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Three arrested in altercation at Prineville Black Lives Matter rally

Prineville Black Lives Matter protest SATCHER BARNETT Aaron Knouse 88
Aaron Knouse; Crook County Jail
Michael Satcher, Jasmine Barnett 2 of 3 people arrested after altercation at Prineville Black Lives Matter rally in front of Crook County Courthouse on Sunday.

Protest leaders say they 'faced attack, violence from counter-protesters'

PRINEVILLE, Ore. (KTVZ) – Three Central Oregon residents were arrested Saturday evening after an altercation during a Black Lives Matter rally at the Crook County Courthouse in downtown Prineville, police said Sunday.

Police and Crook County sheriff’s deputies responded around 5:45 p.m. Saturday to the corner of Northeast Third and Court streets, police Captain Larry Seymour said.

The altercation occurred toward the end of a demonstration organized by the Central Oregon Diversity Project and Central Oregon Peacekeepers, Seymour said.

An investigation led to three arrests.

Michael Satcher, 42, of Sisters was charged with disorderly conduct, interfering with a police officer and harassment. Ronald Campbell, 57, of Prineville, was charged with disorderly conduct. Jasmine Barnett, 40, of Bend, was charged with disorderly conduct and harassment.

Satcher and Barnette were lodged in the county jail and released on bail, Seymour said, while Campbell was cited and released due to medical concerns. Satcher posted 10 percent of $20,000 bail and Barnett 10 percent of $10,000 bail, a jail official said.

Each case has been forwarded to the district attorney’s office for review of any formal charges, the captain said.

Luke Richter, president of the Central Oregon Peacekeepers, provided the following statement to NewsChannel 21 Sunday evening regarding the arrests:

"Two Central Oregon BLM  leaders faced an attack and violence from counter-protesters. The people defending them were arrested as a result, while counter-protesters who instigated the attack were allowed to walk free."

"Due to impending legal action, we will refrain from further comments, for the time being," the statement concluded.

Richter said two of the three people arrested were involved in the groups’ protest, but declined further comment.

Prineville has been the scene of several Black Lives Matter protest rallies in recent months, some resulting in shouting and tense confrontations with counter-protesters.

Four people were arrested at a mid-June rally.

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Barney Lerten

Barney is the digital content director for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Barney here.



  1. These blm “instigators” may not have been the actual perpetrators of these attacks but they know full well their chances are good for this type of reaction in Prineville. And for the time being they are being allowed to do whatever, but at the same time they are to dense to realize the cops will cut loose on them when they aggravate the wrong people.

    1. Peacekeepers my A*@. Just another group hollering “what about me?”. Future Governor Hummel was probably over there stirring the pot. These little punks choose Prineville for one reason only, they know they will get a reaction everytime. Why can’t they just stay home?

          1. Personally I find it extremely racist that black Americans don’t want to live by me- be my friend-understand me.

            My Asian and Hispanic friends love me to death- so why not Blacks ? So sad- I need a hug !

            1. what.. 5 black people in prineville? Out of the 10,000 residents. Not to mention there are several “racist” towns in Oregon, and most are far more blatant about it.

            2. ive got friends in prineville. theirs hardly black people in prineville. heck theres hardly any in bend. and it the white people in central Oregon are as racist as white liberal transplants make us out to be then why do the few hundred blacks in central Oregon chose to stay and live here? the answer is simple. its because the vast majority of us are not racist. we just dont like the phoney white liberals moving here

        1. Prineville isn’t racist. It just doesn’t want to listen to the BS that is. being shoved down their throats. They don’t want to be the next portland. Im for ALL LIFES MATTER! Not a bunch of stealing trouble making a……. that haven’t got anything better to do! You don’t like Prineville?! STAY HOME!!!!

      1. And why would “Prineville” be a “racist” town, because you said so? Could you please prove this entirely baseless statement with anything factual or you are just talking out of your rear end?

        1. He’s just speaking as someone who’s driven through that trash pile of straight line genetics. I’ve been through Prineville plenty of times and can’t say that I’ve ever really felt the need to stop and disprove him.

          1. “I’ve been through Prineville plenty of times”

            Which means you were greeted at the bottom of the hill by the Chinese Restaurant- and were said goodbye to by the last business town- a Taco Bell !

            How much more diversification and racial equality do you need ?

        2. I have been to Prineville many times my children played against Prineville in school i heard many racist remarks made at players from my children’s school. I have been to Prineville alot and have heard many many racist comments from Prineville people

          1. I have been too and I have not heard any and I believe you are just making things up. No racist remark or comment would be tolerated on any school event, additionally the media would make national headlines out of.

