses off other misportrayals (whether though genuine ignorance or intent to mislead), mixed in with some insults, so why bother? As you know, “the pig likes it.”

              1. As if your “facts” hold any water… I saw your sneering post about “supporters of the confederate flag on another thread- You were pretty confident that “nobody” out there sees that flag as anything more than a symbol of racism… here- from our Canadian friends- they do academic research too ya know !

                Here- stop runnin yer gums and learn something-


                “Support for the Confederate Battle Flag in the Southern United States: Racism or Southern Pride?”

                1. Actually, I said in that other post that I have found the flag to be more a symbol of racism outside the south. The study you found is based on interviews of southerners only. How is that relevant to Prineville? Once, again, you’re wrong. Surprising nobody….

                2. “I have found the flag to be more a symbol of racism outside the south… How is that relevant to Prineville? ”

                  Oh ??? So you didn’t see any of your Confederate Battle Flags in Prineville- which is what triggered your ignorant response to begin with… now you wanna try and back yer way out with another lie with yer poor attempt at a David Copperfield smoke and mirror act… it still works on the kids- but the rest of us can clearly see the false-bottom !

                  Almost 80% of southerner’s had to black skin in the game- they fought for their property- their families- their right to govern themselves because the Northerners were choking them out- the original “I can’t breathe” assault on all Americans came under James Buchanan… and that is just another history lesson for EddyB- Z21 plant with no real answers- just more idiotic propaganda !

                3. What are you on about? There’s a “Confederate flag” in the photo at the top of the other article, and I certainly didn’t raise the topic.

                  The fact remains that a plurality of Americans believe the flag primarily represents racism:

                  As I said, I think it is even more likely to carry a racist meaning outside the south (in the south, there is at least some basis for the claim to “heritage” as distinct from racism), and, again, as I asked DT in that other thread, what message do people who bring that flag to a Black Lives Matter event in Oregon intend to communicate, if not to invoke its racist connotations? What is its other message in that context?

            3. Well DT, at least we know where you consistently stand. Owen the troll, is purposely annoying and all over the board with obnoxious remarks. No one really expects him to leave, he’s thriving on so much attention and he has his ‘rights.’ I’m not quite sure who you think is hurting because the only whining I’m reading is from Owen.

      2. While occasionally you are forced to delete one of my posts because I am too hotheaded about the level of stupidity being posted here. I personally would like to thank you for the job that you do. I can see that at times it can be a very crappy one and it takes the right kind of person to keep moving forward without wanting to walk out into moving traffic on a daily basis.

        1. Upvote on that. You’ve axed a few posts of mine (not sure why I can’t suggest that Owen goes to SE Asia for prostitutes he can’t find here), but you do a hard job. You do it with class and it’s admirable.

    2. Your repetitive comments make it seem like you have very concrete thinking. I would think is stressful in and of itself. Challenge yourself to think differently: when you realize that most of your discontent comes from within, you will be happier as you can manage how you feel and think. To do this, consider that Barney may have some points to consider.

    1. Slavery, Jim Crow, years of discrimination…….all real things that happened. Sadly, it’s built a resentment in people of color most of their proposed changes won’t solve. Yes, there have been a few horrible incidents when police used excessive force, yet where actual evidence exists of wrongdoing police officers have been quickly and successfully prosecuted. The bigger problem is the perception and generational message that has be passed along to young people of color; that police can’t be trusted, and are selectively targeting them. It’s almost certainly why some stops and/or detainments escalate into angry exchanges and sometimes violence rather than ending in a simple arrest. More training and better efforts to work closely with the black community have been ongoing for years, but forgiveness has been slow in coming, and/or may never come at all. Best advice, be kind and not only stand for those who were unjustly treated, but for those good people in blue left to take the brunt of anger decades in the making they had no part in. As for specific demands….defunding police, ending qualified immunity, or saying deadly force options such as chokeholds aren’t an option even when faced with life threatening situations……all knee jerk solutions lacking any definitive chance for improving things for anyone.

    2. For real change to happen on police brutality, unfair targeting of people of color and police unions that assist in protecting cops that have a history of abusing people.

    3. Holy cow….if you have to ask please go attend and ask a POC! Or if you are staying safe at home go get a book off Amazon on BLM or really any book about history of POC in this country.

      1. No way am I going to that racist protest. I’m caucasian and they dislike that color of skin. That’s what my professor told me. To hate my color of skin cause of people a couple of centuries ago before both of my grandparents immigrated here in the early 20th century.

    4. They (the bussed in protestors) don’t know what they want, they are pawns, drones, or tools..some are paid.
      The people organizing, paying and provoking want power, and are willing (or planning) to get power through anarchy, chaos and violence.

      These people (organizers/sponsors) don’t care who gets hurt, or on what side the people belong too when they get hurt.

