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Prineville Black Lives Matter rally brings counter-protest; police make 4 arrests

We talked to participants from both groups to see what they had to say

PRINEVILLE, Ore.  (KTVZ) – Dozens of Black Lives Matter protesters and counter-protesters gathered on either side of Third Street in downtown Prineville on Saturday afternoon, and while things stayed mostly peaceful, there were some incidents and four arrests, police confirmed.

The scheduled Black Lives Matter rally took place in front of the Crook County Courthouse, the scene of a similar previous event, while those with a different message gathered across Third Street, in front of Prineville City Hall.

Oregon State Police said a conflict arose when a Black Lives Matter protester allegedly shoved an elderly counter-protester.

Prineville Police Capt. Larry Seymour confirmed to NewsChannel 21 that four people were arrested. Two were lodged and released, he said, while two were cited and released.

"The two that were (briefly) lodged were given multiple warnings to get out of the center of the road, and even offered a citation if they would walk to the sidewalk, and they refused," Seymour said.

There was tension in the air, at times. A viewer shared an obscenity-laced video of a confrontation between protesters and counter-protesters, with some of the latter shouting, "Get the ---- out of our town!" And signs, such as "I was born here -- Black Lives Matter" and a counter-protester's "Go Back 2 Portland."

Here’s what some people in both groups told us:

Black Lives Matter protester Luke R. said, "I'm trying to just spread the word that this is just about making everyone's lives matter. Not just black lives, it's everybody. But right now, the black lives are the ones that are suffering the most, and we want to see the most changes."

Counter-protester Lewis T. said, "This is all about George Soros-funded communists that have infiltrated our country. They've infiltrated our schools. They've infiltrated the Democratic party. They've taken over the Democratic party, and they are trying to take over our system of government."

Protester Marichelle G. said, "And I'm here to show that I am a Prinevillian. I was born here in the town, I'm a native, and I care about these issues. I have friends that are black, I have family members that are black, and this is not okay. And this needs to be addressed."

"I hope that there is change -- structural and systematic change to the laws here in Prineville," she continued. "I want that lynching and sundown law gone. I want all the laws that are outdated and racist gone."

Counter-protester Lynn A. said, "Well, I think they're missing the message. The message is not about George Floyd. The message is about all lives matter. Black lives, blue (police) lives, white lives -- they all matter. Their agenda is, in my opinion, to hurt this economy all the way up to the election.

"And frankly, Prineville won't tolerate it," he continued. "These people think we're racist because we disagree with their Black Lives Matter message. We do not. We believe that police lives matter also. And when they do this, I think it's very disruptive."

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  1. As you can tell from the video, it was only the leftists arrested. This is a much smaller scale but it holds true almost in every protest that it is the left causing the violence. Not to say it can’t happen on the right, but by and large it is the left. You wouldn’t know it if you only watch CNN or read Washington Post or New York times.

    1. LOL!!! It was faux news that got busted yesterday posting pictures of rioting Minniapolis and saying they were from seattle. Also busted for imposing a picture of a guy with an AR over a picture of a burning vihicle in Seattle. They took the front page story off their website and apologized for the “editorial oversight”

      You hillbllies will believe anything!! LOL!! you should’ve stayed in school!!! below is classic:

      Counter-protester Lewis T. said, “This is all about George Soros-funded communists that have infiltrated our country. They’ve infiltrated our schools. They’ve infiltrated the Democratic party. They’ve taken over the Democratic party, and they are trying to take over our system of government.”

      Cannot stop laughing!!!!! Somebody buy that man some more tinfoil!!!

      1. Are you trying to address my post? Because none of what you said has anything to do with what I posted. If that is your attempt at an argument against what I posted you need help.

      2. Festering Hemorrhoid,
        Yep, as mentioned the BLM protester shoved an elderly person. Why is it you dirt bags always prey on the elderly the weak and the infirm?
        I make a point to wear my MAGA hat and my “All Lives Matter, Support the Police” tee shirt because it’s what I believe in and I don’t even get a second look from the BLM cowardly dirt bags and their malcontent followers such as yourself. I’m not looking for trouble but I’d have no problems mixing it up with the dirt bags in an effort to defend myself in an unprovoked attack. Smart money would be on my side as a victorious outcome is clearly in my favor.