            1. I live in Prineville. Yes, I hear “******” “****” and other slurs all the time, even from my friends and neighbors. At first, I decided to not associate with these people, but I soon realized I would eventually have no friends, so I make it known to them that I don’t like that kind of talk around me. Some of them try to keep it to a minimum when they’re around me. But some just don’t care, especially after a couple of beers.
              It’s a conundrum. I love my town, but I hate this racist crap. Black lives are supposed to matter, but just they don’t matter very much, depending on where you live. I support the protestors.

          2. “and have heard…”

            Racism is not about words- actual honest to goodness racism is about actions !

            Do try to learn the difference !

        3. No, people do not “just say” that Prineville is racist, they say it because of the actions of the town’s leadership and community members conduct themselves. If Prineville was not racist, why would they vehemently hate BLM protestors but they had no problem with the groups protesting on behalf of the Bundys? Why would they be giving death threats to people who are exercising their first amendment rights by standing on a sidewalk with cardboard signs? Why would they be sending death threats to one of the only black people that lives in Prineville? You tell protestors to “go home” but openly welcome out of towners for every other reason because it boosts your local economy. Why would the counter protestors show up armed with guns out of fear, while simultaneously mocking the protestors for NOT rioting by calling them “*******” and saying they are “too weak to riot.” What kind of behavior is that? And yes, there is proof of all of these things happening. Nobody wants to tear up Prineville, they want the citizens and the town’s leadership to SHOW and PROVE that they aren’t, which they clearly have not done. I mean come on, yelling “white power” and openly showing off Nazi symbolism? Grow up and stop acting like you’re all the “victims” because you act racist and encourage racism, and then get mad when you’re called out on it. It’s absolutey pathetic how immature fully grown adults act, screaming and yelling and polluting your own air to blow smoke at people. If you’re not racist, then allow people their right to assembly, their right of free speech and their AMERICAN right to protest and stop showing up waving guns to threaten people. It’s really not that hard if you’re truly not a racist, simple as that. I’ve lived here my entire life, I come from a very republican family and the way you people have been conducting yourselves makes me sick and ashamed to say that I’m from here.

      2. when was the last time a black person was murdered in prineville? . why don’t you cowards go do your nonsense where black people actually live? you people are pathetic

      3. who is causing the problems!?!? All lives matter! These so called BLM PRETENDERS are just plain trouble makers looking to get their name in the oaper!

      1. That’s saying alot!
        Spelling courtesy of tburg64. Is English class still mandatory? It’s actually quite surprising that I can check her spelling and gramer as I’ve been so busy looking for Prineville racists.

  2. BLM morons. Hey BLM, if black lives really matter then tell that to the group of people that really need to hear that slogan the most, and that would be, BLACK people. Data shows that on average 93% of black homicide victims are killed by other blacks.

    also…….”According to the National Victimization Survey, whites are the overwhelming target of interracial violence. Between 2012 and 2015, blacks committed 85.5 percent of all black-white interracial violent victimizations (excluding interracial homicide, which is also disproportionately black-on-white). That works out to 540,360 felonious assaults on whites. Whites committed 14.4 percent of all interracial violent victimization or 91,470 felonious assaults on blacks. Blacks are less than 13 percent of the national population.”

    and….”According to the Washington Post crime index, there were 1,000 cop-induced killings last year out of 375 million cop-civilian interactions. Of those, only 25% involved black people. That is far lower than would be expected given that, statistically, minority criminals commit higher rates of violent crime.”

    “In 2019, nine unarmed black people were killed by cops. Let that sink in for a moment.

    Again, I’ll reiterate that this loss of life is still tragic. These nine instances all resulted in a death, many of them unjustifiably so. However, this is far from the number you’d expect if the claim that “it’s open season on black men in America” were true.”

    1. You don’t see the big picture here Nick. You are part of the problem moving forward for a unified equal America and understanding BLM . Best of luck being angry about something.


      1. You respond like that because you cannot argue the facts and data he clearly lined out. Big picture? The big picture is that if it was really about black lives, you would focus on the piece that is taking the overwhelming majority of them. That would however force you to go against the tenets of the BLM organization and the fact that the data showing the breakdown of the nuclear family has massive effects that directly correlate to this data. As Alveda King stated so clearly during John Lewis’ funeral, people need to do their homework on the difference between the BLM movement and the BLM organization (which she does not support).

      2. You are the one who has no understanding of BLM.
        Black Lives Matter has been hijacked by people that have nothing in common with Martin Luther King.
        Without going in to when and how it happened, and the statistics that back it up, the main problem with black culture (culture, not color) is the lack of a strong male role model in the family.