      1. No one we’ve talked to saw any buses before or during the Prineville protests, or any in Central Oregon. And our interviews made clear, the ones we talked to say they live here (there), even born here. Or that they were paid to be there. Today might be a different story, but we’ll be covering what happens, not doing background checks.

            1. You know how the game is played, did KTVZ pick people at random or were there representatives made available?

              Three weeks ago there was a BLM march in Ontario, nearly 1000 participants, almost all of which were not “bused” in, they carpooled in and came in 10 passenger vans. The spokespeople were from Ontario, college students, a teacher from TVCC etc., but Ontario is only about 9000 people total.

              I understand these nitwits and their personal insults aimed at you can get annoying, but you may reacting as more than just a moderator.

              Can you honestly say you think this demonstration is an organic response from Crook County residents?

              That is a rhetorical question…as a journalist are not supposed to give opinions

              1. From what I know, we walked down the street and talked to those willing to talk to us. We don’t play the “game” some accuse media of. Sure, there are situations where things have to be “arranged.” So many folks want us to do a story on this or that and then don’t want to or can’t be on camera, for understandable reasons.

            2. “We don’t request driver’s licenses or birth certificates.”

              And you don’t ask for names- or place of residence… your competition did- they posted names and hometown during their interviews- most of these people were from Deschutes county- Portland-Salem and Eugene… They came to lecture rural citizens about inequality- and were met with a blatant show of Prineville solidarity- Bend and Redmond folk wanna talk down to people they believe are inferior- Prineville clearly held it’s own.

              Now if they could just muster that same energy to send the Bend-Redmond job poachers back to Deschutes where they belong- we’d have our own little slice of paradise !

            3. Or IQ test evidently? LOL The point no one seems to be focusing on is that we have one side of our street lined w/people in full riot gear, packing war-level firearms (presumably protecting their ‘2ND AMMENDMENT RIGHTS’) all while aiming to prevent the citizens on the other side of the street from exercising their ‘1ST AMMENDMENT RIGHTS’! It is a crazy world we live in Barney. Keep up the good work!

              1. Unfortunately in the midst of your morning kiss-up to the local moderator- you failed to mention that the only arrests made during these Prineville protests were from the BLM side who insisted on forcing their way into traffic- disrupting the lives of normal citizens with aggressive moves towards car-loads of elderly and children- shoving geriatrics to the curb- probably wanting to stomp their face !

                So yeh- “who are you kidding”- BLM thugs set the tone- Prineville residents anted up- and now yer hear to whine !

                1. Did the police or a local media source confirm those arrested were all Black Lives Matter protesters? They wouldn’t tell us on the day of the event, and a quick Google of news sources finds no such confirmation since.

                2. “Did the police or a local media source confirm those arrested were all Black Lives Matter protesters?”

                  Lemme guess- you didn’t watch your own videos or look at the still photos of the guy getting dragged from the center of the road with the sign ? It sure as hell wasn’t a Confederate Battle Flag !

                  Not to mention… well…

                  Have you made the switch yet ? Scooped again !


                  You can see the opening still shot yerself- Sooo- what side of the street is this violent thug being taken back to ?

                  No proof- no confirmation- why don’t you guys go out and get it… yer the local news team- the source that can be trusted… award winning and all- if you don’t believe your own eyes- your own video- then go get some confirmation and …

                  Go ahead- “prove me wrong” !

    5. They just want their right to virtue signal like the rest of the protester. They want to show just how racist they are by trying to convince everyone they are not racist

  2. “In an effort to keep the state highway open, anyone stepping on to the state highway will be subject to arrest for disorderly conduct.”
    On June 5th, when the high school graduation parade crossed 3rd, I assume someone stepped onto the state highway. Were there any disorderly conduct arrests? This 4th of July I can only guess that people will step out onto the state highway, and there will be alcohol involved. Does the Prineville law enforcement plan to arrest people who step out onto the highway? Will Police be arresting counter-protesters as well, or is this enforcement just for the BLM people? As usual, Police are escalating a situation needlessly in the hopes of busting some heads and getting called ‘hero’, instead of de-escalating a situation and promoting the peaceful exercise of civil rights.

    1. “XXXL” ???

      Yeh- ya can’t hide that condom in yer wallet- fits better in an empty can of copenhagen- there are some things city folk will never get !

      I am Banksy !