      3. I’m still waiting for my Soros check. Apparently I filled out form 342A instead of 342B and my check is stuck somewhere in Siberia. Shame! I think we know who the whackadoodles are.. and it’s not the BLM protesters.

    2. You would also be surprised to see prineville being more progressive than bend for racial tolerance, im proud of the prineville police for keeping the racial political messages off their squad cars, its something bend could (and needs to) learn something from

    3. blaster of jx…. can’t you see, that it is over? – change has to happen and the things that are wrong have to be changed – team sports are for children and fools easily led by the nose by unscrupulous manipulators – there’s only one team and we are all on it – isn’t it time you considered dropping all the superiority crap?

      1. Like the BLM founders that claim superiority of their race and sexual orientation, demand subservience of all other races, and hatred of Jews?

          1. Your “peaceful protesters” have been caught on camera rioting- looting- tagging buildings with profanity- setting buildings on fire- extorting businesses for money-and violently threatening citizens with weapons.

            Guess “CHAZ” is just a stepping stone to realizing their own… “Wakanda” !

        1. This is literally the platform your side runs on. Alt-right Nazis in MAGA hats marching around with tiki torches chanting “Jews will not replace us”. Gaslight much?

  2. “This is all about George Soros-funded communists that have infiltrated our country…..” this crap and my pillow ads are that Faux News and right wing radio spew 24/7 . Clearly the hillbillys eat it up. They are so full of misinformation 30% of republicans polled support bombing a fictional country. You cant make up that kind of stupid.

      1. No Russins have ever tried to limit my rights, usurp the voter in Oregon, or signed any anti-constitutional bill. I think it’s hilarious how you’re terrified of RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA….but love the Soviet Union

        1. Ummmmm yes the russians are doing all those things, even the “freedom loving” national rifle assoc has been home to kgb agents since comrade president took office, sorry if this is news to you (but no one else)

        2. It’s funny how the United States fought against Fascism in WWII… but American right wing fascists voted in a morally degenerate Fascist leader a generation later. It’s also funny how those same right wing voters have no problem with Russia, even though Russia is a Communist country who is our long-standing enemy.

    1. “this crap and my pillow ads are that Faux News and right wing radio spew 24/7”

      You know this how ? Because you listen-watch-absorb it yerself 24/7 ?

      I somehow doubt it- I would suggest that you are more likely a firm believer in all things CNN- Don Lemon- Anderson Cooper- Bill Maher (Comedy Central) SNL… you know- the cutting edge of American newsroom integrity !

    1. Yes! My daughter was in Prineville to help her grandma and had to drive past them a few times. A few had shot guns just out standing in the street with children facing them….so ridiculous. Some of these people need to turn fox news off from time to time and see their neighbors are not their enemy. Scary stuff.

      1. Well I was in Prineville saving helpless kittens from mean old tree branches ! And I didn’t see anyone “packin”… Nor do I see anyone “packin” in the video.

        Like I said- the only packin’ goin’ on was that loony left liberal BLM whiner who wouldn’t get out of the middle of the street- that nitwit got “packed off” all right- like a sack of taters ! !

      2. Ignorance abounds in small town ‘Merikkka. Unfortunately, living in a fishbowl does that to you. These people think that the entire city of Portland is in ruins and Antifa buses are driving out to rural American towns (Like the Rajneeshees did, busing homeless people from Portland) to agitate and takeover their white communities. Yet the people protesting ARE their neighbors, their fellow citizens, and also taxpayers of this country. They have a right to speak their mind. Get used to it!

    2. Lookin’ at the video- the only one’s “packin” were the police… “packin'” some lame lefty liberal loon out of the road and into police custody !

      So much for one of them “peaceful BLM protests” ! Whoever “organized” this event picked the wrong small rural town of less than 10,000 to mess with… Prineville has more than it’s fair share of military veterans who know how to… “scuffle” !

      Next time you BLM- “Baloney Lickin’ Morons” wanna try and take over the streets of P-Ville… Cowboy Up- Make an announcement at the City Council meeting so “everyone” can plan accordingly… Where’s this “all inclusive” nonsense you lecture everyone about !

      1. What you fail to understand is that there wouldn’t have been any counter protest had the person organizing not have a list of 10 rules when the rioting and looting starts. Some bad apples yelling racial slurs doesn’t make the whole town bad. Just like the B doing the same doesn’t make the entire BLM bad. What do we need to come together peacefully. Don’t say things like wear all black (Antifa) or when the rioting starts do this. Any city with any pride in there community would show up to keep it peaceful……

            1. Cripes… The hypocrisy B ! Do you really consider the constant flow of CNN’s GIGO being provided by this website as coming from a… “legitimate source?”

