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One La Pine man accused of assaulting Bend protester, another of pulling gun

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – Two La Pine men were cited Saturday evening on disorderly conduct and other charges after a Bend man taking part in a downtown demonstration exchanged words with a pickup truck passenger, pursued the pickup by bicycle and was struck by the passenger’s opening door, then had a handgun pointed at him by the driver, police said.

Police responded shortly before 7 p.m. to a reported weapons offense in the area of Northwest Wall Street and Franklin Avenue, Sgt. Cindy Ksenzulak said in a news release Monday.

A caller told dispatch it appeared to be some type of “road rage” incident involving a pickup truck and a bicyclist. The caller also said an occupant of the truck displayed a handgun before they left. The truck’s description and license plate were provided to dispatchers, Ksenzulak said.

Officers contacted the 29-year-old alleged victim, Andrew Heller of Bend, who had visible physical injuries (cuts and bruises) and remained at the scene. Heller declined care by medics at the scene and said he would seek his own care later, Ksenzulak said.

Officers talked to numerous witnesses, who provided their recollection of what occurred.

The incident began when the pickup’s passenger, identified as Darrell Goddard, 37, of La Pine, yelled a derogatory statement to Heller as he took part in a demonstration at the corner of Wall Street and Greenwood Avenue, Ksenzulak said.

Heller than rode his bike to follow the truck, catching up to the pickup and its two occupants at Wall Street and Franklin Avenue.

The protester “had an exchange of words with Goddard, who in return, opened his passenger door into Heller, causing him to fall off his bicycle and into another vehicle, causing minor damage to that vehicle,” Ksenzulak wrote.

After Heller landed on the ground, Goddard “continued to assault” the protester while the pickup’s driver, Robert Thompson, 50, got out of the truck, approached the cyclist and pointed a handgun at him, Ksenzulak said. Heller remained still, she said, and both men got back into the truck and left.

While officers were on the scene with the alleged victim, more officers found the fleeing truck just over a mile away, the sergeant said. The two occupants were detained without incident. Ksenzulak said officers determined both men were involved and seized two loaded handguns from the truck.

Goddard was issued a citation in lieu of custody on charges of fourth-degree assault, second-degree disorderly conduct and second-degree criminal mischief. Thompson also was cited in lieu of custody on charges of menacing, recklessly endangering, second-degree disorderly conduct and carrying a concealed weapon.

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  1. why didn’t the cyclist get any charges, he’s the one that insisted it wasn’t over and chased the truck down to continue the argument. it takes 2 to tango

    1. It’s not a crime to have an argument with someone. It IS a crime to physically assault someone and brandish a firearm at them in a threatening manner. That said, the protester/cyclist was being stupid by going after the two rednecks in the truck. This could easily have ended up much worse for all concerned.

      1. i didnt say the passenger and driver were right in what they did, i just stated the cyclist should have been charged too. the confrontation was over until he instigated another one after running them down. either the guy was trying to start a fight or trying to be a victim

        1. What crime did the cyclist commit? They were stupid, sure. But they didn’t assault them, didn’t harm their truck and didn’t point a loaded firearm at them. So, other than a possible traffic infraction – the cyclist broke no laws.

      1. The cyclist should realize that the people in the truck have the same rights to freedom of speech that he has. By chasing them down because they exercised their rights he created a threat which by Oregon law allows them to take appropriate action to defend themselves. Maybe some of the protesters will understand now that we all have the right to speak our minds, not just them

          1. Those La Pine guys are definitely fragile, otherwise they wouldn’t feel the need to carry loaded firearms with them all the time and instigate an issue with someone. Both parties were stupid – but those snowflake La Pine guys need someone to validate them obviously.

    1. A verbal exchange never needs to end in assault and guns drawn. Sounds like they came to start something with the protesters. Pretty weak people from Lapine packing guns to Bend to yell at peaceful protesters. Real men can take a verbal back and forth without guns!

  2. So… let me see if I got this straight. 2 dumb Trumpanzies driving around the protest area pull a gun. Police find them with 2 loaded weapons after the complaint of brandishing. The police let them go and did not confiscate the guns. But they got a ticket.
    Am I the only one that sees something wrong with that?

      1. No, but it is pretty stupid to choose to chase down a truck on your bicycle to what? Demand an apology? Talk it out? Teach them a lesson? Force your ideals at them? Try to change their mind? This whole story is incredibly dumb and humans are out of control!

  3. Well if the men did yell something at the bicyclist it is freedom of speech. The bike rider then pursued the men in the truck. So he becomes the instigator of the situation. he caught up to the truck and started an altercation.

    1. The person on the bike continued a VERBAL altercation. The yahoos in the truck decided to make it a physical one. They are the ones that broke the law.

  4. Moronic behavior on both sides. I’d give the plurality of bad behavior to the truck’s occupants. Dumb to yell at each other in the first place, really dumb of cyclist to pursue the truck, but supremely stupid to bash the cyclist with a truck door then point a handgun at him.

  5. Any cyclist chasing down a vehicle is begging for trouble. It’s not worth getting in the last word. Little snowflake cyclist got his feelings hurt. Trucker should’ve ignored him.
    It looks as if the cyclist protester was all geared to go should anyone pass his little event and shout something at him. A set up?! In Bend?!
    Like the clerk I heard yesterday in a Bend store who responded “Well, all lives matter” to someone checking out who had closed the sale with a “black lives matter”. Minutes later the store manager got a call from a woman having a hissy fit over the “mean-spirited” clerk.
    Bend is getting to be more like Portland everyday. Downtown Bend used to be a pleasant place to visit. The so-called “peace corner” is nothing but a shout site. Touristers are amused.

    1. Conservatives: “Don’t wear a mask! It’s a trick by communists to force a full-blown police state!!”
      Also Conservatives: “How dare you try to defund the police! We need more police!!”

  6. Its a leftist thing, instigate, irritate then follow or chase and when it don’t go to your liking play the victim. Obviously he is a protester not a regular person mowing their lawn or trying to do something proactive for the community. Much easier to yell and play tough guy before victim.

  7. How about a giant time out and think about de escalation. The passenger proved his intelligence by whatever comments he made obviously intended to anger the bike rider. The bike rider should have had big boy pants on and realized he had a couple of dumb %*$ making comments to him and ignored it. What was he going to accomplish by giving chase. The passenger then got dumber not to be outdone by the driver. Smarten up people.

  8. Who wants to defund the Police?
    Oh thats right.. its these Leftist unemployed smelly idiots on the corner of Wall and Greenwood.
    First sign of trouble you punk a## fools call the Police.. the same Police you hate.
    Chase down a pickup with two armed guys… this leftist wins Stupid Hippie of the year award for bring a bike to a gun fight.
    For you leftist who dont want anymore Cops this incident would be a very small preview of the smack down you would get if the Police stopped coming to work in the future. For your own safety support and fund the Police because they are the only thing between the well armed majority and the Commies.

  9. Filled with rage then Billy Joe reached for his gun to draw
    But the stranger drew his gun and fired before he even saw
    As Billy Joe fell to the floor, the crowd all gathered ’round
    And wondered at his final words.

    Don’t take your guns to town son
    Leave your guns at home Bill
    Don’t take your guns to town

  10. More guns! I say we need more guns in people’s hands, at all times! 400 million+ strong, but we need more. It helps in these kinds of situations! It really de-escalates and keeps people safe. Our grand experiment of having infinitely more guns per capita than any other country has worked, so let’s keep stockpiling and have one under every vehicle seat! We are number one (for gun violence)! Hooray for the US and our splendid firearms statistics!

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