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Central Oregon

Central Oregon Women’s March takes time to honor RBG

BEND, Ore (KTVZ) -- In solidarity with marches all across the country, supporters in Central Oregon held their own Women's March on Saturday in downtown Bend.

The march this year was organized by members of the Central Oregon Red Cloaks, part of a national movement for women's equality.

Co-organizer Selene Kinyon told NewsChannel 21 the event for Central Oregon was put together in only about a week, yet it still drew more than 150 people.

The march started at Drake Park, where some of the organizers spoke before embarking on the walk to "Peace Corner" at Wall Street and Greenwood Avenue.

Kinyon also explained why the meaning of the march has changed with the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

“I can only speak for myself, personally. I think it's just giving me a chance to reflect on what it means to me, and what she stood for and the doors that she opened,” she said. “I think it just highlights my values and what's important to me. "

After the march reached Peace Corner, there was a drive-by of cars waving flags supporting the Democratic presidential ticket of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

That was another key issue for many of the protesters, given the election and the impending confirmation vote for Amy Coney Barret to fill Ginsberg's seat.

Bend resident Bridget Knight said before the march: "We need to be constructive. And we have come here today to be constructive. To protest against a Supreme Court and a government that not only would prevent further momentum, but that would backslide us. We cannot be fighting a feminist fight that we won 50 years ago."

The event lasted about two hours and received a fairly positive reaction from passers-by as the march wound through downtown Bend.

The Central Oregon Red Cloaks will hold another protest next Sunday, when they silently walk to the Deschutes County Courthouse.

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Jack Hirsh

Jack Hirsh is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Jack here.



    1. Wasn’t it great when her haggard old self got drunk and passed out at the State of the Union address? In her own words….”I wasn’t 100% sober”. I posted this before, but it was censored here. Funny about that….barney says he only censors threats and bad words. Apparently…..z21 also censors factual information, LIKE ARSON. Here’s a little drunk rbg….enjoy

      1. I moderate comments – 100s a day, 7 days a week. I make minor edits when there are one or two foul words. But when it’s a combination of threats and lots of obscenities, I stop and hit delete, as the vast majority would expect. Most people here think I’m fair in my moderation of comments, under fire as I am by a few unfair critics, including you.

        1. Absolutely fair, Barney, and how you do it is beyond me.
          As someone who has had to re-word or even abandon posts on many occasions (and over many years), you’ve always shown great judgement and temperament.

        2. Posting about drunk Ginsburg had nothing to do with obscenities, violence, threats, or anything else….it was about a leftist activist judge that had an embarrassing moment and you people tried to hide it, just like you are doing to the Biden story…..then you insinuate my posts were removed for the reasons you said, and you make that claim on here in front of everyone, setting their minds onto crap that ain’t true, just like you did when I invited this station and/or a reporter to come look at the fires the ARSONIST set and that I deployed on with my people and the Sheriff. You called that an “Unconfirmed report” and “facebook blah blah blah”, when the ****** sheriff’s office was on it. You PURPOSELY suppressed that…you need to tell your handlers to stand down. Pay attention to what’s gonna happen to Jack Dorsey. You would be well advised to report on that

          1. Your posts are never deleted for the reasons you claim here. It is only about obscenities (I bleeped one here) or encouraging, threatening or promoting violence. Most of your posts are allowed, as you well know.

            1. Barney, labeling a comment as a promotion of violence is quite subjective with you isn’t it?

              Calling for the defense of your nation against domestic enemies is now “promoting violence”?

              See, the issue with you Lefties in Journalism is that you truly believe that you are the sole Sentries of Truth! The Founders had intended for American patriots to call one another to arms if and when the nation is under siege and it is.

              When Philip Anderson, a Black man, is attacked and his teeth knocked out for trying to conduct a Free Speech rally, that is actual VIOLENCE!

              When people like me call to STOP such egregious acts of wanton violence, people like you deem that, “THREATS”.

              If people like you don’t like radicals, then stop doing the things that force people become RADICAL!

              Radicalism begets radicalism.

              Equilibrium is a funny like that, Barney.

        3. Rest up, Mr. Lerten. After Trump is defeated, get ready for a landslide of threats and obscenities like you have never witnessed. I hope you are keeping notes of the past gems; they will make for a great book about Trump derangement syndrome.