              Can you say… “delusional” ?

    3. Alice, Democrats behaving badly, as usual >>> “Oregon State Police said a conflict arose when a Black Lives Matter protester allegedly shoved an elderly counter-protester.”

    1. Education on what ? That one group of color “matters” more than any/all others ?

      Seems the only one in need of mental health care here is you !

      1. “That one group of color “matters” more than any/all others ?”
        No no no. This is incorrect and if you spent a partial moment educating yourself about this movement, it isn’t that any one group matters more than any others. There is an implicit “too” at the end of “Black Lives Matter”. Black lives matter, too. We all matter. White people are killed by the police, too. Latino people are killed by police, too. These people are fighting for EVERYONE by illuminating a problem with our society. Cops are killing people for mundane reasons and not being held accountable. Saying “all lives matter” is just a way of saying you don’t care, and if you don’t care, you’re part of the problem.

    2. Considering it is the left throwing tantrums and being dragged like a kid throwing tantrums, I’d say it is the left that needs mental health.

        1. So arrests for “shoving” citizens is not considered a violent action in your world… Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on “menacing” !

          Needless to say- both will get yer bum in the hoosegow !

  3. Leftists unhinged so typical. Shoving seniors is of no surprise, even in Prineville. The movement has been marked by attacks, looting, arson, vandalism (In Bend, the Parkway was heavily vandalized with graffiti) and the murder of policemen. In ten years people will remember the riots of 2020 and not so such the life of George Floyd. George Floyd’s family has pleaded for the violence to stop.

    1. Riot? You can tell you are a FAUX news drip. Riot? LOL. Honey, they are protests. If there are criminals showing up looting, they are called criminals. Riots…brother foxy

      1. KOMO is clearly not FOX News (more of an ABC/NBC affiliate)… They are one of the oldest and most respected news outlets in the PNW- around since 1926… Z21- since 1977… these Seattle guys have a good 50 year head start on Barney and the kids at Z21.

        And they have clearly stated- well here- I’ll let you read their headlines yerself…

        “SPD: 57 arrests during Saturday’s riots in Seattle”

        Whazzat ??? “RIOT” ??? You mean these weren’t “protests” like you claim- but “RIOTS” ???

        Damn you people iz dumb- thinking that your lies cannot be exposed by a simple internet search !

            1. Im glad the protests are continuing and people are starting to demonstrate in smaller towns, that shows you how serious the issues are comrade

    2. Really? Like the officer murdered in Santa Cruz? Wait! That was a boogaloo boy now, wasn’t it? “Unhinged” is a rich word coming from you.

    1. Support for blacks at the expense of Browns- Yellows- Whites-Clear (like me)… how does that wash in your “all inclusive world” ?

      It doesn’t ! It’s an attempt to fight racism with racism !

      1. When the news is filled with white people being shot or killed by the police on a daily basis, it might be warranted. But now in this time and place black people are the ones dying. They are the ones being targeted by the police. If you seriously can’t tell the difference, you are just another scared person thinking the color of your skin makes you better. It doesn’t. All lives matter, but you support the lives that are being unjustly targeted.

        1. White people are shot and killed every day. If you don’t want to be shot and killed don’t try to shoot and kill police officers or other people. Simple as that.
          In fact the ratio of white people shot and killed by the police vastly out numbers that of black people. Education is not your forte is it?

            1. he did hold a pregnant woman at gunpoint on her belly while his goons robbed her home. no wonder u support this tweaker pos , he just like u

          1. You’ve got to be joking bot boy. Any idea of how much of the population is white vs black? Forte? I’m surprised you can spell “education”. It’s obvious you never received a formal one.

    2. This is as racist of a comment as there is, and with no knowledge of the subject matter. What part of ALL Lives matter do you not understand?

              1. It’s 5:30 on the weekend, the weather’s nice, and your dive is supposed to be open, so why are you surfing ktvz during ‘rush hour’? Did your customers realize you hate half of them to your core and decide to go somewhere more welcoming?

  4. “This is all about George Soros-funded communists that have infiltrated our country. They’ve infiltrated our schools. They’ve infiltrated the Democratic party. They’ve taken over the Democratic party, and they are trying to take over our system of government.” That doesn’t sound kooky AT ALL.