        Near the bottom of that page is this paragraph cut and paste in its’ entirety. This is direct Marxist dogma and antithetical to any path that will correct systemic racism.
        “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.”
        Obviously absent is the importance of the male role model in a family. This rejects the basic family structure as it has been known since mankind changed from hunter-gatherers to living in society.
        For lack of a better word, it is….evil.

      3. well said!! Just another loser blaming everyone else for his failure. No wonder he loves big fat failing donnie!!!! Soooooo much failing!!
        golf and a whore anyone!!! trump/putin 2020!! LYING – DYING and DENYING!!

      4. Not sure what you mean, he cited statistical facts. You on the other hand remained unspecific without pointing out what the OP does not understand.
        Also could you please specify the area of your primary residence because if it is not a majority AA populated area you should pack up and move to live with them, then come back a few months later and tell us how wrong we are.

          1. “you have expertise in this field? Do tell.”

            You ever drink arsenic ? No ?? Then how do you know it’s poison ???

            Dwell on that for a bit- it’ll make you a smarter person !

      5. Hey Fruitcake, the big picture is you and some whiny children will be crying and stomping their little feet for at least the next 5 years
        The small picture is the pitiful Biden’s Life Matters rally in Prineville.

    2. You sure waste a lot of time posting crap when it doesn’t matter! the world is ending soon right? Don’t you have anything better to do in these final days?

  3. Antifa – Before industrialization and the rural exodus, people with their IQ would be toiling the soil in rural areas. In urban areas, they feel out of place and do not have the intellectual tools to compete with people who will go on to become physicians, lawyers, engineers or business managers. Hence the frustration and the anger against “the system”. Try and find one of them that has a day job; Pouring coffee at Starbucks and spitting in it doesn’t count.

  4. The Interlopers won’t stand. Great job Prineville for standing up to this naked aggression. “Peacekeepers” What a joke. Expanding their carbon footprint in an effort to create problems where they don’t exist.

  5. Why do these morons have to come our town and cause a stir? If they want to go to the “big leagues” and be idiots go to portlandia. Leave Prineville alone. The police need to babysit those skateboarders not some morons that think Prineville is a racist town, just cause there is less then a 1% black population here.

    Yes I know the history of Prineville, but that is past us, look forward people. I look forward for us joining the greater state of Idaho!

          1. ha! nice try! however that ridiculous comment is a great example of why locals dont care for you people. you think your better than everyone, especially black people.

  6. We need to do away with the BLM.
    The Bureau of Land Management is nothing but big government overreach.

    Oh you mean the other BLM?
    It looks like there were well over a dozen protestors, maybe as many as 2 dozen. Ignore them and they go away, give them any attention at all and they will be back.
    #1 aim of political protest, get mentioned by the news media.
    Mission accomplished in this case.

  7. Notice Mr. Richter makes no mention that Mr. Satcher, arrested on multiple charges, is a founding member of the “Peacekeepers”, as is Richter.

    And the “Peacekeepers” Intent in Prineville, in their own words from their FB page, was this.

    “Central Oregon Peacekeepers is at Crook County Courthouse.
    August 8 at 10:31 AM · Prineville, OR ·
    No Justice, No Peace.Today! 4pm-6pm #blacklivesSTILLMatter”

    A quick review of the “peacekeeper” FB site and the comments made on it affirm Mr. Richter / Mr. Satcher’s promotion and support of physical violence against people or groups they don’t like. Case in point this recent post advocating such violence against Mr. Riccardo Waites, founder of the Central Oregon Black Leaders Assembly.

    “Bo Fubar Hica I saw right through Slick Rick when he was in Prineville. Pushing t-shirts, memberships and other BS. He is and always has been in it for the money. A two faced lying sack who needs a bigtime ass whooping and sent packing back to where he came from. If he or any of his lackeys show up, they should be sent packing.”

    And this from same FB thread –

    “Alexis Marlea James Riccardo is chasing a paycheck. He will do and say whatever for money but will turn around and send snacks and aid to those “rioters” in PDX. When will he be cancelled?🙄🙄🙄🙄”

    Richter and Company have also attacked Bend City councilwoman Barbara Campbell on their FB page; Sheriff Shane Nelson, Chiefs Dale Cummins (Prineville) and Michael Krantz (Bend); and are exploiting the Public Records laws at the City of Bend and Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office in their witch hunts against any and every one they take exception to.

    This is a highly suspect “action faction” organization which has directly tied itself to the Central Oregon Democratic Socialists of America, which was also in Prineville seeking, specifically, the resignation / termination of Chief Dale Cummins.