      2. You can only dream that you will ever be able to accomplish a fraction of what she has been able to for the good of humanity and our country. Have a happy day with your ugly thoughts .

        1. I’ve got drunk and passed out before, but never in front of a crowd of Supreme Court Justices, Senators, Congressmen, Warfighters, and elected officials….so you’re right….quite an achievement on her part. That said….she couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were on the heel

      1. Except it’s true. Look at recent local ‘protests’ and marches. Luke Ricter, the ones that caused all the fuss on Pilot Butte and the trouble makers obstructing the ICE bus in downtown Bend. All huge obese people that seam to have plenty of time to sit on the couch eating chips and sodas, ‘protest’ things that don’t need protesting and all likely on some sort of welfare or disability.

        1. Most Americans are obese, so you might have something there.

          But looking at the video and actually counting makes it pretty clear you’re suffering from a common affliction called “confirmation bias”. The only way out of it is to educate yourself an fight against it.

          You can do the same thing with any Trump rally photo. Even if you ignore the obese Trump.

    1. I’m not sure what you consider very overweight, but I didn’t notice any that I would consider very overweight, but their red outfits and matching red masks are really creepy

  1. While I don’t agree with them . . . They are entitled to their opinion and their right to protest peacefully, which they did! My only question is, why can’t Conservative groups do the same? Why do these groups always show up running their mouths and creating issues for police, when a Conservative group tries to show THEIR opinion and protest? If Conservatives can respect the rights of Liberals, why can’t Liberals respect the rights of Conservatives?

    1. They can and they have. I’ve seen conservative women in down town Redmond gathered and holding Trump signs. Somewhat annoying when your going to have dinner at one of the restaurants in down town.

      1. I’ve seen conservatives on youtube trying to eat dinner while an angry mob screamed at them and stole their food… the angry mob being liberal socialists, of course.

    2. conservatives can’t because they are the most oppressed, misunderstood and abused people to ever walk the earth – how do y’all stand it? – the lack of rights y’all have is really a crime – can’t imagine how the discrimination you suffer weighs on you

      1. Sometimes they play the victim card before anything happens like Trump already whining that the moderator for the upcoming debate is against him. He claims to be so strong but, any Death Cult 45 member will tell you that Savannah Guthrie was so mean to him for pointing out lies and pressing him for straight answers. Women are “monsters,” but “cute,” aren’t they? LMAO!

            1. At least you finally admit that they are unborn, instead of “nonviable tissue masses”. That’s science you’re finally talking!
              My fault, sorry to interject morality when talking to a liberal. That’s just a confusing buzzword to folks like you, not a goal.

        1. The moderator for the upcoming debate cancelled her social media before anybody could see what a trump hater she is. Hilarious you’re covering for the *****

    3. Conservatives aren’t as pushy with trying to get people to agree with their idealogy like liberals. Conservatives respect other peoples opinions more than liberals.

        1. Try reading the post again.
          Among Trump supporters there is HUGE diversity, acceptance and tolerance for ideas and lifestyles.
          Liberals pay lip service to diversity, but crush it when it darkens their doorstep.
          You have to graze on the democratic side to find racist slurs (uncle tom, token etc), antisemitism, derogatory remarks towards women, and the list goes on.
          Nice little bubble you’re living in… if you vote for Joe, do you get to be black?

          1. Absolutely, if you vote for Joe you will automatically be able to identify
            as a black person. Joe does, and he thinks he is blacker than those that really
            are black… I’m sure he already put his name on the list for future reparations
            should it happen.

          2. Diversity? The contempt you have for those with different ideologies shows what a lie your claim of acceptance and tolerance is.

            – “Why did we fight on the side of the Allies?”
            – “…****hole countries.”
            – “You can grab the ***** .”
            – “So cute!”

            I’ve got tons more quotes illustrating derogatory remarks against every possible type of person. This is your leader, setting examples for his cult members to follow, displaying his “acceptance” and “tolerance.” Shall I go on?

    4. There was a BLM protest in my folks’ town. A conservative got in there and started ripping up signs and pushing people–he was a local businessman who was scheduled to put a bid on for work in the condo complex where the protesters lived! (He didn’t realize at the time, of course.)

      Not a good look, right? Probably not good for business.

      But the protesters he assaulted instead reached out to him and worked together to come to an understanding and common ground.

      So, yeah, there’s some respect there.

      1. This doesn’t answer my question. What are their demands, in concrete terms? What do they actually want? They got my attention. Now what? Does anyone know?