  5. Here’s a little information about BLM. Take the information and form your own opinions. I am just the conveyor of the info. Black Lives Matter is a corporation. Black Lives Matter Inc. They take in hundreds of millions of dollars in donations. Can anyone tell me what state they are incorporated in and where the money is sent? White Democrats like Soros, Pelosi, Schiff, Shumer, Nadler? Is Black Lives Matter Inc. truly about black lives? Or are they just another campaign fund?

    1. I believe the later is more true than the former. I believe they are here to disrupt the 2020 election as much as they can by causing chaos along with ANTIFA. There is an ANTIFA/BLM sect. Figure that one out. I believe that ANTIFA is nothing more than a domestic terrorist group. They, who shall join forces with the likes of ANTIFA are same and complicit.

  6. Is it just me? I have never seen Central Oregon as racist . This area has always appeared to embrace all culture with open arms. I have never heard conversations of racism here up to this point.

    1. I get the feeling you are not from here. There always has been racism in Central Oregon. You only don’t notice if you are living in the west hills with all white neighbors.

    1. Just like those out of town “Re-open our economy” protesters who use their guns as tools to intimidate other people (two months ago)… right?

    1. Here’s the thing. It doesn’t come up much in conversation because our population is about as homogeneous as you can get in this country. Our minority communities here, as in many other places, are marginalized. They call it “social invisibility” for a reason. You don’t see what’s inconvenient and you’re hardly alone in that.

  7. Wow, these sad little ignorant Trump lovers. Let me explain something to the Trump-cult window-lickers for a second: Stop your crap about “Blue lives matter” or whatever you think you’re telling yourself… “Blue lives” don’t matter. They don’t matter because they are not “blue lives” you dumb Trump people. These “Blue lives” you so loosely speak of- are NOT BORN as a cop. It is a choice. Is this concept really that hard for you to grasp?? Being a cop, a president, a firefighter, a stripper, a drug dealer… they all have their risks. It is nothing more than a job- which in America- is a matter of choice if I remember correctly..? I don’t think Trump has turned this country into a complete communist society.. yet. Cops have a choice to be cops. Get it yet Trumpers? Do I need to say it again for you? Okay then.. back to the top for you folks. Start over. The job you work at is a matter of decisions- not fate. Duh.. dumb dumb.

    We also live in a country where you can be held accountable for your decisions. Decisions like enforcing unjust laws based on revenue, or for that matter- killing people over those laws. You know… Like cops do. Stop with the “blue lives matter” garbage. If they don’t like it- they can GO GET ANOTHER JOB. Boo hoo. Most of us (you know, folks with values and morals… sorry Trumpers), have all had to quit a job or two because of something we did not agree with. If the rules and duties you’re forced to uphold don’t match your values, get another job!! It’s actually that simple Trumpers! Figure it out. It’s not rocket science. Black lives matter means that people are not to be treated differently because of their race. You know… something they’re born with. Is that really that hard for these double-standard, ignorant Trump-cult morons to figure out? Can these idiots really not see that? Even my five year old child understands this basic concept. Pure cult-like jaded pathetic ignorance and denial. That’s all I see when I look at a Trump supporter anymore. The racist counter-supporters mentioned in this article were all Trump supporters. Now look up the word “Trumpery” in the dictionary.

    1. @laughing@u , after reading that rambling dribble i see that when people say” its hard to win a argument with smart people, its impossible to win a argument with stupid people “. unfortunately that quote fits with the majority of Democrats

    2. Laughing@U It’s not Trump pulling for a communist society. Maybe you should follow politics a little bit closer. Try not to get so close that you feel the Bern of the communism.

    3. Well,the powers that be have informed me I need to dumb it down some for the folks on here. Probably a wise move.

      Is it OK to hate Jews, Muslims, and Christians, as those are choices? Can we discriminate against folks for being lawyers and reporters? Should we prejudge folks who like particular professional sporting teams (looking at you, Raider Nation folks)?

      Which laws would you like changed? Why aren’t they written the way you prefer? Which society doesn’t have cops?

      1. Police officers — which is nothing more than a choice of employment which requires less training than being a barber — have been given by the state the license to kill people when they feel *subjectively* threatened with little to no legal repercussions.

        Cops aren’t victims.

