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Central Oregon

Masked woman with gun holds up NE Bend taco shop

Lucy's Tacos Bend

Eludes police search for suspect; officers seek info

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – An armed woman wearing a mask held up a northeast Bend taco shop late Sunday night and eluded police who responded to the scene, officers said.

Police were dispatched shortly before 11 p.m. to the reported armed robbery that had just occurred at Lucy’s Taco Shop on Northeast Third Street, Sgt. Rob Emerson said.

Four employees were at the business at the time. Police were told the suspect was armed with a gun and demanded cash, Emerson said. She fled with an unspecified amount of money.

Officers began searching the area for the suspect but was unable to locate her, the sergeant said.

As the investigation continues, anyone with information about the holdup is asked to call Deschutes County non-emergency dispatch at 541-693-6911.

No additional information is being released at this time, Emerson said.

The taco business, popular in Redmond, recently expanded to the former Baja Fresh location on Third Street, NewsChannel 21 recently reported.

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    1. if you choose to wear a mask fine, but don’t be a **** to those that don’t. all you’re doing is just trolling for a fight or an argument. the anti maskers as you call them aren’t demanding you stop wearing them, and they aren’t calling you slower than dumb just because you want to. if you gave them half the respect they are trying to give you there wouldn’t be a problem. if I was you i’d be wearing a mask just to hide my shame

      1. Wearing a mask helps prevent the spread of a deadly virus. It is unhealthy to NOT wear a mask in public settings around people you don’t share a living space with. Masks were a good idea pre-pandemic, but now they’re necessary to slow the rapid spread. If you don’t wear one, be ready for the consequences that brings =)

        1. the virus is spreading the fastest where everyone is wearing them, places where no one wears a mask aren’t having any issues. Prineville had its first case months ago, no one had masks and it didn’t wipe out the whole population. it aint even made it the first stop up the highway in Mitchell from prineville

          1. It isn’t exactly a “chicken and egg” conundrum… People are wearing masks more BECAUSE the virus has been spreading quickly, and communities are trying to slow the spread. Less densely populated areas haven’t been hit as hard so those communities haven’t seen the effect of NOT wearing a mask yet. Key word: “yet”.

      1. I’m sorry to hear that, but I would also assume that due to your medical issues, you don’t frequent places that would result in contraction of Covid-19. Therefor, you don’t exactly need a mask, right?
        If you DO frequent the contagious places without a mask, I hope you thank everyone that is wearing one, because they’re doing it to protect people such as yourself with compromised immune systems… or to rob the place, lol!

  1. with cameras at every intersection they will trace her right back to her door step. even in that seedy part of town there couldn’t be that many females who’d be willing to do an armed robbery. most career screw ups wont even cross that line

    1. Gee thanks for the great judgment call. I’m going to presume you mean to pull out at the last resort and to scare off the robber. Otherwise, our TOS come into play… about threatening, encouraging or promoting violence. Self-defense/protection I get…

      1. If someone is being robbed at gun point, the threatening and encouraging violence has already begun thanks to the scumbag that decided to commit the robbery, and the rules change. Getting shot is a risk these people take when they decide to steal for a living.

        -The idea of suggesting a victim pull out their gun in order to just try and scare someone off is a very bad idea that can make a bad situation even worse.
        Quite honestly, encouraging people to do so is actually very irresponsible and should be a violation of the TOS policy IMHO…

        1. Key to your response – ‘encouraging’ – was he encouraging others to take up arms? Or just saying he would in such a situation? I make many judgment calls every day. And am always open to civil dialogue on them.

          1. People having to take responsibility for their own safety will increasingly be necessary if the police are defunded.

            And, as it’s already been pointed out, it was the criminal that created the problem in the first place.

    2. Yeah, let’s start a gunfight over a few hundred dollars and put employees and customers lives in danger! Only in a stupid gun nut’s mind does this always turn out right!

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