    1. “What exactly do these women want?”

      That’s a question that men in this country have been asking for 200 years. In that time, it became legal for women to vote, own land, be lawyers, and all kinds of stuff that men have been able to do the whole time.

      Some maybe they had a point. Maybe they still have a point.

  2. I find it interesting how all these red outfits are exactly the same across the country. This is not organic. Thanks Soros. You couldn’t be more obvious.

  3. Holding a sign while you are eating dinner is annoying, really?
    Your people take over tables, yell on bull horns, takes food and drinks from people eating and yell obscenities
    Get a life.

    1. Some of “your people” are recognized violent domestic terrorists – radicalized American jihadists. Given a choice, I’ll take the bullhorn and obscenities.

      1. That’s right Comrade, that deluded racist President has recently declared antifa and the KKK as terrorist organizations. How RACIST of him!

        1. Fatherschild supports the work and legacy of Margaret Sanger, an outspoken racist, eugenicist and all around vile person. Of course people with heroes like that would hate the Orange Man.

          1. And you support the subjugation of women, so of course you’d have the Orange ***** Grabber in Chief as a hero. I won’t call him, or you, a “man.”

      1. Gender pay gap is because women will accept less money for the same job. I blame evolution and capitalism. Good luck getting rid of either of those.

        1. So women THEMSELVES accept less money for the same job…..but then cry and whine they don’t get paid the same? And you’re good with idiocracy like that? Obviously

      2. Gender pay gap is mostly farce in the way it’s calculated, but you’ve probably never seen how it is calculated because you don’t educate yourself. There is a pay gap, but it is not nearly as much as what is proclaimed.

      3. Ha!
        “The bottom line: the 23-cent gender pay gap is simply the difference between the average earnings of all men and women working full-time. It does not account for differences in occupations, positions, education, job tenure or hours worked per week. When such relevant factors are considered, the wage gap narrows to the point of vanishing”. – Christina Hoff Sommers,Time
        Full article, “6 Feminist Myths That Will Not Die” :

      4. Yes, I see females lining up for jobs on oil platforms, freight ships and other dangerous positions. Or you really think some female at the DMV should be paid more than the guy working on a platform on the Gulf of Mexico?

  4. American women are the most self centered narcissistic women on the planet . Imagine if men started marching against the draft crying my body my choice . This country would not exist

      1. I wonder why liberals start demeaning others when others point out the obvious. The fact if the poster was turned down for any dates or not is completely irrelevant. One only posts something like that when cannot bring up any valid point as a response to the original post.
        Your belittling comment proves that you have not valid argument to bring to the original post, thanks!

        1. My post gave back the same demeaning and rude tone as the original comment. You’re right. I have no valid argument because the question is based on a nonexistent draft. Any argument would be hypothetical and a waste of time. Your belittling comment proves you had nothing valid to bring to the conversation and is merely a distraction.

    1. If men got pregnant, that’s exactly what you’d do.

      (Incidentally, until recently, women were protesting because they _weren’t_ allowed to participate fully in the military.)

  5. Too bad while they are celebrating RBG and other strong women, they aren’t talking about the unborn women that have been killed before getting a chance to be strong.

            1. How’s your soul in regard to your support of the abusive Trump policy of separating kids from families, essentially orphaning over 500 of them? How pure is your soul when you focus passion on the unborn but applaud cruelty to the living?

  6. Well, at least it was peaceful, and it wasn’t another ridiculous blm march…
    Last I knew there were already laws in place that provide equality for everyone,
    and that includes women…
    For being such a great country, we sure have a lot of people that complain…

    1. It’s one of the the best countries to be an uneducated, male member of the dominant racial/cultural group, but they’re still constantly whining.

  7. RBG’s legacy is that she clearly didn’t understand her limitations and will now be rightfully replaced by someone that will take away your health insurance if you have a pre existing condition.

      1. If you think Trump’s executive order that has no funding or plan associated with it will protect people with pre-existing conditions, you’re delusional.

  8. I wonder why do they even march. Women’s life expectancy is significantly higher than men’s, money pouring into women’s related health research is significantly higher, male’s must sign up for the draft while females don’t and the vast majority of workplace related deaths are males (97+%).
    I see a major inequality and discrimination against males here, yet women’s have the time to stand on the corner whining about how bad it is for them. Bravo!

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