        1. Please tell me more about this 007 like license to kill. Cops have killed alot of folks that had it coming. Ever heard of “suicide by insurance agent?”. Me either. There are cops in jail who probably wish they had this mythical license to kill.

          That took about 10 seconds to look up.

          1. Police are the Dept of Violence who Karen can call to have a brown person attacked/arrested/killed if said brown person is jogging/grilling/bird watching in her presence, but who will show up 15 minutes late if you’re being robbed by a prineville meth addict. Police fancy themselves as heroes in a uber-dangerous job, standing between civilization and chaos, but in reality any construction job is more dangerous/important and cops are more likely to attack you than any normal civilian. “Oh, I feared for my life”… I get so sick of that line. Just once I’d like to see a cop held accountable when a normal random person files a justified grievance, which they can only do by submitting paperwork to one of the cop’s good buddies, who will NEVER find him guilty. Ever.

  8. So apparently the Prineville Police Dept isn’t much better either about honesty. The last time my cousin and I went to visit my father in Prineville there was a big protest going on. Bikers blocking roads and everything. I wanted to go visit my father Saturday so I called the Police Department Friday so see if they had heard of anything possibly happening Saturday as Cops usually know ahead of time for some reason. I explained that my reason for calling is that we didn’t want to drive into a mess like we did the last time. The lady told me they heard there was going to be one on the 20th but none before that. Well guess what? We drove into a hot mess yet again yesterday. And it was even messier that the first one we drove into three weeks ago. Apparently the Cops are in on this as well and want outsiders to see this. I won’t be going back there any time soon. I called my father and explained why. He said it was a good choice because he felt the town wasnt safe anymore.

      1. I grew up in Prineville and know that they tend to dish out their own Cowboy Justice now. I would prefer not being in the middle of that. Back in my day, people respected each other there. Over the last few years its practically turned into a penal colony. So yes. I dont feel comfortable driving through a protest there. I am afraid one of them will try to attack me and I will have to practice why I carry a CWP. I really dont want to have to use it.

  9. The human race sucks! I hope a giant asteroid hits the earth and wipes us out! There is NO hope for the human race. If you want to debate or drink with me I will be at the bar!

  10. Ironically, it is the anti fascists who have become the fascists. The banning of certain books, movies, and television shows for their content. The destruction of symbols, flags, or historical monuments. The mob rule of silencing differing views has become quite evident in these “protests”. That militant anti-reason mentality has made them all completely impervious to argument. Marxist scholars have always maintained that certain views on the right had to be silenced, because those freedoms are the cause of oppression. I would hope the past would serve as a reminder for what is happening today, or even worse what could happen tomorrow, and that people wake up sooner than later.

    1. The only destruction of flags i see around here, are the false color racist ones on the back of rigs for several deschutes co police agencies, its time to stop using taxpayer vehicles for picking sides on controversial political topics, the racial messages are so ingrained by now people have trouble even seeing them!

      1. The logos are not inheritely racist. Also, the poster is right, it is ironic to see these lefties calling right wingers fascists when it is the left that is actively promoting fascist policies.

        1. Funny, if these racist symbols werent actually racist symbols and just looked identical to racist symbols, you probably wouldnt have to spend so much time defending them comrade- if we are getting rid of fascism at home looks like we begin with the police

  11. Google the term White Lives Matter it is labeled as a white supremacist organization .What BLM is about is about teaching children that White lives do no matter if you say that they do you are a now a nazi . This whole thing is an election year gimmick just like the Rodney King riots started may 4th of 92 Bush VS Clinton The DNC has an army of black victims they must keep brainwashed to win elections

    1. Yet even when they win, its the republicans who sneak into the presidency instead, our last two republican presidents were both unable to win the vote sadly

  12. Look at all the leftist asshats trying to make this about fox news. If you stay quiet, you can hear them scream at the sky “WHATABOUTISM!!!” and claim they’re not a deflective bunch, all the while znn telling us they don’t have an agenda

    1. Every day you explain away some awful, unAmerican thing trump has done, I think ‘but, her emails!”. The hypocrisy runs wide, and deep with you and your cult.

  13. Can any one of you “Counter-protester/racist pigs“ explain to me why it’s necessary to bring Assault rifles? I do not believe the second amendment gives you the right to bear arms so that you can intimidate people at a protest about racial Injustice. No matter how you see it the rest of the world just sees you with pointy white hoods on. Considering the reputation of Prineville being “methtucky” I guess it should come as no surprise.