    Central Oregon Democratic Socialists of America
    August 7 at 1:23 PM ·
    Tomorrow! Please show up for justice! There are far more rural Oregonians allied with #BlackLivesMatter than bigots. We need to show our SOLIDARITY. If you can’t attend, please share this post with friends and family. #BlackLivesMatter #BlackVoicesMatter #RuralOregon #ShowUpForJustice

    With the “Peacekeepers”, Central Oregon Diversity Project, and Embrace Bend clearly aligned in numerous petition drives as shown here.

    Physical intimidation…cyber bullying…taunting…hate language…and now physical violence in both word and deed. Enough is enough from Richter and his posse of race issue exploitation vigilantes.

  8. Why are they protesting in CO, was anybody from local law enforcement involved? Or they just want to loot and riot like they do in all major democrat controlled cities?

  9. Central Oregon peacekeepers are instigators. One of their leaders was at the Trump gathering on 27th harassing people there. Leftists are radicals.

  10. apparently they use the words “peace keepers” like they use the word “protestors”. their statement is the protesters were facing attacks and violence. so no attacks or violence were made or acted out by the towns folk. its just the peace keepers can see into the future and decided to use violence, to stop the violence that was just about to happen. how come we have no opposing opinions on this piece? prineville p.d. would probably have something to say about it if asked. i’m sure it would stray from the victims are easier to arrest defense posted here

  11. Since when are people exercising their first amendment rights considered “cowards” in America? Public sidewalks and streets in Anytown USA have been the venue for every social issue since forever. Many of our country’s leaders started out as activists, protesting for or against issues as is the American way. Prineville has a reputation of ultra-conservatism and its associated bigotry, so of course it’s a choice location for BLM protests. There’s no use preaching to the choir in already liberal-leaning locales. So whether you agree with the issue or not, protesters have every right to be in Prineville or Anywhere in a free America. Let’s hope it stays that way so when there’s an issue that inspires you enough to make a sign and get you on your feet, you still have the right to do what these citizens are doing.

  12. I’ve am sick to death of you black, brown, red, yellow, and white Leftist Liberals, and Democrats. You can call me whatever pejorative you want. I will never stand down to your bullying, whether it be by force or through passive means. The next time I see or hear of your BLM, ANTIFA, Communist, Socialist, One World Order, Open Borders, White man bad, protests, rallies, or otherwise, I will personally use my God given rights to put an end to your corruption. If the moderator chooses to block this post, it will become evident what side he is on. Remember, there is more than one way to stop the Leftist media. KTVZ used to be fairly moderate, and you are CNN’s lap dogs. The time has come for the Right leaning base to stand up and put a stop to this madness in Central Oregon. If the media stands against us by way of Yellow Journalism, they will be stopped.

    1. “I will never stand down to your bullying,”

      So, someone standing on a sidewalk holding a political sign… is “bullying”?

      And making such offensive statements as “black lives matter.” I can see why you’re so enraged.

      And the next time you see one of these rallies, you’re going to use your

      …”God given rights to put an end to it.”

      So does your God-given rights including physically attacking these people for speech you disagree with, or…? Most of them college and high-school age.

      “there is more than one way to stop the Leftist media.”
      “If the media stands against us by way of Yellow Journalism, they will be stopped.”

      How are you going to stop the “leftist media”? You’re going to use your “god-given right” to do what exactly?

      You’re a Christian? Is this Christ-like behavior? What part of your attempts at intimidation and not-so-vague threats of violence would Jesus approve of?

      1. *The lack of simple comprehension skills and reading into and adding to the text is not shocking. The Democrat run public schools and media have done a good job indoctrinating people like you.

        *No where did I say “someone standing on a sidewalk holding a political sign is bullying”. There are more ways to passively bully someone. But I’m sure you already know that.

        *“Black lives matter” is a terrorist organization. You’re damn right I’m enraged.

        *I will use my ”God given rights to put an end to it.” And NO, God-given rights don’t including physically attacking people for speech I disagree with, unless I am attacked first.

        *Many of them may be college and high-school age but that doesn’t make them any less responsible for their actions, and if need be, I any less legally able to rise up against them.

        *YES, “there is more than one way to stop the Leftist media.”

        *Did I state that or insinuate that I was or wasn’t a Christian? According to the Left, the word “god” is the same all inclusive passive supreme being present in all world religions. It appears that on some level you think that “God-given-rights” refers to a Christian God. Facts are facts and you just showed your hand. Can you comprehend that?

        *YES, It is “Christ-like behavior” to stand against evil.

        *Nothing illegal was posted or insinuated. If you feel “intimidation” or that some “vague” or veiled attempts of threats of violence were posted, try re-reading it slower next time.

        *The fact that people are waking up to the Left’s BS and standing up to you idiots should jostle you. Ready or not, here we come.

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