  3. Here’s the deal….one is not obligated to call the police if ones property is being destroyed. We full well have the right to defend our property as well as ourselves. These protesters need to remember that. Police are not needed for protection from the likes of theses trump/whitey haters

    1. I encourage you to attend a conceal carry course given by the Sheriff, as I did. He does a very good job spelling out when it’s morally and legally justifiable to defend yourself and/or your property with deadly force. Short answer is, you’re in enormous trouble if you bring your blammy to bare on someone for a property offense. It’s not to stop a robbery or destruction of property, period. A weapon is only to protect the life of you and your family, and you will need to prove the perp had ability, opportunity, and intent to kill or seriously injure you, otherwise you’re going to prison for murder/assault/whatever. You will get to prove those three things over the course of the next few years has you spend hundreds of hours and tens/hundreds of thousands of dollars defending yourself in criminal/civil trials afterwards, even if you were completely justified. A hot-head like you would be well served by letting the police deal with scary people like those hippies padding around Prineville in their Birkinstocks asking for people to treat other people like people. Feel better, man. Don’t be so mad all the time. Life’s too short for that.

        1. I believe it would have to be a dwelling to use your weapon in defense of arson. A separate garage or business would not be justified. Certainly not a vehicle. If they are in your house walking out with your TV you can not shoot them because stealing doesn’t show intent, and if his hands are full he lacks ability. If someone is getting beat up it’s very iffy if you can use your weapon. If they’re getting beat up by people with bats, then yes. If it’s fists, heck no. Remember, you’re the one responsible for every bullet, and you’ll have to face criminal and civil cases afterwards, so the person you’re defending better be very very VERY important to you. Even if you are not found guilty in criminal court, every friend and family member of that person you shot will sue you for everything you own. You really should get some training, you’re just going to get yourself in trouble otherwise. Or better yet, just call the cops and let them deal with it, angry people like you have no business owning firearms.

          1. WTH- this aint Seattle or Portland yer talkin’ about ! A few outsiders roll into town and the bed-wetters wanna stay in their rooms all day !

            Cmon Black Lives- we’ll show ya what matters !

            XXXL in a copenhagen can !

  4. Just try to ask any one of these protestors to write down on paper what they’re protesting, and to please be detailed, you will see just how weak minded they are.

    1. You’ll only just get generic phrases like “defund/abolish police”, “equality” , “no systemic racism”….. That’s it. 99.9% of them don’t know anything in depth more than that.

            1. Trump supporters? Don’t you mean people protesting the people that want black lives to matter? Or is it a given that Trump supporters don’t think black people’s lives matter? Also, as misguided as your side’s message was, congrats on getting out and participating in some 1st amendment activity.

  5. Kudos to Chief Cummins who invited and met with the leadership and spokespersons on all sides. Specifically COBLA and the Oregon Constitutional Militia.

    This is the kind of leadership expected of senior law enforcement and Chief Cummins is proving it works.

    America was founded on the right to peacefully assemble and speak out on issues of importance for any one individual or group. It’s good to see it still happening – and that it can occur with little to no violence or destruction.

  6. Black Lives Matter leaders are Communist Marxist… see their interview admitting it here. You people who support them are idiots.
    Watch “BLM founder admits they are trained Marxists” on YouTube
    200 million people… including many Christians were murdered by this sickness. Research it.

  7. Like kuya states, I find it unprofessional for you to engage so often on this site. It makes me believe even more that you lean heavily toward the left. Moderators should remain nuetral.😎

    1. “Moderators should remain neutral.”

      I see Barney is handing out “Thank Yous” this morning- so I’ll help him on this one- seems that in a Joe Biden kinda way- he forgot !

      So…. Thank You !

  8. These comments are SAD. First off, the protestors were NOT all out of towners. There were a lot of supporters FROM PRINEVILLE. SECOND

    “Prineville has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes”,here%20is%20one%20in%2025.

    THIRD you say there is no racism in this town which is WRONG. Blatant racism runs rampant! You just don’t see it because there are 4 black people that live here! This is one of the most crime ridden towns in THE US. OF COURSE there is racism. I can’t believe what I’ve heard people say.

    You’re all turning a blind eye to this because you think it doesnt apply to you but it does. This isnt just about one black man. It’s about the way our government handles issues including crime and the way it is handled. What EXACTLY are you against in this?

    You can not look of the statistics of this town and say that everything is good. That is not possible. The simple fact is that this town is dangerous. Just take a look at our daily crime reports. It doesnt take a scientist to know that change is sorely needed almost as much as the people that live here, opening their eyes and seeing the destruction that’s being caused by inappropriate spending, poor protection and a LONG history of violence run unchecked.

    For shame for spouting your hateful intentions by condemning this because a black man was a part of it. Even if he had a criminal background HE DID NOT DESERVE TO DIE AND NEITHER DO ANY OF US.

    Hell, we have murder suicides in this town all the time! Just look it up!

    Wake up Prineville. There is nothing here that smells like roses, but there sure is a ton of crap floating around. Just because you feel safe, does not mean this is a safe place and it definitely does not mean that everyone else feels safe. Especially if you pay attention to whats happening in OUR own town.

    Exactly why don’t you want the change. Ask yourself that and feel free to respond. What change is it that you are so against? If your answer is nothing, then why are you even against it? Facts are facts. You can go to the records department and look them up yourself.

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