    1. A store owner in Dallas brought a sword to a protest. He was beat to death. He should have brought a gun.

      Why are you so fearful of an inanimate object? Your view of the 2nd amendment is irrelevant, as is mine. However, I must say my view is more closely aligned with the supreme court than yours appears to be.

      1. I support the 2nd. I don’t support stupid and ignorant. BringIng an “inanimate Object” right… if you really think that bringing a assault rifle to a civil rights protest ( as the opposing side ) has no meaning then you are most definitely part of the problem.

  14. “The scheduled Black Lives Matter rally took place in front of the Crook County Courthouse”

    So who scheduled this and who approved this “rally” during the middle of a pandemic lock-down and Kate Brown’s Executive Orders of outdoor gatherings of no more than 100 persons ?

    Not looking to argue the numbers- just wanna know who is approving these demonstrations- marches- protests… Is the Demokkkrat Governor Kate Brown signing off on these too ? after all she’s the one in charge of all “Gatherings” in the state !

          1. Oh Barney! You are such a hypocrite! You don’t allow hate speech because it violates Terms of Service? Answer me this then how come you allow hate speech on here when its about Trump then. Your as bad as the racist!

            1. People hating on people is part of most posts here, from presidents past and present to … well, me. People hating on certain races, ethnicities etc. are something else entirely.
              But you knew that, didn’t you…that’s not hypocrisy, it’s called defending free speech but having to draw the line.

              1. What the difference between someone is hating a race/ethnicity than hating a town/society/political group! It still hating and according to you that against the terms of service.

                1. As journalists and a news media outlet, we are more permissive of freedom of speech than other, stricter tenets of Terms of Service. If we deleted all comments that showed evidence of “hate,” there would be very few left, and would be in endless arguments/debates of what constitutes “hate.”

          2. Yet you allowed this “hate speech” from GluttenousGhost below”

            “Prineville is an embarrassment to the state or Oregon as well as the USA. There are true pieces of garbage that live there and think white people are superior. What a disgusting place”

            Oh yeh Barney- that post is just chock-full-of love they neighbor- nothing “offensive” to see there.

            It really is time to bring in a second or third Moderator-someone to Police the Police…

            “I Can’t Breathe” !

            1. Hate speech is part of your part and parcel, aimed at me every day, Owen. But you know where I draw the line and don’t pretend not to understand it. You just live for something to complain at me about.
              You’re stuck with me. Unless you decide to go bother others somewhere else.

      1. Kate Brown- “Covid19 Executive Orders”

        Ya can’t have both- Kate made the “Legal Argument” (and EddyB agrees) that says stay home- or face criminal action- is the law of the land… Wasn’t it you that was positioning the point that “Global Pandemics” trump all Laws-Constitutions-Amendments… I seem to recall that this was your response when I clearly stated that forcing Americans out of work- under house arrest-and on Government welfare was a violation of our civil rights- our ability to live the American dream of Life-Liberty-and the Pursuit of Happiness… Now you go all in 180 trying to hidfe behind the First Amendment.

        Obviously- constistency is not your strong point !

  15. I get the feeling you are not from here. There always has been racism in Central Oregon. You only don’t notice if you are living in the west hills with all white neighbors.

  16. Just like the ignorant comments by the racists here, the folks interviewed say it all! Racism is still alive and well in this country and needs to die and these protests are needed more than ever! The George Soros comment just shows the absolute idiocy of trump followers, hilarious and sad at the same time!

  17. “The scheduled Black Lives Matter rally took place in front of the Crook County Courthouse, the scene of a similar previous event, while those with a different message gathered across Third Street, in front of Prineville City Hall.”

    “…those with a different message….” – what does that mean? – what is their message?

      1. yes – thanks Barney – i appreciate that you used people’s quotes – what the two individuals had to say was kind of all over the place… Communists are taking over, Prineville won’t tolerate Black Lives Matter protesters… kind of cringey

  18. The sherriff should have arrested these “protesters”
    Immediately, as they were only there to try a d start a riot, and get themselves on the local media, what is exactly what happened. These people in truth could give a rat’s a** about any cause whatsoever, if they were not paid to do so. Everyone knows the truth, EVERYONE.

