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Central Oregon

Three Central Oregon hospitals to get $8.38 million in pandemic relief funds

St. Charles Prineville
St. Charles Health System
St. Charles Prineville

St. Charles Redmond, Prineville and Madras among 20 statewide

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Small rural Oregon hospitals have help on the way, with $50 million in grant funding coming from Business Oregon. A total of 20 rural hospitals, including three in Central Oregon, are receiving funds to help keep nurses and doctors employed amid rising costs and falling revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Oregon Legislature and Gov. Kate Brown allocated the money to Business Oregon from the federal CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Fund.

“Getting this money into these community facilities will be a significant lifeline,” said Business Oregon Director Chris Cummings. “Smaller hospitals outside of urban areas have greater challenges covering fixed costs in the face of lost revenue from elective procedures, less economies of scale, and increased costs of PPE and other equipment necessary during this pandemic.”

Grants can only be used to cover necessary expenditures incurred due to the COVID-19 public health emergency from March 1 through December 30 of this year. That includes payroll, personal protective equipment and some other equipment.

The grants are available to Type A and B hospitals in Oregon.

“Type A” is a rural hospital with 50 or fewer beds located more than 30 miles from another hospital. “Type B” refers to a rural hospital with 50 or fewer beds located within 30 miles of another hospital.

Rural hospitals in 18 Oregon counties are receiving grants. The awards were prioritized based on need, as exhibited in the application materials, officials said.

Below are awardees, locations, and award amounts.

ApplicantCountyCityAward Amount
Type A Hospitals
A rural hospital with 50 or fewer beds located more than 30 miles from another hospital.
Blue Mountain Hospital DistrictGrantJohn Day$1,592,489
Curry General HospitalCurryGold Beach$2,501,621
Good Shepherd Medical CenterUmatillaHermiston$6,134,753
Harney District HospitalHarneyBurns$538,814
Lake District HospitalLakeLakeview$1,900,000
Pioneer Memorial HeppnerMorrowHeppner$991,829
St Alphonsus Med Ctr-Baker CityBakerBaker City$1,322,822
St Alphonsus Med Ctr-OntarioMalheurOntario$1,320,000
Type B Hospitals
A rural hospital with 50 or fewer beds located within 30 miles of another hospital.
Asante Ashland Comm HospitalJacksonAshland$2,386,634
Coquille Valley HospitalCoosCoquille$962,572
Lower Umpqua HospitalDouglas Reedsport$1,596,866
Mid-Columbia Medical CenterWascoThe Dalles$591,034
Samaritan Lebanon HospitalLinnLebanon$6,594,487
Samaritan North Lincoln HospitalLincolnLincoln City$3,453,751
Samaritan Pacific Communities HospitalLincolnNewport$4,635,959
Santiam Memorial HospitalMarionStayton$3,496,233
Southern Coos Hospital and Health CenterCoosBandon$780,905
St Charles - MadrasJeffersonMadras$1,866,811
St Charles - PrinevilleCrookPrineville$2,000,100
St Charles - RedmondDeschutesRedmond$4,521,591

Funding will be contingent upon successful contract execution between Business Oregon and recipients. All projects must be completed and grant funds must be expended by December 30, 2020. Unexpended funds will be returned to the U.S. Treasury in accordance with the CARES Act of 2020.

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  1. Title of this article should just say “St. Charles…..”. They are all owned under St. Charles. It is not like they are all separate companies. And also the reason why hospital bills are so expensive in central oregon, because there is no competition as there are no other providers. They have a monopoly in the area.

    1. This witch in Salem is now determining which industries survive and which will be sacrificed !

      “funds to help keep nurses and doctors employed”

      OK- so what about all those other businesses that Brown shut down- the ones she termed “non-essential” ???

      This is “EXACTLY” what a dictatorship looks like- and the wuhan china virus numbers do not support this brand of government !

      Why isn’t our local media going after St Charles for “padding the corona data” just to receive “special treatment” from Salem !

      These are nothing more than public “pay-offs” to those people who played along with the charade- at the expense of legitimate businesses that Brown has closed- shut down- forced into bankruptcy !

      This does “nobody” any good- even the supporters of any thing Demon-cratic- everyone loses under this kind of banana republic- Kate has to go !

  2. These are the “personal” rewards for all of those that went along with the pandemic hoax response- this is what everyone was playing along for- this is all the evidence you need to prove that once and for all- less than two dozen deaths in CO have paid out more than $8 million dollars in free government money !

    Now- can all you lefty liberal brain-deads put it to rest- the evidence is on the table !

      1. So when was the last time anyone made $8 million dollars over a dozen illnesses ?

        No dispute at all- the Hospital ED data clearly shows this “global pandemic” never arrived… the flu did… but we won’t talk about that ! In fact it’s been purposefully hidden when for some unknown reason the OHA converted ILI to CLI… why don’t you send one of your crack reporters out and find out the reasoning behind that !

        1. Ginned-up unproven ulterior motives are a hallmark of your prattling and of the Blame Society in general. Can’t you give me a weekend off? Seriously, you spend more time on here than I do and convince NO ONE of anything but that reading or interacting with you is a totally frustrating and useless waste of time. Several people who are not “regular” commenters have told you that this week alone. But of course, I am pulling their strings. NOT. Talking out of 4 sides of your mouth just to prove you’re always “right” got old years ago. And you know it! You’re just… addicted to the place.

          1. The only thing “ginned up”- since the day this Democrat attempt to destroy our once thriving economy- is those who peddle in misinformation- propaganda- and half-truths… the data deniers- and science ignorants who believe that just repeating the same hysterical nonsense- fools all of the people all of the time- but it is “time” that will prove what this over-reaction is- a hoax perpetuated at the highest levels of our state government to push a political agenda at the expense of the weak willed and easily influenced- and that aint me !

            No addiction- just old fashioned perseverance. You’ve met yer match and you don’t like it- tough ! Buck up or Buck out !

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