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Deschutes DA Hummel files charges in recent Bend protest rally confrontation


DA explains revisions from initial Bend Police charges in case

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel announced revised, formal charges Thursday in an alleged assault case stemming from a confrontation during a downtown Bend rally earlier this month.

Bend police had cited two men they described as La Pine residents on disorderly conduct and other charges after they said a Bend man taking part in a July 11 downtown protest exchanged words with a pickup truck passenger, chased after it on his bike and was struck by the passenger’s opening door, then assaulted and had a handgun pointed at him by the driver.

Hummel said the pickup driven by Robert Thompson, 50, who is actually from Show Lo, Arizona, drove past the rally at Northwest Wall Street and Greenwood Avenue and passenger Darrell Goddard, 37, of La Pine, “screamed a slur at rally attendees.”

One of the protest participants, Andrew Heller, 29, of Bend, rode his bike two blocks and caught up with the truck, then stopped at a traffic signal, Hummel said.

The DA said Heller stopped his bike on the pickup’s passenger side and asked Goddard “why he yelled what he yelled.”

Hummel said Goddard then jumped out of the truck and started punching Heller, who was then on the ground. Meanwhile, Thompson grabbed one of his handguns, jumped out of the truck, pointed the gun at Heller and threatened him, according to the prosecutor. They both then got in the truck and drove off.

Bend police responded and found the pickup at a Shell gas station on Third Street. Officers conducted a “high-risk felony stop,” meaning guns drawn, and found two guns in the truck. They investigated and issued citations to the two men, then released them.

Goddard initially was charged by police with fourth-degree assault, second-degree criminal mischief and second-degree disorderly conduct. Thompson was charged with second-degree disorderly conduct, menacing, reckless endangering and carrying a concealed weapon.

Hummel said Goddard is now formally charged with fourth-degree assault and second-degree criminal mischief, while Thompson is charged with unlawful use of a weapon, unlawful possession of a firearm and menacing.

Both men are scheduled to be arraigned on Sept. 8.

Hummel said in a statement, “People in Deschutes County are free to assemble and share their viewpoints on whatever they want others to hear.  It should go without saying that this is a hallmark of our country. 

"If people disagree with the viewpoints of others in our community, they should respond with their words, with their boycott, or with their vote," Hummel said. "If they respond with their guns and fists, I will respond with criminal charges.”     

In general, Hummel told NewsChannel 21, “My charging philosophy is to get to the nut of the matter, and not include extraneous charges” -- which he said he considered the disorderly conduct charges to be.

He said he added the unlawful use of a weapon charge against Thompson because he pointed the gun at the cyclist.

“I don’t give breaks in charging gun cases,” Hummel said. “I charged unlawful possession of the gun, as opposed to carrying a concealed weapon, because the unlawful possession charge is the appropriate charge when a gun is concealed in a car, as opposed to on a person.”

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Barney Lerten

Barney is the digital content director for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Barney here.



  1. Good job Hummel! I know the gun nuts will be pissed because they think they can flash their pieces and threaten at will. Way to properly apply the law!

    1. Gun nuts will be upset while we responsible gun owners will shake our heads at their actions. One person with a gun doing something stupid does not mean the rest of us will. Based on your above statement is it like saying if one “peaceful protester” does something stupid the rest of them are equal?

      1. You’re right. Trigger-happy hicks like these fellas give responsible gun owners a bad name. Too bad “common sense” isn’t so common.

      2. Agreed. The bicyclist continued the incident by riding after the truck. However, that in no way justifies hitting the cyclist or, even worse, pointing a firearm at the cyclist. The pickup drivers were not in fear of their lives or imminent bodily harm.

        Show Low, AZ, now there’s a good place to be from. That is one bleak town out in the middle of nowhere. I’ve had to drive through there numerous times going to/from either Flagstaff, Holbrook, or the Valley.

        1. Wrong. Somebody instigates something like bike boy did, you have every right to convince them to go elsewhere immediately or face the consequences. You do not have to avoid a fight. The gun was out of line

    2. Thumper, you don’t know Jack squat! Actually sounds to me like the guy on the bike most likely threatened the guys in the truck but later lied about the actual events.

      1. You’re proving him right. You’re showing prejudice against the guy for being on the bike and prejudice for the guys that have the gun illegally.

  2. Heller should’ve never cycled after the truck. So obvious he was looking for trouble as in a fight. Goddard should’ve stayed in the truck and moved on. Lesson: Stay out of downtown Bend, especially where the agitators hang out during their protest of the moment.

    1. No he just rode up to the truck and asked why they yelled what they yelled. perfectly innocent like! Didn’t make any threatening stance at all! Bull Spit! That’s what that is.

    1. Confronting hate and intolerance to question motive and possibly change one’s purview with thoughtful discussion, maybe? I think Mr. Cyclist overestimated the attackers’ intelligence and grasp of rationale.

      1. That would make sense if they had met for a discussion but this was a protester that chose to chase after someone who disagreed with their positions rather than continue to protest peacefully. That act in itself is hateful & intolerant.

        Its much safer for all to keep these things where they belong! ON the KTVZ troll board!

      2. Yeah for sure there’s no way in hell Mister cyclist made this up there’s only about a hundred holes and a paragraph story there’s no way that’s made up I think Mister cyclist underestimate the intelligence of the community and thought he would get away with some b******* light

  3. why the cyclist decided to confront is curious – likely looking for a fight. wonder what he said to the guys in the truck too. bet it wasn’t what is captured in the article. these protesters are so angry and believe if someone doesn’t agree with them they are a horrible person – scary these days.

    1. Hey, what did you miss about the truck folks initiating the problem? Typical Trump supporter, ignoring the obvious right in front of you.

  4. No kidding the protesters are upset. Their president is a crook who filed bankruptcy six times, fraudulent Trump University, fraudulent Trump Foundation, hasn’t paid fed income tax for 18 years, is guilty of Campaign Finance Law, didn’t take action on COVID-19 and people are dying because our country has more cases and deaths than anywhere on the planet, and now he wants to delay the election to play Orange Dictator with Little Hands and covert our country to a Communist State just like his buddy Putin.

    These protesters have to look idiot Trump Tonguers in the face everyday and act nice to these idiots on a stick as if they are real humans when in fact they are scum from under a rock.

    Anyone who loves the Communist Trump is a Communist themselves and should leave this Democracy with Trump to the Communist Nation of their dreams. We real Americans love all Americans and those who want to end our Democracy and live under Dictator Trump can leave.

  5. Why does he contact the news to publicize certain cases? He is like the 2nd grade tattle tail or something. Hows that Harassment case against him from a former co worker playing out? We don’t hear many updates about that at all.

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