    1. before hitting the keyboard again, slow down, take a deep breath, think about what you want to say, and try to remember basic elementary school English conventions – your post looks like a late night drunk text written by someone who had an aneurysm in the middle of texting – that’s just the delivery – the content of your post is absolute manure, but one step at a time

  19. Prineville is an embarrassment to the state or Oregon as well as the USA. There are true pieces of garbage that live there and think white people are superior. What a disgusting place

    1. There are good decent people there. There are also LGBTQ community members and POC that call Prineville home. Maybe we do need to “bus” people in to support everyone standing up to this BS….I am not an outsider. My family has been born and raised there. There is hate there too…just like you will find all over the planet

  20. Counter-protester Lewis T. said, “This is all about George Soros-funded communists that have infiltrated our country. They’ve infiltrated our schools. They’ve infiltrated the Democratic party. They’ve taken over the Democratic party, and they are trying to take over our system of government.”

          1. I read the wiki, and IT WAS AWESOME! What an amazing organization. Normally I’m pretty down about Billionaires, but this is such a great way to improve the world that I really have nothing bad to say about it. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention, you really improved my day.
            Also, you did not even come close to proving your point that Soros or anyone else funded any of these protests. If you truly have no evidence at all, then I continue to lol in your general direction.

  21. Lots of hand-made cardboard signs out and about- how come none of these BLM supporters ever quote Martin Luther King- America’s God of all things racial inequality… Maybe it’s because King’s “I have a dream speech” is a direct contradiction of the “Black” lives Matter movement.

    1. Yep republicans freed the slaves and can therefore never be racist even 150 yrs later; mlk didnt care about black lives- your racial fairy tales are helpful from a diagnostic perspective but not from a factual one comrade

      1. Just a year ago additional tapes in the National Archives on Martin Luther King were released… FBI surveillance teams reported…

        “King was present in a hotel room when a friend of his, Baltimore pastor Logan Kearse, raped a woman who resisted participating in unspecified sexual acts. The FBI agent who surveilled the room asserted that King “looked on, laughed and offered advice.” Other allegations include that King’s philandering—long known to be extensive—was even more rampant than historians knew; that King took part in group sex; that King may have fathered a child with one of his mistresses; and—less pruriently—that King continued taking money from his onetime ally Stanley Levison, a Communist Party member, even after he was supposed to have broken off ties.”

        Hmm- a misogynist- a voyeur-an adulterer-and a communist sympathizer-

        Golf and some whores anyone- Joe Biden-MLK- 2020- Make the Demokkkrat Plantation Great Again !

  22. Hmm lots of police violence against people of color in prineville? I don’t understand the need for a protest in prineville. Why not take it someplace more productive? Seems ridiculous to me.

    1. The only protests we should be seeing in Prineville concerns the lack of local hiring for the various data center jobs- most notably F-Book- where large scale Union teams from Portland/Bend/Redmond have poached (big and small) the vast majority of general construction jobs. Seems these thieves don’t know- or have conveniently forgotten- that Prineville residents and City Council gave up $30 million in tax breaks as an incentive for F-Book to locate here.

      The only thing I agree with at this BLM protest are the signs and shouts of “Go Back To Portland” !

  23. When you donate money to BLM, it goes to a very large super pact called ActBlue. What is Actblue? If you’d like to know, donate some money to BLM. Then look at ActBlue’s expenditure report, every dime goes to support Joe Biden for president. This is a FACT. Not fiction. Do it. See for yourself. Almost 100% guaranteed this post will not make it to print.

    1. I saw that too and followed the funnel myself to see it and yes in fact the money is NOT going where people think it is. I am sickened that BLM is not using the money people give them for what they think it is going to but its clear not a dime is going to black lives anything, it is ALL going to fund the democratic party. WAKE UP people, you are being played and we all need to stand united against the politicians who want to screw us and I am talking about the ones on both sides of the isle!

  24. I think everyone should take a step back, we are not hell holes like Portland and Seattle and while I side with conservatives and am sick of the BLM marching the fact is they have every right to and I have to agree there are some laws on the books that need to be removed because they are dated and yes they are racist! If we would all just come to the understanding that things are not well in this country, maybe, just maybe we could resolve these issues and get back to what is important which is our friends and family! If all we do is get mad and fight, nothing is going to get resolved and there needs to be understanding on BOTH sides of this if we are ever going to fix the problems that are apparent and obvious.

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